3 ways to teach York to the toilet: on a diaper, tray or street

Yorkshire terrier Popular breed among Russians. This is explained not only by its pretty appearance. York does not take up much space in the house, it is not necessary to walk, and there is little food for it.

Since such dogs are poorly tolerant, the owners prefer in the winter period not to walk them, but they teach to go to the toilet in the house. Tea York to the diaper must be quickly, in the first months of life.

Selection of toilet

First of all, it is important to prepare the room to the appearance of a puppy. It is recommended for the first time to remove not only carpet covering, but also small dear things from the floor. York at a young age is active and may damage random elements of the interior.

The future owners are worth determining in advance where the dog will go to the toilet.

York should go to the toilet to the street or on the tray?

Tray The street

On the one hand, it can be accustomed to correcting the needs in the apartment, on the other, as well as other animals, it is important for York to mark the territory on the street, to show its presence. Especially this rule concerns boys.

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If the owner of York accurately decided that it was ready several times a day in any weather conditions to bring pets to the street, then the home toilet organization is optional. For mini breeds, it is necessary to provide for the option of walking and in the apartment.

Recommendations for arrangement of placeholders:

  1. Place the diaper or tray is not on the passage of the apartment.
  2. The place must be available for the dog.

Many set the place for the tray or diaper where the York is sleeping. It is permissible, since in the first months of life, he does not know how to tolerate and writes immediately as he wakes up. But usually a toilet for a puppy York is organized where the dog will want.

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Methods of teaching a diaper or tray

Puppy is recommended to purchase at the age of three months. By this point, York not only becomes independent and does not require feeding from the mother, but also accustomed to the tray, thanks to the breeder. As a rule, in 2 months the puppy already understands where to write.

If York is bought from hand or for other reasons, a pet is not accustomed to a specific location of walking in the toilet, it will be necessary to train it yourself. It is important to do it before its semi-annual age, during this period the dog is easy to educate.

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Of course, it is permissible to teach everything and adult dogs, but it will require more time and strength. Teaching to the toilet takes several months for puppies and to six months for adults.

Space restriction

After the appearance in the House of York, it is worth protecting space for it in 4 square meters.

There are 2 limit options:

  • The fence - sold in the store or constructs independently from the remedies;
  • Wolter for dogs is a closed big cage.

The first option is preferable, since the cell is perceived by a puppy in 3 months as a separate dwelling, and everything is outside as street. Consequently, in the rest of the house, York goes to the toilet, where he wants, and it is necessary that he fell into his tray.

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In a limited space, it is recommended to put a bowl, equip a place to sleep (perfectly - house), lay a diaper.

The puppy will quickly determine where he needs to go to the toilet. If it was wrong, then it is important to wash the place where he pissed, wash the diaper with urine and put the territory on the territory allocated for its feces.


The second option is based on the use of a large amount of newspapers. The selected room is completely covered with cheap paper. York, without having alternatives, starts writing and caked on her. Gradually, it is necessary to remove part of the newspapers in those places where the pet does not cope with the need.

As a result, one or two papers remain in the most favorite places for adult York. The method is good because it is cheap. Disadvantage - the newspaper badly absorbs odors and requires frequent cleaning.


Reception is used either immediately after the puppy appears in the house, or as a result of a method with limited space. Diapers are located in the most beloved places for a girl or boy York. After taking food, the puppy must be attributed to them.

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After the dog makes his affairs, it is important to praise it. To scold and poke York in case of an error is not worth it.

Punishment works only when the pet gently adopted to go to the toilet in the wrong place, for example, to the host bed. Tea York to the diaper is permissible for several months.

Teaching to the toilet on the street

Even if it is assumed that sometimes York will go at home, it is advisable to teach it to cope on the street. After meals, the dog is withdrawn for a walk and wait until she pecks and does not run.

At the initial stage, normally, when York will go to the toilet in the house after walking. If you act consistently, it will gradually understand that the rest of the relatives make the need for the limits of the house and will follow their example.

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Recommendations for walking with a small yorkshire terrier:

  1. Do not approach other dogs and cats, they scare a puppy.
  2. Avoid puddles and deep snow.
  3. At low temperature to wear York in overalls.

If the weather is completely unfavorable, then you should not go outside. The dog is catching up and will take walks like punishment. In good weather, so that York stops walking in the house in the toilet, it is necessary to walk it at least 5-6 times a day. Adult dog is enough two walks per day.

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Need to scold

The punishment of the puppy for misses is categorically not recommended. Firstly, York does not know how to endure York, so it just does not have time to get to the installed place. Secondly, the dogs do not associate their mistakes with a crop, and they will not catch a diaper.

It is permissible to divert york if it does not go there in the toilet intentionally, but it is necessary to catch an error at once.

Detection of puddles in a few hours the host problem. The dog has already forgotten about what he did, so there will be no sentence.

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It is important to change diapers in a timely manner. Many dogs are clean, that is, they make a need next to the tray, if he is already dirty.

