How to choose a good and inexpensive vacuum cleaner for the house in 2021

Vertical vacuum cleaner

This is a kind of electrolling - the handle on which the brush is mounted and an electric motor. The motor can be located below or from above, the second option is more powerful. Does not take up much space and suitable for supporting cleaning. For example, will gather scattered sugar or earth from a flower pot, which broke a cat. Usually it is bought in addition to the classic vacuum cleaner, but in the apartment-studio without carpets can be used as the main one.

Pay attention to the container of the dust collector - the higher it is, the less you need to interrupt cleaning to clean the container. In some models there are turbo and nozzles, for example, a turbo sheet - she quickly collects hair, threads, pet wool. Turbo grounds are mechanical (rotated due to the passing air) and electrical (with separate drive).

Vertical vacuum cleaners are easier classic, but they need to wear during cleaning, and not roll along the floor. Therefore, weight plays an important role. For example, vacuum cleaner 3 kg weighs as two dumbbells or two kettles filled with water.


  • As a rule, easier classic
  • Convenient to store and use
  • Wireless models are not tied to outlets


  • Less powerful than classic
  • Small volume of dust collector
  • Wireless models require recharging

Vacuum cleaner is one of the main assistants of a person in the fight for purity. How to choose the best? To decide whether you only need a dry cleaning of the room or is also required and the availability of a wet cleaning function, how best to collect garbage and how much space you are willing to take off the caustic inventory. We have collected for you the most reliable and high-quality models of vacuum cleaners, which are suitable for both the Big House and for a miniature apartment.


Bag vacuum cleaners: the most familiar and comfortable

Standard vacuum cleaners with a bag are available at a price, their cost is from 2000 rubles. Therefore, they are often preferred to acquire lonely people, young couples, students.


Although this vacuum cleaner collects garbage into the bag, after cleaning the dust does not hang in the air, since the device has a HEPA filter. Therefore, Daewoo can use even people suffering from respiratory diseases.

+ Pluses Daewoo Electronics RGJ-210R

  1. low weight, 4.7 kg, makes it easy to maneuver;
  2. there is an adjustment of power on the housing;
  3. When filling the bag, the indicator is triggered;
  4. Vertical parking is possible.

- Cons Daewoo Electronics RGJ-210R

  1. Small equipment, only a combined floor / carpet nozzle and a slit nozzle.

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for everyday cleaning in small rooms. It can easily clean the rug with a short pile, remove the sand and dust from the floor.

+ Pros Sinbo SVC 3449

  1. There is a foot switch on / off;
  2. cord is automatically wounded;
  3. Combined floor brush and carpet;
  4. You can store in a disassembled form.

- Cons SINBO SVC 3449

  1. Filter of fine cleaning is clogged, it must be changed.
Grunhelm GVC8208.

Reliable and high-quality model suitable for cleaning country rooms, garden houses, small apartments.

+ Pros Grunhelm GVC8208.

  1. You can use a reusable fabric bag or paper bags;
  2. Large dust collector, up to 2 liters;
  3. well cleans tight carpets, pulls garbage with the slots;
  4. There is a nera filter.

- Minuses Grunhelm GVC8208.

  1. The valve on the bag closes with the effort, if you do not even give, the garbage can be added.

Washing vacuum cleaners: the most convenient for complex cleaning

There are practically no new products in this category. The washing vacuum cleaner is a bulky apparatus that family people buy for years. Preference is given to the recognized manufacturers of washing vacuum cleaners Zelmer, Thomas, Karcher. They have already proven themselves as the highest quality and reliable.

Thomas X10 Parquet Aqua

The German washing vacuum cleaner suitable for dry and wet cleaning, as well as easily collecting water from the floor. It has a large complete set, which includes slotted nozzles, brushes for cleaning furniture and moisture collection.

+ Pluses Thomas X10 Parquet Aqua

  1. There is an aqua filter that does not transmit dust with dry cleaning and at the same time moisturizing air;
  2. After a wet surface cleaning quickly dry;
  3. there is an adjustment of power on the handle (Du-remote);
  4. Easy to care, it is enough to pour dirty water after cleaning from a special container;
  5. You can wash windows;
  6. There is a wet cleaning of parquet.

- Cons of Thomas X10 Parquet Aqua

  1. Very expensive, from 33 000 rubles.
Zelmer VC 7920.5 SP Aquawelt

The vacuum cleaner with which it is comfortable to make wet and dry cleaning in a big house. Suitable for a large family with children, in which you want to constantly maintain perfect order.

+ Pros Zelmer VC 7920.5 SP Aquawelt

  1. It collects well with floors;
  2. Suitable for cleaning carpets, sofas, car salons;
  3. With a wet cleaning, it spray well;
  4. The hose is reinforced, easily spins in the nest, which prevents the appearance of chances and damage;
  5. One of the cheap models can be bought for 13,000 rubles.

- Cons Zelmer VC 7920.5 SP Aquawelt

  1. It is not suitable for wet cloth of laminate, since the plates are very rejected.

Karcher SE 4002.

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for large-scale cleaning, when you need to clean the carpets, eliminate dirt from the floor, wash the surface in all rooms. The kit includes combined nozzles, as well as special brushes to extract detergents.


+ Pros Karcher SE-4002

  1. The tank is located on large wheels, so the vacuum cleaner is conveniently transporting both rooms in the room;
  2. Capacity for dirty water - 4 liters, you can not change the entire period of cleaning;
  3. there is a surveillance sensor;
  4. Due to the flavoring function, unpleasant odors are eliminated;
  5. Provides storage of accessories in the container.

- Cons Karcher SE-4002

  1. High and bulky, need a special storage place.

Vacuum cleaners with aqua filter: perfect for allergies

Washing vacuum cleaners are very expensive, how to save, but ensure decent cleaning in the premises? You can buy vacuum cleaners with aqua filters, they work on the same principle as the devices for wet cleaning, but at the same time not equipped with sprayers.


Powerful vacuum cleaner, to dust eliminating pollution from the floor and leaving the smell of freshness in the rooms. In addition to the HEPA filter, a plastic container with water is installed, through which polluted air passes.

+ Pluses Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh

  1. cleans the room, not polluting air;
  2. Suitable for using allergies;
  3. adjustable suction power;
  4. Thanks to big wheels, it is well managed;
  5. Long cord - 8 meters.

- Cons Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh

  1. There is no tank for detergent, simply not provided by the design.
MPM Product MOD 21

This vacuum cleaner attracts users with its original design - transparent working case. Here dirty air also passes through the water tank. Dust and debris settled in the tank, additional cleaning provides the HEPA filter.

+ Pros MPM Product MOD-21

  1. Large wheels easily pass the threshings and drive on carpets;
  2. there is a two-position turbo sheet;
  3. The hose scrolls, so you can clean the floor around yourself without moving the device;
  4. Handle telescopic, which allows you to clean the eaves from the web, the ceiling.

