How to quickly and effectively get rid of the cold and runny nose

How to quickly and effectively get rid of the cold

The article is prepared by a specialist for informational purposes. We urge you not to engage in self-medication. When the first symptoms appear - contact your doctor. We recommend reading: "Why can not be engaged in self-medication?".


5 Main Rules for Fast Reliable Freshness

To the treatment of infection, it is necessary to start immediately after the first symptoms of the disease arose.

Observing several uncomplicated rules, you can quickly get rid of the disease, without allowing its development:

  • It is strictly forbidden to go to work. Labor during the disease is a risk of getting not an increase in salary, but quite serious complications. Therefore, if there are signs of malaise, it is worth going to the leadership and to take up home. It is important to go home, and not to the clinic. After all, it is not yet known that it is a greater hazard for health - long queues in the hospital with people infected in it or work with a cold.

  • At home, first of all it is necessary to measure the temperature. When the mark on the thermometer does not exceed 38 ° C, then no drugs should be taken. It is dangerous and harmful to beat down a low body temperature. It is worthwhile that most means designed to raise the patient from the cold, contain a component aimed at a decrease in body temperature.

  • It is necessary to accept the shock dose of vitamin C. This will increase the body's immune forces. To do this, you can use two lemons or oranges or ascorbic acid.

  • It is important to supply the body with sufficient liquid. You can drink everything other than alcohol-containing drinks. Excellent helpers will be frozen, teas, warm water and juice. However, it is worth refraining from the use of too hot drinks, contrary to popular belief, they do not benefit. Such drinks will only additionally be irritating the already inflamed throat.

  • The final stage will be insulation. To do this, wear warm socks should be put on your feet, and to cover the blanket from above. In order to gain strength, you need to sleep well. Most likely, these measures will allow the next day to wake up healthy and full forces, and the memories will not be left in the throat and the mislepts.

Effective method from a cold


So, we go to the pharmacy for the "kopeck" furacilin. For those who are not familiar with him, explain: these are such yellow pills, in composition similar to sea water. It is not easy in our latitudes in its purest form, but if you are lucky, then there is no guarantee that it will be suitable for use in medicinal purposes.

  1. For the treatment of uncomplicated runny nose you will need a pair of packages of the specified preparation. Grind 2-3 tablets and mix the resulting mass with a glass of warm water - a solution for washing the nose is ready! By the way, if you really want to do without pharmacy funds, replace Furaticyline with one teaspoon of ordinary food soda.

    There, in the pharmacy, you can purchase a rubber pear (it can still be referred to as a nasal aspirator or children's "Snakers"). We clean the nose, fill the pear with the cooked solution and intense jets inject it into each nostril. Important: The head at the time of the procedure must be inclined over the sink! Then carefully high up - together with a liquid, the mucus will be discharged, which before that did not want to leave the limits of your nose. If the solution flows across another nostril, it means that even greater therapeutic effect is achieved - in addition to the outer parts of the nose cavity, its internal passages are still washed.

    You should repeat the procedure every hour, and then by the evening of the same day you will feel a significant relief or at least notice the positive trend.

  2. In parallel with frequent rinsing, it is worth expanding the attack on viruses and in other destinations: drink more warm liquid (best, if it is freshly prepared cranberry juice or lemon tea), in the absence of allergy to lean on the honey (for consupping it can be added to Morse) . If you combine the specified measures with restrictions in food (at least harmful), then the result will not wait a long time!

  3. Finally, we want to warn: in the treatment of a runny nose, try not to use vasoconstrictors. Of course, with a strong nasal congestion, they provide rapid relief, but does not eliminate its main sources - pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

As a result of such droplets:

Folk remedies for rapid getting rid of colds

ginger root
  • Thanks to the vitamin C, get rid of the virus will be easy. It enhances the work of immunity, stimulates the body to combat viruses. Therefore, before proceeding with the treatment of drugs, it is necessary to change its diet. It needs to include rosehip, black currant, citrus, cranberries, apples. You can get rid of a cold, drinking several glasses of warm tea or warm water, with the addition of lemon juice to drink. Drink such a liquid is needed on a glass, every two hours. However, it is worth remembering about allergies to citrus.

  • Perfectly copes with viruses of ginger root. To combat colder diseases, it is worth cutting into it with pieces and pour boiling water. You can use the drink after cooling, adding honey or sugar to it.

  • To combat the disease, you can also use aromatic oils. They are simply enough to apply on the wrist or include an existing aromatic lamp. Lemon oil, cardamom, pine oil will help cope with viruses and microbes.

  • No less useful tea with cardamom . It allows you to get rid of the cold, removes spasm from the throat, eliminates the first signs of pharyngitis. However, drinking such a drink after the first, even minor manifestations of colds. To prepare healing tea, you will need to take 8 boxes of plants and 1.5 liters of water. Her together with the cardamom should boil and leave another 5 minutes on fire. When the drink cools, you can drink it. To improve taste, you can add honey or milk.

  • No less useful to get rid of the cold chamomile and lime infusions. You can also take advantage of tea with raspberries and viburnum. Especially they are useful when increasing body temperature. Such drinks are fine down.

In the event that the body temperature is raised, it is necessary to abandon the mustard and warming the legs for a couple. It will only aggravate signs of colds.

To eliminate the runny nose without medicines, you can use the following recipes:

  • Rinse the nasal cavity with a salt of sea salt, this will allow you to wash the bacteria from the sinuses that breed in mucus;

  • Take two eggs, cook them, and wrapped into the cloth, attach to the nasal sinuses;

  • Drink a drop of beet juice into the nose, it must be pre-divided by the same amount of water.

There are also no less effective recipes that allow you to get rid of painful feelings in the throat:

  • Prepare infusion on buds pine. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of kidneys, put it in a glass container and add two glasses of boiling water. All this should stand at least an hour. If it is possible, it is better to use the thermos. You need to drink at a quarter of a glass, no more than three times a day.

  • With the help of beet juice, you can get rid of not only from rhinitis, but also remove the throat pain. To do this, it needs to be drunk, diluting exactly half carrot juice. If you add a table vinegar to juice, they can rinse the throat.

  • Radish juice in combination with honey is an excellent cough remedy. You can add juice into honey squeezed out of the root plant, and the honey itself can be postponed in the middle of the radish. To do this, it needs to make a deepening and wait until it gives juice. The number of applications of such a medical agent should be divided by three times, the volume is 1 teaspoon.

  • The most effective action that allows you to remove the throat pain is rinse. The interval between approaches should not be more than two hours. To do this, you can use herbal influences, soda and iodine solution. Not many know that the egg protein helps perfectly. To do this, it needs to be stirred by half a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon and soda there, and salt. The volume to bring to a complete glass, rinse the throat with this solution.

An important rule for all sick - you need to give access to fresh air. Therefore, to get rid of the disease, it is necessary to air the room as often as possible. Clean air combined with folk remedies helps to quickly get rid of any start-up ORVI.

Why do not flu and colds pass?

Article author: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist.


Diploma in the specialty "Therapeutic business" and "therapy" was obtained at the University named after N. I. Pirogov (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the department of phytotherapy at the Moscow University of Peoples (2008).

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Treatment of colds at home: How to quickly recover and avoid complications?