Useful advice

Several recommendations for beginner dog breeders:

  1. Before buying a puppy, it is worth carefully examining his pedigree, look at the parents and chat with the breeder. This approach will allow you to choose a well-healthy pet, easily trained and educated.
  2. To teach York to the toilet in the apartment must be sequentially, you should not wait for the puppy from the first time to understand where to cope.
  3. You can not beat the dog, cause pain in the process of teaching home toilet.
  4. Place for detergents need to be kept in accuracy, mini-york chistop dogs.
  5. Regular walks will lead to the fact that the pet will understand that it is more convenient for him to be practical on the street.

In the process of education, York should regularly communicate with experienced breeders. They will also prompt the best place to accommodate tray, and the optimal schedule of walking.

To teach a puppy of a small yorkshire terrier to the toilet simply, but it is necessary to act consistently and adamant. Crossing and punishment are not effective, it is better to approach this through rewards and delicacies.

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Dogs should be accepted to walk to walk, and to a multi-sized diaper at home. This format of the action will allow the puppy to feel like a full-fledged member of the street flock and not across the cold periods.

Yorkshire terriers are one of the most popular breeds in our country. Pesiki is beautiful, moving, good-natured and betrayed the owners. Although such a dog looks like decorative, it is not. Yorkie brave and bold creatures. And yet, many owners seem to be very flawed in the winter, and the walking in the rain will not give them pleasure.

At such seasons, the owners refuse regular walking. In this case, you need to teach Yorkshire Terrier To the rules of the toilet in an apartment or house . From the article you will learn: when you need to start learning to achieve a quick effect, where to equip the place that choose as the basis or filler.

When to start a teachment

Regardless of whether regular walks are planned, to teach the PSA to the ability to fulfill the toilet deeds in the house. He should know that in the event of an emergency there is a special place, going into which he will not cause discontent of the owner.

Well, start the learning process you need as early as possible. Everything will depend on what kind of age puppy appears in the new house:

  • If the puppy came from the responsible breeder - he already has all the skills. He is learned from his parents. In a new place, it is most likely confused. Loads may occur. But the teaching will not take much time - the main skills are worked out. The puppy only needs to get used to the new atmosphere;
  • If the baby does not have such skills - it is taught from the first moments of hitting the house.

Until the outlet of quarantine After vaccinations The puppy must master the toilet in the apartment of the new owner. Upon reaching 4 months, the baby is beginning to take out to the street and teach them to do and there their affairs.

IMPORTANT: During the quarantine period, you can not walk with a puppy. At this time, a tray or a diaper is very useful.

To teach a little york to the toilet, a diaper is useful

Pellecom or tray

Learn York puppies for several months. It will take to choose the most convenient for a particular kid option: a tray with fillers or a diaper. If cats or other dogs live in the house, it is worth choosing that kind of other animals. So the puppy will be much easier to get used.


Absorbing rug can be purchased in any supermarket near the house. Not necessarily to buy specialized pelleys for animals. This is just a marketing stroke, they do not differ from such products for children. At the same time, the children's pelleys are often discounts.

Pelainka is safe, but have a number of shortcomings:

  • high price;
  • Disposable use. They can not be erased. Yorkie is very clean, it will be necessary to replace such a litter after each application. Otherwise, the dog will make his business with the side;
  • Psi love to drag such products very much. Pieces of diaper can be swallowed, as a result - poisoning, breaking of intestines and other dangerous situations.

Nevertheless, changing the pellery is very convenient, just throwing out the new one. No need to wash anything, you can leave a few pieces nearby.

Of course, there are reusable options, but they will have to wash after each application.

Yorkie very clean dogs


There are a huge range of products that differ in price, materials and configurations. There are trays with sideboards, columns, special coatings. It is better not to buy too cheap products. Materials from which they are performed very well absorb odors that are difficult to remove. We'll have to change frequently.

As a filler, it is better to use newspapers or paper. A different filler Puppy York can perceive as a toy, scatter pieces around the apartment and, even, there.

The toilet is located in the apartment so that it is not in positive or in the passing place. It should be a secluded corner. The first time it is located next to the Lena Puppy. Kids cannot control the urge, so during the addiction tray or diaper should be near.

To teach york to the toilet in the house you need to half-year old age

Methods of teaching puppies and adult yorks

Teach a puppy is necessary to half-year-old age, the training of an adult dog may cause difficulties. After entering the new home, the baby york is equipped with its place, limiting the space. This can be done with:

  • Specialized store fence, fence. Can be performed from undergraduate materials;
  • aviary. Suitable a big cage.

In the York Cage, leave a sun bed, a bowl with food and water, a diaper or tray. At first, it is better to remove carpets and other removable floor coverings.

After entering the house, York should be equipped with its place

How to teach to the diaper

The way is simple: after making food, the baby is resting on the absorbent litter. You can use the way to designate the toilet: when the puppy will make things in the wrong place, wet a little litter and lay in his corner.

As a rule, smart dogs quickly understand what they want and master this science for 4 months.

How to teach to the tray

The tray is not very convenient to place in the header or aviary. For him, you can define a place that the dog itself "chose", pumping for the first time. After taking food, the puppy is sit down in a plastic vessel. Accommodation is possible next to the trays of other animals. Experienced hosts do not advise putting trays nearby if cats pour out fillers of any kind: Woody, stone, helium, etc. Great Danger of swallowing the substance of a small dog. This will lead to negative consequences.