- Cons MPM Product MOD-21

  1. A small capacity of the dust collector, only 1.2 liters.
ADLER AD 7022.

One of the newest vacuum cleaners with aqua filter designed for dry cleaning. If you wish, you can install a paper bag for collecting garbage instead of a container with water. This type of tide does not provide for air humidification, but the room is still not contaminated with dust, since additional cleaning provides a HEPA filter.

+ Pros Adler AD 7022

  1. Sustainable, since the tank is located on 4 wheels;
  2. Thanks to the vertical parking, it takes little space;
  3. The tube is composite, easily going;
  4. When using an aqua filter moisturizes air;
  5. Included there is a disposable paper bag, slit, parquet nozzles, floor brushes, carpets, furniture.

- Cons Adler AD 7022

  1. No power regulator.

Container vacuum cleaners: for quick cleaning

You can not tolerate textile bags, dirty water in containers and generally prefer not to contact with garbage? Then you need a cyclone vacuum cleaner with a special container for dust collection. After cleaning, the container is removed and its contents simply falls into the trash can.

Samsung vc18m31a0hp.

There is no bag in this vacuum cleaner, there is only a special block in which hair is harvested, dust, sand. At the same time, the garbage is not clogged by filters, the wool does not get stuck in the bag fibers. Vacuum cleaner is easy, it can be transferred for the handle.

+ Pluses of samsung vc18m31a0hp

  1. Equipped with an anti-tangle turbine that does not allow hair winding on the brushes;
  2. Power can be adjusted with buttons placed on the handle;
  3. The power cord is provided;
  4. Large volume of garbage collector - 2 liters;
  5. High suction power - 380 W.

- Cons Samsung VC18M31A0HP.

  1. There are no additional methods for collecting garbage (bag, water reservoir).
Philips FC 9728.

With this vacuum cleaner, you can remove in the most remote corners of the room, clean the carpets and remove the wool from the sofa. The unit will not take much space, it can be stored vertically.

+ Pluses Philips FC 9728

  1. Well sucks small grains, animal wool, garbage, since power reaches 2000 W;
  2. Long cord - 7 meters;
  3. The dust collector includes up to 2 liters of garbage;
  4. There is an anti-allergy washable filter;
  5. The kit includes a slit nozzle, a built-in brush, nozzles that are fastened to the housing.

- Cons Philips FC 9728

  1. The bristles on the cleaning brush is very tough, with careless handling it can be damaged by the sofa lining.
Hoover HYP 1600.

He will cleaned the mats, removes the sand from the laminate, eliminate the garbage from the tile and wooden floor. With this vacuum cleaner, cleaning turns into pleasure, because the device is lightweight, it can be rolled on the wheels from the room into the room.

+ Pluses Hoover HYP 1600

  1. Suitable for cleaning parquet;
  2. You can remove dirt from textile surfaces;
  3. There is an additional water filtration system;
  4. Large equipment: floor and carpet tubes, slit and dust nozzles, brushes for upholstered furniture;
  5. You can store nozzles on the sliding tube.

- Cons HooVer HYP 1600

  1. If a removable filter does not dry before cleaning, a slight unpleasant smell may appear indoors; only horizontal parking.

Vertical vacuum cleaners: compact and reliable

In a small apartment it is best to use vertical vacuum cleaner for cleaning. It will not take a lot of space, in the folded form, you can even arrange outside the door.

Samsung vs6000

This is a comfortable vertical vacuum cleaner that is suitable for cleaning garbage from the floor and cleaning furniture. The device is characterized by a high suction power, so it can be removed from it to remove the dirt even in hard-to-reach places: between the backs and seats of the sofa, in the floor slots.

+ Pluses of samsung vs6000

  1. vertically stands where it was set;
  2. up to 30 minutes can work on the battery;
  3. Fully charged in 3 hours;
  4. The set of slit nozzles is attached directly to the vertical design;
  5. Sponge dust filter, it can be washed under the crane;
  6. High handle allows not to be tilted when cleaning.

- Cons Samsung VS6000

  1. Dear enough, from 16 000 rubles.
Karcher FC 5 Premium

It is not just a vacuum cleaner that you will use instead of a broom. With Karcher FC 5 Premium, the hostess will safely hold and dry and wet cleaning, because this unit is equipped with and brushes for suction of garbage and a mop.


+ Pluses Karcher FC 5 Premium

  1. can be used for dry and damp cleaning;
  2. Designed for suction of liquids;
  3. Vertical parking - takes little space;
  4. Paul dries after cleaning for 2 minutes;
  5. Includes there are spare rollers for brushes.

- Cons Karcher FC 5 Premium

  1. Small volume of dust collector, only 0.2 liters.
Philips FC6404.

Universal vacuum cleaner, which suits not only for dry cleaning of surfaces, but also for wet cleaning. Since the work of the device on batteries is provided, it can be used for cleaning on verandas, balconies, in other places where there is no possibility to connect to the outlet.


+ Pluses Philips FC6404.

  1. Light housing can be moved by one hand around the room;
  2. There is a slit nozzle and special linings for dry and wet cleaning;
  3. Removal and installation of nozzles is made on magnetic holders;
  4. battery life - up to 40 minutes;
  5. washable filter cleans the exit air;
  6. There is a removable compact turbo sheet.

- Cons Philips FC6404.

  1. short cord to the case;
  2. There is no power adjustment on the vacuum cleaner.

Car vacuum cleaners: for cleaning in hard-to-reach places

In the cabin of the car often garbage. Cleaning seats, removal of dust, cleaning mats from dirt and sand. Use a large vacuum cleaner in a limited space of the machine is inconvenient. Therefore, autosoclons come to the rescue owners.

Blackdecker NVB115WA.

With this device, you can easily clean the dashboard from dust, remove the hair with the covers with the covers. The vacuum cleaner works from batteries, so it can be taken on a long road and use to maintain order in the car.

+ Pluses Black + Decker NVB115WA

  1. does not take up much space;
  2. a cyclone garbage suction system, not required garbage bags;
  3. Suitable for dry cleaning and suction of liquids;
  4. Included there is a slit nozzle.

- Cons Black + Decker NVB115WA

  1. A short period of operation from the battery, up to 7.5 minutes.
Hoover Jive SJ36 DWV6

This vacuum cleaner will quickly eliminate dirt in the car and even the smell of dust will not leave, since the air is filtered at the outlet. The garbage is going to the container, from which it is later possible to pour it.

+ Pluses Hoover Jive SJ36 DWV6

  1. There is a power regulator on the handle;
  2. low weight, only 640 grams;
  3. horizontal storage location;
  4. Air purification through the HEPA filter.

- Cons Hoover Jive SJ36 DWV6

  1. It works only from the car cigarette lighter;
  2. Cannot be used to collect liquid.

You can quickly clean the armchairs and mats using Daewoo Power autosaw. It is quite powerful, 100 W, so it easily copes even with complex pollution.

+ Pluses Daewoo Power DAVC 100

  1. Suitable for collecting liquid;
  2. easy to disassemble and clean;
  3. Ergonomic handle shape;
  4. Cyclone garbage collection system.

