How to escape the red caviar of the house from Gorbushi: Soldering of red caviar at home

What kind of delicacy is associated not only with prosperity and well-being, but also with health and most important oregak seats? Of course, Ikra. The most common from salmon pink salmon is sometimes a wonderful product in his trouser, and then the delicious red ishing will cost completely funny money. How to find a "pregnant" pinkish? How to escape the red caviar from the humpback at home and do not spoil the product? Read in our material about the subtleties of the home ambulance and storage of red caviar. /

We are looking for female

Girlfriends wondered: as in the usual, budget supermarket, you can buy a "pregnant" pump? How to quickly find among the rows of redoboki beauties that the most necessary for salting?

  1. The greatest chance to find the female in late August-October.
  2. Male pink salmon is usually larger than the female, his jaws are curved, the teeth are curves, the female is much more prettier.
  3. The face of female smooth, rounded, in the male - predatory, sharp.
  4. A man is brighter, his abdomen, the tail has a more pronounced orange shade.
  5. Horb's male humps are expressed (the name of red fish is connected with this).

So, we found the girl. But this is still half the task! It is necessary to find among the female the one that is filled with precious red eggs in the films.

  • Compare carcasses of several Gorbush girls among themselves.
  • Press on the belly of fish: there is a tangible seal - a great chance to the iconic female.
  • Hole to lay caviar from the desired female pink and slightly larger in size.

Unfortunately, one hundred percent probability in the search for red fish with caviar is not. But, based on personal experience, I will say: for six months you can "fill" eyes. More than 50% of the purchases of the non-closed humpback becoming a happy owner of a red caviar for salting.

Remove the treasure

You are lucky, and hillside with caviar fell into your joyfully trembling handles. Before salting the red caviar, it is necessary to remove it and get rid of a jaw.

My pump, make a shallow incision in the abdominal part. Is there an ICK in fishing, it is clear right away - it is in packed in the bags.

What is a jaw? This is a thin film in which Ikrinka are located. The film will interfere with us to salt, and it is impossible to leave it.

    Specialists offer various ways to remove the film.
  1. The jaws are put in a gauze, fresh in 3-4 layers, and put water under a hot jet. Hold 4-5 minutes, mix, remove the films.
  2. We pour boiling water into a bowl, we put jaws for a few seconds. Next, we carefully wipe through a sieve with large holes. Ikrinki should get out through holes, films - stay in the sieve. Instead of sieve, you can take a grain with large holes or a badminton racket. The method is traumatic, suitable for large volume.
  3. Ikrinka - in a bowl, turn on the mixer for stirring the dough at the lowest speed. Films wound on the whisk. The method is not bad, but requires skill.
  4. Old good method. Cut care neatly jaws, pull out for a fork or spoon of eggs. Notproof, Mouorne, but with the smallest losses for delicacy. I use this method, since a large number of delicacy is at a time not to get.

Whatever option you choose, a kilogram of patience and accuracy will be required to get rid of tedious films. But the award is high, because - for work! /

After you get rid of jaws, we definitely rinse the eggs at least two times - the smallest particles of the film will remain, which worsen the quality of the dish. Then we are dry on a plate or paper towel. Now we understand how to eat delicious product.

How to salute in Tuzluk

To salt the humpback houses in a traditional way, you need to cook brines - a tuzluk, in which our delicacy salt will be saturated.

Ikra Gorbushi 200 grams
Salt Two teaspoons
Sugar Half teaspoon
Water One glass
  • First you prepare brines. Boil water. In hot water soluble salt, sugar.
  • When the tuzluk reaches a temperature of 25 degrees, it is slightly warm, overflow into a glass jar or a cup.
  • We lower the eggs in the brine.
  • Hold in brine around two hours.
  • When the delicacy is ready, separate the eggs with gauze. Water need to spend a track. We send a delicacy to the refrigerator, after a couple of hours, the chilled red caviar is ready.

Salt recipe checked on its own experience: delicious, quickly and without problems. I will give advice: do not use a large seaside salt, it worsens the quality of the ambassador.

How to salute at home by dry way

If you do not have time to come with a tuzluk, you can try at home the way without brine.

Ikra Gorbushi 200 grams
Salt Full and a half teaspoon
Sugar Half teaspoon
  • Put in a cup of grains. In no case do not take metal dishes.
  • We fall asleep the product with the specified volumes of salt and sugar, mix thoroughly, paying attention to whether all the grains are covered with ingredients.
  • Close, put in the refrigerator. In five hours you can take a sample. No additional manipulations need.

The recipe is simple, fast, but effective. Red andchork turns delicious, fingers license. I prefer this snap method to all other things.

How to salute frozen caviar

Most often we acquire a pump in a frozen supermarket, respectively, caviar will be in the same state. How to quickly escape the house frozen red caviar? We understand.

Ikra Gorbushi 500 grams
Salt Four tablespoons
Water Two liters
Vegetable oil One tablespoon
  • Develop the grains is needed in a special way. Put them in the refrigerator for seven or eight hours, when defrosting at room temperature, caviar can burst.
  • We remove the film.
  • We prepare Tuzluk: warm water degrees to forty, dissolve two tablespoons of salt (optional - you can and some sugar). Jumping grains. We prepare a new brine.
  • Boil water, add the remaining salt, cool up to about thirty degrees. Once again I put eggs into the solution, twenty minutes.
  • We drain the water, put the product in the jar, add oil, send to the refrigerator.

If you correctly execute the pickup recipe, then the cooked product will please you.

You may love red and glitter. How good she is on the sandwich! We will master the fourth recipe.

Glossy caviar

To salt the caviar of the humpback by such a recipe, you need to take sunflower or olive oil.

Ikra Gorbushi 150-200 gram
Salt One teaspoon (with mountain)
Sugar Half teaspoon
Vegetable oil One tablespoon
  1. In a glass jar, gently put the caviar, from above - salt and sugar, interfere.
  2. Pour vegetable oil, carefully interfere.
  3. The product is in a closed jar, a jar - in the refrigerator.
  4. After eight hours, Delicates is ready.

Sandwich with butter and caviar of the pink salmon, orange-cream glitter and smell can be crazy.

In addition to four classic cooking recipes, there are several original, which allows you to achieve different flavorings. Is it possible to make a tastier perfect product? I strangle with all confidence: "Yes!". Moving on.

Original recipes

"Lemon" ICORK

How to salute a red caviar with lemon and pepper? This recipe will have to taste the most sophisticated gourmet. Notes of white pepper and citrus makes the taste of red caviar, refreshing it and adding new shades.

Ikra Gorbushi 300 grams
Salt One tablespoon
Lemon Half (or one third)
Vegetable oil Three tablespoons
Pepper (white or black) Half teaspoon
Greens At your discretion
  • In a glass bowl, a bunch of grains, top - pepper with salt.
  • Pour beauty with vegetable oil.
  • Limon squeeze, adding juice add to grains, mix thoroughly. You can put parsley, dill, greens will learn the taste of the product.
  • After two hours in the refrigerator, the prepared delicacy can be safely served to the table. And grief to those who are late to the meal.

With cream

Specialists say that red caviar, salted according to this method, enjoyed special love of the reigning persons.

Ikra Gorbushi 200 grams
Salt One teaspoon
Bow One teaspoon
Pepper Pinch
Cream Five tablespoons
  • A orange slide is already familiar to the glass bowl. Finely chopped bulbs mix with grains. From above - pepper with salt.
  • Purchase cream, we interfere carefully, that each Ikrinka was in a creamy shirt and did not burst.
  • Two hours after cooking we taste the product. Usually this time is enough to salute the eggs.

It turns out a wonderful, royal dish. An unusual salting recipe allows you to give a delicacy softness and gentle shade.

How to salute for long-term storage

All of the above methods are intended for short-term storage. Slap - they buried. And how to be if the delicacy needs to be stored at home not a couple of days, but much longer period?

Ikra Gorbushi Polikylogram
Salt One kilogram
Water Three liters
Vegetable oil Three tablespoons
  • We boil in a saucepan water. After bringing to the state of the boiling, we remove from the stove. We add salt, waiting until the white crystals dissolve.
  • In the resulting warm (not hot!) Brine put on a red cavik, we leave minutes for twenty minutes. If you are a lover of a poorest post, you can increase the time of minutes by 10-15.
  • We drag the solution with the help of the sieve, do not shake, do not injure eggs.
  • Enzyst orange miracle on the towel of an hour and a half or two.
  • We put eggs into a glass jar, add vegetable oil. The salty is the product, the longer stored. If you are a fan of a soft ambulance, follow these volumes.

