How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

Photoshop opens a huge set of tools to each user, thanks to which you can easily transform any photo.

In this lesson, we will talk about how to connect two photos / images into one. We will need two source photos and the ability to work with a regular mask layer.

Cleut preparation / work with layers

For 2 initial photographs, take landscapes, one of which is winter, and another summer:

Connection of two photos in one in PhotoshopConnection of two photos in one in Photoshop

To connect them to one song, you need to move images to a shared layer. First of all, increase the size of the canvas halvery so that two photos can easily fit on it. Make it easy - go to the menu "Picture" which is in the top of the application and select the option "Canvas size" .

Connection of two photos in one in Photoshop

You can also use the key combination Alt + Ctrl + C .

In the window that appears, you must configure the parameters of the canvas, namely its width and height. These values ​​are measured in pixels, centimeters or inches. If the photos are horizontal, then you must double the width, and if the vertical, then the opposite. In our case, the photos are horizontal.

Connection of two photos in one in Photoshop

Be sure to specify the direction of the canvas expansion in the settings, otherwise it will expand evenly from all sides.

Connection of two photos in one in Photoshop

To confirm the operation, click OK .

Connection of two photos in one in Photoshop

It remains to simply drag the second snapshot to the vacant place.

Connection of two photos in one in Photoshop

Then make photos of a friend a friend a friend a friend.

If the image is small and it must be stretched, then use the tool "Movement" And then stretch photos for corners in the right direction.

It happens that the photo is blocked and cannot be edited. You can fix it by clicking on the background (blocked) layer twice, after which the menu of the "New Layer" function appears. Confirm the copy operation by clicking OK.

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

Create a smooth transition

Now you need to go to the top layer and create a white mask. See Screenshot below:

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

After, select a tool "Brush" :

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

It is best for this task with a brush soft and round shape.

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

Also set the opacity rate by about 20%.

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

In the colors palette, you need to choose a black color.

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

Carefully erase the border between the pictures. On the palette of the layers, the result will look like this:

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

And here is the final result of connecting two photos to one on the canvas:

How to connect two photos in one in Photoshop

This lesson was dedicated to how in Photoshop, step by step to erase the visible border and create a smooth transition between two shots with a different colors.

Stay with us and learn other lessons for working with the program. Good luck in creativity!

In the modern world, a person can always have a need to combine two photos in one when creating a collage for any presentation or even for some purpose. However, not everyone is ready to spend their time to study complex professional and semi-professional programs like Adobe Photoshop or the like.

Not all users of personal computers are so advanced in areas such as graphic editors. And the fact that the experienced person can be done in just a few minutes, the user, who is just understandable, masters the work at the computer, may take a rather long amount of time.


However, now it is not necessary to be a web designer, a professional or carefully to study all the subtleties and nuances of working with complex programs. Nowadays, there are a great many simpler photoshop analogues, there are also whole online services for these purposes. Moreover, In this article We also consider a method that allows you to combine two photos to one with the help of the simplest Paint graphics editor that is present on each default computer. After reading this article, you can easily understand how to combine two photos in one, and at the same time the process will not take you a lot of time, and the final result will certainly please you.

Photo gluing in Paint Net Editor

First method

So, for beginnings, consider the first, the most simple method, how can you connect two photos to one with the standard program Paint. which is already installed on your personal computer in the event that you use the operating system Windows . However, keep in mind that despite the ease of use of the program, the minus of this method is to make the image obtained in the final account, especially if you start changing the size of the photo.

In order to connect two photos to one, do the following:

  1. Open the Paint Program. As a rule, for this you need to go to the Start tab on the bottom panel of Windows and find the "Programs" item there, and then "Standard". In this tab, most versions of Windows software contains a Paint image editing program.
  2. After the program opens, in the upper left corner, click the "File" button, and then on the "Create a New Document" button.
  3. With the help of arrows located at the edges of the empty image, stretch it up to the size you need.
  4. Then select the "Insert" item in the menu, and then "insert from" and then you will need to select the file with the photo you are interested in.
  5. After. As the photo is inserted, adjust its size, just pulling the arrow. (Just in this moment and lies minus the use of the standard Paint program - the fact is that when adjusting the size of the photo, its quality is reduced and this is very noticeable. In the event of the program more professional, such as Photoshop, for example, , then the image quality will not suffer. Therefore, decide whether it is satisfied with the photos obtained as a result or still it is worth studying any other way to connect photos that we will also consider further).
  6. Similarly, as in the previous paragraph, insert the next photo that interests you.
  7. After all the manipulations with photos are completed, press the "File" button in the upper left corner, and then select "Save As". Save the final image is best in the format .png or .jpg, when choosing the maximum quality, since it is the most common formats.