When drying, the dog scold only if the baby makes his affairs, for example, on the host bed. In this case, it will be necessary to exclude the presence of the disease, find out Whether peeling stress . Often in this way of the dog trying to attract the attention of the owner. It is not excluded that the dog is simply spoiled and harmful.

Each correct trip to the toilet is a reason for praise and small encouragement. It is not necessary to get involved in goodies: the dog will constantly ask for a delicacy. In addition, such a promotion can lead to excess weight and flaws in development.

To scare away a small york from unwanted corners, you can apply special sprays. The liquid is applied to the floor and walls at a low level. According to the instructions for the drug, the layer is updated.

Even for home York, the skill go to the toilet to the street will come in handy

Teaching to the toilet on the street

Even if the baby is completely home, he must have Street skill . Streame toilet rules:

  • It is advisable to remove the dog to the street after each meal;
  • At first there will be drying, but with time the puppy is mastered. He will be interesting street smells, a desire will appear to mark the territory. He will be a member of the street dog society, will leave his "messages";
  • For a puppy, the frequency of walks - 5 or 6 times a day, for an adult dog can be limited to two walks. The best option will be three-time walks;
  • Do not walk in slakny, let's notice the weather. Such york exits can perceive as a punishment and refuse to release a bubble and intestines. This is exactly the breed, which under certain weather conditions needs special clothing. Jumpsuit pick up strictly in size so that he does not throw the dog's movement, but it was not too large. It is worth thinking about shoes or additional paw pads. The impact of chemistry in the winter can be very damaging the paws.

Of course, the dog needs to praise and encourage the lessons performed.

York kids up to six months are not able to control the urge to the toilet

Do I need to scold a dog

York puppy scold for misses it is impossible. Until six months, he simply cannot physically control the urge, does not have time to reach where it should be.

Training Tips:

  • If the dog has written or groan in the wrong place intentionally (in the opinion of the owner) punishment should follow immediately. If the "accident" happened a few hours ago, the punishment would be just useless. York can just hide offense;
  • cause pain or punish Such a baby is impossible. The dog is sufficiently dissatisfied with the host's intonation;
  • You need to be patient, from the first time no puppy is developing this science.

Before starting the dog, it is worth consulting a breeder. It will help you choose a place to accommodate a tray or diaper, a cage or aviary, advises how to spend the process itself.

Ideally, the dog should be able to do his affairs in a certain corner in the apartment, when going outside, do the same without any doubt. Such a format will allow York to feel a member of the street dog community, but also not catching up in wet or frosty weather.


Briefly about the main thing

  1. Teaching to the toilet begin as mono before, from the first days of hitting a new home.
  2. The toilet choose a tray or diaper (disposable or reusable).
  3. Materials and place must be kept clean - York is very clean.
  4. From 4 months start regular walks, offering a dog another option - the exemption of the intestine and the bladder on the street.
  5. In the process, it is impossible to punish the dog physically, discontent express immediately after the misdeed.
  6. By 6 months, the dog must master the skill.

Yorks are smart dogs who gladly listen to everything new. The main thing is to start learning as early as possible and be patient. And how was your teaching you? Share your experience, tips in the comments, please. We and other readers are very interesting to your stories.

From the first days in the House of York must understand where the place is allowed for the toilet. However, for a few months, he may flush past the diaper, not always tolerate to the street. This is a normal phenomenon in decorative rocks and should not be upset. In this article we will tell in detail how to teach york to the toilet .

A small advice: Before choosing a puppy, you need to look at its parents and a setting at the Breeder's House. If the males are lined in the dwelling or bitch leave the puddles in the wrong places, there is a smell of detergents in the rooms, then the likelihood of the same problems with a puppy. The parents who carefully walking on the street living in a clean room most often the offspring grows and normally tends to send the needs in the prescribed places.

Getting used to toilet rules - an integral part of the upbringing. The process resembles training. An excellent example of good behavior will be an adult obedient dog. Looking at her, a small york admirates useful habits and upbringing is faster. The task of the owner is to consolidate the delicacy or praise. When there is no such adult comrade, then instructions will help how to teach a puppy york to the toilet gradually:

  • Distributing Volding Diaper around the house - it is necessary at the time of quarantine and addiction. After all, the puppy urins many times a day and even with 4 one-time walks, patience sometimes ends.
  • Leave one diaper (you can attend a rubber car rug with sides for reliability) - the dog gets used to the sending of needs to do only here.
  • After quarantine, walk with a 2-month puppy at least 4 times (1 Walk - 30-60 minutes, the remaining 3 - 15 minutes).
  • On the street, praise every walk to the toilet.

How to teach Yorkshire terrier to the toilet on the street?

Do you need to walk york

You can teach York to the toilet on the street, but periodically there are various difficulties. For puppies, the process of addiction occurs rapidly, adults are difficult to change the habits and the well-minded world. Approximately 3 months the pet is already ready for daily outputs on fresh air. Then you need to catch the moment. For example, on the first promenade in the yard, he went to the toilet - followed by praise, stroking or a piece of delicacy. In the memory of the animal, the link "Toilet on the street - the joy of the owner (delicious piece) is postponed - pleasant emotion." It is necessary to repeat it to a victorious end, even for several months. Easier with dogs, which are called "appliances". They are ready to do anything for delicious food, to distinguish them easily for a strong appetite at any time, including immediately after eating.