How to escape at home according to GOST

Is it possible at home to escape Gorboshin Icra according to GOST? Do you think fantasy? It is quite real. And it turns out the product is delicious, like the best manufacturers, and not a dubious smear, which sometimes fit into our beautifully decorated jars.

Ikra Gorbushi Polikylogram
Salt Some number of tablespoons
Water One litre
Vegetable oil Two tablespoons
Potatoes Two pieces
  • Boil a liter of water in a saucepan, we remove from the fire. We put two purified potatoes and begin a wonderful creative process. The uniqueness of this recipe is that the amount of salt is not specified. It must be exactly so much so that the potatoes pop up.
  • I fall asleep eggs, we leave for fifteen minutes. Then filter through a sieve or gauze, drying.
  • Glass jar, a little olive, refrigerator ... In this recipe you can not wait long, immediately taste. By the way, the olive oil will be a good addition - it will get home comfortable guest.

Soldering method is good, but if you use it for the first time, you can reduce the dish. In this case, we put the grains into a sieve, rinse under the jet of water - and everything is fine!

It is important to know

  • In case of damage, the red caviar is causing a bitter taste, therefore be careful when removing the film.
  • Oil (sunflower or olive) is a preservative and prolongs the shelf life of a delicacy to five days. Without oil, delicacy is stored no more than two days.
  • Store better in a glass jar, some experts agree on plastic. Use metal dishes is prohibited.
  • The best storage temperature is in the range from -2 to -5.
  • White pepper wellsens the taste of the product, if you are a fan of spices, then add it boldly.

Submit to the table

  • The traditional method of filing a red caviar - on thin slices of white bread, baguette smeared with butter.
  • A thin slice of gray bread with anchor and greens - an option adopted in my house.
  • More refined option for home holiday table - tartlets with caviar.
  • You can prepare unsweetened profitrols, fill them with icons and cheese. It will turn out and satisfying, and unusual.
  • It looks wonderful fish assorted, augmented sputty humpback.
  • "Maslenic" option preparation - pancakes with caviar.

How caviar is not servicing, it is good in any combination. The product salted home is favorably different from the shop purchased in the store - in his quality, freshness and pleasant ambassador you can not doubt. The home cooking is good and the fact that it is a matter of creative - seasonings, greens, oil, lemon, cream - choose to your taste, experiment, please seven and friends.

Perhaps you will also be interested to read about how to make an egg pashota at home.


In the past, the release spoke to you about how to pick up the pump. Today we continue this topic and focus on the singing of such a delicacy as a red caviar. After all, it is a fabulous yummy! But agree to cook it, you must first find it in salmon fish, and after it is good to separate it from the film (jaws).

There are two peeling salts of red caviar, the first is in the brine, and the second is dry. These both methods are good each in their own way, it turns out insanely tasty and if we put the right amount of salt - a little.

Many ask me to show a recipe of caviar, which can be kept for a long time, well, I do not know ... And why? Perhaps this is needed, if you caviar produce buckets. I wish me so, I would eat day and night! Joke.

I am such a delicacy to me, the only minus, he is expensive. 100 grams of the finished product costs decent money. But, we as ate so we will eat, let albeit only on holidays. But this is an excellent snack that is obtained in the form of sandwiches.

What if you bought fresh or freshly-frozen pump, and in it, Batz surprise inside? Of course the answer is obvious! Let's already begin to understand, consider all the steps in order. Moreover, the process of salting process of caviar is not time-consuming and in time is low-cost. It usually grabs about 5-15 minutes, 2 hours or even one day.

Mmm ... I am writing and herself already lick, Inzit himself. Well, let's consider these simple and fast recipes that I picked up so that you can pamper yourself with this grainy product. After all, his taste is incomparable.

How to salute the red caviar of the humpback quickly and tasty at home

So, to start a red caviar seizure, first such a "Golden Present" need to be found in the hunchback. And let's do everything so that you are not visiting disappointment. After all, such a question always gets up to buyers when they are in the store or supermarket. Everyone stands and thinks what kind of fish it is to grab in order not to turn. Often we touch the abdomen, look at the muzzle. But, see when you do not know what criteria it is to do it correctly, the result may not justify yourself.

So, for sure, I decided to first inform you and in this matter.

What are the differences of the porch of the male from the female?

How to find a female humpback and not confuse her with the male. This will help us with pictures, considering that, you will learn to quickly guess. And no longer confuse. Just keep in mind that at the spawning of the hunchback goes at the end of August, therefore, the easiest way to find such a fish with a "gift" inside in this time in supermarkets. Although it is mainly sold in a frozen form, that is, within the course of the whole year, you too follow the prompts you can find such:

1. The male is first of all a predator, distinctive features - a large body with hump and jaw with fangs (and still obvious curvature). But female, like all the girls))), the appearance of Mileu, and the protruding teeth are not visible.

2. The colors of fish is also different, the male will always be brighter and more colorful to attract other predators, securing the fan.

3. All males are clearly visible to a large humpback, and there is no females.

Tip from me! When choosing a fish, look at the muzzle, if the fangs are visible, the jaw is uneven and the pink salmon is terrible, then this is the male.

How to separate from the film Caviar Gorbushi

Well, finally, the choice is determined, brought home fish. The abdomen of the abdomen, and there are a storehouse of "natural wealth." But that's not all, the caviar is hidden in the film, in a different way, experienced fishermen will tell you that it is a jaw. It is necessary to remove it, if you don't want to make a "golden bonus". It is like jewelry, but even inexperienced newcomer can cope with her if you know the secrets in this matter.

Remember! If you are mercilessly straightening with cheekbones and do not comply with all the rules, then the finished product will be spoiled, it will get cracked. Kreate time in vain (.

Let's consider ways, with which all jaws will be removed, and the red "grains" will remain intact and unharmed:

  • Use a special tool called a screen, if it is not, then take nothing like that similar to such a grid (it can be a racket for tennis or badminton).

And the hands of the fingers neatly cheeky, arumbling around the rumble helping the icons to separate and fall into the cup.

Red caviar from one pumps out is not so much (maybe even less), as you can see:

  • Method of cleaning caviar from a jaw using a conventional manual bunny.

Place the grain mass into the water and using a regular whine start to actively interfere. Do not be afraid, everything will work out! The film is easy and quickly separated from the caviar, it wounds on metal fasteners.

  • The following method is boiling water.

Soak the caviar in the film instantly in a boiling liquid, quickly draining the water so that the "balls" do not cook, here the goal is to cook the film. Then move to cool water and hand start separating the grains.

  • With the help of a conventional coarse grater, you can also try to clean using a fork and sieve.

But, these options are ineffective, so I will not write about them. There is still an extreme method - pass the mixer (nozzle for the dough-hook) at minimal mode on the bags with caviar, removing the largest parts of the film.

Using any way to separate the jaw, in any case it will be necessary after the entire procedure, do the following. Delicates fill with cold water, and then pour to the gauze and inspect, beat.

Who has questions, I recommend writing to me at the bottom of the article in the Comment field or see this short movie:

The next step, you need to competently prepare Tuzluk. The name is interesting, but it means a solution of sodium chloride, in Russian to say salted liquid.

Boil the water and put a large grinding salt into it, stir. How much to put? So much to swim the egg, if you throw it there.

Usually, the proportions are, it is 100 g per 1 liter of water.

Following Important moment , this is what brine should be cold , in no case is not hot, but the caviar is welded. Place the grainy product in this cool solution and check for 5 minutes, no more! During this time, a couple of times can be prevented by a tablespoon or arms.

What's next, you ask? Probably you can taste? Yes, quite right! Do not forget to drain the brine.

Soldering Icres Gorbushi from Frozen Fish

Well, I suggest to start cooking from the simplest recipe, which should be in the home book of any mistress, even experienced, at least beginner. This option is relatively fast, and it turns out awesomely, especially if the caviar placed on a piece of the baton, smearing it with butter or cream cheese. In general, words do not describe, here you just need to try to the tongue!