PAINT - image alignment

Second way

The following method for combining multiple images to one is to use a more complex program. Photoshop. . Despite the fact that this system is considered a professional program with A rich set of features In this article we will try to explain the work in it in the simplest language. However, keep in mind that considering where you can download or buy a program, in this article we will not. For this, there is the official website of the software product and many other resources on the Internet.

Association of images

So, the procedure for action is:

  1. Open two images using Photoshop. You can drag the images to the program itself or use the "Open using" item, which is called the right mouse button when you hover over the image, and then select the installed Photoshop program.
  2. After both photos are open, select the very first "rectangular area" tool from the left pane of the program.
  3. Highlight using the image tool that you plan to impose.
  4. Next, you need to select the "Move" tool (this is the second tool from above with the image of the arrow).
  5. Drag and drop the selected image on the second photo.
  6. In order to change the dimensions of the newly impressed photo, select the Edit menu, and then "arbitrary transformation", and then you can enlarge or reduce image dimensions to those values ​​that you need.
  7. After everything is ready, you will only save the result. This is done by about analogy with work in the Paint program. That is, it will be necessary to click on the "File" button located in the extreme left corner of the program, and then select "Save As" or "Save As" (if you use the English-speaking version of Photoshop) and then select the image format. It is best to use PNG or JPG formats.

Image processing using Photoshop

Third way

In the event that all the above-described methods seem quite complicated for you, there is another extremely light method for combining photos. This The method is concluding Using online services for editing photos. For example, such services include the CROPER.RU site or the Google Chrome - DoubleD browser extension. By the way, the latter allows you to combine two photos in one using a rather stylish overlay effect.

Use the services of such sites as simple as possible. Just just move Image you are interested in In the site field or browser expansion and then follow the appearing prompts.

We hope this article was useful for you, and now you have learned to easily exercise Combining photos without resorting to the services of expensive web designers or complex professional utilities.


On the example of this video, you will be easier to understand how you can combine two photos.

How to combine two photos in one with Adobe Photoshop?

Do not know how to combine two photos in one? We will show how to combine two photos in one image using Photoshop. This article is a step-by-step manual for Photoshop CC and CS6.

In the example, we use photos in portrait (vertical) orientation so that the composite image does not work wide. It is desirable that both images are the same height and width.

I use the latest version of Photoshop CC. But the actions described below are true for the CS6 version of the program.

First you need to open images. By default, Photoshop opens images in a separate document. But we need to put two images in one document.

So go to the menu File , choose the item " Scripts ", «Upload files to stack »:

Path: File (File)> Scripts> Download Files to Stack (Load Files Into Stack).

In the "Upload Layers" dialog box, select the "Apply file" item and then click on the "Overview" button:

Load Layers dialog box.

We specify the photos that we want to open. Next, click on the button " Open "

Select images and click "Open" (Open).

Returning to the Upload Layers dialog box.

Two options at the bottom of the "Attempt to automatically align the source images" and "create a smart object after loading layers" leave unmarked. Then load images in photoshop by clicking on the button OK. :

Click "OK" to download images in Photoshop.

Photoshop downloads both images into one document. In the layers panel, each image is located on a separate layer. In this case, file names are used in the name of the layers:

The "Layers" panel shows each image on a separate layer.

An image located on the top layer ( Photo Mom and Daughters From Photo Bank Adobe Stock):

The first of two images.

I will turn off the visibility of the upper layer by clicking on the eye icon:

Hide an image of the top layer.

After that, we will see the image located on the bottom layer ( Photo of football player From Photo Bank Adobe Stock):

Second image.

Include the visibility of the upper layer:

Turn on the visibility of the upper layer.

Now two images are in one document. But how to place them next to each other?