- Cons Daewoo Power DAVC 100

  1. Large weight - 1.8 kg;
  2. It works only from the power grid.

Robots vacuum cleaners: the highest quality assistants

You do not want to spend time cleaning the apartment, but also you can't bear the crumb, sand, dog wool on the floor? The ideal option is a robot vacuum cleaner. Such an aggregate will remove the dirt itself, you just need to adjust it correctly and after work, free from garbage.


Thin-thin vacuum cleaner with an original form: oval on one side and a rectangle on the other. Why are such difficulties? To brushes can pick up dust even from the corner of the room. Reminted for cleaning gender, tiles, carpet coatings.

+ Pluses of samsung vr7050

  1. Very thin, passes under the sofas and armchairs;
  2. Equipped with a navigation system for scanning space, so it does not encounter obstacles;
  3. not dust, the whole garbage falls on a special stand below;
  4. there is a self-cleaning brush;
  5. On carpets, the suction power rises automatically;
  6. You can set mapping the floor surface.

- Cons Samsung VR7050.

  1. The small charge of the battery is grabs for 20 minutes;
  2. The volume of the garbage container is small, suitable only for small rooms.

Irobot ROOMBA 890.

Instead of the remote control to manage this robot vacuum cleaner, you can use a special application on the smartphone.

+ Pluses Irobot Roomba 890

  1. Connect to smartphone via Wi-Fi;
  2. Virtual motion limiter;
  3. Programming device work schedule;
  4. Equipped with double rollers for capturing garbage rotating in different directions;
  5. There are turbo sheets and scrapers to remove suiches mud;
  6. There are height sensors to prevent falling from stairs;
  7. hour of continuous operation on batteries;
  8. Not confused in the reasons.

- Cons Irobot Roomba 890

  1. Just indecent roads - from 30,000 rubles.
Philips FC 8792.

This robot will clean the carpet, gender, tile, package. I will remember the map of the location of things and the next time perfectly removes the room yourself. Long brushes on a rectangular housing are well captured by trash from plinths and room angles.

+ Pluses Philips FC 8792

  1. Several motion modes: zigzag, spiral, along the walls, arbitrary;
  2. timer up to 24 hours;
  3. automatic return to the database with low battery charge;
  4. Managed by one button and remote control.

- Cons Philips FC 8792

  1. Small volume of dust collector, 400 ml.

Still not solved, what vacuum cleaner is better suitable for your family? Focus on the size of residential premises, consider the health status of all family members and, most importantly, remember: cleaning should take the minimum amount of time in your life.

The vacuum cleaner is one of the oldest household appliances: more than a hundred years of years, these electric helpers help us maintain their homes clean, along the way, hovering horror on domestic animals. Only modern models are easier, more convenient, environmentally friendly, and some can even vacuum themselves. It is unlikely that you can find a family in which there would be no vacuum cleaner, and it is not surprising - it is really indispensable when cleaning. And how not to get lost in the whole manifold of modern vacuum cleaners, this guide will tell.

Normal, vertical, construction or robot?

The classic vacuum cleaner has undergone not so many changes over the past decades - the same case with a pump and filter, a flexible hose and nozzle. However, before buying an ordinary vacuum cleaner of the classical layout, be sure to pay attention to other types of vacuum cleaners - maybe they will be better.

Vertical vacuum cleaner Not new (he is also more than a hundred years), it was simply not extended in Russia for a long time. Yes, and now its popularity is low, which is not a habit, but quite serious flaws:

  • Small dust collector;
  • low power and performance;
  • It is impossible to "bring up" by the nozzle under the sofa or the cabinet;
  • More load on the hands due to the larger weight of the rod;
  • Not every model will be able to vacuum the walls or ceiling.

But the vertical vacuum cleaners occupy very little space, which makes them very comfortable in small apartments - especially since the main flaws of these models are not as noticeable.

But also can not be mentioned about Rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaners , gaining increasing popularity. May most of the deficiencies of the form factor in them remain, they are all leveled by the absence of a confusing wire.

Building vacuum cleaner Designed for cleaning of serious contaminants - cement dust, sawdust, dirt, puddles, etc. An ordinary vacuum cleaner with such not cope - we need special solutions that protect the engine and the parts of the vacuum cleaner from heavy and sharp fragments and construction dust.

Robots vacuum cleaners Today in fashion. Still: After all, they fulfill all the work on cleaning home themselves. True, there are also its subtleties there: they are removed "robots" for a long time, often strive to get stuck under the bed or get confused in the wires. But you can no longer doubt - the future behind them. Moreover, the prices for them are constantly decreasing.

If you are still sure that you need a conventional vacuum cleaner, it's time to decide which they are that they differ and what their characteristics are important for you first.

Characteristics of vacuum cleaners


The principle of action of a conventional vacuum cleaner did not undergo any changes in a hundred years. The electric air pump creates a permission at the entrance to the nozzle connected to the flexible hose device. The air absorbed air carries with me the dust particles, then the air is cleaned and it turns back, and the dust remains inside the vacuum cleaner.

An ordinary vacuum cleaner performs dry cleaning, i.e. Collects dry garbage particles. With contaminated surfaces, he can not cope - only wet cleaning with a conventional sex rag or Washing vacuum cleaner .

Washing vacuum cleaner Spraying water under the suction nozzle (often with a detergent to increase efficiency), and then collects it from the surface along with mud. The effectiveness of cleaning in such a vacuum cleaner is much higher. If you have to wash the floors often and remember - the washing vacuum cleaner can become an indispensable assistant for you. However, there is also disadvantages:

  • It is much more expensive than usual;
  • It is much harder and larger - the weight of water in the device containers itself is added to the weight of the vacuum cleaner;
  • The maintenance of the washing vacuum cleaner and its preparation for work is more complicated and takes longer.

Some owners of washing vacuum cleaners are rapidly disappointed in the purchase - it is sometimes easier to quickly wipe the floor with the usual mop than to mess with assembly, filling with water and cleaning the detergent vacuum cleaner.

Manual vacuum cleaners As follows from the name, "weight" is used. As a rule, these are low-power models intended for collecting dust and crumbs from car salons, furniture, windowsill, interior items, other horizontal surfaces. Such models are often accumulative, which makes it easier to work with them. For cleaning the floor, they, of course, are not intended.

Many battery vertical vacuum cleaners are removed, turning them into a manual model. Such a vacuum cleaner can be added and the shelves and the floor.

Power suction

The efficiency of the vacuum cleaner depends on the two parameters. First, from the magnitude of the flow of air - than it is more, the more severe particles can suck the nozzle. Secondly, from the vacuum created by the pump - than it is more, the less the flow will fall on various obstacles (brush, nozzle, filters, etc.) the product of these values ​​and there is a suction power.

Power suction up to 350 W It is suitable for cleaning weak contaminants from simple smooth surfaces (linoleum, parquet, tile, etc.) The turbo sheet on the vacuum cleaner with such a power of suction will be ineffective.

Power suction from 350 to 450 W It will make it possible to clean the dilated materials (carpet, carpet, etc.) and cope with serious dust deposits.