By the way, Ichorka can fly, thanks to the secret ingredient about which I will write a little lower. And what will be the aroma and smell. Some call this method of cooking five-minute.

Would need:


1. So take the pink salmon female, if you do not know how to find it in the store, read the above recommendations. Or pay attention to the muzzle, it does not have a very narrow nose, there are no sticking fangs and teeth and of course hump.

2. Fish after the freezer defrost not at room temperature, but in the refrigerator, or in a cool place. Rinse in cold water and clean from scales. And then put on a cutting board.

Tip! Do not take the hands of a drop-down hill behind the tail, as you break the meat, it breaks and becomes loose.

And try not to damage the gallbladder. Bile as well-known is very bitter and if it follows, then the taste may be hopelessly spoiled.

3. Move the female, remove the head, pulling over the fin, make an incision in diagonal first on the one hand, then on the other. Cut off the head, thus, the meat will remain more. Next Action - Take the knife neatly abdomen. And it is better to take kitchen scissors. There will see the adorable seafood gifts. Remove them together in unnecessary waste.

A little away from the topic, what to do next and causing a humpback quickly and tasty. I decided to write a briefly recipe in this post. Pad fish competently separate from the bones, put a knife for this to the bone and cut directly at the top of the bone until the tail.

As you see fillets turned out perfect from the first time, wonderful! Separate the second half of the pulp, but put the knife under the bone and cut down to the tail. Remove small bones.

4. In a clean container, put the red fillet and spend the salt of a large ambassador. Stop in the refrigerator for 24 hours or one day. Next, you can take a sample.

5. Well, come back to Iracle . To pickle it, it is necessary to pour water into a deep bowl, the temperature should be 70 degrees, that is, warm so that the hands be comfortable to work. Salts put on 0.5 liters of water 50 g. You can add sugar at will. Stir brines, before dissolving grains. Tuzluk ready!

6. Then place the sack with caviar in warm water and start the contents of the contents with a manual wedge. Scary? Yes, the first time yes, because it seems that all the balls burst, but do not be afraid, everything should go smoothly. Complete intense. And the film wounds on metal strings.

Put the caviar to gauze and beat. Then place it in the Tuzluk for 5 minutes. If you want to see a more salty taste, then for 10-15 minutes.

7. The next step is to strain through the sieve and put into the glass jar. Tightly close the lid and remove into the refrigerator or try to the teeth.

8. As you can see, Icik came out crumbly and beautiful, the balls one to one. To make a mirror color, you could still add vegetable oil without odor. This is the secret ingredient, but not all add it. Pleasant discoveries!

Red caviar dry in small quantities

Now I propose another option - to make caviar with a dry eye, that is, without a tuzluk.

Remove the caviar (500 g) from the film, in any way that you like from this article. Then wash it in water and strain through a sieve or gauze. Add 1 tbsp. Large salt and hand stir. And after pouring vegetable oil 1 tbsp. And close the jar, put it on the refrigerator (up to two weeks).

Very tasty saline caviar humpback like salmon

This method is good because they will solisfry the caviar within 5 minutes. Well, it's not really great! After such a short period of time, there will be a useful delicacy that you prepared yourself and can already please our relatives and loved ones. Its homemade caviar at times is better than purchased, I advise everyone to do this right now.

It turns out insanely tasty, many assure that such a caviar salty in this way resembles the taste of salmon. I can say one exactly that she is damn good, especially on sandwiches.

It will take:

Source https://youtu.be/xaccexqzg2u.


1. Take warm boiled warm water (approximately 50 degrees) and throw a stone salt into it, stir up on the floor of 50 g.

2. Next, begin to actively mix the red "grains" separated from a jaw (films). Leave the finished dish to stand in the brine 3-5 minutes.

If "balls" will come across burst, do not use them for salting, beat.

3. Through a sieve, strain the seafood and rinse in warm water, directly leut the liquid on the sieve.

4. Further, move the delicacy to the jar and fill 0.5 h. Spoon of vegetable oil. Stir, store about 3 days in the refrigerator. Use on purpose. Pleasant impressions!

Well, let's summarize, cook a real delicacy with your own hands, you will succeed, if you find a humpback with a "surprise inside". How many enthusias and screams will fly in the kitchen if you get red gold. Is not it? I hope you know what to do with it next, how to properly remove the film and sleep the caviar with delicious and quickly.

Pleasant moments! Waiting for a blog. I will be gracious thanks if you share an article on social networks.

Sincerely, Catherine

I do not know how you have, and I have a red caviar associated with something festive, birthday or new year. The new year cannot be represented at all without red caviar, just as without Mandarin. Because of the high cost of caviar, everyday use is difficult to afford.

I have repeated more than once that if you saline the product itself in the home conditions, then you significantly save. Buy a pinkish with caviar is quite real, today I will tell you how to determine the pump with caviar, i. E. We will learn to determine the female.

I have already described in detail the process, as I bought a pinkish and shed it under salmon. Today we will salt the caviar of that pinkish itself, but you first need to prepare it for this process. I described everything in this article, be sure to read to the end.

I run ahead and say that the caviar turned out to be so tasty, I did not swallow. The most important thing is to observe the proportion of salt to the weight of caviar and that's it. I immediately had a plan in my head, that for the new year I definitely shine fish and be sure to choose with caviar. About 1 kg. Fish - 100 grams of caviar. One caraway can be filled with all the fish. And you will have an additional delicious fish fillet on sandwiches and fish cutting, as well as tasty, weld ear.

Well, let's move to the most interesting and silent already red caviar.

Solim Caviar Gorbushi in 5 minutes

The pickling process itself lasts only 5 minutes. This is quite enough for the caviar to be in the measure of salt. I repeat, the main thing is the proportion. Behind you have kitchen scales and weigh how many caviar do you have. Solit will be one salt. The proportions are as follows: Per 1 kg. caviar - 50 grams of salt . No more and no less and keep in salt exactly 5 minutes. So it is not necessary to leave. I believe that this recipe is the best and use no sense.

I weighed my caviar, she weighs 108 grams.

Accordingly, I need 5-6 grams of salt, everything. What I take.

Pour salt in caviar, mix lightly so as not to damage the eggs and interface 5 minutes .

Pay attention to the color of caviar. At first she, as it were, orange, but after the expiration, it will change on bright red. What should be.

Well, finally, it came out, we look at what happened.

Now we rinse under clean water. We leave no longer for water glass.

And lay out on paper towels. To give excess water to absorb.

Personally, I will not wait to try what I did. And it turned out the divine red caviar of the humpback, which can be on sandwiches, and even where, you can simply with bread.

The recipe for so much fast that can be salted caviar literally before the holiday itself.

But there is not a big nuance here. Icru is needed to prepare for the ambassador. As promised now, I will now tell, i.e. we smoothly go to the next part of the article, namely ...

How to clean the caviar humpback from the film and salt at home

This is the most vigorous in the ambon of caviar, clean it from the film. I met videos, where they say that it can be done literally for 5-10 minutes. I will say you so, it should be a big professional professional. And ordinary people will be complicated at first.

When you take the caviar from the fish, she is in the film so to speak in the bag. This bag should be put in warm water and give a minute of 3-4.

Beauty, not true? I love.

Then carefully so as not to damage the caviar, we begin to tear the eggs from the film. And let them fall on the bottom.

Water in the process will be more nervous, just like caviar. It is quite normal, do not be scared. Just change the water several times.

You see what color it has become, pale orange. All we have on the plan.

Now we rinse it, we give a track of excess water and put into the container where we will salt.

All caviar is ready for the ambassador. And how to solit you already know.

In appearance, do I know what reminded me? Children's bulbs for a gun))). Only something is expensive for the pool))).

Be sure to try, write how this process has passed.

Well, as promised, now I will teach you, my dear friends, to determine the female from the male of the humpback. To buy fish, you have always had caviar.

How to determine the pump with caviar

In principle, it is not difficult to buy a humpback with caviar, the female is very different from the male. But due to the fact that the fish you buy in a frozen form, sometimes it is difficult to determine. But with an accuracy of 90% you will choose the right one.

Looking into two heads, you can notice the differences. You have found?

Left - female, right - male.

The female nasal part is more humpback, and the male has an acute saber. That's all the difference.