One way is to increase the size of the working area of ​​the document using the "Canvas size" command and dragging one of the images to a new space. But you can do both operations at the same time. To do this, use the tool "Movement ":

Select the "Move Tool" tool.

To use this method, you need to bind the image to the edges of the document. To do this, you need to activate several parameters.

Go to the menu " View "And check whether the option is active. Binding ":

Check the activity of the "Binding" option (SNAP).

Below include the parameter " K. "And check the activity of the option" Borders of the document ":

Make sure the option "Bind to the document borders" is active.

In the "Layers" panel, we allocate the top layer:

Click on the top layer to choose it.

Using the "Move" tool, drag the image to the left or right relative to the image that is under it. When dragging, press and hold the key. Shift To limit the direction in which you can move.

Dragging the top image to the right from the bottom image.

As soon as you come down close enough to the edge of the document, your image sharply attracted to the edge. The top image is now hidden, as it is from the edge of the canvas:

The top image is hidden behind the edge of the canvas.

To activate the visibility of both images in the menu " Picture »Select the option" show all "

We go to the "Image" menu> "show all" (Reveal All).

At the same time Photoshop changes the size of the canvas to accommodate two images:

Result After using the "Show All" option (Reveal All).

But what if you need to change the images in some places?

Make sure the tool " Move »Still active:

Check whether the "Move Tool" tool is active.

We are not going to use the "Move" tool itself. It is necessary that it is active. So we get access to alignment options. We will change the images in some places together their edges with the edges of the canvas. To do this, it is necessary to allocate the entire canvas. On the menu " Selection »Choosing an item" All " After that, on the edges of the document, the discard of the selection will appear:

We go to "Allocation" (SELECT)> "All" (ALL).

In the layer panel, choose the top image, clicking on it:

Select the top layer.

After that in the parameter panel click on the icon "Alignment on the left edge" or "Alignment on the right edge" .

I need to move the image on the right left, so I click on the icon "Alignment on the left edge" :

Click on icon "Alignment on the left edge" ( Align Left Edges. ).

After that, Photoshop lines the left edge of the image on the left edge of the canvas:

The result after moving the top image to the right left.

Highlight the bottom layer:

To highlight the bottom image by clicking on the bottom layer.

To move the bottom image to the right, I click on the icon " Alignment On the right edge ":

Click on the "Alignment on the right edge" icon (Align Right Edges).

After that, Photoshop aligns the right edge of the image on the right edge of the canvas. To cancel the selection of the canvas in the menu " Selection »Choosing an item" Cancel selection ":

The result after moving the bottom image from left to right.

We learned how to upload two images into one Photoshop document, place images nearby and change them in places!

This publication is the translation of the article " Photoshop Quick Tip: How to Place Two Images Side by Side ", Prepared by the editors of the project.

Method number 2: Simple photo montage

To combine two photos, you can use the "Photomontage" tool, in which the simplest work with layers and masks is implemented. Due to the fine adjustment of the parameters, you can create an effect of old paper on the background layer, beautifully cut the edges or give objects a mystical glow. Our photo editor has a convenient search for features, and a tool for combining a photo is easy to find on request "to connect" or "photo montage". From the short instructions, you will learn how to connect two photos to one with our program.

Photomontage example

Add new items on top of photos, for example, cartoon characters

Step 1. Install the program

To do this, you will need to download it. Installation file you can download here. After installation, a couple of photos you want to process and a little time. We recommend to make copies of these images in case that something does not happen and accidentally the unsuccessful adjustment option will continue.

Step 2. Select a way to add a photo

Click the "Open photo" button to select the desired image. Alternatively, you can enter the "Connect" or "Photomontage" (without quotes) in the search string at the bottom of the search bar. You can also use one of the pictures that have recently edited - they will be displayed above the search string.

Add photos to the program

Run the program and select the desired item in the starting window.

Step 3. Add a photo to the program

Choose a photo that will be the background layer. You can select only one image option. In this mode, the main characteristics of the picture are shown and in the preview window you will see what is depicted on it. It is very convenient if you have a lot of photos and the folder is configured to display small icons, tables or list.

Add photos to the program

Specify the path to the snapshot you want to edit

Step 4. Go to "Photomontage" mode

If you work through the "Open Photo" button, then the picture you selected the program. You will see the main menu of the program where you can draw a photo before sending to "Photomontage" or immediately go to this option. If the photo loaded after searching the functions directly to the photo edge section, the image will be open in the appropriate mode.

