How to remove page breaks in the "Word". Several ways

When copying or editing articles and works, Word users face that the text (new chapter or paragraph) begins with the next page. Meanwhile, either for the purposes of economical printout, or to use some fragments of this document, such design is inappropriate and undesirable.

This article is devoted to how to remove the pages breaks in the "Word".

What is a page break

Page break in "Word 2010" is an unprinted sign, like a space, a sign of a paragraph or tabulation. This is a sign-team. After it, the entire subsequent text will be located only on the next page. This feature is used when the idea of ​​the layout of the document assumes that each section begins with a new sheet. Often, instead of breaking the page, the repeats of the signs of the end of paragraph are mistakenly used for these purposes, but it is very uncomfortable. With this solution after changing the volume of the partition, the initial lines of all subsequent sections will "eat", that is, they will begin with the middle of the next page, then continue to be completed, but after a certain distance. This is absolutely natural, as a large number of spaces are given only the distance between the lines. They are not given command to start a new page.

A similar sign is a row break. It is used when it is necessary that the entire subsequent text be printed must be installed on another line, and the new paragraph has started.

There are several ways to remove page breaks in "Word". It is advisable to use them depending on what the amount of document is expected to be removed and what is their goal, etc.

First method

You can remove the page break in the "Word" by simply putting the cursor to the end of the most recent line, after which the break begins, and press the Delete key. Perhaps it will have to be pressed several times, as it is likely for the last printed sign (most often it concerns the point or other sentence sign)) may be duplicate spaces, and paragraphs. However, in the end, they will all be deleted, and the page breaks and breaks behind them. Most often this happens after the second and third keystroke. It will noticeably when the text from the next page moves to the current and, most likely, will continue paragraph. Then it is enough to separate it by pressing the Enter key.

This method is suitable for working with minor documents and single breaks.

Second way

The second way to remove page breaks in the "Word" is to remove signs.

Click the "Display All Signs" button, and you will see all page breaks in the document. Lowned down, select them and press ENTER or DELETE, depending on how the text is decorated so that either the rupture is replaced at the end of the paragraph, or simply was removed.

This method is indispensable if you need to remove only part of the gaps. Suppose it is necessary that the chapters begin with a new page, and paragraphs continued on previous ones.

It can also be used if you are working with a medium length document.

how to remove broken pages in the Word

Third way

The third way is to automatically delete absolutely all pages in the document or replace them with a sign of paragraph or a space (depending on your goals). This uses the search and replacement window.

Put the cursor to the beginning of the text and press Ctrl and F. keys. The search and replacement window will appear. Click on the Replace tab. Next - on the "More" button. Additional settings and options will open. Put the cursor in the "Find" field. Locate the "Special" button and in the drop-down list, click on the "page break" row.

Remove the page break in the Word

Put the cursor in the "Replace" field. If you need to simply remove breaks, do not print anything in this row. If you need to replace them with spaces, type a space (the usual key, as you do it when working with text). If it is necessary for all sections to be replaced by the start of paragraphs, click on the "Special" button and select the appropriate string.

After that, click on the "Replace All" button. The operation is completed. The program will provide a report on how much replacement is produced. All page breaks are removed.

This method is suitable for working with voluminous documents or with texts such where page breaks are incorrect and unsystematic. This happens, for example, when copying materials from a browser with a complex layout.

Page break in Word 2010

Combining different ways

How to remove broken pages in the "Word" yet? Use the second and third ways together. Let's say you have a very big document, but you would like not all sections have been removed. Repeat the preparation for automatic replacement, but instead of the "Replace All" button, click "Find Next". If the page breaks, which will show you the program, is to be deleted, press "Replace", if not, then give the "Word" command to search for next sign. This will significantly speed up the work.

In addition to breaking a page, a section of a partition break can also be used in the document. It can be removed in the same way.

The page breaks are needed in the Microsoft Word program in order to transfer data from one page to another, as well as automatically create new pages. Creating unnecessary breaks in the document can do work with it not very convenient, and also negatively affect the quality of printing. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of unnecessary breaks on the page.