Power suction from 450 W Ensure deep cleaning of upholstered furniture and long-sized coatings. In addition, the vacuum cleaner with such power can significantly increase the cleaning performance due to broad nozzles.

High power is not always good: some materials require delicate circulation, therefore, the power regulator is desirable on such vacuum cleaners.

But it is impossible to choose a vacuum cleaner only in one characteristic, because there is no single way to measure suction power. In addition, it can decrease depending on the nozzle you use, or when the container is filled with dust, and different models in different ways.

And the manufacturers go to various tricks to indicate the maximum possible suction power for their model. For example, measure this characteristic with a removed fine cleaning filter, which is as if optional. As if - Because the vacuum cleaner is still sold and used with this filter, but removing it from the standard configuration for the test allows you to specify much b оI have a suction power.

In order not to be disappointed in the vacuum cleaner, I'm used to pay attention to Power consumed . Choosing between two vacuum cleaners with the same suction power is better to take the one who has more power consumption - it will rather provide high cleaning efficiency. However, this is not all.

The power consumed by the vacuum cleaner - the characteristic is unambiguous and unchanged. The more powerful the engine, the higher the suction power, but only with the same design! The type of dust collector and the filter device can strongly affect the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner, so before purchase, you should compare these characteristics in selected models.

The more powerful the engine, the higher the suction power, but only with the same design.

Type of dust collecting

Transmission of air with dust through the bag is the oldest, but still the most effective way to collect garbage. In other other parameters, the efficiency of vacuum cleaners with a bag is higher, but this type of dust collector and disadvantages have:

  • Reusable dust collector will be required to periodically shake and clean. The occupation is not enough that unpleasant, so more and harmful if you do not concern the protection of the respiratory organs.
  • Disposable dust collectors will like "cleanly", but they will have to buy them, and each cleaning will be associated with some cash costs, and not so invisible - the price of a one-time bag ranges from 100 to 1,000 rubles.
  • Bags to your model may not be on sale and then use the vacuum cleaner will be impossible even with its fulfillment. And it is not necessary to hope that a reusable bag will save you from this attack - he will also be exhausted once and will require a replacement.

The vacuum cleaner with a container-dust collector is easier in circulation and does not require constant costs. However, the container requires periodic cleaning (and preferably washing), and the cyclone design is usual for this type of dust collector adds its drawbacks: such a vacuum cleaner is no more more expensive and has a smaller efficiency.

Aqua Filter is the most effective way of separating dust. In vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter, the dirty air is passed through the tank with water, not only cleansing, but also moisturizing. The dust output is minimal - both when cleaning and cleaning the container. Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaners with aqua filter is noticeably harder, dimuiser and more expensive than other types.

In some models, a hybrid dust collector is used, allowing the owner to decide that it is more important. For example, a vacuum cleaner with a bag of a bag / container can be used both with a bag and without it. In the first case, you will get a lightweight and "clean" getting rid of dust, in the second - do not spend money.

The bag or container delays only a large garbage, and a filter system is used to further purify the air. Under the fine cleaning filter is usually understood by the presence in the HEPA H12 filter vacuum cleaner and above. But if there is no fine cleaning filter, fine dust will calmly pass through the vacuum cleaner.

The higher the class, the higher the degree of cleaning (up to 99.9995% for class H16), but below the engine efficiency.

Suction pipe design

Exist and models at all without pipe - Usually this is the hand vacuum cleaners.

Whole rod It makes it difficult for a compact folding of the vacuum cleaner and inconvenient that it is impossible to be adjusted as necessary. There are already very few such vacuum cleaners.

Composite trumpet Easy and inexpensive, but can also deliver a lot of inconvenience: the junction can be jammed due to the deformation of the pipe or metal oxidation, and the possibility of adjusting the length of such a pipe is small: to fit into its growth will not work. This type also goes to the background.

Telescopic trumpet - The most convenient and widden option: its length varies in a large range, so that you can and compactly fold, and pull out full length.


There is a huge number of a variety of nozzles for the vacuum cleaner. Their enumeration and description is the topic of a separate article. However, one type of nozzle should be noted separately - this turbo net .

The turbo sheet contains a rotating roller with rows of bristles. It is rotated either by a separate electric drive, which is rare, or with the help of a turbine inserted into the air flow - hence the name. The roller is rotated at high speed, effectively removing dust, wool and hair even from dusty materials. Conventional nozzles do not cope with such a task, therefore, for example, for domestic owners, the turbo sheet is simply indispensable.

The turbo house has a destructive effect on delicate materials.

Selection options

If you need an inexpensive vacuum cleaner to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in a small apartment, choose among inexpensive models without a bag.

Manual vacuum cleaner will simplify the cleaning of dust from furniture and interior items. And if it is rechargeable or works from the cigarette lighter, then in the car it will not be superfluous.

The vacuum cleaner with Aqua Filtre is suitable for allerges, asthmatics and other people who do not tolerate dust. Such a vacuum cleaner, in addition to cleaning, will additionally moisturize the air.

If you are annoyed by the sound of the vacuum cleaner, or you do not want to disturb the neighbors, households and domestic animals, choose among low noise models.

Washing vacuum cleaners will suit those who do not like to spend a lot of time cleaning, because you immediately and vacuum, and wash the floor.

Hyde was updated by the author of Xantorx.

A rather simple and long-acquired household appliance - vacuum cleaner - in recent decades not only evolved significantly, but also acquired a rather large number of all kinds of species specializing in various tasks.

New electrolux straight out of the 1950s

Despite the fact that all these devices continue to be called "vacuum cleaners", they divided among themselves different sections of the work: some models are designed for professional cleaning of large areas and / or premises that produce repairs. Others are best suited for cleaning an ordinary home or apartment. Third specialize in fast and comfortable cleaning of small spaces ...

Let's figure out which there are modern vacuum cleaners and to fulfill what works are certain models that are best suited. And at the same time we mention, what characteristics and features should be paid when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner, classic, traditional

With the word "vacuum cleaner", we traditionally present a sort of "puzzled" device on wheels, which has a set of all kinds of hoses, tubes and nozzles.

Such a vacuum cleaner is primarily intended for cleaning dust, although sometimes it can perform and wet cleaning. As a dust collector, these devices can perform a container, bag, aqua filter, or a combination of these options (for example, aqua filter and container). The scope of application of such devices is cleaning ordinary homes and apartments, as well as processing of furniture (if there is a technical capabilities and special nozzles).

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the house, you need to pay attention to a number of factors that directly affect the quality of cleaning and for convenience during the daily operation of the device. Let's list the main parameters that require special attention.