Published: June 2 2020

Treatment of colds at home can be effective if you observe a few simple rules and carefully listen to the signals of your body. Of course, we are talking in this case on compliance with the recommendations issued by the doctor, since self-medication for your own fear and risk can only aggravate the situation. What advice can be given a cold treatment at home, helping to quickly get rid of the disease and return to the usual way of life? In fact, everything is quite simple.

Cold: What you need to know about the disease?

The term cold is unofficial because it is not used in medical practice. Under the cold, it is customary to understand a large set of respiratory and viral infections, which are combined by common, fairly similar symptoms and features. For this reason, ORZ, ORVI or flu may be hiding under the cold or flu.

The cold develops because pathogenic viruses fall into the human body. Cancel them in different ways. The most common is the transfer of viruses from contaminated surfaces, direct contact with sick. Characteristic features of the disease are:

  • cough;
  • Constitution and the course of the nose;
  • Overlay and sore throat;
  • Increase body temperature.

As a rule, the risk to infect rises during the offseason, fall and spring. This time, on the one hand, is characterized by the so-called "temperature swings", when the weather is unstable, on the other - it is in this time segment that a person is lacking for vitamins, its immunity decreases, so the viruses easier to penetrate the body.

With most pathogens, the immune system copes, but its ability is not limitless. When colds are too much causative agents, protective functions weaken, as a result, the disease progresses. As it will leak, and how much time will last a cold, all this will depend on the ability of immunity to resist the disease.

Traditional media treatment options

Traditional media treatment options

The first thing is necessary to remember, is no independent therapy. All the treatment of colds at home should be based on the recommendations received from the doctor. This is especially true of young children. After all, their immune system is rather weak, not to the end formed.

In order to prevent the development of the disease and the emergence of complications, at first signs of the cold, it is worth starting the reception of special antiviral drugs. As such a fund, many Russian doctors appoint their patients (including small) drops and spray Derinat.

This drug is natural, it is suitable for the treatment of cold, and for its prevention. Its action is based on the coverage of the three most important directions of anti-infinite therapy:

  • Recovery, strengthening and improving the protective properties of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, through which, in the case of their weakening, viral agents are massively penetrated into the body, as well as bacteria that cause various complications;
  • Activation of immunity to combat infection;
  • Counteracting the development of viral infection and spreading it in the body.

The important advantage of the drug is that it does not replace the natural functions of immunity, and only provides support for the immune system in peak periods of load on it. Derinat drops can be used to treat colds at home in children from birth and in adults. In addition, they are an excellent tool for the prevention of ARVI and influenza.

Along with antiviral agents, it should also use drugs for removing the main symptoms of the disease. And here, in addition to pharmacy drugs, recipes of traditional medicine can assist. They should be used as a supplement of the main therapy.

Folk remedies helping cold

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation and note that the treatment of colds at home using the Folk Medicine funds should be carried out only on the recommendation of the doctor. This does not in any way replace the classical therapeutic therapy, the folk methods can be used only as an auxiliary method:

  • When you need to facilitate the symptoms before the arrival of the doctor;
  • To saturate the body with vitamins and useful trace elements;
  • To ensure the speedy cleansing of the body from disintegration products, toxins, which are formed as a result of virus vital activity;
  • To strengthen the action of basic therapy.

Effective treatment of colds at home with the help of folk medicine can be applied in various forms. More often than the rest are recommended:

  1. Use of infusions and decoctions of various herbs. This is not only one of the ways to prevent the dehydration of the body, but also a good option for additional vitamins and trace elements. Some herbs have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, ensure the best debit of sputum, possess an anesthetic and sedative effect.
  2. Rubbing and compresses. Foods of animal and vegetable origin are often recommended for the preparation of lotion, compresses, rubbing. For example, to facilitate cough, sputum dishellion is often recommended to trituration with a barzucheath or goose fat. You can also add them to warm drink to reduce inflammation in the throat, remove the swelling of the mucous membrane. Compress for legs from grated black radish perfectly warms the body, helps reduce cough.
  3. Inhalation. Plants contain healthy essential oils, which also help reduce the manifestations of ARVI, alleviate its symptoms. For example, when treating a cold at home, it is quickly eliminated by a runny nose, relieve breathing, reassuring the nasopharynx mucosa will help inhalation using potato bravery. Inhalation of vapor chamomile violence, mother-and-stepmother, plantain stimulates sputum, and inhalation with orange, juniper, cedar essential oils, eucalyptus as a whole improve immunity.
  4. Bathing. No less common treatment of colds at home using foot baths. Just make them it follows when there is no temperature. It is enough to dissolve in warm water a few drops of essential oil (for example, pines, cedar, carnations) and hold no more than 15 minutes in it. Thanks to this procedure, it will be possible to relax and quickly fall asleep, remove sharp cough attacks, improve your breath, get rid of the nasal congestion.

It should be understood that the use of folk remedies in integrated cold therapy should be moderate. In order to avoid problems, it is recommended to initially carry out tests for allergies. If you have noticed redness or itching of skin, tear from the eyes, deterioration of the state, you need to immediately stop the treatment with folk remedies and consult a doctor. Recipes of traditional medicine with caution are used in the treatment of children under the age of three.

Elimination of throat pain during cold

Mountain pain in most cases is present at the first stages of colds. If you pay attention to this symptom on time, it will be possible to defeat the disease even before it enters the sharp phase.

As an effective measure against a sore throat, classic rinsing by herbal influences can be used. Especially well helps to collect from chamomile and sage. On the tablespoon of these herbs you need to pour the glass of water and boil over 15 minutes. Use a solution in a warm form, they have a throat of at least three times a day.

Treatment Rubber with cold

Treatment Rubber with cold

If a runny nose has time to join the sick throat, then the treatment of colds at home in adults and children can be supplemented with a nose washing. To do this, use a salt solution by adding a canteen spoon to a liter of boiled water.

Another option is to instill in the nose of the freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice. It effectively narrows the vessels, removes the swelling and irritation of the mucous membrane. Such a property also has beet juice, potatoes and aloe. But they should not be used in its pure form, it is necessary to dilute with water in a 1: 1 ratio.

When the nasal breathing is broken due to the formation of crusts on the mucous membrane, it is possible to recommend the following tool for their softening: several times a day I have a vegetable oil, for example, olive or repeal.

Cook relief at cold

In the treatment regimen at home, to quickly eliminate cough, you can include several available folk medicine funds.

Rubbing and compresses using the following means:

  • Natural honey. It needs to be heated a bit (up to 36-37 degrees) and light movements to launch into the skin in the chest. Then the patient needs to be pretty bitten. Such a compress warms up, improves breathing, helps the removal of sputum.
  • Camphor oil. It is known for its warming and vasodilatory properties. Camphor oil should be rubbed chest and back.
  • Apple vinegar. Compress prepare, mixing three pieces of apple vinegar with one part of the water. The fabric dipped in this composition must be applied to the chest or neck for 15 minutes to ease the breath and remove the throat pain.