Go to photo montage mode

Activate the "Photomontage" function

Step 5. Working with layers

To select the second photo that will fall on top of the background, click the "Add Layer" button and select one of the options in the drop-down menu. In decoration catalogs, backgrounds and textures are the basic images supplied with the program. In order to use another picture, click on the "Photo".

Work with layers

Add a second image

Step 6. Select and edit the overlay frame

This is what the interface of selecting the second photo looks like. After selecting a picture, it will be immediately placed on top of the background as a new layer. It can be moved with the left mouse button, stretch, tilt at different angles, set transparency. Layers, with the exception of background, are easily removed using the red button "x". The button in the form of two blue sheets of paper copies the layer. Each layer can be cut without harm for the whole picture. You can immediately save your creation through the "Save to file" button in the lower left corner.

How to make one of the two photos

If necessary, use the trim tool

Step 7. Saving the result

After pressing the "Apply" or "Save to File" button in the "Photo Mode" window, all changes made in the photo will be saved, and it will not be able to roll back. Therefore, do not forget about spare copies of original pictures. In any case, the program will display you in your main window, where you can reflect the photo and save it to memory. You can also try experimenting and learn how to make a cartoon pattern from the photo using the Stylization menu settings.

Saving results

Save the resulting composition in the format you need.

Processing JPEG photos online.

Combining two pictures in one online

The main thing is to specify two pictures on your computer or phone, select the desired location for them, press the OK button at the bottom of the page. The remaining settings are already set by default.

An example of two pictures connected to one on this site: An example of combining two pictures in one

To connect 3 photos to one - first connect the first two first, and then the two combined must be connected to the third. Or you can still make a simple photo collage of several photos.

The source images do not change. You will be provided with another processed picture.

Greetings, dear guests and blog readers! We continue our rubric "Computer and Internet for Doodles" . Before us, the task: Quickly connect two different photos, but at the same time without downloading third-party applications and have no work skills in the photo editors.

Regardless of whether you work on a computer or use this apparatus for entertainment, in any case you may need to connect two pictures to one to solve some of your task.

For example, you cooperate with a network company and use dietary supplements that help your body transform. In this case, you are photographed before the use of products, and after some time - after its use.

Then the need arises to connect two photos into one and add text to attract potential partners and customers in business. Here and comes to the rescue of the standard Paint application, which is in each version of Windows, well, or at least in most of them.

How to glue two photos in the standard Paint application

Perhaps up to this point you did not even suspect that on your computer there is an application that can cope with the task of connecting two photos. I, too, at my time did not immediately recognize this, but only after a while, when I learned how to work in third-party programs.

But let's get to the point. To quickly find the Paint application on the computer, you need to open the search in the lower left corner. Depending on the version of Windows, the search location may differ. I show on the example of Windows 10.

We open the search and write the name of the program. The computer will give you the desired result at the top. Press the icon and run the application.

Open Search in Windows

Now you need to download the first photo to edit it. In the upper left corner of the program click "File" , then "Open" .

Open photos in Paint

Then the window opens to select the location of the photo. Find the desired photo and simply click on it. If the photo is too big, then you can reduce its scale to the right at the bottom of the slider.

Adjust the scale of the photo in Paint

After the scale was adjusted, you need to trim unnecessary. To do this, go to the top toolbar and click "Allocate" and then choose "Rectangular region" .

A selection marker appears. Now you need to hold the left mouse button and not releasing it, pull the marker from top to bottom and to the side, thus highlight the area we want to leave.

Selection in Paint.

Then click on the panel "Trim" .

Cut the photo in Paint

Now we have turned around the edges of the photo you need to save.

Ready photo

Go to your already familiar to us "File" , choose "Save as" And then choose the desired format. I usually choose "Image in JPEG format" .

Save the file in Paint

The program will offer a choice of space to save, and you can also specify the name of the file.

Select the location of the file

After you have saved the first photo, right on it you need to open the second exactly the same way. "File" , "Open" and reduce the scale if necessary.

Then, as with the first photo we do pruning. "Allocate" - "Etc Yaturgical area " "Trim" .