  • Size, dimensions and maneuverability . There are a lot of vacuum cleaners of various sizes in the modern market. Of course, there is always a temptation to buy a bigger vacuum cleaner, but it is not always that this solution will be optimal. When choosing it will not be worth checking how easy it is to manage, pull and raise a specific vacuum cleaner. If possible, it would be nice to check the operation of the device on different surfaces - carpets, solid floors, parquet, etc. Finally, it will not prevent the instructions and find out what the developer speaks of his brainchild: often the manufacturer of vacuum cleaners indicates the recommended cleaning area with which this The model will cope best.
  • Dust collection system . Traditional vacuum cleaners are collecting dust and trash in a bag (disposable or reusable), into the container (using a so-called cyclone filter, in which the dust is assembled into the lumps) or with the help of an aquiltra - skipping polluted air through water. Some models allow the use of various dust collectors - a conventional bag or a cyclone filter, or, for example, a bag and aquiltra. The principal difference between different ways of collecting dust is how exactly the device is to be careed. Thus, the container will have to regularly empty manually (which means the need for contact with dust), and if there is an aquaofilt, the user will only need to pour dirty water. Finally, we will remind that one-time bags are even convenient (they only need to be replaced when filling), but are consumable, and therefore their use will entail additional spending.
  • Volume of dust collecting . Various models are equipped with dust collectors of various volumes designed to place their size. The smaller the dust collector - the more often it will have to be distracted by its emptying and cleaning.
  • Filtration system . To avoid entering small dust particles back into the air, in modern vacuum cleaners, installation systems are installed. The best results show models with AquaFilters and HEPA filters (intended for filtering particular small particles). The presence of such filters is a prerequisite for a modern vacuum cleaner.
  • Power . The power depends on how much the vacuum cleaner will be "strong". A low-power vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning relatively clean rooms, and if there are pets or children in the house, it is better to pay attention to more powerful models. Unfortunately, this parameter is not universal and obvious: it is not always a model that has a greater power in the passport, will show the best result in real exploitation. Therefore, before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it will be worth familiar with the reviews of users and reviews of the model on specialized technical Internet resources.
  • The possibility of wet cleaning . Some models allow wet cleaning (they are also called detergent vacuum cleaners). Such devices with a special nozzle spray water (or detergent), after which they collect it in a special tank. The detergent vacuum cleaner allows not only to better remove the floor, but also wash up the soft furniture, as well as clean the carpets.
  • Availability of accessories . Before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it will be worth it to find out which set of nozzles is included. In total, there can be quite a lot of them: nozzles for floors and carpets, special nozzles for laminate, slotted nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach places, brushes for furniture and clothing. There are even special nozzles for pets for pets!
  • Noise level . The vacuum cleaner is a noisy device, and too high noise can deliver homemade problems (especially in a small-sized apartment). Therefore, if you assume that the noise of the vacuum cleaner can be a hindrance, it is better to find out in advance how much the model that interests you is noticed.

Economic vacuum cleaner (it's construction)

The economic, or construction vacuum cleaner, as a rule, is an enlarged and more powerful (and therefore more loud) version of the traditional vacuum cleaner, designed for increased loads and work with a more complex garbage.

Note that almost none of the domestic vacuum cleaners should, according to the manufacturer, face the repair garbage. Such a "non-target" use of the device can lead to premature wear of the vacuum cleaner or its components. Related filters are especially affected by construction dust.

Building vacuum cleaners, unlike domestic, are specifically designed, taking into account the fact that the remains of cement mixtures, large fractions (brick and chip fragments) will be removed. Many of these devices have the ability to directly connect to "chopping" electrical tools - jigsaws, grinding machines, perforators, etc.

It is clear that in the first place when choosing such a device, "omnivores" and power come out. Elegant appearance and reduced noise level in this case are usually not waiting.

The capacity of the dust collector at the construction vacuum cleaner can be several tens of liters, and the device itself almost always knows how to work with bags - both disposable and reusable.

Although water cleaning is usually not the most demanded function of the vacuum cleaner, the need for it periodically occurs. With the help of a household vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove the puddle in front of the porch of the country house, collect water from the floor of the bathroom after the leakage of the water pipeline, remove the setting snow from the floor of the car's interior or water from the toilet siphon before removing it.

Such a device is useful in case you are planning a small (or large) repairs in the apartment or enjoy all sorts of homemakes (for example, related to wood processing). Such a vacuum cleaner is also recommended for cottages, workshop and garage.

Well, after the end of the repair, the construction vacuum cleaner can easily begin to fulfill the role of domestic - of course, if you are ready to come to terms with its rather big dimensions and an elevated level of noise.

Vertical vacuum cleaner

Vertical vacuum cleaners who have received widespread in recent years are in a fundamentally different category, rather than traditional vacuum cleaners. If the latter are intended for a full and thorough cleaning of the whole apartment, then the vertical vacuum cleaners are more likely to perform the role of an electric broom and are designed for cleaning not too contaminated premises. They are also used in everyday mode - when you need to quickly remove a small space (sand in the storage area of ​​the shoe or waking up the cereal in the kitchen).

The main advantages of vertical vacuum cleaners are compactness, low weight and the ability to work from the battery. Key (possible) Disadvantages are insufficient capacity, a small duration of autonomous work and unsuccessful design solutions.

So, what parameters do you need to pay attention to when choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner?

  • Power . If traditional and household vacuum cleaners are rarely removed with a powerful engine, and more often even have a more powerful motor than required, then for compact battery vacuum cleaners, insufficient power can be the "bottleneck", separating the useful device from useless. Choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner, you must definitely pay attention to the power of the device and make sure that it will be sufficient for cleaning the room. As in the case of "large" models, it is not recommended to focus on the manufacturer's declared figures: it is not always the real performance of the device relate to them the expected way.
  • Battery capacity and operation time . But in this parameter, the manufacturer almost never deceives. Before buying a vertical vacuum cleaner, you must know how much it can work without recharging, and what time will it take to complete the battery charging. Of course, it is still able to fully remove the apartment with an area of ​​one hundred squares anyway, but if you are planning to buy a vertical vacuum cleaner in a studio apartment or "odnushku", it will be logical to stop your choice on the model that can cope with the cleaning of the room for Once, without additional recharge.
  • The weight . If you plan to use a vertical vacuum cleaner for a full, not short-term cleaning, then you should not forget that all this time you will keep it in your hands, and therefore the device should not be too heavy. If the vacuum cleaner is purchased for episodic use, then the importance of this parameter is not so large.
  • Complete set (presence of nozzles) . Like his older fellow, a good vertical vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a wide set of nozzles (here you can recall both the floor turbo, and a special brush for furniture, and a slotted nozzle, and brushes for textile cleaning, and additional extension tubes), but also designed The way all these nozzles can easily get to the most remote and hard-to-reach places, including a vacuum cleaner, it should be convenient to use under furniture and in narrow aisles.
  • The possibility of wet cleaning . Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of vertical vacuum cleaners are intended only for cleaning dry dust, some models are allowed and the possibility of wet cleaning. This feature is implemented using a special floor washing nozzle - a tank for a small amount of water and a detergent cloth that is moisturized automatically. Wet cleaning can be excellent feature: soothed and strong contamination of such a vacuum cleaner, of course, will not clean (for general cleaning there are other devices - steam generators or steam mops), but the combination of daily floor sweeping with wet cleaning significantly facilitates life.
  • Having a backlight . Another useful function that is far from every vertical vacuum cleaner is the floor LED lighting. Such a trifle can significantly increase the comfort from using a vacuum cleaner: you don't have to specifically shine under the bed with a flashlight to consider how carefully the dirt was removed.
  • Dock station . Vertical vacuum cleaners are traditionally attached to the wall using a special device performing the role of the charging station. Choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that the docking station can be easily mounted in the selected place and does not interfere with other furniture.