In addition to rubbing and compresses, you can additionally use classic grasses ragners for use inside. So, improve the debit of sputum will help:

  • Decoration of coltsfoot, mint, dononnok and souls. On the tablespoon of these trees you need to pour a glass of boiling water and insist for at least an hour. You need to drink, diluting with warm water, 3-4 times a day.
  • Tea of ​​linden flowers. Take a few inflorescences and pour them boiling water. To improve the effect and taste, you can add honey or lemon slickef.
  • Black radish-based syrup. It is prepared as follows: the average rootpode is peathed on a coarse grater, added to the resulting mass tablespoon of honey, and all this insists in a warm place under a cover at least three hours. Use syrup is needed on a tablespoon 2-3 times a day.

Situations when you should not heal the cold at home

Situations when you should not heal the cold at home

As a rule, treatment of colds at home, subject to all recommendations, the doctor takes from three to five days. It is during this time the main symptoms of the disease. If after this period of relief did not come, then you must certainly seek medical attention. The following symptoms of illness deserve special attention:

  • The high temperature is held for three days and is difficult to drive away;
  • The cough is quite intense, without a wet separation, while accompanied by whistles or wheezing;
  • Because of the edema of the throat, the respiratory functions are broken, the meal is hampered;
  • A mucus is separated from the nose along with Magnogo;
  • The patient complains about sharp pain in the nose and eye.

The presence of these symptoms may indicate the aggravation of the problem and the launched cold form, so treatment should be carried out under the supervision of doctors.

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In the period of a cold, the body is exposed to high load. And your task is to help him quickly cope with viruses or bacteria. To do this, it is enough to include certain products in the diet. What kind?

About this and tell me further.

№1. Chicken bouillon

Chicken bouillon

This dish can be safely attributed to the first aid tools in the midst of a cold. In 2000, scientists from the University of Nebraska proved that chicken broth has anti-inflammatory properties, facilitates overall well-being in a cold and contributes to the acceleration of the recovery process.

Chicken meat broth - a source of amino acids that are necessary to generate antibodies to the causative agent of the virus and suppressing its activity. Therefore, do not forget to add a piece of chicken meat to the bottle plate.

Also, this product helps with a cough, because it stimulates the production of mucus in the respiratory tract, dilutes the sputum and facilitates its extinguishing.

№2. Dairy and dairy products

Dairy products

Dairy products are rich in proteins that strengthen immunity and helping faster cope with the symptoms of colds.

During ARVI and flu for strengthening the protective forces and combating viruses and bacteria, our body begins to produce and spend immunoglobulins (they are animal proteins). Therefore, it is protein food (and dairy and dairy products just relate to it) should be a lion's share of the diet.

A Greek yogurt containing protein and a saturable probiotics that are necessary to stimulate immunity are particularly useful. In addition, this product helps to improve the operation of the digestive channel and normalize the intestinal microflora.

At the same time, the relationship between the release of mucus during the cold and the use of dairy products is established. According to the results of the study published in the magazine "Laryngoscope", in some patients, milk and sub-products provoke increased mucus allocation. When this symptom appears, follow the scenery diet.

Number 3. Vegetables rich in vitamin A

Cabbage and carrots

The use of a sufficient amount of vegetables with a vitamin A content is especially useful during a cold period. And all because this vitamin enhances the activity of the immune system and helps to quickly neutralize pathogenic microorganisms.

If you get sick, be sure to turn on in your diet:

  • carrot;
  • cabbage;
  • sweet potato;
  • Pumpkin.

Important ! Remember that vitamin A is fat soluble. That is, fats are needed for his absorption. So do not forget to fill the vegetable dish with a spoon of olive oil.

№4. Garlic

Dyed garlic

The garlic contains allyin - a substance that, reacting with an allycinase enzyme, forms allicin essential oil, which has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, as well as immunostimulating properties.

The maximum concentration of allicin in garlic is achieved under the observance of three conditions:

  1. Mechanical destruction of cloves of garlic, which need to crush, wolken, squeeze either cut.
  2. No heat treatment (especially long).
  3. The contact of the crushed garlic with oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes.

Eating 2 - 3 garlic cloves per day, you:

  • strengthen immunity;
  • Reduce the risk of colds;
  • Alleviate overall well-being and speed up the recovery process if the disease has already overcome.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use chopped garlic before bedtime and drink it with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

№5. Bow

Slicing onion

In Luke contains allicin, vitamin C and phytoncides, overwhelming and developing malicious bacteria.

Besides, Onions promotes cleansing lungs and bronchi from mucus and sputum , removes toxins, neutralizes the infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Finally, the onion is a natural antibiotic, not possessing, in contrast to synthetic preparations, side effects.

The daily use of onion in the raw form will help for 3 - 5 days to reduce the manifestations of influenza.

№6. Fish

Fish on blackboard

If you are sick, turn on the fish of fatty grades in your diet (sump, tuna, salmon). In addition, the fish will fill the stock of amino acids in it contains a large amount of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6, Possess anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties.

According to the results of the study conducted by Professor Adrian Martino from the University of London, the University of Queen Mary, the regular use of vitamin D products reduces the risk of developing infectious diseases by 2 times.

№7. Tomatoes

Cut tomatoes

Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is essential To stimulate the work of the immune system and accelerate recovery.

The 100 g of vegetation contains about 15-25 mg of ascorbic acid, which is about 25% of the daily rate.

However, remember that during a cold, the need for vitamin C increases: if for a healthy person, the daily rate of vitamin is 90 mg, then for a patient with influenza - about 200 mg.

№8. Eggs

Hard boiled eggs

Eggs are saturated with proteins and vitamins. This dietary product is absorbed by the body almost 90%, which is very important during the disease when the body is weakened.

Especially useful raw eggs, which:

  • soften cough;
  • stimulate sputum removal;
  • Reduce sore throat.

But remember that raw chicken eggs can hire a serious danger in themselves - to contain salmonella. Therefore, take exclusively fresh eggs and wash them with the use of soap before use.

№9. Broccoli

Broccoli on a plate

Broccoli is a mandatory product in the menu of those who sick with a cold or influenza. In this grade cabbage A sulforafan substance is contained, which enhances the activity of the enzymes of the cells of the immune system, It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

As a result, the effect of free radicals is neutralized and the focus of inflammation decreases, which speeds up the process of recovery.

The broccoli and vitamin C (in 100 g of the product contains about 90 mg of ascorbic acid, which in full covers the daily rate).

In the journal Nutrients, research results were published, according to which 170 mg of vitamin C per day is enough to speed up the process of recovery during cold.

№10. Water

Girl drinks water

A pledge of fast recovery with flu and cold is largely a balanced water mode.

Everyone knows that on the day a healthy person it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of conventional purified water. If you attacked the virus - increase the volume of the fluid consumed to 3 - 3.5 liters per day. This will help to cope with the body with infection.

How efficiently your body is struggling with infection, you can judge the color of urine: how it is lighter and more transparent, the faster you forget about the temperature, nose, sneezing and cough.

№11. Honey


The benefits of honey during cold and flu:

  • Strengthening the protective properties of the body.
  • Restoration of forces and energy due to the high content of carbohydrates.
  • Reducing inflammatory processes in the throat, bronchi and lungs.
  • Stimulation of sweating and normalization of body temperature.
  • Mitigating and moisturizing the mucous membranes of respiratory organs, which helps to eliminate the pain in the throat.
  • Normalization of sleep (tea spoonful of honey in front of sleep, powered by a glass of warm milk will help to fall asleep faster).