Now on the prepared photo you need to create a place for the second photo. To do this, we sum up the cursor to the right edge of the photo and climbing the left mouse button stretch the web to approximately the desired dimensions. Nothing terrible, if we crush more, then you can fix it.

Increase the cloth in Paint

Now you need to put the first photo on the right side of the pure web. To do this, go to the upper left corner of the program and click "Paste" , and choose from the drop-down list "Paste out."

Insert the file in Paint

A selection window opens. We choose the previously saved photo by simply by clicking on it with the mouse.

If you connect photos of different formats and sizes, you can adjust the size by clicking at the top on "Change the size" And then choose the scale in percent or pixels.

In this case, the first processed image of a smaller size. Drag over it with a mouse on the right side and select size.

Reduce the size of the photo in Paint

When the size was adjusted, set the second photo exactly with the first and "simply" the remaining empty canvas on the right in the same way as they put forward, that is, cling to the marker with the left mouse button. If you do not need anything else, then save the photo exactly as they retained the first.

If you need text in the photo, then we do the following. We put forward the bottom of the pure web mouse below. Then you select the text tool on the panel at the top, clicking on the title letter.

Text Tool in Paint

Then click the left mouse button on the pure canvas below. The text parameters that can be configured are opened. Select the size, color of the font, style, and then write the desired text. To reduce the size of the input field, after they wrote the text, simply adjust its mouse pulling the markers.

We write and configure text in Paint

To move the text to the desired location, we bring the mouse cursor to the very edge before the cursor with the four arrows appears. When the cursor appeared, clamp the left button and move the text.

Thus, you can add several fields with text and place them in the right places. The result of the work may be such an mounted composition of the two photographs.

Ready photo of two to one

I have everything on this. I hope the article "How to connect two photos in one without photoshop" was useful to you. The best support for me is your feedback. Successes and prosperity to you!

Ruslan Oscharov

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Sometimes, when clearing the articles, too many photos are obtained. To preserve the place and visually reduce the number of photos, pictures can be combined two, three, four, etc.

If you learn to unite two photos, then you will handle the rest.

Important! In order not to spoil the original, work only with copies! And you can lose one single photo that you are expensive.

Suppose you have two photos. For convenience, place them in one folder.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Purge the cursor to one photo.

Press the right button, open it with the left button using the Paint program.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

You need to change the size of the photo to free the place for the second picture.

To do this, press the left button to "resize".

The window appears.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Choose the size in such a way that another photo of the same size is placed next.

For example, you chose the scale 70. The photo will decrease.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

On the right side in the middle you will see the point. Put the cursor on it. A double arrow should appear.

Holding the left button, pull this arrow to the right. The released place will be highlighted in white.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Make it with a margin. Later you just do hard. Leave Paint open.

On Task panels down Go to the folder with photos.

The second photo also open with Paint.

Change the size of the second photo, to fit it under the first size.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Click on "Allocate".

Window opens. Find the "Select All" function.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Click. The photo will take into the frame.

Right-click on the photo, then to "Copy".

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

Without closing this Paint, log in to the first paint in the taskbar.

In the upper left corner, click on "Paste". And once again - "insert".

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

You will see that the second photo fell on top of the first.

The left button capture it and drag it to a free space, leaving between them a small gap (and can not leave).

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

At the top you will see the selected yellow window. It says "allocate". Click on it. Now you can circle both photos as you need.

Click at the top to the word "trim. Everything that will be behind the border you have disappeared will disappear.

That's how your two photos combined in one will look like.

Photos from a personal archive
Photos from a personal archive

If you want the photo more compact, pre-trim both pictures on the left and right.

In the same way, you can combine 4 photos, as in my narratives with the selection of recipes.

To do this, it is necessary to reduce the photo in such a way that it takes the ¼ of the entire space.

Then expand the space using the same arrings - nodal points at the bottom boundary. Only now pull them off aside, but down. You should have no 2 in your taskbar, and 4 pages with Paint. Also reduce all 4 photos.

I hope that I explained clearly.

By the way, sometimes the problem arises: when you insert a photo into an article, it turns over and gets up sideways. How to fix it, read in the article

"What to do, if the photo is inserted into the text inserted."

If you like the article, please appreciate my work like! You are easy, but I will be pleased.
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