Recreation and recreational resources - what it is

What is recreation and recreational resources (zones)

January 19 2021.

Hello, dear blog readers KtonanovenKogo.ru. Probably there is no such person who would not love to relax from the works of the righteous somewhere away from the usual sofa and television.


But few know what recreation is, and how this concept is associated with rest and tourism. Consider in this article, what recreational zones, and how our state motivates the creation and development of such zones.

Recreation is ...

What are the terms for? Of course, in order for one word to express a whole complex of any processes, actions, etc.

So the word "recreation" is a term denoting a set of measures that contribute to the restoration of human performance in a physical and spiritual aspect.


"Recreation" translated from Latin (Recreatio) - " Restoration " That is why this word became the term in relation to the rehabilitation of the physical and spiritual forces of a person.

It does not matter how much recreation lasts: it can be a two-hour walk after work in the park or vacation in a century for a month.

What is included in the list Recreational measures:

  1. Rest in holiday homes, tourist bases, in resorts, in sanatoriums, etc.;
  2. tourism (sports and cognitive);
  3. sports at the amateur level;
  4. Fishing and hunting (not to be confused with the prey of trophies in order to receive income).

Recreation zones and resources

Places where listed types of recreation are called, are called recreational Objects . Territories where recreational facilities are called recreational zones .

The combination of natural resources, historical and cultural attractions, recreational facilities are called recreational Resources .


In our country exists 2 types Recreational zones:

  1. Zones that have developed historically as a result of the healing climate and unique natural conditions: the Black Sea coast, Caucasian mineral waters and some others.
  2. Zones that are currently formed around significant recreational facilities: Baikal, Altai, Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, Biosphere Reserve in Adygea and many others.
General characteristics

Note: It is worth remembering another meaning of the term "recreation" (outdated).

Recreation called vacation, change between school lessons. The room where children rested between lessons were also called recreation.

Briefly about some types of recreational activities

Creative resort rest - This direction of recreation is traditional for our country. The resorts appeared in Russia in the 18th century, the first of them founded Peter the Great in Karelia on the basis of mineral springs.


The basis of resort recreation is the use of natural factors: climate, sources of healing water and dirt, etc.

Sports tourism - Active view of the rest, has a huge amount of varieties (pedestrian, cycling, water, skiing, automotive, equestrian, combined, etc.).


This direction of recreation is the most fiscal option, so currently gaining increasing popularity.

Cognitive tourism - This vacation option can be both an independent view and as part of a different direction of recreation (for example, a resort rest and visiting local attractions).


Using recreational resources

State regulation of the use of recreational resources is due to the following reasons:

  1. Caring for the physical and spiritual health of the population of the country. As the saying goes: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind" (see what a call is). From this it follows: improving performance → Reducing the cost of medical care → Increased product manufactured and services provided → Growth of GDP (gross domestic product) → State stability of the state;
  2. Creating new and expanding existing recreational areas is a source of additional jobs → Growth of taxes → GDP increase → Stable state economy;
  3. An additional influx of investments from other countries → Strengthening the national currency → Economic stabilization.

Taking care of a full-fledged high-quality vacation of its citizens, the state eventually strengthens its economic situation. Therefore, recreation issues are in state control. Thus, at the legislative level, the status of recreational territories (Article 98 (clause 1) of the Land Code (ZK) of the Russian Federation) was determined:


Also, this article ZK establishes that on recreational lands is prohibited Other (non-target) activity. This means that if recreational status is assigned a specific section of the land, it is impossible for it, for example, to build a plant, the mouth of the cattle, etc.

Photo wallpaper

Recreation areas are equated by the state to special economic zones (Federal Law (FZ) of the Russian Federation No. 116, Article 4 (clause 1)).

This gives entrepreneurs (IP and legal entities), leading economic targets on recreational territories, Such advantages :

  1. reflection of tax burden;
  2. Co-financing the creation and development of infrastructure from the federal, regional and local budget.

The listed "cross-partings" are motivation for the development of a business associated with the sphere of recreation.


Now you know that walking in the suburban forest or under the sun in a distant Greece, you are not just relaxing, but engaged in recreation. And if you still read our blog at the same time, you will increase your awareness and combine useful with pleasant.

Good luck to you! Seeing fast meetings on the pages of KtonanovenKogo.ru

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