But remember that laying honey in boiling water or to expose it cannot be heated, since all its beneficial properties are lost. The ideal option is to add honey to water, the temperature of which is 40 ° C.

№12. Lemon


Limon - Vitamin C: so, in 100 g of this fetus, there is about 75% of the daily norm of ascorbic acid necessary to increase the body's resistance to viral diseases.

In addition, lemon softens the mucous membrane of the throat, eliminating the allocation and pain in the throat. It takes the products of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms, and this is the right way to recovery.

Eat lemon in my pure form or add to warm tea.

№13. Ginger

Ginger tea

With viral infections, the ginger root is simply indispensable because it has the following properties:

  • Warming (helps to bring down the temperature).
  • Expectorant (contributes to the removal of mucus and sputum and bronchi).
  • Antiflower and anesthetic (removes swelling and pain in the throat).
  • Antispasmodic (eliminates headache and lobs in the body).
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Toning (stimulates immunity).

Only 2 cups of ginger tea per day - and you will feel the relief for the 2nd day of the disease.

Prepare a ginger drink is easier than simple!

  • 2 cm of fresh ginger we clean from the peel, rub on the grater (you can cut into thin slices) and pour 250 ml of boiling water.
  • Let it breed a drink for 5 to 10 minutes, after which we add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to it and the same amount of honey.

Pleasant tea drinking!

№14. Apples

Cut apple

The composition of the apples includes vitamin C, iron and organic acids, opposing infections.

With dry cough, our ancestors used baked apples, while infusion from apples contributes to the removal of sputum.

In addition, during the disease, when there is no appetite, and the forces to combat the disease must be taken somewhere, baked apples will help to quench the hunger, and fresh - to increase appetite.

№15. Blueberry

Berries Chernika

The fresh blueberries contain a high concentration of antioxidants necessary to quickly eliminate the runny nose and nasal congestion. It also contains vitamins A and D, which are extremely important for maintaining immunity.

It has blueberries with diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, so shown in colds, accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

№16. Cranberry

Cranberry berries

Cranberries has a coorative, antipyretic and immunomodulatory properties. The inclusion in the diet of horses and compotes from cranberries helps not only neutralize infectious agents, but also restore the forces.

Cranberry is shown in severe cold and sore thread when antibiotics cannot do without applying antibiotics. Cranberry fruits enhance the effect of antibiotics and minimize their negative impact on the body.

Perfectly proven itself with a cold and cough cranberries with honey. For the preparation of a glass of a steam berry, it is necessary to mix with 2 tbsp. Honey. The means is accepted inside the tablespoon three times a day, either added to tea.

№17. Dark chocolate

Slices of chocolate

Black bitter chocolate is better than cough syrups! Such a statement on the basis of the results of the research was made by Alin Maurice - a professor and one of the founders of the international society for the study of cough.

First, it contains alkaloid theobromin, stopping both an attack and tightening cough . To do this, it is enough to dissipate a small piece of black chocolate.

Second, chocolate reduces voice probing, pain and throat . And all due to the substance called the Tianin, which has antibacterial effect.

Third, magnesium contained in black chocolate, Improves metabolic processes Thereby contributing to the rapid restoration of the body after illness.

But do not overdo: excessive passion for black chocolate can lead to insomnia. A permissible daily dose of black chocolate per day with influenza is 100 g.

№18. Cold green tea

Green tea

It sounds paradoxical, but it is cold green tea that helps to get rid of the symptoms of a cold, as in it contains a large number of antioxidants, necessary to combat infection and strengthen immunity. It is recommended not only to drink, but to brew green tea with water room temperature.

It is explained by the fact that in green tea leaves under the influence of high temperatures, the concentration of polyphenol EGCG, catechins, flavonoids is significantly reduced.

To achieve a healing effect, you need to drink chilled green tea correctly: slowly and small sips.

№19. Tea

Tea from Romashki.

Lipa, chamomile, mint peppermall, lemongrass, root Altea, Rosehip - Here is just a small list of medicinal plants that make overall well-being for a cold, soften cough, will remove the sore throat, help bring down the temperature and reduce inflammatory processes.

Herbal teas fill the water-electrolyte balance, drench the wet and make it easier for its exit, are effectively fighting with a dry protracted cough.

№20. Seasoning

Milk with turmeric

Frequently getting rid of the cold will help various spices and seasonings. You can add them both in the first dishes or side dishes and in teas. To speed up recovery, turn on in your diet:

  • Carnation, Holding bactericidal, antipyretic and cooral properties.
  • Cardamom - helps with cough and nasal congestion. It is enough to drink before bedtime a glass of warm milk with a pinch seasoning so that your condition is significantly improved.
  • Turmeric It helps to purify the lungs from sputum, reduces the pain in the throat, eliminates the dry cough. Recipe products are simple: in a glass of warm milk, we will divert 1 tsp. turmeric.
  • Cinnamon Mildly stimulates immunity, has an expectorant action, so it is recommended for a wet cough. In addition, warm cinnamon drinks are not only useful, but also incredibly fragrant and tasty.

Despite the naturalness and benefit of all the products listed, we still want to remind you that they are an excellent addition to the treatment appointed by the doctor. But they cannot fully replace the reception of drugs!

And what products help you as quickly as possible to overcome flu and cold? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.

20 products that will help with influenza and cold

Grouped bubbles with liquid on lips causing unpleasant, and sometimes even painful sensations ... familiar, right? The cold on the lips is a phenomenon with which many are faced several times a year. And the "masking" of the disclosed bubbles will not help - the herpes speaking must be treated! We will deal with MedaboutMe specialists, as in the shortest possible time to get rid of the cold on the lips. What kind of natural means can be used in the fight against herpes?

Cold on the lips - no cold

Cold on the lips - no cold

The cold on the lips to the "real" cold when the throat hurts and suffers cough, nothing has nothing. This phenomenon is caused by the action of the virus of a simple herpes of the first type. "In all its glory, he manifests itself when a person has been reduced immunity - and often outbreaks of the disease arise just against the background of IDV or influenza flow. On lips appear bubble rashes filled with muddy liquid. And not only the cold looks in the lips looks in eestore, so it also delivers a lot of inconvenience - itching and burning, painful sensations when touched.

World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, about 67% of the population of the globe under 50 years of age is infected with a variety of herpes.

All attempts are meaningless - herpes virus can not be defeated!

All attempts are meaningless - herpes virus can not be defeated!

The virus has one feature - to get rid of it is forever impossible. Generally! You may even even suspect that you are infected - just the immune system is actively fighting herpes, producing antibodies. But it is only an immunity to give a "slack", the virus will definitely manifest itself - a cold will appear on the lips. Herpes is just waiting for its o'clock. Recurities contribute to suffered diseases, hypotherms, improper power, frequent overwork and stress - i.e., all that contributes to the weakening of immunity.

The first-type herpes virus is transmitted by air-droplet, with kisses and touches with infected. Therefore, if you are sure that herpes in your body has not yet managed to "settle", protect yourself - follow the rules of personal hygiene when contacting infected. Cool on the lips in Za!

