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All modern laptop monitors and displays are equipped with widescreen screens that are convenient in most scenarios. But not always.

For example, write code, test sites or read comics is much more convenient when the computer interface is deployed in portrait mode. This function is in all modern OS, and it is fairly easy to turn it on.

How to flip screen on a computer with windows

With hot keys

The easiest way to change the display orientation is to take advantage of special shortcats. CONTROL + ALT combinations are used to rotate the screen and one of the arrow keys. Remember them:

  • Rotate to the right: Control + Alt + →
  • Rotate to the left: Control + Alt + ←
  • Rotate 180 °: Control + Alt + ↓
  • Return to the usual mode: Control + Alt + ↑

These hotkeys are usually always working on laptops, but sometimes they do not act in ordinary desktop computers. If it does not help, use the second way - it will work guaranteed.

Using system settings

In the display system settings, you can change not only the resolution and font size, but also many other parameters, including the screen orientation.

How to flip the screen on a Windows computer: Find the "Screen orientation" option in the settings and specify the orientation

To do this, go to the "Options" → "Display" menu or make the right click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" or "Screen Settings". Next, in the window that opens, find the "Screen Orientation" option and install the "Book" option, the "landscape", "Book (Curled)" or "landscape (turned)".

After selecting the system asked to confirm the action within 15 seconds. So, if wrong, just wait, and the settings will return to the same.

How to flip screen on a computer with macos

How to flip the screen on a laptop with MacOS: Find the "Monitors" section in the settings and specify the rotation angle

On Apple Computers also a lot of variable display parameters, including rotation. Open the system settings and go to the "Monitors" section. From the drop-down menu "Rotate" Select the desired angle: 90 ° - to rotate left, 270 ° - for rotation to the right or 180 ° - to flip the image upside down. Confirm the changes for 15 seconds, or the screen orientation will be restored.

How to flip the screen on a computer with Linux

Using system settings

How to flip the screen on your computer with Linux: Open "Parameters" → "Monitor" and specify the desired angle of rotation

The screen rotation function is available in all popular Linux distributions. It can be found by opening the menu "Parameters" → "Monitor" ("screen"). To change the orientation, click on the icon with the desired option of the screen location in the "Rotate" section and confirm the changes.

Through the terminal

If the previous way for some reason does not work or you like to use the console more - just copy and paste one of the following commands to the Terminal.

  • Rotate to the left: XRANDR -O LEFT.
  • Rotate to the right: XRANDR -O Right
  • Rotate 180 °: XRANDR -O INVERTED
  • Return to the usual position: Xrandr -o Normal

Introducing the situation - you turn on the computer, the download is loaded and the image on the monitor acquires an incorrect orientation. What to do? Panic! It is necessary to urgently correct and turn the screen on the computer to normal. And it does not matter, as a result, this incident happened - whose "unsuccessful" joke or you independently turned it over.

All described methods are applicable to computers based on OS Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10) and are located in order: from easy-to-challenging. Will not waste time and start.

Computer screen coup / laptop with hot keys

The easiest way to return the position of the image back to use the combination of hot keys.

Select the desired combination on the keyboard depending on the current screen position:

  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees left - Ctrl + Alt + right arrow;
  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the right - CTR + ALT + left arrow;
  • The screen is rotated 180 degrees (stands upside down) - Ctrl + Alt + directed down arrow.

Pressing the keys should occur simultaneously - otherwise, nothing happens.

Try using the Ctrl + Alt + F8 key combination - it will return the graphics settings to the default value.

Helped? Add this page to bookmarks (just in case) and can continue to work. If everything is left on the ground - we try the following method.

Furning the image through the screen parameters.

Smoking in the settings, you could accidentally change the orientation of the screen with the landscape, on the book or portrait, thereby turning the image. Now the task is to return everything back.

1. From the empty desktop location, right-click. In the context menu, select "Screen Settings".

2. You will be taken to the Windows settings, section "Display". Find the "Orientation" item, and select "Labor" and save the changes.

All of the above actions are made on the Windows database 10. The only difference from junior versions is the design of the settings window. Do not be afraid if the design of windows from screenshots does not match yours.

Turn the screen back through the graphics settings.

If all the methods described do not help and the failure occurred at the program level, you can try to make a screen rotation through the graphics adapter settings. The sequence of actions will depend on your device and the model of the installed video card.