Robots vacuum cleaners

In contrast to all the above devices, the vacuum cleaners relate to a fundamentally different class of devices, although they perform the same task - remove dirt and dust in the apartment.

The key peculiarity of the robot-vacuum cleaner is that he removes an apartment on his own, without direct participation of the owner. It can be said that such a device is intended for everyday maintenance of purity, and not for harvesting highly contaminated premises.

The capacity of such a device will be significantly lower than other types of vacuum cleaners, but the effectiveness of the robots-vacuum cleaners is quite high. It is achieved due to the fact that the robot is daily (or on another convenient schedule) bypassing the room and collects small amounts of garbage and dust, which would slowly accumulate without his participation. You are unlikely to notice that the apartment has become essential after one or two robot launches, but if you begin to use it regularly, then soon changes will be obvious: the dust will become less, and the general cleaning will need to be carried out less often.

Most of the robots vacuum cleaners are very similar to each other, they have the same (or similar) brushes and function according to one principle. Therefore, the difference between different models may be far from obvious.

What characteristics do you need to pay attention when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner?

  • Battery capacity and operation time . One of the key parameters on which the efficiency of the robot-vacuum cleaner depends is the battery capacity and battery life. The longer the vacuum cleaner will work without recharging - the greater area it can remove.
  • The possibility of wet cleaning . Wet cleaning is far from the main function of the robot vacuum cleaners, but many of them are still equipped with a special container for water and rags for wet cleaning. The ability not only to automatically remove dust, but also to rub the floor - a useful bonus (however, a wet cleaning will require the personal participation of the owner).
  • Availability of various programs and built-in . The efficiency of the robot-vacuum cleaner largely depends on how much the device is "smart". Many models are able to build a room map, which increases the effectiveness of cleaning, others simply wander around the apartment, turning in different directions when meeting obstacles. Unfortunately, to predict how effective the model will be, according to its description it is not possible: we came across and relatively simple models that showed good results, and "smart" devices, which in an attempt to build a map of the premises were finally confused and as a result left unbrid Plots. Thus, the best way to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a model is to explore the reviews on specialized sites and familiarize yourself with user reviews. In the same section, we mention such things as the ability of the vacuum cleaner to adequately respond to obstacles (thresholds and steps), as well as the possibility of installing special barriers (as a rule, IR emitters) blocking the passage of a vacuum cleaner into those zones where it should not be driving.
  • Remote control and management from smartphone . The overwhelming majority of the vacuum cleaners are equipped with a remote control, and the most "advanced" devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi home network and manage them from a mobile application, thanks to which the teams can be given a robot literally from anywhere in the world.
  • Setting the schedule . Almost all robots vacuum cleaners have a setting of cleaning on a schedule, but it is not well implemented in all models well. Since many users prefer the robot to shop in the apartment in the absence of the owners themselves, the ability to easily and easily customize the schedule of cleaning is, in our opinion, one of the key functions to be paid attention to. A good robot vacuum cleaner will allow you to create several scenarios for cleaning on weekdays, on weekends or on the selected days of the week, which will allow the owner to not return to this issue after the initial setting.

It should be noted that today the robot-vacuum cleaner market presents many similar models that demonstrate a very different cleaning quality (the reason for this is a different level of quality of the built-in software). In addition, many models are frankly inconvenient in management (for example, do not allow to ask a schedule for selected days) or poorly focusing in the room (they begin to "confuse" between the feet of the furniture and as a result do not remove part of the rooms). Unfortunately, to find out how successful in reality one or another model will be, having studied only its documentation and promotional materials, almost impossible.

Specialized vacuum cleaners

In addition to the vacuum cleaners described above, you can meet highly specialized devices intended for performing some particular tasks.

This can be attributed to the car vacuum cleaners, as well as specific models, designed, for example, to care for mattresses (one such device has hit us for some time on testing).

There are also special vacuum cleaners to combat dust ticks, dry cleaning vacuum cleaners (extractors), vacuum cleaners for the maintenance of pools, compact hand vacuum cleaners for computers and household appliances, professional vacuum cleaners designed to work with power tools and other specific models, which are considered in We will not take this review.

Manual vacuum cleaner Deerma Mites Vacuum-Cl to combat dust mites

However, it is worth mentioning their existence: Suddenly someone needs such a special device!


In the modern market of vacuum cleaners, four main types of devices are presented: ordinary (traditional) vacuum cleaners, shopping vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners and robots vacuum cleaners.

All of them are widely used in apartments and private houses, but each of these categories of devices has its own "specialization" (although, of course, in part, they can all replace each other in case of acute necessity).

The choice of the most appropriate type of the vacuum cleaner and the specific model is determined primarily with the tasks that are expected to be solved with the help of the device: the traditional vacuum cleaner is better suitable for daily cleaning, and in case of repair, it is not necessary to do without a business (industrial) device, and if the user is worth spending on Cleaning in the house as little time as possible, the main assistant in this business will be a robot vacuum cleaner.

Note that the various types of these devices do not replace (or at least not completely replace) each other, and therefore, the optimal solution in many cases will be the purchase of two vacuum cleaners at once. For example, for a private house, it makes sense to acquire a large economic vacuum cleaner for rapid and efficient cleaning of large areas, and in addition to it - a robot vacuum cleaner for the daily fight against dust and domestic wool.

Our comparative review of the best vacuum cleaners, based on the opinions of specialists and user reviews. Pros and disadvantages of popular new products for dry and wet cleaning.


What vacuum cleaner is better to buy

Suction power is the main characteristic of any vacuum cleaner. What it is higher, the device can cope with a lot of mud. The radius of the action, which depends on the length of the network cord and the suction hose.

For spacious premises, it is better to choose the models with which you do not have to run from the outlet to the outlet.

Depending on the type of dust collector, such aggregates are:

  • With a dust bag - cheaper, but uncomfortable in operation;
  • With a cyclone filter - practical, belong to the average price category;
  • With aqua filter - reliably holding dust, but cost more.

Each of the listed subspecies may have additional features. For example, the absorption mode of the liquid, the turbine, the filling indicator of the garbage and others.

The best vacuum cleaners with bag

Vacuum cleaners with a dust collector in the form of a bag familiar to us for a long time. As a rule, it is simple in the execution of the model that differ in the available price.

And although they require constant bag cleaning and are considered less effective in retention plan, classic units are quite eligible for existence. Such vacuum cleaners can be purchased into a small apartment or to the cottage - for infrequent use.

Samsung VC24GHNJGBK - Powerful vacuum cleaner with turbo

Samsung vc24ghnjgbk.