Well, naturally buy a whole fish, without any cuts. Even if the belly is a whole, and there is a small incision, a small wound, it is better to refrain from such a purchase and choose to a friend of the pump.

I described in a last article, as unscrupulous sellers check fish carcasses, for caviar. You can see here.

Adhere to this Council and red caviar you are provided.

1 portion

35 minutes

230 kcal

4.9. /5 (21. )

½ tablespoon salt;

For me, it was a pleasant surprise to detect when cutting fish caviar. A little bit, but there are enough sandwiches. And then I remembered that our kums, who live in the north, are sued themselves. Of course, they taught me how to solit the red humpback caviar at home. It turned out to be so simple and quickly that everything went a little more than half an hour. And most importantly, it can be used immediately after cooking.

How to salt home caviar humpback

Kitchenware: colander, bowl, tablespoon, paper towels.


Fresh caviar 300-350 g
Drinking water 1.5 L.
Normal salt 4 tbsp. l.
Sunflower or olive oil 1 tbsp. l.

Step-by-step cooking

  1. We take 350 g of caviar. It was so much that I got. In general, this recipe is designed for approximately half a kilogram. ½ teaspoon sugar.
  2. In order to quickly remove the icy films from the film, we pour out 500-700 ml of very warm water in a bowl and smell a complete tablespoon of salt with a slide. We stir up to complete dissolution and omit.

    The temperature should be such that you can keep your hand in it for some time. From very hot water, the precious product will become muddy.

    In a shallow bowl, put caviar. Add salt and sugar and mix.
  3. Gently plow the film and put everything in the salty solution and keep about 5 minutes. From salt, the film and partitions will begin to roll. It is also done to disinfect and remove blood residues. Put the saucer on top, and put the glass on it, for example a glass with water. Remove the design to the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  4. Gently remove from the ikrinka film. How to Snapely Caviar Gorbushi in Japanese
  5. Filling the contents of a bowl through a colander and rinse several times with running water. Photo: Tverdohlib.com / Depositphotos
  6. Again in a bowl of 500-700 ml of boiled water, but already room temperature. Dissolve 3 full spoons of salt with a slide. Icraine shells will be powered by sauce, and natural taste will remain inside. At the same time, the caviar will be a little darker.
  7. We lay out the future delicacy, mix well and leave for 15 minutes.

    As if we did not try to do everything neatly, a certain amount of eggs still falls, and the residues will pop up to the surface. We collect them with a spoon or noise. To save and enhance the color, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of sugar.

    3 tablespoons of soy sauce;
  8. Again, filter through the colander and leave the glasses excess fluid. Do not rinse. Many recommend not allowing direct contact with the metal and advised to lay out on the colander of the segment of gauze. 2 tablespoons of sake;
  9. Pulling on the table a couple of paper towels. I put everything with a colander and rushing well. 100 g of fresh peeled hubby caviar.
  10. Put out the napkins in a deep plate, a bowl or a small jar. Pour a tablespoon of oil and mix. Due to this, a characteristic shine will appear. Mix soy sauce and sake. Boil, and then cool down to room temperature.
  11. All. Cut the bread slices, smear their creamy oil and put the personally cooked delicacy. You can add a little green loaf from above. Fold the caviar into the plastic container or glass jar. Pour the brine so that it is covered completely.

Almost the same can be salted by caviar pike. And if you make a spicy brine, you can pick up the herring in it.

Fast option

It is also called "five minutes." This way fishermen often uses, and it allows you to enjoy prey almost immediately after cutting fish. All that this is needed is neatly uptaking the film, consider the eggs with a spoon or any other girlfriend, pour out a full teaspoon of salt, mix and leave for 5 minutes.

If you add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and mix thoroughly, then you can store for about a week in a cool place or refrigerator.

Video from: how to solit the humpback caviar

See how easy it is to squeeze the hubby caviar at home in a recipe on video.

The minus of this recipe is that it is suitable for storing no more than five days. . For longer storage, a completely different cooked solution is needed, which is also called Tuzluk.

How to pick up caviar humpback in tuzluk

Time for preparing: 3-4 hours. Number of portions: one. Kitchenware: Pan, gauze, colander, bowl, spoon.


Fresh caviar 700-800 G.
Drinking water 2 L.
Rock salt 1 kg

Step-by-step cooking

  1. We pour about 2 liters of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. The recipe is designed for 700-800 g of caviar. Close the lid tightly and put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
  2. Suck at first 500-600 g salts. How and how much to store salty caviar humpback
  3. We stir up to complete dissolution and wait when it boils again. Keep the salty caviar of the humpback in the refrigerator no more than 1-2 days. Due to the lack of preservatives, it cannot lie long.
  4. Now you need to add salt until it stops dissolving. It may go for another 300-400.

    Some check the degree of salinity with raw potatoes. That is, if it surfaced, it is ready. But the right Tuzluk is preparing this way. I got this technology from my grandmother, which worked in the workshop by the harvest of this delicacy. Interestingly, if you lower the potatoes in the housing in the jelly, it does not cook, but it will be baked.

    To extend the shelf life of up to 5-7 days, use olive oil. Fold the caviar into the glass jar to the top of the top, lose weight and pour about 2-3 tablespoons of oil. If caviars are not enough, the oil simply tracks down and the protective film is not formed.
  5. Ready tuzluk cool to room temperature. If you are all done correctly, saline crystals are formed on the surface. Close the can with a lid and clean the refrigerator. After printing, try to eat caviar in 1-2 days.
  6. During this time, we free the ikrinka from the film by any way convenient for you.

    You can simply scrape a spoon or a stupid side of the knife or use the metal grille. Some do it with a conventional badminton racket or through a special screen. It is even suitable for a sieve with large holes through which Ikrinka will be held.

    To keep salty caviar for 1-2 months, spread it on small plastic containers. Close the lids, leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours, and then remove in the freezer.
  7. Fill a part of the tuzluk caviar, mix well for a couple of minutes. This will clean it from blood residues and mucus. And all the harmful bacteria will die. The action of the Rape can be noted immediately, since white particles will appear. Before use, defrost in gentle mode: Leave for 10-12 hours in the refrigeration compartment.
  8. Fix everything through a colander and rinse with water. What to do if Ikra seems too salty
  9. We shift back with a bowl and again fill in the ratio of 1: 2. That is, one part of the caviar needs two parts of the liquid. Try so that you do not get particles of unattended salt and sand. Put a little caviar in a bowl and fill with cold boiled water. Mix gently. After 5-7 minutes, try to taste. If you like, drain the water. No - wait yet, and after throwing it on a colander or gauze to all the glass liquid.
  10. Mix and leave from three to five minutes. Do not rinse the whole saline caviar in advance, otherwise it will quickly deteriorate.
  11. After that, we put a colander on some kind of ass, we will drag the gauze and fix it. Marley is needed in order to prevent the reaction of salt with metal.

    Do not worry if notice empty scales. You can choose them if desired. But when caviar goes away, they will not be noticeably noticeable. Tuzluk do not pour. In it we can

    Sawn the hump

    or other

    Red fish


    How to salute the caviar of the humpback at home on a step-by-step recipe with a photo
  12. Slightly rolling gauze from the side to the side to help the stroke of the liquid. Tie the edges and suspend for three to four hours. After that, we get a salty product, ready for use or storage. If you have a fresh caviar of the humpback, find out how to pickle her houses.

The trout is solted similarly. And in a less saturated solution, salo can be salted.

VideoBept: how to pickle humpback caviar in a tuzluk

Look at the video, how to spit out the caviar for long-term storage.

Useful storage tips

Any caviar is stored in the refrigerator no more than a week. . For long-term storage it is better to freeze. To do this, it needs to be decomposed into portion containers with covers and freeze quickly.

In no case defrost at room temperature. From the sharp drop of eggs tools and you will have to throw everything. For the correct defrost, it is easy to put the container from the freezer from the evening to the top shelf of the refrigerator. And then in the morning you can safely make yourself useful sandwiches. It is impossible to re-freeze, so initially choose the size of the container so that you can use the caviar from it in a couple of days.

I hope that my recipes were useful for you, and you were able to pick up a delicious caviar and prepare with her excellent snacks! Waiting for your comments.