Not many owners of decorative rocks are ready to go with them daily, and even more so in the frost. A deadly seat of the house for a long time damages the physical and mental health of York. So you need to know how to teach York to the street in winter . Problems arise when frosts are coming, and the pet is not adapted to them or too risen. The question with cold is solved by clothing and shoes, short shades in winter days. Then the duration of the winners increases from 10-15 minutes to 30 minutes and more.

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If York is not interested in walking, then he will not strive for the street. In this case, it is advisable to diversify leisure games, new routes, lightweight. Looking at the pet, you can understand what he reacts better. Unfortunately, the listed problematic aspects are not the only one. Useful tips will help to understand How to teach York to the street:

  • Puppies are more often eating and more often experience. After a meal, they are removed or removed to the street for the toilet.
  • After active games or simply when it is spinning in place, breaks, beeps, it is also carried on fresh air.
  • It is necessary to choose a peaceful area for the start of teaching to the toilet.
  • You can not scold when a puddle is found in the house. Only emotions to show that there is a grief at the time of relief of the puppy. Crossing, violence is not only useless, but also dangerous.
  • At the older age (more than 4 months) give the team "Fu!".
  • If frequent walking is available (at least 4 times), then the diaper is cleaned with us.
  • In difficult cases with a toilet, a tray or diaper is left to relieve man's cleaning.

How to teach yorkshire terrier to the tray?

Tray for York It becomes indispensable in various cases. Sometimes the owners have a health condition does not allow full promenade, a dog is sick in other situations. There are pets who have no culture in toilet matters: they are swept, do not understand that you can only be sent in the marked places. Trays simplify life and because of this are popular.

Before teaching York to the tray in 2 months, it is necessary to determine its location. It should be a quiet corner, where the pet is not disturbing. Access is required, that is, when placed in the toilet room or bathroom, there should be no pipes, hanging furniture, shelves with towels or bathrobes. A person needs free space to take a puppy on the hands or change the filler, wash. You can put it in the corridor, it will not deliver trouble with a subsequent transition to the toilet on the street. Prolonged placement thus prevents smells scattered by filler and nonesthetics.

The order of teaching terrier to the toilet in the tray:

  • Propose the tray and disinfect it.
  • On the bottom, put the absorbent diaper.
  • Let the puppy suit and sniffs a new subject.
  • After waking up, take food take the puppy in the tray.
  • Praise after sending.
  • If York went to the toilet elsewhere, wet the puddle with a diaper and put it in the tray.

What if York does not like the tray?

What to do if York did not like the tray

This happens not rarely. Perhaps the sides are too high or from plastic comes unpleasant odor, and indoors are cold and loud sounds. Some yorks go to a feline toilet, others, on the contrary, scares the neighborhood with the rest of the animals. Having understood, the owner will replace the box himself, rearrange him or will become more likely to praise the pet.

Choice of Tray for Yorkshire Terrier

Selection Tray for Elections

The choice is focused on the quality of the product, the height of the edges and size. Borts should not be higher than 6-7 cm, otherwise the modest dimensions of the decorative terrier will not allow him to climb. Prefer plastic without odors, with a smooth surface. The grill for a dog toilet is usually not needed.

There are original and extremely convenient models. Tray for york-boy Equipped with a column that helps to cope with uncontrolled marks. And the kobel is so natural to go to the toilet. For lovers of soft and natural surfaces, manufacturers offer drawers with an artificial lawn. Modest etames like a whole house with a removable lid and a freely open door.

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The competent selection of filling is important. For a nurse toilet, it is practical to use absorbent diapers. They are reusable (suitable for rare use and washing) or disposable, differ in size. Silica gel granules, extruded sawdust or sand is not so popular with yorkshire terriers. In addition, the puppy can swallow pieces of filler and seriously get sick, and the diaper is quite difficult to break.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: York goes to the toilet where it got?

Answer: If York is still small, then you can decompose the diaper everywhere and reveal what place it goes most often, gradually reduce the number of diapers and leave the tray only in this place. At the same time, every time he goes to the right place it must be praised. If you are already big and go to the street, but periodically york somewhere in the house goes to the toilet, then you do very big breaks between walks and it cannot suffer so much. It is also worth putting a tray or diaper at home. Sometimes York can make the territory so much. In this case, it is better to buy a special tray with a special column.

Question: How to teach York to the toilet in the apartment?

Answer: To begin with, it is worth starting with a diaper. Decompose it around the house and see where the york will walk and parallel Reducing the number of diapers. As a result, one or two places will remain, which most liked York. There you can still leave the toilet, but through some kind The time when York will be able to walk without any problems independently you can leave only one place. Instead of a diaper, then you can put a tray. But this transition must be not noticeable for York. Clean Diaper gradually.

Question: York can't go to the toilet?