How to remove a page break in Word

They can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • Rales created automatically. They are added when the place on the page ends to create a new page and transfer subsequent data to it. Removing breaks of this type is impossible, and not needed in ordinary realities;
  • Gunners added by the user. They can be used, for example, to separate one page from the other, if there is still a place on it, but it is necessary to separate. Such ruptures can be deleted and necessary if they are not needed in the document.

With ruptures in large documents it is more convenient to work in the "Chernivik" mode. It allows you to view not only specialsmills, but also special marks for users. Enabling this mode is performed on the following instructions:

  1. Run the desired document and go to the View tab, which is located in the top menu of the document.
  2. There, in the "Modes" block, find and click on the "Chernovik" button.

After that, you will see all gaps in the document. To delete it, simply select the inscription "Page break" and click Backspace or Delete. The gap will be deleted.

True, it is not always possible to get rid of unwanted gaps in this way. The fact is that the breaks can be added not only manually, but also, for example, if paragraphs have too large intervals, there is an inserted table, the indentesters from footers are incorrectly configured, the inter-line interval is broken in the usual text.

Let's try to figure out what can be taken in such situations.

Option 1: Large intervals between paragraphs

Too large intervals between paragraphs are usually visible immediately with a naked eye. To check the size of the intervals from a particular paragraph and their subsequent settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired paragraph in the document and go to the tab "Layout".
  2. Further, in the "Paragraph" block, use the small button in the form of an arrow icon. She is responsible for opening paragraph settings.
  3. By default, the "Indents and Intervals" tab of the settings should be opened in the settings. If it is not so, then go to it to start.
  4. In the "Interval" block, configure the parameters "before" and "after". There you can set your value that is less than the currently specified or put automatic adjusting intervals if you do not know which intervals should be according to the standard.
  5. Click "OK" to apply settings.

Option 2: Warming up paragraphs on pages

Also, an automatic breakdown of a holistic paragraph into several pages could also occur. This happens if the paragraph is too voluminous. To check and configure such a breakdown, follow these steps:

  1. Allocate the required paragraph again and go to the "Layout" tab.
  2. There, by analogy with the previous instruction, open the settings of paragraphs.
  3. In the settings window that opens, switch to the "Position on page" tab.
  4. In the "Warning to Pages" block, check the settings. It is recommended to remove a tick with "from the new page" if this is set at this point. Instead, it is recommended to install a tick on "not breaking the paragraph". You can also put a tick to "not tear off from the following" if you need to rally paragraphs on the verge of pages.
  5. By setting the desired settings, click on the "OK" button.

Option 3: Customer Setting

Due to the incorrect and installed columns in Word, an unnecessary gap may occur. Check the parameters of the footer and get rid of such a break as follows:

  1. Install the cursor anywhere in the document and switch to the "Layout" tab.
  2. Now the page "Page Parameters" Press the button in the form of a square with an arrow to open the settings of the page parameters.
  3. Switch to the "Paper Source" tab.
  4. In the "From the edge" block, set the settings in the fields "to the top footer" and "to the bottom footer". You can reduce these values ​​to more acceptable or set the automatic value by using the "Default" button, which is located in the bottom left side of the window.
  5. Confirm the changes and save them by using the "OK" button.

Option 4: Table Setup

The MS Word functionality does not propose the ability to set the gap directly in the cell of the inserted table. Because of this, unwanted ports of the table part to another page may occur, as well as an extra rupture of the document page.

See also: How to remove an excess or empty page in MS Word as in Word numbered pages without a title page in Word is an easy way to enable a ruler in Word How to insert a substrate in Word (Word) - detailed instructions

To remove an undesirable gap that occurred in this case, you can use the settings of the table presented in Word:

  1. Click on the table that causes problems with superfluous breaks. It must be highlighted so that you can quickly go to the interface of its settings.
  2. In the "Working with Tables" block, open the Layout tab.
  3. Now in the Table Tool group, call the "Properties" parameter.
  4. In the settings window of the properties of the table, switch to the "Row" section.
  5. In the "Parameters" block, check the box to "Allow the Row Transfer to the next page."
  6. Click "OK" to apply changes.