Yes, it is impossible to remove herpes from the body. But you are completely able to extend the state of remission - while the immunity is strong, the cold on the lips will not appear. Proper nutrition, sport, refusal of bad habits, additional intake of vitamins - this is the key to health. But if the cold on the lips appears more often than 4 times in a year, a more serious approach to solving the problem is not to do without comprehensive immunotherapy under the control of the doctor.

In addition to other techniques, you have the opportunity to make an anticherine vaccine - so you minimize the number of disease exacerbations during the year. This will be an excellent solution for those who have a cold appears on the lips very often. The vaccination assigns a dermatologist after you surrend a number of analyzes.

Treatment of colds on the lips: Each minute is important!

Treatment of colds on the lips: Each minute is important!

Despite all efforts to strengthen immunity, a cold appeared on the lips? It is impossible to "kill" herpes forever, but symptomatic treatment will still need! And this is exactly the case when the bill goes literally on the clock. It is only possible to miss the time, and the cold will be "turning" on the lips at least a week.

Act stages, given the stage of the disease:

The first harbingers of formations on the lips - itching, light tingling and burning in place of further appearance of bubble rashes. And only at this stage you can provide effective herpes treatment - then neither pharmacy funds will not help, on the "grandmother" recipes! When using antichergeous ointments with acyclovir as an active ingredient, painful sensations are already the next day, and bubbles do not appear.

You only have only a few hours in your reserve. After the manifestations of the first symptoms of the cold on the lips are formed very quickly. Is it often worried about the problem? Then try to always wear a tube ointment on an emergency.

If the time is lost, then it will not work out with a cold on the lips even in a few days. All you can do when bubbles have already performed on the skin - just a little accelerate the time of their healing! The same anticherine ointments or antiviral pills prescribed by the doctor are used.

Then bubbles or sneeze, forming a dense crust on the skin (this is the most favorable outcome), or burst.

The stage of opening bubbles on the lips is the peak of the disease. Now it will decline only in a natural way. But do not hurry to remove the ointment, it will be needed to you, because the liquid will go out of the bubbles, which can lead to infection of the surrounding tissues. During this period, it will not be hindered to use and wound-healing products - it is possible to avoid the formation of scars on the gentle skin of the lips after the crust is spoiled from the wound.

Top 5 natural tools to combat colds on the lips

Top 5 natural tools to combat colds on the lips

If you act promptly, then the cold, after the formation of bubbles on the skin of the lips, can be cured for 7-10 days. And not only special ointments, but also natural means, which will significantly speed up healing colds on lips without harm to the skin:

Regularly apply a small amount of natural liquid honey to the already swollen bubbles on the lips - they will cover the crust after 2-4 days. Honey is considered one of the most efficient (and most importantly - safe) natural resources from herpes.

Honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties - using it, you will help your body "put to sleep" herpes virus.

Mint leaves are famous for its antibacterial effect. To treat herpes, it is better to use the oil of peppermint oil - wounds on the skin heal much faster, not allowing the virus to spread to the surrounding fabrics. The tool is a bit "cooling" - it will help to have trouble-seeking itching.

The oil is applied directly on the wound with a cotton wand.

Gel and juice obtained from aloe are often used in the field of cosmetology for the beauty and health of the cover. These natural funds will also be effective and in order to remove painful sensations at the time of the manifestation of herpes - wounds will be lit much faster, the cutting crust on the lips will not be crazy.

Juice or aloe gel can be bought at the pharmacy. And if this plant grows on the window sill, make a "medicine" personally.

In milk, many proteins and vitamins that strengthen the immune system, protecting our body from viruses, including herpes.

Apply milk on a cold wand - the tempo of the healing of bubbles will go much faster.

This is a natural safe agent with severe antiviral, immunostimulating and bactericidal effect.

Regular application of the tea tree oil on colds, quickly dry the resulting bubbles - the cold will not "spread" over the entire surface of the lips. The tool will help when restoring the cover - there will be no trace on the skin.

In the treatment of colds on the lips, refuse to use some funds that, oddly enough, are even more popular with proven pharmacy ointments. Which methods do not exist - bubbles are deprived of toothpaste, green and iodine, migrating with alcohol and peroxide. But these recipes of traditional medicine are not just useless in the relief of herpes, but also may be harmful to the tender cover of the lips!

Expert comment

Kuzmina Ksenia Andreevna, doctor-therapist, allergist immunologist

Kuzmina Ksenia Andreevna, doctor-therapist, allergist immunologist

"The cold on the lips" is nothing more than herpetic infection or labile herpes. The cause of its appearance is the activation of the sipping of the virus in the body as a result of temporary weakening of immunity (stress, overcooling, aggravation of concomitant diseases, passion for strict diets and other factors). It is impossible to get rid of a simple herpes from the virus completely and forever. Having met him once, we become the "neighbors" forever. However, the developed drugs and schemes for their use (first of all, these antiviral tools) are able to effectively cope with exacerbation and prevent the development of complications.

Folk medicine knows a lot of different means to treat "colds on the lips". However, it is worth using them with caution, because contraindications are possible in each case (for example, allergies to plants). And it is important to understand that it is rather the fight against the symptoms of the disease than with a specific cause of the disease - herpes virus.

Many folk remedies have an antiseptic (antimicrobial) effect. For example, onion and garlic juice, chamomile preparations, calendulas, pies and others. Applying them on rashes (bubbles and crusts), you can prevent the attachment of a bacterial infection. It is important to remember that with a careful attitude towards rashes (not to sink the crusts, not combing) the healing period takes up to 15 days, and the risk of microbes and the formation of scars is minimal.

Painful bubbles and crusts, especially those located in the corners of the mouth, often want to acknowledge something. You can soften the skin and eliminate the unpleasant sensations using vegetable oils, such as peach, almond or olive. To strengthen the protective forces of the body during the exacerbation of the labial herpes, it is important to use a sufficient amount of vitamin C, which is why in folk medicine is so popular with roshovnik, black currant, raspberry and oranges.

Recently, treatment with the help of folk remedies is becoming increasingly popular. The minimum side effects and effect tested by not one generation are especially attracted. However, you should never neglect the consultation of a specialist in order to diagnose and avoid the development of complications!

Expert comment

Galina Guseva, Infectiousness, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Pediatrician Service Call for Home

Galina Guseva, Infectiousness, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Pediatrician Service Call for Home

A large number of people are encountered annually with the problem of "colds" on the lips. This is especially relevant in the cold season, during the flu epidemic, during stress. Some have discomfort from this disease almost constantly, but few people think about what exactly the disease is caused, and why this happens.

"Cold" on the lips - a herpetic infection caused by the viruses of simple herpes (WSV). This pathogen is infected to 96% of people on Earth over 20 years old, and in Russia - about 90% of children have this virus for 6 years of life.

A feature of the WSV is that when a virus hit the human body, antibodies are produced in response to it. But the liberation from the virus does not happen. This is due to the fact that it lives and is multiplied not only in the blood, but also in the cells of the nervous system (where it is inviolable for the cells of the immune system and antibodies), including in the knot of a trigeminal nerve, on the fibers of which the pathogen and reaches the skin of the lips , nose, etc. At the moment of supercooling, stress, another disease - the virus begins to multiply and causes the formation of bubbles in the field of lips and other parts of the body.

People with infrequent manifestations of this infection (1-2 times a year and less often) is a symptomatic treatment - that is, the means to accelerate the epithelization of yasels formed on the site of bubbles (decantenol, various ointments with zinc, from folk agents - Aloe, honey) .