Buyers recommend this product

The record holder in efficiency among the analogs can be called this vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a powerful engine, which allows him to easily remove all the garbage even with very fluffy carpets. And if pets inhabit the house, with the help of a turbo, which is included in the kit, you can easily remove all the wool.

In this case, the special design of the SILENCIO PLUS Brush brush reduces noise level up to 75 dB. The presence of two built-in filters (in the housing and on the handle) compensates for the disadvantages of the cluster dust collector.


  • High suction power;
  • Dust collector filling indicator;
  • 2 built-in filters;
  • Turbo
  • Power adjustment on the handle;
  • Reduced noise level.


  • Using the turbinestone slightly lowers suction power.

Samsung VC24GHNJGBK will be effective in a room with any floor covering, including carpet or high-pile carpets. Including it is suitable for homes where animals live.

Miele SDAB3 - Cleaning Without Borders

Miele Sdab3.


Buyers recommend this product

Clean smooth and dilated surfaces, as well as upholstered furniture - is not a problem for Miele SDAB3 vacuum cleaner. After all, its kit includes many nozzles, including a brush with a natural bristle, not scratching surface.

A roomy dust bag will allow for a long time to clean it, and you can trace the level of fullness thanks to the special indicator.


  • 5 nozzles included;
  • Horizontal and vertical parking;
  • BAC filing indicator;
  • A spacious dust collector;
  • Power adjustment.


  • No turbosetka included.

Miele SDAB3 is suitable for cleaning in any average apartment. And although it does not have many additional functions, it fully copes with its destination.

The best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter

One of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners - models with a garbage collection container. Thanks to the cyclone filter, pollution in it disintegrate into smaller, deposited on the filter, and large particles that remain in the container. Such devices are suitable for cleaning in almost all residential premises.

Miele Skmr3 Blizzard CX1 Comfort Powerline - Premium Vacuum Cleaner

Miele SKMR3 BLIZZARD CX1 Comfort Powerline


Buyers recommend this product

Despite the average motor capacity of 1.1 kW, the vacuum cleaner ensures maximum cleaning efficiency. Thanks to Miele Vortex Technology technology, the airflow at a speed of 100 km / h captures both large trash and the smallest dust, separating it in different containers.

The purification of the dust collector is carried out in only one movement, and the dust accurately falls into the garbage bin and does not diffuse through the air. A special filter holding minor dust cleaned automatically.

The vacuum cleaner has a smooth start of the engine and overheating protection. The ergonomic handle reduces the burden on the joints, and the special built-in plate saves from the occurrence of static voltage. There are rubberized wheels rotating 360 ° - they make moving with a vacuum cleaner at home as comfortable as possible.


  • Smooth start;
  • High air flow speed;
  • Convenient purification of dust collectors;
  • Reduced noise level;
  • Self-cleaning filter;
  • Automatic cutting cord.


Miele SKMR3 is an efficient and durable vacuum cleaner that is suitable for cleaning any premises. The ergonomic housing and the handle make it easy to manage, which will especially delight the elderly and those who have health problems.

Philips FC9735 PowerPro Expert - Powerful and Reliable Assistant

Philips FC9735 PowerPro EXPERT


Buyers recommend this product

PowerCyclone 8 technology in combination with a powerful engine for 2.1 kW provide maximum cleaning efficiency. The vacuum cleaner collects and holds up to 99% of dust, separating it from the air.

TriacTIVE + nozzle carefully captures garbage with smooth and dilated surfaces through 3 holes, and side brushes eliminate contamination along the walls and other obstacles.

The automatic system determines the tightness of the container before starting work, which prevents dust "leak". A removal filter at the output provides air purity.


  • Control on the handle;
  • High suction power;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Storage of housing nozzles;
  • Reliable filtering system.


  • No turbosetka included.

FC9735 vacuum cleaner from TM Philips will appreciate people with allergies, as well as those who have children or animals at home. Despite the increased noise of the model, it provides complete cleanliness and freshness in the room.

Tefal TW3798EA - Compact Option

Tefal TW3798EA.


Buyers recommend this product

Despite the small dimensions of the vacuum cleaner and the garbage container, Tefal TW is not much inferior to competitors on performance. Motor power is enough to produce dry cleaning in an apartment with laminate, parquet, linoleum or lowline carpet.

The unit itself is equipped with a turbo and another 5 other nozzles that will ensure effective cleaning in any hard-to-reach places. The vacuum cleaner has a smooth engine start and overheating protection.


  • Low price;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Economical consumption of electricity;
  • 6 nozzles complete, including a turbo;
  • Easy cleaning of the container;
  • Disconnection when overheating.


  • Not suitable for high vice carpets.

Tefal TW3798EA is the optimal model for a small apartment or cottage. Despite the lack of additional functions, the vacuum cleaner copes with most types of surfaces. If you need a reliable, budget model - TW3798EA created for you.

Best Vacuum Cleaners with Aqua Filter

AquaFilter provides 100% air purification not only from garbage, but also from the smallest dust particles. It also delays microorganisms and bacteria, which is especially relevant for people with allergies.

At the exit, we get clean, fresh air, having a smell of plastic and gari from the superheated engine. Such vacuum cleaners do not require the purchase of additional accessories, they are easily cleaned and clean - although in this plan with cyclones do not compare them.

ARNICA BORA 7000 PREMIUM - Powerful vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning



Buyers recommend this product

This vacuum cleaner ensures perfect purity, thanks to a double vortex, cleansing the air from dust. And he also leaves after himself a pleasant smell thanks to the built-in flavoring. Aquailter has a color backlight - practical value does not matter, but it looks spectacular. Performed in the shape of a bucket with a handle, it is easily removed from the device and is quickly cleaned, washes.

The model is equipped with a powerful engine and has many different nozzles for high-quality cleaning. Suction force regulates an electronic control system. And the built-in fullness of the dust collector prompts when it is time to change water.


  • Double absorption;
  • Comfortable aqua filter with backlit;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Air flavoring;
  • 6 nozzles included, including turbo;
  • Electronic control.


  • Small capacity of the garbage container.

Arnica Bora 7000 - a vacuum cleaner that can cope with any, even the most difficult task, leaving behind the perfect purity and fresh fragrance.

Karcher DS 6 Premium Mediclean - Practical and Reliable Assistant

Karcher DS 6 Premium Mediclean


Buyers recommend this product

The vacuum cleaner combines economical consumption of electricity with good cleaning quality. It has a triple filtration system, providing cleanliness and freshness at the exit. Polluted air passes through the aqueous filter, then through the intermediate and output filters of the Nehra 13, retaining even the smallest dust.

For ease of use, a stand for fixing the hose during the interruption in operation is provided. And all additional nozzles are stored on the housing, which makes it possible to install them at any time.


  • Triple filtration;
  • Economical energy consumption;
  • Good set of nozzles, including turbo;
  • Stand for fixing the pipe;
  • Available cost.


  • No power adjustment.