Option 5: Deleting breaks added by hand

During the work with the document, you could independently add additional ruptures. Or it could do another user if you edit the document after someone. In any case, get rid of the gaps of this type is quite simple:

  1. Call the search interface on the document. It can be opened from the "Home" tab. It will be necessary to use the "Find" button or the Ctrl + F key combination.
  2. The navigation unit will appear on the left. Here, in the search string you will need to enter "^ M". This is a rupture code.
  3. After that, all the gaps will be highlighted in the document, which were previously added manually. Highlight them and click Delete to delete from the document.

Option 6: Conventional Text Rip Settings

The template styles of headlines and texts that are available in Word by default, formatted in the style of "ordinary" sometimes can also cause unwanted discontinuities in the document.

It is already rather deficing Word developers, but it can be quickly fixed in several ways, for example, to use the "Do not open the following" parameter:

  1. Highlight text having a design style "Normal". It is easy to identify such a text if you yourself did not change his styles, then it will be "ordinary" by default.
  2. Now open the "Home" tab and pay attention to the parameter block "Paragraph". It is necessary to use the button in the form of a square with an arrow to open additional parameters.
  3. In the "Position on the page" tab, check the "Do not tear off the following" checkbox and click OK to apply settings.

In the course of this article, we figured out how to remove the extra breaks of the pages in the MS Word document. The instructions provided are relevant for MS Word version 2007 and above.

Several ways how to remove the page break in the Word

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Page break is used for ordered document breakdown to chapters or sections. The insertion of this element involves the transition to the next page without full fill in the previous one. Often the gap is found in large documents, as well as copied texts. In the article we will tell how to remove the pages break in the Word, and also consider Causes of incorrect breakdown of tables.

Deleting empty string

Before dealing with a special text editor tool, you should make sure that The gap is not due to the presence of a large number of empty lines walking on each other. Such a transfer of text to a new page is often used inexperienced computer users. They press ENTER until the space is filled with paragraphs and will not automatically transfer the cursor to the next sheet.

DELETE button

To remove such a "gap", It will only be necessary to settle down at the end of the first part of the text and press the "DEL" key until the material be further rises to the desired location. Alternatively uses the "Backspace" key, only in this case you need to put the cursor at the beginning of the second part.

How to remove the separation of the section in the Word

Delete this item in the text will turn out to be the same method that is presented above: arrange the cursor at the end of the first part of the text and press DEL twice. See all the breaks in the document will help the option "Display all signs" She is on the main tab of the program. After its inclusion, there will be special characters in the document, gaps and paragraphs, and the "page break" will indicate the appropriate inscription surrounded by ellipsis.

Breaking Page Word

Having found a note about the transition to a new page, follows Put the cursor in front of it and click "Del" on the keyboard. The empty space will disappear, and the text below will move above. If there are still empty strings on the sheet, they can be deleted using the same button.

How to remove all page breaks in Word 2007 and above

Loading ...

Loading ...

A large number of sections in the document will require significant time to delete time. To speed up the process, you should use the search and replacement tool. Instructions will be relevant for almost all versions of Word Since the search window has not undergone any changes:

Now the document is completely deprived of breaks. At the same time, the time spent on editing the text is minimal.

Why the table is broken in the Word

The situation in which there is an unforeseen breakdown of the table, may happen for several reasons. These include large indents, incorrect string parameters and text flowing. Of course, it should be understood that The normal is considered to be a gap, which is due to the lack of free space on the current page.

To check the text flow settings, the following steps:

  • Click PCM in any cell and choose item "Table properties."
  • On the first tab, check the Count "Flood." It must be set to the "No" parameter.
  • Next click the button "Parameters" And verify your settings with standard.
  • Standard properties of the table

Too more indents in one cell or row can cause an unexpected transfer to the next page to check if it is necessary:

  • Select the entire table and click "Display the grid" tab on the tab. So even when there are no boundaries, the frames of the cells will be visible.
  • Display grid
  • Install the cursor to an excessively large line and reduce the vertical indent to normal sizes using the Count Graph on the top panel.