By purchasing a hubby caviar in the store, it is often a pleasant find in the form of caviar, and so as not to throw out and not translate the valuable product of the gap, it's time to learn how to salt the caviar of the humpback at home. If you initially puzzled by this issue and want to prepare a more budget analogue of the shop caviar, our tips and recipes will help you with it. An independent caviar ambassador allows you to get a truly high-quality delicacy with excellent taste properties. There are no difficulties in this matter if you follow all the recommendations, besides the process itself does not take much time.

In very warm water, dissolve a complete tablespoon of salt.

If you purposefully wanted to salt caviar, look for a female - it is characterized by a shorter and rounded head in comparison with the males, the lack of a hump on the back and protruding teeth. It is recommended to give preference to the caviar of the caviar - the carcass must be elastic without signs of mechanical damage, have pink or red gills, shiny eyes and a unwitting smell. The females with caviar of the abdomen will be very dense. Frozen caviar may need more time. If you get frozen fish, it must be covered with a uniform layer of ice glaze.

We lay out caviar with salt water.

Having made a knife with an incision in the abdominal part of the humpback, you will find the caviar in a dense film shell, which is called a jaw. This film must be removed, since because of it, the caviar will stick together and acquire a bitter taste. To remove jasons there are several methods - choose the most suitable for you. A large sieve or metal mesh is suitable. You can lay out the jasons in the bags of the folded in half the gauze and move the fingers under the jet of warm water, trying hard to put on them - the shell gradually should get away. So that a tight jaws easily withdrew, it is important to soften - hot water will come to the rescue. Heat the water in a saucepan to 50-60 degrees, lay out the caviar in the colander, place it in hot water for 5-10 seconds and hinder the fork - the film's light movement is easily separated from the cheek. To remove the film, you can also soak the yawks in the salt solution just a few minutes - for this, 2 cup of water with a temperature of about 40 degrees should be taken 1 tablespoon of salt. After soaking, blend gently to the caviar, making smooth whipping movements with a fork or a wedge until the film is separated from the caviar, winding into teeth or metal fasteners. A similar operation for a fork or a whisk can be done in the event that you put the caviar into conventional water without salt, but it may take more time. You can also use a mixer (water or brine here are not required here) - you do not need to be afraid to damage the caviar, beat it on minimal revs for a few seconds until the film remains on the whisk. There is a more extreme way - to quashes boiling water so that the film is "welded", and then quickly put the caviar in the bags into cool water and separate the film with your fingers. After using any of the ICRA methods, it is recommended to rinse under a non-mounted jet of water to clean it from the remnants of the film. Then I will need to give dry on paper towels. You can lay out eggs on the gauze layer and go through, removing the residues of the shell.

After 5 minutes, we can easily separate the eggs from the film.

How to salute the humpback humpback at home? This can be done in two ways - with a brine (tuzluk) and the so-called "dry" method, when one salt is used. It is important to note that salt should be used fine or medium grinding, it should also not be iodined and contain any other additives. The total taste of caviar will depend on the amount of salt added, so if desired it can be made more or less salted. For the preparation of brine is taken, on average, 100 g of salts per 1 liter of water. Salt must be completely dissolved in water, while the brine must necessarily be cold or room temperature - it is simply welded in hot caviar. You can check the sufficiency of the saturation of the brine with an egg or a cheese potato tuber - they should float on the surface. How to salute the caviar of pink salmon at home from frozen fish? In this case, it is important to give fish or Icre to gradually depart in the refrigerator - it should not use microwave or warm water to do not spoil the taste of the product. If Ikrinka burst, they should not be salted - it is better to remove them from the total mass. At all stages of salts of caviar, including the removal of a jaw, is categorically not recommended to use metal dishes - the possible oxidation reaction can adversely affect the taste of dishes and even lead to poisoning.

Sloated caviar store in a refrigerator in a glass jar under the lid or in a sealed container. The cleaner will be a container, the longer the caviar will remain fresh, so wash it with soda, process the ferry or calculate in the oven. It is advisable to use the product for two days, as it starts to deteriorate. Nevertheless, if you add some vegetable oil to the cache, its storage time is increased to 5-7 days. In addition, the oil gives an appetizing shine and protects and protects from tangling. In the frozen form of the caviar can be stored for up to 6 months (defrost it in gentle mode in the refrigerator).

We learn the caviar to the colander and rinse.

Having tried the finished caviar, did you find it too salty? Without panic, the situation can be corrected. Put the caviar in the bowl, pour cold boiled water, gently mix and wait about 5 minutes. After that, try to taste the caviar - if it suits you, caviar can be thrown into the colander. If caviar is still salty, leave it for a while.

Classic version of caviar feed are sandwiches. Also, caviar can be put in miniature tartlets, to put together the halves of eggs or decorate the salad - red caviar will make any dishes exquisite and appetizing. In addition, the delicacy can be submitted to the table as an independent product in an anchor or a small container with a dessert spoon. And necessarily in all cases complement the caviar of finely chopped with a dill or parsley. The contrast of orange and green colors will make a snack very spectacular and appetizing.

Be sure to spend the humpback caviar, if you have introduced such an opportunity - the product prepared for all the rules will not only be more delicious shop, but also pleases you with your freshness and naturalness. And now our recipes will clearly demonstrate how to salute the pink salmon caviar at home. Consider that all recipes indicate the weight of the caviar already cleaned.

Classic Pinkish Calf Soldering Recipe

Classic Pinkish Calf Soldering Recipe

Ingredients: 200 g humpback caviar,

2 teaspoons of salt, 1/2 teaspoon sugar,

1 cup of water.


Ingredients: Pour a glass of water into a pan, bring to a boil and dissolve salt in it with sugar. Give a liquid to cool to 25-27 degrees. Share cacking into the tank and pour the warm brine. Suppose 2 hours. Then throw back to the caviar on the colander or shifting into the gauze, hang the nodule and wait for the flow of the liquid. Finished caviar to shift into a glass jar or a sealed container with a lid and put in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours, when the caviar cooles, you can start tasting.

2 teaspoons of salt, A very fast hubby caviar can be salted in a concentrated tuzluk. For its preparation for 1 liter of water, approximately 1 cup of salt should be taken.

Soldering Icres Gorbushi at home

We will tell you everything about how to solit the humpback humpback at home.

200 g humpback caviar,

Ingredients: 200 g salt,

2 teaspoons of salt, 100 g of sugar,

2 teaspoons of vegetable oil (optional),

1 l of water.

Ingredients: Pour water in a saucepan, add salt and sugar. Bring to a boil and stirring, dissolve dry components. Cool solution to room temperature and pour them to caviar. To withstand 6-7 minutes, and then leak on the colander and give a track of the entire fluid. Put the caviar into a glass jar or a sealed container. If you wish, add vegetable oil and mix. It is not necessary to eat caviar at once, it is better to give it to cool within 2 hours.

2 teaspoons of salt, Slingsticking humpbacks in the film allows you to kill two hares at once - remove this very film and quickly salt caviar. The salt solution is used very saturated here, due to which the film is removed, and the caviar is ready to use literally in 15 minutes.

Slingness Icres Gorbushi in the film

We lay out the caviar into a new portion of salt water, mix.

200 g of crude humpback caviar in the film,

Ingredients: 7 tablespoons of salt,

2 teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon sugar,

1 l of water.

Pour water in a saucepan, add salt and sugar. Stirring, bring to a boil. When the whole salt is dissolved, the saucement should be removed from the plate and give the solution to cool to 40-50 degrees. Pour the caviar in the film (or lay out the caviar directly into the pan) for 10-15 minutes - all this time you need to constantly stir for a fork. Gradually, the film wounds on the plug, and it can be removed. Next, caviar to lean on a colander or sieve and give a stance of the liquid. Put the caviar to the storage tank and remove the refrigerator.

Ingredients: If you do not have time to prepare brine and you want to speed up the process of salting caviar, use the fast dry method for which water is not required. In this case, it is important carefully (but at the same time neatly) mix the caviar with salt and sugar for their uniform distribution.

2 teaspoons of salt, Quick recipe salts of humpback caviar

200 g humpback caviar,

1,5 tablespoon salt,

Ingredients: 1/2 teaspoon sugar.

2 teaspoons of salt, Cleaning from the film to the caviar to connect with salt and sugar in the bowl. After stirring, cover the bowl with a lid or a plate and remove into the refrigerator for about 5 hours.