Answer: The reason for this can be power (errors in the diet), serious health problems. It is necessary to observe the pet, whether it takes food, drinks water. It is also worth measuring the temperature to find out if there is no inflammation. And it is better to contact the vetclinic.

The teaching of the Yorkshire Terrier to the toilet is not such a simple matter, as it may seem at first glance. The dog may refuse to make their affairs in a place for a variety of reasons. . For example, because of stubbornness or because she does not like the tray. And the task of the owner in this case is in no hurry to convince the pet and make him cope with the need where he wants, but on a specially allocated place for this.

Photo 85738957R


Photo 457648471Yorks belong to those rocks whose representatives can be learned to protect the need not on the street, but in a tray or pellery.

True, for this you need to first organize a place for a pet, where its toilet will be located.

It is advisable not to arrange a constant dog toilet in the room or on the aisle where it will interfere. Best of all, if the place where the tray or pellecom will be, will be brightly lit at any time of the day. The dog should easily find it and have access to it at any time of the day and night.

It is best to allocate a part of the corridor or a bathroom for toilet deeds, if its dimensions allow it. Do not make a dog toilet to the balcony or on the terrace, as in the cold season, the exit there is likely to be limited. As a place for a toilet, you can use either a special tray intended for dogs, or a disposable waterproof pelleton.

Cynologists do not advise the feline tray as a toilet for Yorkshire.

The fact is that trays for cats boards are significantly higher, Because of what York and perceives it is not like a place for the toilet, but as one more laying. In addition to ordinary trays intended for puppies of any sex, Special trays with columns for males are also available. This allows the animal to mark its territory, not witching walls and angles.

How to tame a puppy at home?

How to teach york to the toilet on the streetThe teaching of the puppy to the toilet should be started from the first day of its appearance in the house.

To do this, you need to immediately show the pet Pelong or tray and every time after eating or sleeping it there.

At the very beginning it is not recommended to put a tray or pellery too far from the place where the puppy sleeps.

In the first few days, it is best to move them to the layer close and later little to move towards the door. Subsequently, the dog toilet moves to its permanent place. Or - if it is supposed to withdraw the York for toileties into the street, shifts to the entrance door.

To tray or diaper

How to teach Yorkshire's puppy to make your affairs on the pelleton or in the tray? Here are the basic rules for teaching a puppy to its toilet:

  1. From the first day of appearance in the house of York, there is a pellery or a tray, a puppy is placed, where the puppy is periodically planted after he is sown or sleep. While he does not make his business, it is necessary to hold him there, then praise and let go to play.
  2. You can start moving a dog toilet towards the exit when you get used to the puppy and starts to walk there.
  3. In order for the york to do not arise the temptation to make his affairs on the place where his pellecom or tray were before, you need to handle the space between the bed and the new canilet site with a special tool neutralizing smells.
  4. If the puppy did not reach and made his "cases" in the wrong place, then you need to remove a bunch or wipe the puddle, and the place where they were, to handle the means that neutralizes or overlaps odors.

As a filler for a tray, experts recommend using newspaper paper or all the same disposable pelling, hiding in the tray.

Use for this purpose sand or fine filler for the toilet animals should not be Since it creates additional dirt in the house or apartment: after all, such a filler remains on the paws and the long wool of York and spread all over the room.


Video about how the York puppy teach to a diaper or tray.


To the teachment to make toilet cases on the street, you should move only after the completion of the course of vaccination and quarantine. For this you need often - 5 - 6 times a day, to endure York to a certain, preferably, fenced place and land there in the same way as it was done during his teaching to the home toilet. If the puppy is fond of the game and forgets about everything, then it is necessary to hold it on the spot until he does all his "cases."

After that, it is necessary to praise a pet or treat it with delicacy. In order for York to quickly understand what is required of him, you can go for a small trick. You should take a piece of newspaper or rags, to dip it in the urine of the puppy and shallowly bury in a quiet and peaceful place. It is for this place that you need to use as a street toilet for a pet. I learning a familiar smell, he will quickly understand what the owner seeks from him.

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Even if they are subsequently, it is not planned to use the house tray or pellery as a toilet, until the puppy learn how to do his affairs on the street and while he is not used to tolerant, it is better to leave them in the same place so that he can use them on time .

Adult dog

фото 757 5 нргAcqualcing an adult york toilet is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

To do this, you can use the same ways as when teaching a puppy toilet.

As a rule, adult yorks quickly get used to making their "cases" in a certain place.

Although the process of their teaching and can take longer. It is more difficult when you need to move an animal that is used to using any place in the house as a toilet. In this case, the owner needs to show perseverance and perseverance. Places labeled by York should be carefully removed and processed by a special means that makes a desire to determine the desire in the dogs.

But the most difficult situation is when York deliberately dirty, where Or, which is very bad, specifically chooses the bed of your master or sofa as a toilet. This behavior indicates a serious psyche disorder. In this case, along with a teaching to the toilet, the owner must try to find out what could serve as a dog behavior and solve this problem by increasing the duration of walks and a more attentive attitude towards the pet.

The process of teaching toilet adult dog is longer and not always successful, if Yorkshire has already developed a habit of mischievous places.

фото 7648648кеRegardless of the age of the dog, the process of its teaching to the toilet should not be for pets unpleasant.