Sometimes the table in the Word jumps to the next page due to the disabled parameter. Need to open "Table Properties" Check the box to the string marked in the screenshot. Also in the properties window, the height of the string and the column width is checked.

Allow the transfer of string

Now you know how to cancel the page break in Word. A single task is solved using multiple "Del" or "Backspace" keys. Edit the entire document is easier using the replacement tool.

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In the MS Word program, there are two types of page breaks. The first of them are inserted automatically as soon as written text reaches the end of the page. The breaks of this type are impossible to remove, in fact, there is no need for it.

Second-type breaks are created manually, in those places where you need to transfer one or another text fragment to the next page. Manual page break in the Word can be removed, and this is, in most cases, is very simple.

Note: View page breaks in mode "Page layout" Uncomfortable, it is better to switch to draft Chernovka mode. To do this, open the tab. "View" and select "Draft"

Chernovik in Word.

Removing manual page break

Any manual pages inserted in MS Word can be deleted.

Page Marking in Word

To make it necessary to switch from mode "Page layout" (Standard document display mode) in mode "Draft" .

View in Word.

You can do it in the tab "View" .

Highlight this page break by clicking on the mouse at its border near the dotted line.

Select a page break in Word

Click "Delete" .

Delete a tip of a senior in Word

The gap is deleted.

However, sometimes it is not so easy to do so, since the gaps can occur in unexpected, unwanted places. To remove such a break page in the Word, you first need to deal with the cause of its occurrence.

Interval before or after paragraph

One of the reasons for the occurrence of unwanted breaks - paragraphs, more precisely, intervals before and / or after them. To check if your case, select the paragraph, located directly before the extension.

Text before tiping a page in Word

Go to the tab "Layout" Deploy the group dialog box "Paragraph" And open the section "Indents and intervals" .

Paragraph dialog box in Word

Browse the size of the intervals before and after paragraph. If this indicator is unusually large, it is the cause of the undesirable page break.

The great importance of indents and intervals in Word

Set the desired value (less than specified) or select default values ​​to get rid of the page break caused by large intervals before and / or after paragraph.

Indents and intervals in Word

Breakdown of the previous paragraph on pages

Another possible reason for the occurrence of a unwanted page break is a breakdown on the pages of the previous paragraph.

To check if it is, to highlight the first paragraph on the page next immediately for an unwanted gap.

Go to the tab "Layout" and in the group "Paragraph" Expand the corresponding dialog box by switching to the tab. "Position on the page" .

Breakdown of the previous paragraph on the page (parameters) in Word

Check page breakdown parameters.

Breakdown of the previous paragraph on the page (with a new senior) in Word

If you have in paragraph "Bag to the page" Installed tick "From the new page" - This is the reason for the unwanted page break. Remove it, check the box if necessary "Do not break up paragraphs" - This will prevent the emergence of similar gaps in the future.

Breakdown of the previous paragraph on the page (not to break up paragraphs) in Word

Parameter "Do not tear off from the following" Slottite paragraphs on the verge of pages.

Breakdown of the previous paragraph on the page (not to tear off from the following) in Word

From the edge

An extra break of the page in the Word may occur because of the incorrectly installed columns parameters that we have to be checked.

From the edge in Word

Go to the tab "Layout" and expand the dialog box in the group "Page settings" .

From the edge (sentenced parameters) in Word

Go to the tab "Source of Paper" and check in front of the item "From the edge" Timber value: "To the top footer" и "To the bottom footer" .

From the edge (paper source) in Word

If these values ​​are too large, change them to desired or set the settings. "Default" By clicking on the corresponding button on the left bottom of the dialog box.

Note: This parameter determines the distance from the edge of the page, the location where MS Word starts printing the text of footers, upper and / or lower. The default value is 0.5 inches, which is 1.25 cm . If this parameter is greater, the allowable print area decreases (and with it and display) for the document.