Determine with the type of graphics adapter:

  • Intel graphics - for laptops and personal computers without a discrete video card;
  • NVIDIA graphics - for PCs with a video card installed from this company, as well as laptops with a specified video adapter and a connected external display;
  • AMD graphics - for a PC with a graphics processor from AMD and laptops with a connected external display.

Intel graphics parameters

This method is mainly suitable for owners of mobile PCs - laptops and netbooks, since the display is based on graphics integrated into the device processor. The name and appearance of the settings window may vary, depending on the processor model.

1. From the empty place of the desktop, make the right mouse button and in the context menu, press "Parameters of graphics" - "Rotate" - and the angle of rotation is necessary.

2. If the specified point is missing, go to "Graphic Specifications".

3. In the HD control panel window, check the desired angle of rotation.

Do not forget to apply the changes, the restart of the device will not need.

Video cards from NVIDIA and AMD

This method will help the owners of personal computers and mobile PCs connected via the HDMI port, an external monitor. All operations will be conducted from the video card control panel and do not forget to update the drivers.

  1. Right-click on the empty place of the desktop and in the context menu, depending on the video card manufacturer, open the AMD Vision Engine Control Center or the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. On the menu, locate the "Display" tab and open the display "Display Turn".
  3. It remains to return your monitor to a normal position by selecting the required angle of rotation.

The approximate sequence of steps and the name of the menu tabs is specified, as they can vary depending on the driver version and the video card model.


In this instruction, I described all available methods to solve the problem. If no action described has helped turn the image, try using one of the recovery points or check the device for viruses. Also, the banal update of the drivers often helps.

Well, and ate the problem was solved - thank the author with like and comment, I will be nice.

Users often face a situation when the screen suddenly changes its orientation while working with a laptop or landlocked computer. This is due to the accidental press of a special keyboard combination on the keyboard. It is not necessary to worry about what happened, because to rotate the screen on a computer or laptop no difficult operations do not need. Forced rotation of the screen may be needed when reading incorrectly scanned materials, viewing a photo or video. How to perform a turn to OS 10?

Use the desktop context menu

To invoke it, you need to go to the desktop and click the mouse (the button on the right) on the clean area of ​​the screen. From the menu that appears to select " Screen Parameters "

Context menu Windows

In the window that opens in paragraph " Display »Find the block" Orientation " Under the menu there is a field with an arrow. It must be opened and select the desired parameter - the orientation of the landscape or book. After setting the correct value, the screen will accept the usual view.

Theme Parameters
  • Default orientation "Labor";
  • Book. Stopping the image on the desktop in a vertical position, turning the position "by default" by 90 ';
  • The landscape and book inverted install the image of the desktop in the position when the bottom and the top of the pictures are changing in places, turn 180 '.

Reboot the computer is not required. But the rotation process when the system is loaded, it may take a few seconds.

Using hot key combinations

The screen orientation change can be performed without opening the system menu, and using keystrokes on the main keyboard, together with the cursor control buttons. Use the following combinations for the screen of the screen:

  • The simultaneous press of Ctrl + Alt and the arrows down will turn the image to 180 ';
  • The simultaneous pressing of Ctrl + Alt and the arrow to the right are deployed to the image to the right to 90 ';
  • The simultaneous press of Ctrl + Alt and the arrows left the picture left to the left at 90 '.

To set the screen parameter to the "Default" position, press Ctrl + Alt and the arrow up. The image of the desktop will accept the usual position. Since the combinations of hot keys are controlled by graphics, and its parameters are controlled by a video card, a given method of changing the position of the picture on the desktop may not work. The combination of control buttons is triggered only on embedded Intel processors. With discrete graphic maps of the brands AMD and NVIDIA, the keys will not give the keys (most likely) no result.

Check which video card is installed on the motherboard easy. Need to press Win + R. . In the window " Perform " in field " Open »Register the phrase" dxdiag " Confirm input. In the window that appears, go to the tab " Screen " In the block " Device »All characteristics and installed graphics processor drivers will be spelled out.

Information about the established schedule

Using graphics control panel

In the built-in video card system, there is the same block with the screen parameters as described in the first method. To get into it, you need to go to " Control Panel "And choose" Graphics settings ... " You can call the menu and click on the graphics icon in the tray.