However, all these funds do not treat herpes, and help speed up the healing process and reduce the duration of the cosmetic defect. More efficiently the use of antiviral ointments (acyclovir, penciclovir, etc.) at the very beginning of the disease - in the absence of bubbles (during the burning, itching at the place of future rashes). During the rash, these drugs have minimal efficiency! In people with frequent manifestations of herpetic infection, it is necessary to find out the cause of this state and use systemic drugs (acyclovir, valacticlovir). The duration of therapy determines the attending physician on the basis of a clinical picture.

Expert comment

Anastasia Zaslavskaya, Dermatologist, cosmetologist

Anastasia Zaslavskaya, Dermatologist, cosmetologist

"Cold on the lips" - the everyday name of the manifestations of the WSG-I. If a person is infected with a virus of a simple herpes of the first type, it will not be possible to get rid of it. You can only minimize its external manifestations. This will be discussed.

In our power:

  • Helping the body to control the problem from the inside;
  • During periods of exacerbations, fight the aesthetic disadvantages.

The virus can appear in the case:

  • colds (precisely because herpes rashes may arise with a conventional cold, they are often called "colds on the lips");
  • viral infections;
  • period of menstruation;
  • burning in the sun / hypothermia.

Therefore, in order not to allow rashes, immunity should be supported, avoid overwork, colds and situations where the body is weakened and susceptible to stress.

If, despite the prevention, rashes are observed 3 or more times a year, perhaps the immune system is not in order. It is better to pass a survey.

Outwardly, in the period of exacerbation, ointment can be applied. Here are some of the antiviral components that are part of the ointments from herpes: acyclovir, demonazol, thromantadine, Bromnaftoquinone.

The earlier to start using ointment during exacerbation, the less rash and the sooner they will disappear!

Although the antiviral tools are also available in the form of tablets, it is not recommended to assign them yourself. Mazi have a larch effect and at the same time threaten fewer side effects from the internal organs.

What to do on the first day of the cold?

So, if the cold is still coming, it is necessary to do everything to prevent its further development. The first thing that doctors are recommended during symptoms of ailment is a full-fledged rest and sleep. Due to this, the body involves more resources of the immune system to combat the problem.

  • Useful will be abundant drinking. Warm tea, berry fruits, risks of rosehip and black currant are suitable for treatment. You can drink tea or warm milk with honey, purified water.
  • As for nutrition, the priority should be given to fermented dairy products, low-fat meat and chicken broths, vegetables and fruits. From alcohol, oily, sweet, salty, smoked better abandon. In the first days of the disease, it is not recommended to smoke, since this harmful habit contributes to the spread of infection.
  • With pain in the throat, rinsing and steam inhalation can be carried out. If the nasal breathing is impaired, it will help wasotonic solution. Also, do not forget about regular ventilation of the room and minimal contact with the environment before recovery.

Such simple recommendations allow you to cope with the disease when its first signs appear.

What to treat a beginner cold?

If you leave a cold without treatment, it, like any other disease, can lead to various complications. In order for this not happening, therapy must be started when the first symptoms appear:

  • Increased body temperature.
  • Total weakness and lethargy.
  • Nausea.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Headaches.
  • Nasal congestion and throat.

First of all, you should increase the drinking mode. Warm liquid washes off the pathogenic microorganisms from the mucous membranes and accelerates their excretion. Also, abundant drink allows you to prevent the dehydration of the body at elevated body temperature and enhanced sweating. To accelerate recovery, drinks and products with ascorbic acid will be useful.

Bed regime plays an important role. Due to this, the body can use all its energy potential on combating viruses, and not to perform other processes. Transferred to the cold legs very often ends with serious complications.

For the treatment of adults from drug drugs, you can take the means of symptomatic action: Coldrex, Ferwex, Teraflu. In order to increase the protective properties of the immune system, drugs based on interferon are useful: arbidol, antigrippines, kagole, cycloferon, ergoferon. During the cold, it will help to wash with isotonic solution or vasoconducting drops: naphtizin, galazoline, it is possible. To reduce body temperature, paracetamol-based preparations are suitable.


How to treat the first cold symptoms?

Treatment of early stages of colds should begin with an increase in the protective forces of the immune system and further symptomatic therapy. At the same time, it is not worth a hurry to the pharmacy for drugs, since the cold can be cured without them.

In the first days of the disease, it is necessary to stick to the bed regime so as not to infect others and not provoke a sharp development of the disease. It is also recommended to use a large amount of warm liquid, plant decoctions and infusions.

If there is throat pain, she will help rinsing with chamomile tinctures and chamomile beams, sage, calendula. When coughing and laid nosed, steam inhalations are effective. In the diet should prevail the easily friendly products.

What to take at the first signs of a cold?

Any disease in the early stages is good to treat. This also applies to colds. The earlier, their treatment has begun, the lower the risk of developing complications. For both adults and children, therapy should consist of abundant warm drinking, beddown and balanced nutrition.

With headaches, high temperature and rheore, paracetamol-based preparations can be used. Under throat pains, local action drugs with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties are used: septefril, pharyitis, sebidine. Effective is rinsing with decoction of sage, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile.

Also, do not forget about vitamin therapy to strengthen the immune system. If at the first symptoms of discomfort to take ascorbic acid, then the duration of the disease will decrease. Vitamin C in the complex with retinol affects viruses and bacteria, increases the protective properties of the immune system. Take vitamins follows no longer than 3-5 days.

What to take an adult at the first signs of a cold?

The off-season and cold season is a period of colds. Most often, the painful condition is connected with the supercooling of the body. It appears itching and burning in the nose, a throat, reinforced tearing, sneezing, coughing attacks. Against this background, a runny nose and headaches appear quickly, the general well-being will deteriorate. It is also possible to increase the body temperature up to 38 ° C and higher.

At the first signs of malaise, it is necessary to follow these rules:

  • If possible, do not leave the house if there is a temperature, it is better to fly into bed. More often ventilate the room and spend wet cleaning.
  • Drink more fluid. We will be useful, juices, compotes, risks based on rosehip, chamomile, linden, raspberries, black currant. Strong tea or coffee is better replaced by warm milk with honey.
  • Well-digestible food must prevail, desirable fermented dairy products, vegetables, fruits, low-fat broths.
  • If nose laid, droplets based on salt solutions - Aquamaris, Salin. Washing solution can be prepared independently, diluting a tablespoon of salt in a liter of boiled water and adding a pair of iodine drops.
  • For pain and throat, warm drink and rinsing will help. For rinsing, antiseptic solutions are used: Furacilin, Miramistin. You can also use a solution of a teaspoon of salt, iodine and soda on a glass of water.
  • To facilitate nasal respiration, inhalations with essential oils of coniferous plants are well helped.
  • To increase the protective forces of the immune system, preparations can be taken with interferon.

If the disease is developing rapidly, accompanied by an increased body temperature and poor well-being, then before going to bed it is possible to take ferrex, pentafluzin, a Coldrex or another combined medium for symptomatic cold therapy.

First aid for cold

The first thing that doctors are recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases is home / bedding. This allows you to prevent infection of others and fully fulfill all further medical recommendations. The patient should provide abundant drinking and adjusting nutrition.