The standard Microsoft Word parameters do not provide the capabilities to insert the page break directly in the table cell. In cases where the table is not fully placed on one page, MS WORD automatically places the entire cell to the next page. This also leads to the rupture of the page, and in order to remove it, you need to check some parameters.

Table in Word.

Click on the table in the main tab "Working with tables" Go to the tab "Layout" .

Table (layout) in Word

Call "Properties" in a group "Table" .

Table (Properties) in Word

The following window will appear in which you want to switch to the tab. "Line" .

Table (parameters) in Word

Here is necessary "Allow the row transfer to the next page" By installing the appropriate check mark. This parameter sets the page break for the entire table.

Table (string transfer) in Word

Lesson: How to remove an empty page in the Word

Hard breaks

It also happens that the page breaks occur due to their manual addition, by pressing the key combination "Ctrl + Enter" Or from the corresponding menu on the control panel in Microsoft Word.

Hard breaks (search) in Word

To remove the so-called hard gap, you can use the search with the subsequent replacement and / or removal. In the tab "The main" , Group "Editing" Click on the button "To find" .

In the search string that appears, enter "^ M" without quotes and click ENTER .

Hard breaks (find) in Word

You will see the broken pages inserted by hand, and you can remove them by simply pressing the key. "Delete" On the dedicated place of gap.

Hard breaks (search result) in Word

Rashes after "Normal" Text

A number of template header styles available in the default Word, as well as the following text, which is formatted in "Ordinary" Style, sometimes it also causes unwanted breaks.

Rales after ordinary text (styles) in Word

This problem occurs solely in normal mode and does not manifest in the structure mode. To remove the entry of the excess page break, use one of the following methods.

The first method: Use to the usual text parameter "Do not open the next"

1. Highlight "Normal" text.

Rales after ordinary text (highlight) in Word

2. In the tab "The main" , Group "Paragraph" , Call the dialog box.

Rales after ordinary text (paragraph) in Word

3. Check the box opposite item "Do not tear off from the following" and press "OK" .

Rales after ordinary text (not tear off) in Word

The second method: Remove "Do not tear off from the following" in the title

1. Highlight the title that precedes the text formatted in the "ordinary" style.

Rales after ordinary text (title) in Word

2. Call the dialog box in the group "Paragraph" .

Rales after ordinary text (paragraph window) in Word

3. In the "Position on the page" tab, remove the checkbox from the parameter "Do not tear off from the following" .

Breaks after ordinary text (not tear off, style) in Word

4. Click "OK" .

Method Three: Change the entry of unnecessary gaps of pages

Rales after ordinary text (Styles window) in Word

1. In group "Styles" Located in the tab "The main" Call the dialog box.

Rales after ordinary text (Styles dialog box) in Word

2. In the list of styles that appeared before you, click on "Title 1" .

Rales after ordinary text (title 1) in Word

3. Click on this item right-click and select "Change" .

Rales after ordinary text (change style) in Word

4. In the window that appears, click on the button. "Format" located below the left and select "Paragraph" .

Rales after ordinary text (paragraph format) in Word

5. Switch to the tab "Page Page" .

Rales after ordinary text (sentence post) in Word

6. Remove the checkbox from the point "Do not tear off from the following" and press "OK" .

7. In order for the changes you made permanent for the current document, as well as for subsequent documents created on the basis of the active template, in the window "Style Change" Check the box in front of the item "In new documents using this template" . If you do not do this, the changes you entered will be applied only to the current fragment of the text.

Rales after ordinary text (styles, template) in Word

8. Tap "OK" To confirm the changes.

Rales after ordinary text (change) in Word

That's all, we learned about how to remove the page break in Word 2003, 2010, 2016 or other versions of this product. We examined all possible causes of extra and unwanted breaks, as well as an effective solution for each case. Now you know more and you can work with Microsoft Word even more productive.