The next recipe for a dry humpback caviar is extremely simple and consists of only two ingredients - caviar and salt. Ikra layers in layers, and the degree of final salinity of the product you can vary at your discretion - the longer the caviar will stay in the refrigerator, the more salty it will turn out.

Dry Ambassador of Pinkishi Calf

Ingredients: 500 g hubby caviar,

2 teaspoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of salt.

Pour on the bottom of the capacitance dense salt layer. Share caviar to a smooth layer and sprinkle with salt slightly. Make a few similar layers, speaking Icra Salt. Cover the container and put in the refrigerator. After 3-4 hours, you can already try a low-headed caviar, and to bring the product to the average degree of salinity, it will take 10-12 hours. In the latter case, caviar can be prepared in the evening and remove for the night in the refrigerator, and in the morning for breakfast enjoy delicious sandwiches with caviar.

When salting, the caviar is often added vegetable oil, which gives the product an appetizing glossy shine, and at the same time significantly increases the shelf life. In addition, such a caviar will preserve its fresh look at the plate or on sandwiches and will not be tested.

Slingness of pink salmon caviar with dry vegetable oil

150-200 g caviar,

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil,

1 teaspoon salt with a slide,

1/2 teaspoon sugar.

Purified Icrins lay out in a glass jar or plastic container. Pick up salt and sugar, mix with a spoon. To pour the caviar with vegetable oil from above and mix once again so that the oil is evenly distributed throughout the calamus. Close the jar or container and remove the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. Such caviar is perfect for cooking sandwiches.

When salting, the pumps of humpbacks can be added a little lemon juice to it - it will exceed the taste of caviar, making it brighter, and give the product citrus notes. Instead of the white pepper specified in the recipe you can also use black.

Ambassador of hubby caviar with lemon juice

300-350 Gorbushi caviar,

1/2 lemon,

1 tablespoon salt,

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil,

1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper.

Stay in the caviar container. Add salt, pepper and vegetable oil. To water the caviar with lemon juice and mix well so that all components are evenly distributed over the calamus. Cover the capacitance with a lid or a plate and remove in the refrigerator for 2 hours, after which the delicacy can be tasting.

Pumping the caviar of the humpback can be under the oppression - water in this case also does not need. It is not worth using too hard to use, as Ikrinka can become caught - it will be enough glass with water. The taste of caviar salted in this way is obtained very saturated.

Slingiesting humpback humps under the yoke

250 g of humpback caviar,

1/2 tablespoon salt,

1/2 teaspoon sugar.

Share caviar into a shallow container, mix with salt and sugar. Cover from above a plate or saucer, putting the oppression on top. Remove the caviar to the refrigerator. 4-5 hours it will be ready.

Now, knowing how to escape the caviar of the humpback at home, you can easily cook the delicious delicacy to the joy of family and guests. Enjoy your meal!

Svetlana Popova

Salted caviar Gorbushi - loved by everyone Delicates! The price of 100 grams of this yummy is decent, which is why grainy delicacy appears on our sandwiches most often only on holidays. However, we are not going to give up such an energy valuable product! Bought, buy and let's buy! And if I was lucky to buy a fresh or frozen pump with such a generous gift inside - you can sleep a delicacy home!

The process of salting red caviar will not take you a lot of time. Usually, it is asked quickly, from 2 hours to days. That is, to enjoy it, you do not have to wait for several days. Before the arrival of guests, for the holiday, or just so, without a case, treat yourself to your favorite grainy product of your own ambulance!

In this article, I just gathered the simplest recipes for you. We will salt quickly or longer, with butter, soy sauce, in the brine, without it and even in cream - choose anyone! Article Take yourself on social networks so that over time to try in fact each of them and choose what better. Although, to admit, I could not make such a choice. After all, everyone is good in his own way!

How to prepare caviar pumps for the ambassador and clean it from films

Before you go to the options for salting caviar, I want to clarify a very important point. A jaws (a solid film in which the "golden bonus" of red fish is stored) from it must be deleted.

Otherwise, the finished product will be unpleasant to patter. This "jewelry" work that requires certain knowledge. After all, if you treat this expensive product rudely, he will repay you the same - the eggs are filled with, and you will not get a grainy snack. All works will go to Smart!

There are several ways to carefully remove the jackets so that the grains remain entirely. For any of today's recipes, you can use one of the ways you like.

Cleaning in salted water with a whin

Clean water liter pour into a saucepan. Suck about 30 grams of salt. We wait for boiling and immediately turn off the fire. Let us cool up to about 50 degrees (tolerate hand). When the mass is already warm, we shift the full jasons here.

Slowly, carefully stir the usual handwent so as not to damage fragile balls.

During this time, the film wounds on the whisk, and the caviar will remain in the water. When you remove it as much as possible, merge the brine through the colander. The remnants of the films are sorting already manually.

Even if fragments remain, which are very difficult to remove, leave them. Surely, they are insignificant in size, which means and a large damage of our snack will not apply.


  • But you can transfer a large number of grains with your effort.
  • How to remove films with boiling water
  • In general, it is not recommended to lower full jaws in boiling water. Why? Clear thing that Ikrinka will immediately fail. But we will do it quickly, so that they do not have time to warm up to such a state. The goal of boiling water is to roll films.
  • Our granular find is poured with salted water, room temperature. For this, in a liter of liquids, dissolve 3 tablespoons of the usual salt. In this form, we leave for a couple of hours. Then we throw on the colander. Fasting boiling water.

2 teaspoons of salt,

It is necessary that the glass liquid as soon as possible in order not to spoil the raw material for the salmon. You will notice that the films immediately begin to roll. After the whole fluid leaves, it will simply clean it with your hands.

Cleaning with a grater

It is necessary to act here extremely gently so as not to damage rather fragile grains. It is important that your device is not too sharp. It can spoil us all the plans, flipping the cherished balls.

We rub a full jaw on the close side of the grater. Strong at the same time pressing it should not be not damaging the eggs. As a result, the films remain on the surface of the grater, and the delicacy passes through her holes.

The bags now need to throw out, and the delicacy itself is pouring water. The fluid should be hot enough, but tolerant, if you put a hand in there. It is impossible to pour boiling water, otherwise the product coarse.

Suck a tablespoon of salt, stirred and leave for 20 minutes. Then we throw on the fine sieve. This process will help separate small films. After draining the liquid, they are easy to remove manually.

Use for cleaning fork and sieve

In a saucepan or a deep bowl with clean water (approximately 50-60 degrees), we put a sieve. We lay out our fish find here. It must partially or completely fall into the water.


  • Gently, so as not to damage the product, mix the fork. Jasteks remain on the table device. Periodically, as increasing, they need to be removed from the fork.
  • Thus, you will remove large parts of the films. Small particles can be removed by hands - it will be easy. Purified delicacy is rinsed in a sieve under warm water, checking whether there are still excesses left.
  • Remove the film using a mixer
  • We install the Mixer Nozzle on the kitchen processor. Select the most minimal mode. We send it to a bowl with a crude product. Without pressing tightly, but only a slightly immersing device, we collect a jaws. 100% of the films he, of course not remove. But the largest parts will remain on the wedge. The rest can be eliminated by hand.
  • So, we considered the simplest ways to clean the films from the fish find. If you know some other secrets or how fashionably talk now, lifehaki, share them in the comments! It will be very interesting to read!
  • And now we turn to the main theme ...

2 teaspoons of salt,

How to salute the caviar of the humpback at home in just a day

I offer you a simple and relatively fast cooking recipe. Such an acid I want to apply as appointment and smeared on the sandwich. It hurts appetizing, golden it turns out. And what a delicious ... Words not to describe!

Additional flavor, tenderness and brilliance will give her vegetable oil. According to this recipe, my aunt prepared a snack, and I taught me. Therefore, I can say boldly - it turns out incredibly tasty!

You can talk about her for a very long time. Better to take and try!

Approximately 200 grams of caviar

Full teaspoon salt

Tablespoon vegetable oil

Half teaspoon of sugar sand

1. Purified eggs are postponed in a clean bank of a suitable size. You can also prepare in a plastic container with a lid, for example. The main thing is not to use metal dishes without coating so that the product does not oxidize.

Options for removing film bags from the product We looked higher. I will not talk about them in every recipe. Just choose anyone and clean your find.