It is categorically not to shout on the animal or, especially, poke his nose in a puddle or a bunch .

Moreover, if with the time of their appearance in the wrong place, quite a long time has passed. The dog is not able to tie the shouts of the owner and the nose to the nose in the emptying process itself, unless he was caught on the crime scene. But in this case, such methods are not the best way to wean her to dirt in the house.

You can scold a pet, but only with the condition, if he just made a bunch or puddle and the owner saw how it happened. But it should be precisely a reprimand, and not a brand or, moreover, screams. You can pursue York with your finger and say: "It is impossible!" or "not good!", But it is not necessary to break down on a cry, especially if we are talking about a puppy. So you can make a dog fear that makes her next time to make her "deeds" somewhere for furniture or in a distant corner - where the owners find them very soon.

Physical methods of impact on a pet, such as the punishment of his leash, are completely unacceptable as they only annoy it, but will not help in the case of teaching to the toilet.


To commit to the Yorkshire terrier to the toilet is easy if you act in succession and follow the rules to help alleviate this process. Little puppies, from the first day of appearance in the house, were taught to the pellenya or tray, they quickly understand where they should do their "cases." The teaching to the toilet adult dog can take more time and in this case the owner will need to show perseverance and perseverance, Gradually, seeking the pet to be practiced only in the place.

At the same time, it is necessary to remember that you can bounce the York if he has attacked the house, but shouting at him or, especially, to beat, it is impossible. Teaching to the pellets, a tray or street walking should not be associated for a dog with something unpleasant. In this case, she will quickly understand what is required from it and will be used as a toilet only intended for this place.

Щенок йорка на травке

On how to teach the Yorkshire Terrier to the toilet, you will have to think first, because the dog will be mostly at home, especially in the first months. In order for training with success and the pet began to protect the natural need in a place, this lesson will have to devote a certain amount of time and strength. Today we will talk about the correct sequence of actions when teaching the Yorkshire Chistoral Terrier.

Basic skills

Immediately after birth, the puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier is located in the Maneza along with mom. After a while, they begin to slowly get out of their first house and try to explore a new situation. In the first days they will make the territory where they hit until they detect a diaper or any other toilet, where they make the natural need of their mother.

First, the puppies of the Yorkshire Terrier will sweat the diaper and any other place at home randomly. But gradually a specific smell and certain conveniences, for example, a warm and soft diaper, suggest the kids, where it is best to do, awakening the natural instinct of chopotacy.

Приучение к пеленке

That is, ideally, and it happens in a good nursery, where the proceapment is followed. Therefore, we advise when buying a puppy to pay special attention to the purity of the toilet. Read more about the choice of a puppy, you can read in the article "Puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier: how much costs and how to choose."

When you pick up a puppy to a new home, the baby can be lost in your apartment and start rapidly marking the territory again. Your task is the teaching of the Yorkshire Terrier to the toilet anew. Next, we will look at what to start and what you need to do so that this process is going fast and as simple as possible.

Required preparation

In advance prepared place in your apartment for the future family member, you must put the toilet. We told about the preparation of the house for the arrival of the new tenant in the article "Care for the Yorkshire Terrier: Contents".

If you purchased an aviary for a puppy, then one toilet will be enough to take carelessness, since the space at the Yorkshire terrier will be limited. If you allowed a puppy to run around the house, you should install more toilets so that the pet has time to reach them.

В вольере пространство ограничено

The following options are suitable as a toilet for a Yorkshire terrier puppy:

  • Dry newspapers;
  • disposable diapers;
  • unnecessary clean fabric;
  • tray.

The most convenient and hygienic option for teaching a puppy to the toilet is a disposable diaper. It perfectly copes with liquid and unpleasant odor. Of course, if the diaper used is periodically changed to the new one. To comply with complete cleanliness under the diaper, you can put a tray with lowest sidelights or a rubber rug made of car.

Поначалу лучше организовать несколько туалетов

Over time, when the puppy is growing and stop marking the territory in the wrong places, you can buy a conventional dog tray with a filler or the same diaper. And for males, a special tray with a column will be an excellent option.

No matter what toilet for your pet you will prefer. The main thing is that the place chosen for this purpose cannot be changed, so as not to knock down the puppy. If you have a big home and toilets I had to put a few, they should also be moved from their places. Just over time, it will be necessary to reduce their number, leaving only one standing in the most suitable place.

After you decide with the place toilet, you need to protect all carpet covers in the apartment. To do this, you can remove them for a while or block access to them for a puppy. In the first time, the kid marks everything in a row, and can get used to doing it on the carpet, so similar to the toilet. Meeting the stubborn yorkshire terrier from these actions can be a big problem for you.

Go to learning

At home

The teaching of the pet to the toilet begins at home, because the puppy of the Yorkshire terrier can not go outside until all the basic vaccinations are made. Therefore, as soon as the little York appeared in your apartment, you must immediately attribute it to the toilet and try to wait when he will make his business.

If the baby does not want to do this and trying to leave, you do not need to force it on a diaper, a newspaper or in a tray. Give him time to get acquainted with the new setting: sniffing, wander. But do not descend an eye from the puppy. If noted that he wanted to the toilet, take it carefully and take it there.