To purify the nose, it is better to get drops with isotonic solution, and not vasoconstrictors that are addictive. Rinse the throat can with antiseptic solutions of Mirismine or Furatciline. Also help steam inhalations with boiled potatoes or essential oils. Before bed, you can take a warm bath with eucalyptus essential oil or make a bath for legs with the extract of coniferous plants, mustard.

In most cases, the above recommendations help to overcompose when it is early symptoms. If the disease lasts more than 4 days, accompanied by an increased body temperature and a rapid deterioration of general well-being, then immediately apply for medical care. The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which in a short time will eliminate unpleasant symptoms and the root cause of colds.

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Inhalation at the first signs of cold

One of the popular means for the treatment and prevention of irritation of the oral mucosa with colds is inhalation. They are carried out with the help of special instruments - inhalers, nebulizers. Therapeutic effect is achieved due to the penetration of the drug in the focus of inflammation, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and other organs, systems.

The advantages of inhalation therapy with early cold symptoms:

  • Direct impact on the inflammation zone.
  • The medicine is not absorbed into systemic bloodstream and does not cause adverse reactions to other organs.
  • The possibility of treating patients of all ages.
  • High penetrating ability.

To carry out inhalation, you can use such funds:

  1. Essential and natural oils - effectively and gently affect the mucous membrane. They can cause allergic reactions, so before their use should be consulted with the attending physician. Oil concentration should be no more than 5%.
  2. Salt solutions - sodium chloride 0.9% softens and purifies the nasal mucosa and the rotogling when harmful substances and allergens getting. The use of 2% of the hypertensive solution cleans the mucous-purulent deposits.
  3. Alkaline solutions - Sodium sodium solution 2% diluted with wet and creates an alkaline medium in the focus of inflammation. Inhalation effectively remove the mucous-purulent separated from the nasal cavity.
  4. Mukolithic - diluted with sputum and contribute to its discharge. For inhalations, acetylcysteine, a mukomist, a lazolvan, a pulmonary is used. Dosage of medication and the duration of therapy identifies the doctor.
  5. Bronnutators - expand the lumen of the bronchi and bronchiol, facilitate breathing and prevent the development of bronchological syndrome. For treatment, such funds are most often used: Atrovant, Berodal, Berretk, Salbutamol.
  6. Anti-inflammatory agents - reduce the inflammatory process, reduce swelling of the mucous membrane, facilitate painful state. When carrying out inhalations, such solutions can be used: Rotokan, Eucalyptus, propolis, calendula, Malavit.

Inhalations spend 1-1.5 hours after meals. Within an hour after the procedure, it is not recommended to eat, talk, go out. The finished solution should be stored in the refrigerator no more than 24 hours. Before use, the solution is heated to room temperature.

If several drugs are used at the same time, then you need to follow the sequence. The first apply bronighting agents, then dilute, mucolyts and anti-inflammatory. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of painful symptoms and is 3-7 days.

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What to drink at the first signs of the cold pregnant?

Special attention requires the treatment of colds in pregnant women. This is due to the rapid deterioration of overall well-being and progression of painful symptoms. Because of this, there is a risk of developing complications for both future mothers and for a child.

First of all, it is the threat of spontaneous miscarriage or premature births, inflammatory complications for a woman, aggravation of chronic diseases, as well as a significant increase in the risk of bloodstures during the generic process. The disease is dangerous for a child: a delay of intrauterine development, oxygen starvation, intrauterine infections.

With the emergence of early symptoms of the disease, such rules should be followed:

  • Abundant warm drink and balanced nutrition. Natural decoction and infusions with rosehip and black currant will be useful, since they contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the immune system. Recommended green tea with lemon, raspberry, honey. In the late pregnancy, abundant drink will help with edema.
  • For treatment, inhalations with etheric butter of eucalyptus can be carried out, the pairs of which destroy the pathogenic microorganisms and reduce the swelling of the mucous membrane. When trigging in the throat of inhalation, it is better to carry out with a soda solution, the infusion of chamomile, calendula, sage.
  • If the cold proceeds with the tribium and pain in the throat, then the rinse with salt, soda and iodine, infusions, calendula, eucalyptus is shown. With a cold, it is necessary to regularly venture and moisturize the room. For washing the nose, a physiological solution of sodium chloride can be used.

In the process of treatment, pregnant women are contraindicated to soar legs and take hot baths, visit the baths and saunas, use mustard pieces and any drugs based on licorice root. It is also not necessary to abuse honey and raspberry, as this may lead to an increase in the uterine tone and the development of allergies in the fetus.

If the above methods did not help and the disease progresses, then after consulting with the attending physician, it is possible to use drugs.

  • High temperature - preparations based on paracetamol. Under the ban falls ibuprofen, NSAIDs, Koldrex, Teraflu, Ferwex and other means of comprehensive action.
  • Cough and runny nose - in the first case, Mukaltin and Ambroxol will help, and during the cold, the pinsol, sinusoprect, vasoconducting drugs are contraindicated.
  • Throat pain - for treatment will suit solutions for rinsing based on such drugs: chlorhexidine, Lugol, Miramistin, inhalipte.
  • To increase the protective properties of the immune system, it is recommended to take otloccinum, visiferon, flu.

As for therapy with antibiotics, in the early stages of the cold there is no need. If the disease caused a number of serious complications, the decision on the feasibility of their application accepts the doctor. Futive mothers allowed macrolides, preparations of penicillin and cephalosporinic rows. Tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides and sulfonamides under the ban.

How to stop the beginning of a cold?

Headache, cough, elevated temperature and general weakness are signs of colds. Special medicine that would eliminate the entire symptom complex does not exist. But there are several proven therapeutic methods that allow you to stop the beginning of the pathological process.

  • A pair of garlic teeth grind and mix with the same amount of honey. Take 1-2 teaspoons per day, drinking warm water. Therapeutic effect of garlic is explained by the high content of phytoncides in it, that is, natural antibiotics.
  • Tea with lemon and honey. The drink must be a comfortable temperature so as not to burn the inflamed throat. Honey has bactericidal properties, envelops the mucous membrane and reduces painful symptoms. Lemon is an antiseptic, it supplies an organism ascorbic acid and normalizes metabolic processes.
  • Tea with raspberries - for the preparation of antipyretic and campphum, pour 100 g of fresh berries, leaves, a couple of spoons of jam or dried fruits 300 ml of boiling water and let it brew 20-30 minutes. If you wish, strain and take on ½ cup 4-5 times a day. Malina contains salicylic acid, which is natural aspirin. The berry strengthens the sweating, accelerates the removal of toxic substances from the body.
  • Take a liter of fresh milk, add 1/3 of a glass of honey to it, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix everything thoroughly and put on a slow fire, adding a bay leaf and a couple of black-scented peppers to the milk. As soon as the mixture boils, it must be removed from the stove and laughed 5-10 minutes. The decoction supports the immune system and speeds up the process of recovery.

The above-mentioned therapeutic methods are effective when the appearance of early symptoms of the disease. But before their use, the presence of contraindications should be taken into account. Honey is prohibited for people with diabetes mellitus. Lemon and garlic should be used with caution in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the raspberry is not recommended for hypertensive and people with lesions of the cardiovascular system.