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The convenient formatting feature of Microsoft Word document is the "page break" - the cursor is transferred to a new sheet from any place on the previous sheet. It often appears when copying text from the Internet, other documents or accidentally pressing the Ctrl + Enter keys. Consider different ways, how to remove the pages break in the Word in the documents of any value.

Method 1: Deleting page break

The page break gives an empty space on a sheet where the cursor is not installed. Therefore, it arises difficulty with the removal of free space. To remove the page break, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Home" document tab.
  2. In the third block on the left "paragraph", activate the "Display All Signs" button. Show hidden signs in the textSigns of paragraphs, gaps and other characters will appear on the sheet, including the dotted line in front of the empty block with the words "page breaking".
  3. Install the cursor in front of the page disappeared on the sheet.
  4. From the keyboard, press the DELETE button. Delete page break in the document

The text from the next sheet will automatically fill empty space. If the previous paragraph and the following were formed empty lines, remove them by pressing Delete.

Method 2: Delete page breaks in all document

If there are 2-5 pages in the file, remove the breaks with the standard method will be easy. But if the document contains more than 20 pages, view them and edit will take a mass of time. To facilitate the procedure, you can use the "Find and Replace" option. It can be caused by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + H keys from the keyboard or through the Editing Block menu in the Home tab.

Tool: Search and replacementRemove the page breaks by doing the following:
  1. Call the "Find and Replace" window.
  2. Click on the "More ..." button. Disclosure of hidden parameters
  3. Install the cursor in the "Find" field and click on the "Special" button. Open list: Special
  4. Choose from the list the "Page break" option. Special signs
  5. Click on the "Replace All" buttons. Perform an automatic replacement

When working with the window "Find and Replace", the "Replace to" field must be left blank. The editing function in automatic mode will delete all breaks throughout the document, removes them without replacing. If after the operation it turns out that there are empty lines between the paragraphs of the text of the text, they need to be removed.

Method 3: Work at intervals in the menu "Paragraph"

The cause of a large retreat between paragraphs, which cannot be removed by pressing Delete, can be an edited interval. In this case, when you activate the "Display All Signs" buttons, a dotted line will appear on the sheet with the words "page breaking". The distance between paragraphs will not be filled with even paragraph signs.

In order to remove the tip of the page in the Word, made interval, do the following:

  1. Select an empty gap between paragraphs, capturing the paragraphs themselves.
  2. By the dedicated fragment, click the right mouse button.
  3. Specify in the list "Paragraph". Go to the parameters "Paragraph"
  4. In the window, move to the "Interval" block.
  5. In the "To" and "after" field, set the value "0".
  6. Confirm the operation. Setting the settings of the interval in the text

Torn text paragraphs automatically catch up to each other. Free field will be removed.

Method 4: Deleting table breaks

Rales use and to edit tables on the sheet. If free space after using Ctrl + Enter is not involved, it is better to delete it. Especially if in the future the table will go to print. We act like this:

  1. Turn on in the document "Display all characters".
  2. Find on the page a sign of a gap with a dotted line.
  3. Install the cursor before the dotted.
  4. Press the Delete key from the keyboard. Empty area in table

Removal automatically glides two parts of the table in one. The text will look solid. If in the document several such broken tables, use the "Find and Replace" option. This will not have all the removal operations manually. It will take a lot of time.

Deleting page break is a very simple procedure that does not affect the readability of the text. But after pressing the DELETE button, the perception of the document may change for the worse. If it happened, press the Ctrl + Z keyboard to cancel the action. Also when working with "Find and Replace", recheck the installation of commands from "Special". If it was chosen wrong, use Ctrl + Z.

Before applying the instructions, save the document in the current form, it will help to avoid data loss.

Deleting a rupture of a page added by hand

  1. On the home lent Select "Show or Hide Paragraph sign".

    At the same time, page breaks will be displayed while working on the document.

  2. Double-click the page break to select it, and click the Delete button.

    An example of a page break is shown.

Setting up a rupture of a page added automatically

Delete automatic page breaks cannot be done, but it can be done so that they are not saved in uncomfortable places, for example, between text strings. You can configure page break options for selected paragraphs.