2. Sweet the salt, sugar sand here. Then we pour oil and stir well well. Each grains should be evenly covered with oil and spices. Cover the lid.

3. Remove in the refrigerator for about a day. I advise you to try your creation after 12 hours. If you can't satisfy you, wait as much as much. You can cook it from the evening, and in the morning you have to have a sandwich with a butter and anchor!

Before use, stir product again so that the taste is uniform. Enjoy your meal!

Fast way of caviar post so that it is to taste as salmon


  • I offer you an option to salmon with lemon juice. It will play not only the role of the acider, but also an amplifier of taste. It is not difficult to cook it for this recipe, but it turns out a snack is always successful. Ensure yourself!
  • You can try your creation in fact after 2 hours of waiting. In our family, for example, wait for a day or will not be more accurate. After all, when cutting fish, finding a good find, I want to spread it on bread and put it in the mouth.
  • 300-350 grams of fresh caviar
  • Half a teaspoon of ground pepper (better than white)
  • Half Medium Lemon

2 teaspoons of salt,

Tablespoon salt

Green taste (optional)

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1. Prepared product in the already crumbly form shift in a bowl. You can take a plastic container, or a small salad bowl of suitable size.

2. Suck salt and pepper. At the best possible way, it will be exactly white pepper, it is best combined with fish products. But you can do and black, or a mixture of peppers.

3. Pour vegetable oil and lemon juice. All diligently mix that each grain is evenly "shut-off" fragrant marinade.

4. Remove into the refrigerator for 2 hours, covering on top with a lid or film. During this time, you do not need to mix the contents or somehow participate in the process of catering.

You can add fresh greens to the finished delicacy, mix. Also, greens can be used separately. For example, we first apply an icy, and then put a parsley twig.

You can serve on a piece of black Borodino bread, cutting it diagonally. Or purchase a baguette, like "French" with a small diameter of the ball. It is allowed to put a little oil on each piece of pieces.


  • Video about how to remove the films and salt caviar in 5 minutes
  • This method is good not only to the fact that it is possible to sleep the caviar very much and very quickly, on it, the finished product can be used almost immediately after the ambulance. Yes, even not practically, but immediately. For a beautiful appearance and soft taste in a jar with grains pour some vegetable oil.
  • I tried to cook in this way and I could say you with confidence that everything really turns out as it tells. While I was washed with balls in clean water, the homemade had already cut the baguette and brewed tea. And after 5 minutes, everything was already funnyly tasting the delicacy.
  • And as a bonus here is shown how to clean the product from films using a conventional whisk.

Take a recipe for a note and be sure to try. If there is no time for a long ambassador and waiting, then this way you will probably appreciate the advantage!

2 teaspoons of salt,

Icres pink salinas saline in natural cream - a very tasty home recipe

Unusual, but truly royal method of cooking. Have you ever solicted, or tried this delicacy, saline in cream? If not, I strongly recommend fixing this moment. I am sure you like it, because these two gentle ingredients are perfectly combined with each other.

Such an original recipe and the method of filing, for sure, will surprise guests. You can use a ready-made snack like a sauce or snag for sandwiches. In short, the application will be found anyway! Try!

Approximately 200 grams of fresh caviar

5 tablespoons of natural high fat cream (at least 20%)

Pinch of white or black ground pepper

Tsp salt

Small bulb (or half of the middle)

1. Purified from the films of the grains I spend in a roomy dishes. Here we are shifting a finely chopped bulb. It is better to cut it with small cubes. Although, if you do not like a light onion flavor, or you are afraid to experiment, then onions there is always the opportunity to refuse.

2. Solim, pepper content and pour room temperature cream. All diligently mix that each grain is in a creamy sauce and spices.

You can first mix all components except caviar in a bowl and then put our treasure into the salting mixture.

3. Cover a small plate from above, in contact so that the product is under such a lightweight press. From above, it is not necessary to put additional cargo, otherwise the balls can be caught.


  • 4. We leave in the refrigerator in this form for 2 hours. Then we get, mix and serve. You can smear on bread or use how sauce to the hunchback itself.
  • I like this method of filing. The pink salmon in this form is called "in the royal".
  • How to solit caviar for long storage

2 teaspoons of salt,

If you plan to pickle a lot of snacks at once or just stocking it to it (for example, for the holiday), then this option is for you! The finished product can last until six months. The main thing is to follow all recommendations!

Experienced people know what Tuzluk is. This is brine, which is used in the fishing industry. It is in it that we will argue the product in this recipe for long-term storage. Mandatory condition - stored in the refrigerator under a tightly closed lid.

500 grams of caviar

Litere of water

Salt (quantity is determined during cooking)

One potato

The ingredients are calculated on the shelf of the finished purified delicacy. If you have it more, multiply the quantity.

1. First of all, you will prepare this very touslan. Pour water into a saucepan. Boil it and remove from the stove. Then let it cool to room temperature.

2. Mocked potatoes well, scream and plunged into this water. We begin to gradually enter the salt and stir. It will be enough when potatoes will pop up to the surface. No need to be afraid to reduce water. The main thing is not to reap the caviar here.

If you do not trust focus with potatoes, just follow the proportions of water and salt - 4: 1. That is, 4 parts of the water account for 1 part of the salt.

3. Before you load the product directly into the brine, liquids must be completely cooled. Keep grains here need no more than 10 minutes! It is important, otherwise they will be saved.

If you want to enjoy them in the near future, then 5-6 minutes enough. For long storage, you need to withstand 8-9 minutes.

4. Now we will throw the contents for gauze, folded ideally 2-3 layers. We give water completely drain.

5. In the meantime, we prepare paper towels. We lay them out in several layers on the work surface. Sliced ​​grains here. Paper should absorb the maximum fluid.

Dried is a very important stage in the salting, if you want to save the delicacy longer! After all, the less water, the grain of the product. And there will be more chances for a long time. Therefore, you can still get into paper napkins on top.

My jars diligently mine with food soda. Well rinse, then we run in boiling water. Also act with the lids. Slightly dry and lubricate from the inside with vegetable oil. Ready delicacy decay on prepared banks. We close tightly covers. Store exclusively in the refrigerator!

Icra Gorbushi Salted Japanese with soy sauce

For lovers of original tastes and combinations I suggest such a recipe. Especially it will be appreciated by the adorations of Japanese cuisine. The grains are impregnated with soy sauce, and inside will retain its natural taste. In short, very tasty!

I advise you to try! Such an original snack, for sure, will be appreciated by guests and relatives!

100 grams of fresh caviar

3 tablespoons of soy sauce

2 tablespoons Sake

1. Soy sauce mix with sake. Boil the mixture. As soon as the mass boils, we immediately remove from the stove, then we cool it to room temperature.

Have you noticed that there is no salt in the composition? That's right, there are no mistakes here. After all, the salinity of the soy sauce will be enough to tasty salinity of the ICCC!

2. Pour the fish product with the resulting sauce by placing it in a plastic container or a clean bank. We stir so that everything evenly separated between the grains. Balls must be fully covered with sauce. We leave in the refrigerator under the lid for 12 hours.

The finished product can be served the next day! The method of filing in this case is no different from the already proposed. As a rule, this snack is fed to sandwiches, you can decorate her fish dishes, or salads.

How to choose a pump with caviar and tasty salting her houses

As you already understood, you can cook a real delicacy with your own hands, if you managed to buy a "petty" pinkish. After all, so much joy delivers the cutting of the fish, inside which is unexpectedly "Red Gold"!

But that the product turns out truly successful, tasty and useful, you need to know some secrets and subtleties. We will discuss them right now!

How to choose a pump with caviar

I think not to say that when choosing a humpback with a "surprise" you need to first learn to distinguish the female from the male. Make it is quite simple.

Again, we fold the caviar on the colander and give a fully stroke of the liquid.
Male, unlike his companion, has a brighter color. It has red stripes and in general it is more "prominent". After all, their lots are protected from enemies, so they have a corresponding "disconnecting" view that signals the rival on the danger of approximation.

The senomas, on the contrary, have a smooth, light color, without bright strips and spots.

During the spawning of "boys", a characteristic humpback appears on the back. The ladies do not boast. He, like his whole terrifying appearance before spawning, need him to intimid enemies.