Control Panel

Then act like this (instructions for Intel cards):

  1. Click " Display ";
  2. In field " Turn »Open the arrow menu;
  3. Select the desired image position option and confirm the action by pressing OK .

If the key combinations did not work, then the listed menu will not be in the settings. To exclude unforeseen twists and monitor operation of other keyboard combinations, you can turn off their work. Then random pressures will not work. You can do it in the graphics control panel. After its call you need to click on " Parameters and support ", Go to" Control keys ... (Quick Call Keys) "And set the mark opposite" Turn off "

Intel Management Utility Interface

If the video card does not provide screen rotation function arrows and graphics, we can only use the display menu (first method). A situation may occur when none of the methods have worked. In this case, the problem is 8 out of 10 cases consist in the incorrect installation of the drivers after the upgrade. PC reboot can save the situation.

Windows can rotate the screen without additional software. This is especially useful if you have a PC monitor that rotates. On many PCs there are hot keys, which can also rotate the screen, and easily press them.

How to rotate the screen in windows 10 or 7

To rotate the screen in Windows 10, right-click and select "Display Settings." In Windows 7, right-click and select the Screen Resolution command.

In Windows 10, you will be taken to the "Parameters"> System> "Display" window. In Windows 7, you will enter the control panel> Appearance and Personalization> Display Settings> Display Settings.

How to rotate your pc screen

Find the option "Orientation" in "The scale and layout", select the drop-down menu under it, and then select the preferred orientation of the screen, "Landscape", "Portrait", "Landscape (inverted)" or "Book (inverted)".

This window looks different in Windows 7, but has the same orientation parameters.

How to rotate your pc screen

If you do not see the screen orientation parameter in the "Parameters" application in Windows 10 or the control panel in Windows 7, try refreshing your computer's graphics drivers. This option may not be available if you use a universal video drivers, which are not suitable for graphics hardware of your computer.

How to rotate the screen using hot keys

On some PCs there are hot keys that quickly rotate the screen when pressing. They are provided by Intel graphics drivers and are available only on some PCs. If the display of your PC turned suddenly when you click something on the keyboard, you probably accidentally turned the hot key.

To rotate the screen with hot keys, press Ctrl + Alt + Arrow. For example, Ctrl + Alt + arrow key returns your screen to the normal upright position, Ctrl + Alt + right arrow turns your screen 90 degrees, Ctrl + Alt + Arrow down turns it upside down (180 degrees) and Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow Rots it for 270 degrees.

You can change these hotkeys or disable them if you want, using the Hot Key Manager tool on the Intel graphics control panel on the PC. To access it, right-click on the desktop and select "Intel graphics settings" or press Ctrl + Alt + F12 to open the Intel control panel. Press "Options and Support"> "Quick Call".

If you do not see the schedule setting tool on your PC, you probably do not use Intel graphics. If you do not see the screen rotation labels on the hotkeep manager screen, they are not available on your PC.

How to rotate your pc screen

How to rotate the screen using the graphics driver control panel

Options for rotating your PC screen can also be available in Intel, NVIDIA or AMD graphics drivers, depending on how the graphic equipment has your computer. However, the built-in Windows option should work on all PCs. If for any reason Windows cannot change the screen rotation, you can do it using the control panel to your graphics driver.

On the PC with Intel graphics, right-click on the desktop and select "Intel Graphic Subsystem Settings". Select "Show" and select Display orientation. It will be present only on some PCs.

On a PC with AMD graphics, this option is no longer available in the latest versions of the Catalyst Control Center. Previously, he was in the "General Display Tasks" section in this application, but now you must change the orientation of the screen from the standard Windows Settings application or the control panel.

On a PC with a NVIDIA graph, right-click on the desktop and select "NVIDIA control panel". Select "Rotate Display" under the "Display" item and select Screen orientation.


Question from the user


Tell me what can be done: an 180 degree screen turned over on my laptop and everything became up-legs. The picture itself seems to be clear, without distortion, the laptop turns on and works otherwise as usual. Is it possible to rotate the screen without going into service?

Sincerely, Marina.

Good day!

A fairly popular problem, which occurs equally often, both on laptops and on PC. Most likely, you just accidentally changed the settings of the video driver, or a specific keyboard shortcut has been pressed. In this article I will give several ways to return everything back ...