Наблюдайте за поведением йорка

Usually the dog has a natural desire appears after sleeping, making food, energetic game and is accompanied by such actions as sex sniffing, circling around its axis. Some animals can start scraping the place where they are.

Get ready for the fact that the puppy will not immediately figure out why it is every time they are in the same place and will continue to mark different sections of your home. In the interval of adaptation and learning, you need to take yourself in hand and continue to repeat the necessary actions once. Despite the fact that the Yorkshire terrier is very stubborn, the monotony of the lessons of chopliness will lead to due results. As a result, the puppy will begin to go to the toilet in the place specifically allocated for this purpose.

После всех прививок щенка можно выводить на улицу

If you are going to get out of the house without your pet, do not forget to limit his Wolter or Door's space, so that he does not dust all the apartment in your absence.

If you accidentally stumbled on a bunch or a puddle outside the toilet, do not try to scold or beat a small tenant, because the time done has already passed and the puppy just will not understand, for which it is punished. Such actions you can scare the Yorkshire Terrier. If he closes in himself, it will cease to obey you.

Не наказывайте малыша напрасно

You can scold only if the pet has risen in the wrong place in your eyes. But in this case, you need to do without violence, simply say the "bad", "impossible", "not" and take a puppy to the toilet. If the dog went to the toilet - be sure to praise her, saying a tender tone "Good", "Well done". You can even encourage delicacy, but only at first, otherwise the puppy will accustomed to protect the natural need only upon receipt of snacks.

Со временем собака научится проситься на улицу

To facilitate the teaching of the Yorkshire Terrier, you can use certain means that are sold in specialized stores. One means, for example, the "smart spray" from the company "API-San" spray the toilet, and he attracts a puppy with his smell to make his business there. Another means, for example, "Antigadine" with its sharp smell can make the baby change their mind to mark the floor where it is impossible.

Even a Yorkshire Terrier dog who accustomed to the toilet can again begin to mark the territory where it fell during his puberty. Bitch can do the same during camps. No need to be angry with a pet, the wines of the reproduction instinct. It is necessary to do the same thing that you did when the puppy was first followed to cleanliness. A pre-trained dog will quickly understand what you want from it.

Йоркширский терьер


After three months, the puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier can begin to walk, because by this time you should have all the laid vaccinations. If you plan to go out with a pet for a walk every day, wisely will teach it to go to the toilet on the street.

The first awesome exits will be quite frequent, a day for five to six times. When the puppy just woke up or attempted, you need to take it out onto the street and put on the grass to familiarize yourself with the new territory. Good for this purpose, choose a plot where other dogs recently walked. The specific smell left after them will help your pet navigate and perform the action.

На улице для приучения можно использовать пеленку

For complete confidence in the success of learning, you can take with you the already used diaper. Thanks to her smell, the yorkshire terrier will be able to figure out faster, for which he was taken away. Do not forget to cheer the dog for the right actions of the praise.

Each time it is not worth carrying a whole diaper, take off the part from it until it is over. By this time, the puppy must already learn how to go to the toilet outside the native walls. If the miracle still did not happen, repeat the manipulations with a diaper while the baby does not learn to be practical on the street.

At first, the puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier with inappropriate can ask for hands. You can take it for a while so that the pet calm down, but after a while again put on the ground. Do not leave home while the dog does not go to the toilet. So you can give her to understand what such walks are needed.

С кобелями возни больше

They will have to tinker with males, because they need to withdraw much more often than bitch. Yes, and walking them longer, since the urine system of boys works often, but slowly.

Do not go for a walk if the weather is bad on the street. Accustomed to the toilet, of course, an important thing, but the health of the Yorkshire Terrier is more important.

If you have something to add to this article or there is a desire to share your experience - leave, please, your comments.

Yorki is a small decorative breed, not created for life on the street in the aviary. But how to be with a toilet?

Few people want his apartment to turn into one large tray for a puppy. There is a simple solution: Pet needs to teach to go to the toilet in the place intended for this.

We will analyze which techniques you need to use to quickly teach York to a diaper or tray.

Как йорка приучить к туалету

From what age is starting to teach the toilet

Better if the training of York is a breeder. Sex age, the baby begins to leave his bed to know the world around.

Usually, Yorks do not cope with the place in the place in which they sleep. Therefore, around the burdock should lay diaper. But it often happens that the puppy is intimated to the new owner.

In 2 months, the crumb necessarily begun to teach walking already in a specially intended place in the apartment.

Selection and preparation of a place toilet

Before buying a puppy at home it is better to organize a small aviary in which the baby will spend almost all his time. There you need to put a bed, put a bowl with water and put toys. Nearby should be unzipped by a diaper on which the baby will cope natural needs.

If the puppy will be easily moved throughout the apartment, the tray is better to put in protected from drafts and direct sunlight place.

To do this, the corridor or passing rooms will not fit, as people will distract the baby from his affairs. The best bathroom or toilet room is best.

It is important! York must have unhindered access to the toilet. The door to the selected room should always be open.