In addition, the upper jaw in the porch, the lower, the teeth are almost not visible. Unlike the male, who has pronounced predator's teeth and curved jaw. In short, females are much "prettier" of their partners.

  1. Spring period falls on August-September. At this time you can buy a fish with a surprise. However, at other times of the year you can take no less. After all, on the shelves you can find frozen fish.
  2. Of course, in a fresh representative of the Water World, the presence of a "interesting situation" is easier to determine, toured abdomen. But also frozen note it is also not difficult.
  3. First of all, you need to distinguish a female from the male. Mark the full tummy, looking at the fish in the FAS. Rounded belly is defined simply from two sides.
  4. Of course, you need to choose unprinted fish. After all, from the purified surcharge all to you. The abdomen should be dense, plump. Also pay attention to the hole through which the fish displays its offspring. It must be pinkish, slightly elongated.
  5. Secrets to know to salmon

In each of the recipes, I told about all the intricacies of that or other way. However, let's summarize a brief summary, as well as consider the nuances that we have not yet affected.

1. To quickly choose a fresh or cooled product. Frozen delicacy need more long discolition. And having bought frozen fish, you can not 100% know how many times it was dropped.

2. When you remove a jaw made of fish, try not to damage the gallbladder. Bile bitter and if she follows, then taste may be hopelessly spoiled.

3. Salt must be taken small or medium, but without any additives. Especially do not take iodized product. Otherwise, after the ambition, the delicacy can be soft and loose.

4. The burst balls better remove to the salt. Salt them is not worth it.

Add olive oil to almost ready-made caviar and mix.
5. Defrost fish only at room temperature, without the use of microwave and hot water. Otherwise, she can cope.

In the event that the solitate caviar with frozen fish, the ways of the ambulance remain unchanged.

So, dear friends! Now you know how to choose such a pump in the store, so that it is with an expensive bonus in the form of caviar. In addition, we have learned how to clean it from a jaw and sleep! I hope this information was useful to you!

Take yourself an article on social networks not to lose. Perhaps soon you will be lucky enough to choose a bait fish and stock delicacy. After all, caviar contains many useful substances, both for adults and for kids. Especially if you cook in domestic, proven conditions, with soul and care!

And this recipe will tell you how to solicate the humpback caviar so that it is stored longer.
Come to us more often! There is still a lot of discoveries ahead! See you soon!

And nice to everyone appetite!

How to choose fish with caviar

Look for a female. She has a root head without a protrusion for males on the upper jaw.

Suck a gram of 600 salts in the boiled water.

Pinkish female / YouTube-channel Igor Tomatoova

Fresh cooled fish should be elastic with even and intact skurt, pink habies and shiny eyes. It smells naturally, nonresko. 🐟

Choose frozen with even and homogeneous ice cover.

Choose frozen with even and homogeneous ice cover.
What you need to know before soring the humpback caviar

For quick arrangement methods (up to 15 minutes), take only chilled caviar. A more long ambassador is needed: you do not know how many times they were frozen and how the fish was stored.


  • Use small or medium grinding salt without iodine and other additives.
  • When you get caviar from fish, try not to damage the gallbladder. Otherwise spoil the taste.
  • Decorate the caviar only in the refrigerator. Do not use warm water or microwave.
  • Do not salt burst eggs and remove damaged in the cooking process.

How to remove the shell with caviar

If you do not remove the shell - the jaw, the caviar will be merging and, possibly bitter. You can get rid of the film during the preparation or already during the Slashing process - it all depends on the recipe.

Before removing the shell, rinse the ice bags if they are integer.

Method 1. Using screens, grills or grain

Screenshot is a special sieve for the separation of caviar grains from the shell. Put the jaw on it and begin to carefully wipe. Quite quickly, all the eggs will go through the holes, and the film will remain in your hands.

Screenshot is a special sieve for the separation of caviar grains from the shell. Put the jaw on it and begin to carefully wipe. Quite quickly, all the eggs will go through the holes, and the film will remain in your hands.
How to remove the shell with caviar with the help of a screen / YouTube channel Elizabeth Mouller

If there are no screens, use the outbreak of a large grater or grid with quite large cells.


  • Decorate the caviar only in the refrigerator. Do not use warm water or microwave.
  • Method 2. In salt solution
  • In 2 glasses of water room temperature, divert 1 tablespoon of salt. Put the jaws into the solution for a couple of minutes.

How to remove the shell with caviar

How to Clean Caviar from Film / YouTube Channel Elena Puzanova

Then we slightly take the caviar with a fork or a wedge, until the shell gets away.

Method 3. With the help of a mixer

For a few seconds, beat the caviar with a liquid dough to the minimum speed.

For a few seconds, beat the caviar with a liquid dough to the minimum speed.
The film should be wound on the whisk.

Be sure to cook


  • Decorate the caviar only in the refrigerator. Do not use warm water or microwave.
  • How to pickle pink salmon caviar in film
  • Photo: Tycoon / Depositphotos
  • This is the easiest way: you simultaneously clean the caviar from the film and plant it. And in the end, get a gentle salty taste.

How to remove the shell with caviar

7 tablespoons of salt;

1 tablespoon of sugar;

1 l of water;

1 l of water;
200 g of crude humpback caviar.



  • Couple salt, sugar and water. We boil, cool down to a temperature of 40-50 ° C and fill the yasters for 10-15 minutes.
  • All this time, slowly stir the caviar with a fork. When the film wounds on the teeth, just get it out.
  • Then beat the caviar to the colander or sieve and wait for the whole liquid. Remove the residues of the shell if they are.
  • How to quickly sleep the humpback caviar

How to remove the shell with caviar

Photo: valentyn_volkov / Depositphotos

In just an hour you prepare a delicious and crumbly salty caviar of the humpback.

400 g salts;

300 g of purified humpback caviar.

Boil water with salt and cool down to room temperature.

Boil water with salt and cool down to room temperature.
In a deep bowl, put the gauze so that its edges be cut out. Put the caviar in it and pour with a solution for 7-8 minutes.

Raise the march by the edges, and then hang out or shutter in the colander. Leave for 30-40 minutes to water glass.


  • How to pick up caviar pumps with sugar
  • Elenglush / Shutterstock.
  • Another option to quickly salting with ingredients, which will be found in each kitchen. For the preparation of a delicious humpback caviar will take no more than an hour.
  • 200 g salts;
  • 100 g of sugar;

How to remove the shell with caviar

200 g of purified humpback caviar.

Put salt and sugar in the water, and then boil 10-15 minutes.

Fill the caviar with a cooled solution for 6-7 minutes. After leakage on the colander and leave until all the fluid holds.

How to pick up caviar pumps with butter

How to pick up caviar pumps with butter
Photo: olga.terletskaya / Depositphotos

A simple recipe with which Ikra will be ready for the night. The oil will give eggs a beautiful shine and a very appetizing look.


  • 300 g salts;
  • 3½ l of water;
  • 200 g of purified humpback caviar;

How to remove the shell with caviar

1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Dissolve salt in water. Fold the caviar into a deep bowl, pour the brine and leave for 8-10 minutes. Periodically mix.

Catch off the caviar on the colander and rinse with cold water.

Catch off the caviar on the colander and rinse with cold water.
Cover the colander with food film, put in a bowl so that there is enough space for flowing fluid, and remove into the refrigerator.

After 8-12 hours, put the caviar into the glass jar, add olive oil and mix.


  • How to pick up caviar pumps with sugar and oil
  • Photo: FALEVAPHOTO / Depositphotos
  • Immediately after the zero, try the caviar will not work, you have to wait. But the taste will be saturated and in the measure of salty.

How to remove the shell with caviar

250 ml of water;

2 teaspoons of salt;

1 teaspoon sugar;

100 g of peeled humpback caviar;

1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Dissolve salt and sugar in cold water.

I caviar put in a glass jar and pour the brine to the edge. Close the can with a lid and put in the refrigerator.

After 3-4 hours, throw off the caviar on the colander and wait until all the liquid strokes. Add the oil and mix.

How to pickle pink salmon caviar without water

Photo: Voltan1 / Depositphotos

The peculiarity of this method is the lack of brine. Caviar salts without water under not too heavy negle, and therefore the taste is obtained more saturated compared to rapid ways.

250 g of purified humpback caviar;

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