  1. Select the paragraph to which you want to apply the settings.

  2. Go In the "Markup" window or "page markup" and select the "Paragraph" dialog box Image of buttons .

  3. On the The tab "String" and "Ripples Pages "Select one or more of the following options:

    • To display at least two paragraph lines to be displayed at the top or bottom of the page, check the box. Prohibition of hanging string .

    • So that paragraphs do not break, check the box Don't tear .

    • To the pages do not burst into the middle of paragraphs, check the box Do not break by paragraph .

    • To add a page break before a certain paragraph, check the box With new page .

Deleting a rupture of a page added by hand

  1. On the Ribbon "Home" Choose "Show all non-printable Paragraph sign".

    At the same time, page breaks will be displayed while working on the document.

  2. Click or click immediately after the paragraph sign in the page break, and then click the Delete button.

    An example of a break page

Setting up a rupture of a page added automatically

Delete automatic page breaks cannot be done, but it can be done so that they are not saved in uncomfortable places, for example, between text strings. You can configure page break options for selected paragraphs.

  1. Select the paragraph to which you want to apply the settings.

  2. On the menu "Format" Select "Paragraph".

  3. В dialog box "Paragraph" Select the tab "Rows and Rales of pages. "

    Select one or more of the following parameters:

    • To display at least two paragraph lines to be displayed at the top or bottom of the page, check the box. Prohibition of hanging string .

    • So that paragraphs do not break, check the box Don't tear .

    • To the pages do not burst into the middle of paragraphs, check the box Do not break by paragraph .

    • To add a page break before a certain paragraph, check the box With new page .

Deleting a rupture of a page added by hand

  1. On the menu "View" Select "Draft".

  2. Highlight the Page Added manually in the document and press the Delete key.

Setting up a rupture of a page added automatically

  1. Highlight the paragraph following the unnecessary breakup of the page.

  2. On the menu "Format" Select "Paragraph", and then select the Line and Pages tab.

  3. Remove flags Do not break by paragraph , Don't tear и Tarrow page front .

В Edit mode Page break is inserted into the Word on the Internet manually:

Page rupture in Word Online

You will not see it in this Representation.

  1. If you are not in mode edit Choose "Edit Document> In Word on the Internet.

    Editing in Word Online

  2. You select a page break.

  3. Press the Delete key.

Note: Delete you can only bursting pages added to documents. Page breaks that Word automatically adds to the following text from one page to the next one, cannot be deleted.

Hello everyone, dear readers! And today you will learn how to remove the pages break in the Word. In most files, new chapters or sections begin with a new sheet. This may be connected, both with the desire of the author and with the requirements for one or another document.

how to remove the pages break in the Word

In addition, the breaks are often found in the texts copied from the Internet.

How to remove the pages break in the Word

Taking into account that such formatting is not suitable for each user, will further be described how to remove the gap of the page in the Word. To make sure that the files are placed in the file, and not the symbols of the beginning of the paragraph, which go in a row, make the display of printed signs.

  1. For this, on "Main" on the menu "Paragraph" Click on the button "Display Signs" .How to remove the pages break in the Word
  2. If after that, between several parts of the printed text there was an inscription "List", it is better to eliminate it. http://comp-profi.com/wp-content/uploads/files/220516/ubrat-razriv-stranici-v-word/2.jpg
  3. To do this, establish an italic on the above inscription and click "Delete". http://comp-profi.com/wp-content/uploads/files/220516/ubrat-razriv-stranici-v-word/3.jpg
  4. As a result, the gap between the parts of the printed text will disappear.
  5. To remove voids formed due to paragraph characters, set the cursor after the first of the text of the text and click "Delete" as much as necessary.


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Remove the gap in the Word by replacing

Now we will analyze another method. It can be useful if the file is quite voluminous, and it has a large number of breaks that should be rid of. Apply the built-in replacement feature and automatically in the document.