In some cases, turn the screen very much by the way! Do not think that software developers are specifically building a goat. For example, see you a photo or video taken up-legs - clicked the buttons and the screen turned. Conveniently? Conveniently!


Ways to turn the screen

Method number 1: With the help of hot keys

Now on many laptops for turning the screen there are special combinations of keys (they are called hot) . They allow in a matter of seconds to change the orientation of the image on the screen, for example, to make it a book or landscape. As said above, this feature is convenient enough in some cases.

Combination keys for turning pictures on the monitor:

  1. Ctrl + Alt + ↓ (Down the arrow. By the way, the advantages to press unnecessary!) - turning the screen to 180 degrees (i.e. up-legs);
  2. Ctrl + Alt + ← - Rotate 90 degrees left;
  3. Ctrl + Alt + → - turn 90 degrees to the right;
  4. Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - Return the images to the usual position.
Classic laptop keyboard

Classic laptop keyboard

👉 Note!

These keys will work not all, for example, they can be disabled by default in the drivers settings. Either the manufacturer did not launch them at all ...


Method number 2: through the settings of the video device

To begin, I want to say that you must have the video drivers and updated (as well as the center-control to them. By the way, Windows often updates the drivers to most equipment when installing the system, but they "go" without the control center!).

👉 To help!

There is no Intel HD video mode icon, Nvidia or AMD Radeon in a tray near the clock and on the desktop - What to do ->

If the driver is installed on your video card - you just need to look at the tray (next to the clock): there must be a corresponding icon (example below)

Intel graphics

Intel graphics

Either right-click anywhere in the desktop: in the context menu, there must be a reference to the control panel (example below).

Entrance to the NVIDIA control panel // from the desktop

Entrance to the NVIDIA control panel // from the desktop

👉 To help!

Driver Update

If you do not have such links, most likely you do not have the driver (or the default is installed on the system with Windows).


Intel settings you need to open the section "Display" . In the subsection "Turn" You can choose a value of 90-180-270 degrees (see Screenshot below).

In addition, in this section you can set the update frequency, set permission, scaling, etc. Settings.

Display - Intel Graphics Settings

Display - Intel Graphics Settings

Note : Please note that after changing the permission or rotation of the image, you have a warning on the screen, with a request to confirm the changes. If you suddenly spoiled the picture on the monitor, and you see nothing - then you just wait 15 sec. The modified parameters will drop and return to the initial values.


In the NVIDIA control panel, open the tab. "Display" (left in the menu), then open the link "Turn the display" . There you can choose the orientation:

  • album (default);
  • Book;
  • album (folded);
  • Book (folded).

Choosing between these modes, set the parameter as convenient to view the image on the monitor.

Display rotation // NVIDIA

Display rotation // NVIDIA


In AMD Catalyst Center, everything is also quite obvious: open the menu on the left "Common Display Tasks / Rotate Desktop" From the list you choose mode: landscape or books (also there are mirror options for them).

AMD Catalyst Center // Display Orientation Selection

AMD Catalyst Center // Display Orientation Selection: Book, Ladder

Note : Settings menu can vary greatly, depending on the version of the video driver.


Method number 3: Through Windows Settings

Windows 7.

Take the right mouse button anywhere in the desktop, select the pop-up context menu. "Screen resolution" (as on the screen below).

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

Next, screen settings will open: in the tab "Orientation" Change the value to "Labor" either "Book" (Depending on the requirements).

Screen Settings - Windows 7

Screen Settings - Windows 7

Important! When changing permission or orientation, Windows will wait for you to confirm the modified settings. So, if something goes wrong, just wait 15 sec. And do not press any buttons ...

Windows 8, 10

In principle, changing the orientation of the image occurs similarly, as well as on Windows 7. When you click right-click on the desktop, the menu appears - you need to select "Screen Settings" .

Screen Settings // Windows 10

Screen Settings // Windows 10

Next will open page "Customize your screen" : Here you just have orientation settings, screen brightness, and permissions. Set the required parameters.

Screen orientation - Windows 10

Screen orientation - Windows 10


Why can not rotate the picture on the monitor?

Sometimes you crawl the buttons, change the settings, and nothing happens - the picture on the monitor does not change in any way ... this may happen for the following reasons:

one) Change the orientation of the wrong monitor . This is relevant if you have several monitors connected to the computer (or was previously connected). When setting up, pay attention to which monitor you change the orientation!