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How not to get across at the first signs of a cold?

One of the features of the cold is that it occurs at any time of the year. In order not to be accepted, you should follow these rules:

  • Avoid cold, drafts and dampness. Dress up the weather, do not dilute with cold drinks and air conditioning in the summer season.
  • Observe personal hygiene. Wash your hands before each food intake and after visiting public places.
  • Regularly ventilate the room and spend wet cleaning.
  • Place the body, maintain the physical form.
  • Take multivitamin complexes and stick to balanced nutrition.
  • Rest and pour out more, avoid stress.

Very often, the first signs of colds are associated with a weakened immune system. To increase its protective properties, the timely treatment of any diseases, rational nutrition, vaccination is recommended.

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Discomfort in the throat, cough, runny nose, increase in temperature ... The cold sneaks imperceptibly and overtakes suddenly. Especially hurt if the disease began on the eve of an important event: a long-awaited vacation, a birthday of a loved one or a responsible interview. What to do? How to get rid of the cold as fast as possible?

How to quickly get rid of the cold?

How to get rid of the cold quickly

Hide symptoms

If tomorrow it is necessary to be at the height, and snot flows the river and the head splits, you should take a medicine that fuses with cold symptoms. There are a lot of similar drugs:

  • Fluucod;
  • Koldflu;
  • Teraflu;
  • Anvimax;
  • Fervex;
  • Colder and so on.

Any pharmacy will be able to advise such a tool. But it is worth aware that such medicines do not struggle with a cold, but only temporarily eliminate the symptoms: cough, headache, runny nose, heat. As a rule, these drugs can be taken no longer than a few days in a row.

Eat, wash, sleep

The cold goes much faster if it is not on the legs, but being in a warm bed. It is advisable to knock out sick leave and rejuvenate from work, study, home affairs. Free time should be devoted to input to sleep. A full-fledged vacation will add the body to the fight against the cold, and the patient will very soon feel better. It is necessary to sleep in a ventilation, but not a cold room.

It is also important to use products that enhance the body's ability to fight cold. In the "Diet of the Polee" should be included:

  • lemon. "Classical" remedy for colds thanks to the Vitamin C contained in it. Tea tea with lemon, warm lemonade, boiled water with lemon slice - beautiful drinks during the disease. To taste in them you can add honey;
  • chicken bouillon. It has been established that this dish speeds up the removal of mucus from the nose, thereby reducing the swelling and reading the respiratory tract. Vegetarians can limit the lean broth from vegetables: it is easily digested and gives the body forces;
  • ginger. It displays toxins and eliminates inflammatory processes. It is useful to drink a drink, prepared as follows: 1.5 h. L. The finely grated ginger is added to boiling water, wait 5 minutes, pour the resulting infusion into a glass. If desired, add a lemon or orange salt, honey, cumin. The taste of a ginger drink is peculiar, so it should be drunk on a little bit;
  • garlic. He fights the viruses perfectly, which makes it indispensable during the illness. Garlic accelerates recovery due to its bactericidal properties;
  • Orange juice. It is advisable to give preference to fresh juice, and not purchased in a cardboard box. Orange is rich in vitamin C and helps to remove cold symptoms;
  • herbal tea. Mint, chamomile, sage - these medicinal herbs are beautifully struggling with the disease. It is necessary to replace the usual black or green tea on herbal decoction: it is useful, and tasty. To enhance the effect, you can add honey or lemon to the drink;
  • honey. His healing properties have no doubt. Honey has a coorative effect on the body, which helps to remove toxins through the skin pores. Also, honey use strengthens immunity and increases the resistance to colds. It is enough to stir 1-2 hours lit. Honey in a glass of warm water and drink as needed.

coldAnother person should be preferred by boiled or stewed dishes. It is necessary to avoid fried, sharp, salted food: it only annoys the already inflamed mucous membranes. Also, the cold should drink slightly more fluid than usual. This will help more like the waste of bacteria and viruses from the body, thereby reducing the period of treatment. But do not drink through force: too much fluid will lead to an increase in the load on the kidneys, which during the cold and so somewhat weakened.

Many colds mistakenly believe that during the disease it is impossible to wash in order not to aggravate its condition. It is fundamentally incorrect: water is washes out of the skin allocated toxins, not allowing them to be absorbed back. Sometimes the invigorating soul is enough to take the disease.

Home physiotherapeutic procedures

The disease will quickly retreat if they influence the biologically active points on the face. Massage is performed as follows:

  1. Inappropriate fingers to make circular movements, massaging the wings of the nose.
  2. With a light pressure stroke the skin under the lower eyelid.
  3. The tips of the fingers massaging the center of the forehead, gradually moving his hands to the temples.
  4. Intensively rub the palms of chin.

During a cold, massage must be performed at least 4 times a day. The average duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

After completing the massage, inhalation should be inhaled. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs, such as mint and eucalyptus. There add a few drops of natural essential oils: carnations, lavender or lemon. Then you need to cover your head with a towel and lean toward the mind with the decoction. You should slowly inhale couples from 5 to 15 minutes. Depending on health.

Also, you can not forget about the "standard" set of procedures against colds, such as:

  • rinse the throat with soda solution or herbal infusion;
  • washing the nasal saline;
  • Warning legs in the bath with the addition of mustard powder.

It is advisable to combine several methods of combating colds: then it can be rid of 1-3 days - depending on the degree of severity.

How to quickly cure colds?

Prevention of cold

In order not to get sick, such recommendations should be followed:

  1. In the cold season, before getting out of the house, lubricate the nose with children's cream. His fatty foundation will delay viruses and will not give them to penetrate the body. You can also use oxaline ointment.
  2. Stay for clean hand. Wash your hands must be required before each meal, after communication with a cold or return from the street.
  3. To regularly air the room. It is advisable to open the window in the morning and in the evening for 15-30 minutes. Depending on the weather, as well as hourly 2-5 minutes. throughout the day. This is especially true of premises, where several people are at the same time.
  4. If it is impossible to avoid contacts with infected people follow from time to time to chew a small purified piece of ginger.
  5. In the morning, take a contrast shower. Upon returning home from work, shop and other public places, be sure to rinse the body with warm water.
  6. In the period when the cold is especially "popular", flush the nasal mucosa several times a day.
  7. Before drinking tea or coffee at work rinse a cup of boiling water to kill the viruses settled there.
  8. Increase disease resistance with proper nutrition. You need to include in your menu more than fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, greens. It is especially useful garlic and everything that contains vitamin C: oranges, cabbage, spinach, kiwi, celery, tomatoes, raspberries, parsley.
  9. Drink "antiprotstess" teas. One of the good recipes: 0.5 liters of boiling water add 0.5 h. finely grated or chopped ginger, 1 cinnamon stick, 7 pcs. Carnations, 8 pcs. Cardamom. After 5 min. Add 200 ml of milk to drink. Wait for boiling and turn off the fire. Such a drink is useful to drink black eye before bedtime.

The cold is familiar to every person, so there are many who do not pay attention to it. And very in vain. After all, the launched cough and a runny nose can turn into something more serious. So, having to have the first signs of the disease, you should immediately begin to cure. After all, at first, it is much easier to do this than when viruses are firmly enshrined in the body. Be healthy!

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