  • We recruit the combination "Ctrl + H" In order to display the window "Find and replace" . In it, on the tab called "Replace" , click on item "More" .http://comp-profi.com/wp-content/uploads/files/220516/ubrat-RAZriv-stranici-v-word/5.jpg.
  • Install the cursor in the field with a function "To find" , click on the key "Special" And from the list that appears, select item "Targeting page" . The field will display the symbol of the designation. http://comp-profi.com/wp-content/uploads/files/220516/ubrat-razriv-stranici-v-word/6.jpg
  • Field called "Replaced by…" You can leave empty. After that click on the function "Replace everything" . After deleting all breaks in the file, the information window will be displayed in which the amount of replacements made will be written. Click in me "OK" . Close the "Find and Replace" window.

If suddenly you do not need to eliminate absolutely all existing breaks, you can click on the button "Find further" and when the sign that is not needed is highlighted, click "Replace" . Thus, look at the whole document.


If, after the replacement, an emptiness appears between the strokes, you should familiarize yourself with the material on how to remove paragraphs.

Thus, applying one of the above methods, you will have the opportunity to eliminate the unnecessary gap of the pages in the Vordovsky file. Do not forget to ask your questions in the comment, and I will gladly answer everyone. All peace and health!

Using the page break function, you can simply and convenient to transfer text from one sheet to another. Thus, it turns out an easily readable and smooth document. Sometimes, when in the Word, this formatting is installed automatically or manually, it is necessary to remove it. About how to do it will be discussed in this article.

Deleting a rupture of a page added by hand

It is necessary to remove such a gap manually. The Word does not provide hotkeys or other ways to do it. Enough to follow a simple instruction:

  1. First, you must turn on the display of non-print signs to be easier to navigate in the document. You can do this on the top panel in the "Home" tab in the section "Paragraph". The icon of this function is in the right corner of the category. sign
  2. Now all non-print symbols will be visible, including page breaks. Select the desired or click the mouse in front of it. page break
  3. Click "Delete" or "Backspace" on the keyboard.

Thus, you can remove all the necessary gaps in the Word.

Setting the page break in Word, added automatically

In the Word it is possible to configure the automatic page breaks. Accordingly, they can be removed in the same way, and not just manually. This can be done as follows:

  1. Highlight the desired fragment or all text (Ctrl + A).
  2. Open the Home category on the top panel.
  3. In the "Paragraph" section, click on the arrow icon in the lower right corner.
  4. In a new window, open the "Position on page" tab.
  5. In the category "Breakdown on Pages", put the required checkboxes. the main

There is a possibility to set 4 parameters in the Word:

  • Prohibition of hanging lines;
  • do not tear off from the following;
  • Do not break off the paragraph;
  • from a new page.

We remove the gaps in the Word by replacing from all pages

If you need to remove breaks in a large document in Word, then manual removal will take a long time. Instead, you can use the built-in replacement function, which will allow you to make all the actions faster. This follows:

  1. On the Home tab, on the top panel, click "Replace" in the right corner. You can also use the Ctrl + H key combination.
  2. At the bottom of the window that appears, click "More". replace
  3. In the "Find" field, you should set the "Page Bar". You can set this value using the Special tab. page break
  4. Window "Replace" required to leave empty.
  5. Click "Replace All" to remove all breaks, or "replace further" if you want to control the process. replaced by
  6. When all the desired breaks are removed, click "OK".

We delete the page break, which divided the table into 2 parts

Usually, the tip of the page in the middle of the table appears in the Word in automatic mode. In this case, it is necessary to remove it as follows:

  1. Highlight the table where you need to remove the page break.
  2. On the top panel, open the category "Working with Tables", and in it tab "Layout".
  3. In the left corner, click on the "Properties". Properties
  4. In the window that appears, go to the "Row" section.
  5. Remove the checkbox with "Allow the transfer of strings to the next page." Table properties
  6. Click "OK".

The automatic gap for the selected table will be removed, and will no longer appear in the Word Document.

Regardless of whether the gap was installed manually or automatically, it can be easily removed. There are suitable ways for both small files and voluminous documents, so in any case, unwanted formatting in the Word can be removed without difficulty.

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