2) Perhaps your drivers got crookedly or flew. You must try to download drivers from the official website of your manufacturer and set them again. How to find, select and update the drivers on the video adapter can find out in this article: https://ocomp.info/kak-obnovit-drayver-na-videokartu.html

3) I also recommend checking a computer to viruses. . Some types of malicious programs are arranged games: change permission, make "jump" the mouse cursor turn the image, etc. Popular antiviruses of this year 👉 led in this article.

4) and last, try Download your Windows OS in safe mode . Often it is in this mode that it is possible to correct certain errors. In addition, if the problem is related to video drivers, then the image on the screen should be shown in standard mode.

How to go to safe mode in Windows 7/8/10 - https://ocomp.info/kak-zayti-v-bez-rezh-windows.html


I hope the question is exhausted?!

Have a nice day!


First Publication: 09/21/2017

Record adjustment: 01/30/2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

Have you ever need to flip the display of your computer upside down? You may need to view graphics from another angle, or maybe you need to configure a screen with an uncomfortable location. Or maybe you would like to play a prank with a colleague. In any case, the rotation of the screen of your computer is easy to do.

Turn over the laptop screen or computer key combination.

Try using keyboard shortcuts. If you have an Intel graphics adapter. If you use Windows 7 or 8.10, you can quickly rotate the screen to 90 °, 180 ° or 270 ° at any time, pressing three keys. Try the combinations of the keys, they are described below. Just keep Control + Alt, and then select the arrow key.

Ctrl + Alt + ↓ - flip screen upside down.

Ctrl + Alt + → - Rotate the screen 90 ° to the right.

Ctrl + Alt + ← - Rotate the screen 90 ° to the left.

Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - Return the screen as standard orientation.

If it does not work, you will need to use one of the following methods.

Rotate the screen on the computer, through changes in orientation.

Another way to rotate the screen is to right-click on the Windows desktop and in the submenu that opens, select "Screen Resolution", next window will open where you can change the orientation. And you can also switch between a portrait and scenery in the drop-down "orientation" window.


In addition, you can also go to this folder by passing the next path "Start"> Control Panel> "Screen"> "Screen Resolution Settings".

Configuring software

How to flip the screen on your computer? - Easily

August 18, 2020

Posted by: Maksim

Roll over the screen, or rather the image on the monitor to correct the image display, you can use hot keys and quick system settings.

Often such a problem occurs due to the simultaneous pressing of special combinations of buttons on the keyboard, which change the display. From this material you will learn how to rotate the screen on the computer as simple as possible and quickly.

How to flip the screen on your computer? - Easily

From the previous material you could learn how to make an invisible folder. Now we will look at what to do if the screen on the computer turned over in Windows 10, 7 and its other versions.

Interesting! In the case of computers, such a problem appears more often due to a random change of display orientation in the parameters of the operating system, when it is updated or fail.

How to flip the screen on the computer

1. Use hot keys

First of all, you must try to press the next combination of buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen:

  • Ctrl + Alt + ↓ - turn the image to 180 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - Return the image to the default position
  • Ctrl + Alt + ← - Rotate left at 90 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + → - Rotate to the right of 90 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + F8 - reset the display settings to default values

Interesting! The combinations of these keys may not work, because This default function is not included in some drivers. If you are so, then below will be the information you need to do.

2. Change the parameters in Windows

1. Right-click on the desktop on an empty place where there are no files or folders. In the context menu, go to "Parameters / Screen Resolution".

2. Scroll to the block to the display orientation and set it to the "Landmark" position.

Interesting! If not one monitor is connected, then you first click on the active, which you need to rotate the image, otherwise the value will not be changed at all.

3. Change the settings to drivers

In rare exceptions, it may be necessary to change the settings in the drivers themselves, because Everything we did in the previous paragraph will be distributed on them.

1. Right click on the free place on the desktop and then on the menu item of your drivers, it may be:

2. The main window will open, go to the section with a monitor or display, find the item with the name "Rotate" or similar and set its position:

• The default value • 0 • Loading orientation

The name value depends on the video card model and software version, but the point will be the same.

Important! Remember that you need to enter the driver last, especially if you don't understand the computers, to not change the important parameters to the lacquer.


With these methods, you can easily and quickly return the image to normal position. No need to install any third-party software for such a simple operation.

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