What is better - a tray or a diaper

When choosing a toilet for York, pay attention to two factors: financial opportunity and practicality. Trays are more expensive, but they visually look better, more convenient to use, have a greater weight.

The lack of diapers is that the puppy can move them from the place and play with them. But they are cheaper.

What should be tray

Since Yorkshire terriers are miniature dogs, their toilet must be equipped with very high sides. Feline trays will not suit. At the bottom there should be a lattice, thanks to which the pet feet will remain clean and dry.

There are a large number of dog trays. When buying should be paid to the quality of plastic, size and convenience.

During urination, the boys Yorki raise the back paw. Their tray must be equipped with a special column or some walls can be higher than others. Otherwise, the peak can mark the walls and furniture. In the extreme case, the tray with low walls can be attached to the wall, and the wallpaper curtheave the glued and paper.

Tray for York

It is important! To fill the tray you should not buy bulk granules. York can take them for a toy.

What to choose diapers

Special diapers for animals are sold in pet store. They consist of several layers, thanks to which they absorb moisture well. In this case, the upper layer remains dry. This is important, because Yorkshire terriers are clean and will not go to the dirty toilet.

That is why the usual fabric is not suitable for this: it quickly wet and dries long.

Also, diapers can be bought in an ordinary human pharmacy. The higher the price, the better the diaper absorbs. Budget replacement can be ordinary newspapers. But they do not absorb moisture and need to be changed very often.

Teaching york to the toilet

To teach York to the toilet is easy, it is important to show perseverance and closely follow the pet. So it turns out to achieve rapid results.

The more often the owner will be yawn, and Pesk leave a bunch in the wrong places, the more the teaching to the toilet will delay.

Before buying a puppy with floors, it is worth removing all carpets. The kid can take them for the toilet, and then wean york from the puddle on the carpets will be difficult.

It is important! In the period of study, you need to isolate all the secluded places that the puppy can choose as a toilet.


First, the Yorkshire terrier must be accustomed to the diaper. To do this, you should lay all the places on the floor, for which the baby made a bunch.

The diaper can be slightly mocking in the urine, so that the smell proceeds from it. As soon as the baby begins to search where to make his job, it should be immediately transferred to the right place.

When the puppy is constantly walking on diapers, their quantity can be reduced.

It should not be in a hurry, otherwise York again will step up to make heaps on the floor. Then everyone will have to start first. Over time, there should be only one diaper in a reserved place.

Пеленка для йорка


When the puppy lifted diapers, it's time to teach the yorkshire terrier to the tray. The kids are not able to endure, so initially you should put trays into each room.

If the dog is already walking into one place, it should be a tray. On its bottom, you can put a piece of polluted diaper. To teach York to the tray, as soon as the Pesp will advise her need, it needs to praise.

It is important! Do not forget to clean the dog in time. Yorkie will not go to the dirty toilet.

Toilet on the street

The first time York will have to be taken out on the street several times a day. Kids have a quick metabolism, so they often go to the toilet. Having a puppy to the street need:

  1. 10-15 minutes after meals.
  2. Immediately after sleep.
  3. After an active game.
  4. When the dog is looking for a place where to hover.

To teach York to the toilet on the street, you can take with you the evaporated diaper. It must be sought to the ground and put the baby on her. He feels the smell and will guarantee.

What can not be done during the teachment to the toilet

Nothing terrible if the baby does not suffer and make a bunch on the floor. If you caught York behind the process, it can be digested by a quiet serious voice.

If you only found traces of a crime, you should not scold a puppy. He will not understand why he is punished.

It is important! You can not shout or beat the puppy for the fact that he guided the need in the wrong place. This may lead to the fact that the dog will begin to eat his excrement or write in secluded places. So he will try to hide traces of the crime.

Is it possible to teach an adult dog to the toilet

Puppies, who have not been fulfilled half a year, gives care of training best. In adulthood, teach York to the toilet will be much more complicated.

With some dogs it is impossible at all. It all depends on the individual features of the PSA. If a puppy can be taught to walk in one place during a couple of months, then the training of an adult dog can stretch for six months.

Even if York is accustomed to protect the need for a special place, it does not mean that you can completely abandon walking.

Moving dog need to give energy somewhere, otherwise it will begin to lean. In addition, fresh air helps strengthen the immune system.

Как приучить йорка к туалету на улице

Councils of Kinologi

The kids have a very fast metabolic metabolism, and up to 4 months they can urinate every 2 hours. Therefore, for the behavior of the puppy you need to closely. It is impossible to allow him to make heaps in the wrong places. The more often the misses will occur, the harder to teach the puppy.

To the toilet on York Street is easier to teach if walking on walks with other dog breeders. A puppy will see how other dogs will handle the need on the street, and will repeat behind them.

Puppy must be trained and learn teams. So to teach the Yorkshire terrier to the toilet will be much easier.

As soon as the dog starts to add to the floor to make a bunch, he needs to give the team "Fu!" or "it is impossible!". When he listens and recover on a diaper, it can be encouraged.

Yorks can rightly be considered indoor dogs. And it's not just that they have small sizes and can live even in small-size.

This breed is easy to teach to go to the tray. Thanks to this, you can avoid early raises and walks in rainy and frosty weather.


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