This model is designed for those who appreciate in household appliances efficiency, practicality and efficiency. The Karcher DS 6 vacuum cleaner copes with any surfaces, including high-pile furniture and carpets.

HooVer Hyp1600 019 - Power in simplicity

Hoover Hyp1600 019.


Buyers recommend this product

The usual at first glance Hoover Hyp1600 019 vacuum cleaner, although monocyclonal, ensures good cleaning efficiency. It is equipped with a roomy container, which allows you to use it on one refueling to clean the whole apartment.

Considerable engine power pulls up to 99% of the garbage and reliably holds even the smallest dust using the output filter. A complete set of nozzles provides cleaning not only floors, but also to upholstered furniture, and at the same time helps to pull all the dust from the gaps and other hard-to-reach places.


  • Low price;
  • Bulk container;
  • Power adjustment;
  • Built-in output filter;
  • Good set of nozzles.


Water filter vacuum cleaner from the Hoover brand is a budget model that is suitable for harvesting large rooms. It copes perfectly with the processing of smooth and pile surfaces.

Best washing vacuum cleaners

Washing vacuum cleaners are a technique that allows you to fully clean the premises: collect trash, wash the floors, refresh air, clean the furniture. The increased price for such a technique is justified by its expanded functionality and high power. Such vacuum cleaners save time and strength, but occupy a lot of space and require time to prepare for work and subsequent cleaning.

Becker VAP-3 - Professional Washingman

Becker Vap 3.


Buyers recommend this product

This model allows you to carry out dry, wet and steam room cleaning. A large number of nozzles makes it suitable for cleaning floors, furniture, windows and any other surfaces.

Dry cleaning is carried out through aqua filter. The moist mode is designed for cleaning not only smooth, but also dilated surfaces, including with the use of detergents. There is here and steam cleaning to remove the dirt, tiled seams, chairs and sofas, as well as disinfection.

The model is equipped with an indicator of the end of the water and the readiness of the steam. The suction power is regulated, allowing you to reduce the consumption of electricity during non-mounted pollution.


  • Powerful engine;
  • Spacious water tank;
  • Built-in steam generator for 5 bar;
  • Fluid absorption function;
  • Cleaning with detergents.


Becker VAP-3 is suitable for both home applications and professional clearance in offices and public places.

Thomas Drybox AMFIBIA - washing vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning

Thomas Drybox Amfibia.


Buyers recommend this product

With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can make a dry cleaning of rooms thanks to the DRYBOX system, which separates the garbage depending on the fraction and is easily cleaned. As well as using Aqua-Box aquaofiltra, in which all dust and dirt settles in water (interchangeable containers).

The kit includes many nozzles for cleaning floors, furniture and other surfaces, including a laminate and parquet nozzle. During wet cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is not only washes, but also dries the surface.


  • Effective separation of garbage and dust on fractions;
  • Fluid absorption mode;
  • Cleaning any surfaces;
  • Relatively small dimensions;
  • Reusable filters.


The vacuum cleaner effectively purifies smooth and dilated surfaces, suitable for dry and wet cleaning.

Tefal Clean & Steam VP7545RH - vertical model

Tefal Cleansteam VP7545RH


Buyers recommend this product

The compact vertical vacuum cleaner will allow not only to remove the garbage and wash the floors, but also to disinfect them with steam. It provides 2 containers in its design: for collecting garbage and water tank.

Liquid enough for cleaning 100 sq. M smooth coatings. Floor washing is carried out using fabric linings. And although in a set of their 4 pieces, with the time the napkins will have to arrive.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Vertical parking;
  • Built-in steam generator;
  • Power adjustment;
  • Reusable foam filter.


  • Need to buy fabric napkins for washing floors.

Tefal VP7545RH vacuum cleaner will appreciate families with small children for its ability to disinfect surface. Also, he will come by the way to the holders of small apartments, where there is no possibility to store large cleaning vacuum cleaners.

Best vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaner does not require human participation and independently cleans the house from garbage and animal wool. But it is more suitable for maintaining cleanliness and cannot be replaced with a 100% complete cleaning.

Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One - Ultra-modern vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One

one hundred%

Buyers recommend this product

A fully autonomous device is capable of cleaning independently at a specified time. The model has a built-in room laser scanning program that evaluates the size of the room and independently defines the route for more efficient cleaning (if it is manually set).

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushes and a microfiber sponge, which is wetting automatically, equipped with a low noise motor and is able to overcome obstacles, which allows it to use it even at night or when there is no one at home.


  • Laser scanning of premises;
  • Automatic and manual route construction;
  • Local cleaning mode in one of the rooms;
  • Management from a smartphone;
  • Automatic setting on the charge base;
  • Renewing work from the place of interrupt.


The robot vacuum cleaner is able to maintain cleanliness while you sleep or are at work. It is the maximum autonomy as possible, requires a minimum of human participation and is suitable for any premises.

Everybot RS700 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Original Design



Buyers recommend this product

The model is suitable not only for dry and wet autonomous cleaning, but also for vertical manually implemented. It has two rotating microfiber nozzles that are automatically wetted with water. The reservoir contains enough liquid so that it is enough for 50 minutes of cleaning, after which refueling is required.

The model has improved navigation thanks to IR sensors and an enlarged battery life. The presence of the illumination sensor will not allow the vacuum cleaner to "hide" under the sofa or in another hard-to-reach place in the case of the battery discharge. And turbo mode, which increases the speed of movement by 20%, makes a robot suitable for rapid cleaning or cleaning of large rooms.


  • 3 types of cleaning, including vertical;
  • Aqua filter;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Remote control;
  • Turbo mode;
  • Light sensor.


  • Manual installation for charging.

Everybot RS700 is suitable not only to maintain purity, but also for manual cleaning of vertical surfaces.

Best hand vacuum cleaners

Manual vacuum cleaners work from the battery and allow cleaning in remote areas of the room, without surviving the length of the cord. Depending on the design, it can be compact models for cleaning furniture and a car interior or instruments connected to the handle of a full-size vertical vacuum cleaner for cleaning the entire room.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead - Powerful Autonomous Unit



Buyers recommend this product

This vacuum cleaner combines compactness and high efficiency. Equipped with a powerful engine running for an hour from the battery, it allows you to make dry floor cleaning, as well as furniture and auto cabin. In fact, it is a vacuum cleaner 2 in 1, combining all the advantages of manual and vertical technique.

The multi-clone system creates 14 funnels that capture even the smallest dust. And the reliable output filter does not hold it inside. And although the model is characterized by increased noise, for high performance it can be forgiven.


  • Design 2 in 1;
  • Long running time;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • The possibility of attaching to the wall;
  • MultiCiclon.


  • No fluid suction function.

The vacuum cleaner from the DYSON brand will be an excellent addition to the main apparatus for maintaining purity in the house. He can also replace the stationary vacuum cleaner in small apartments or in the country.

Kitfort KT-529 - Compact Model

Kitfort KT 529.


Buyers recommend this product

Kitfort KT-529 is a manual vacuum cleaner designed to clean the car's salon, upholstered furniture, cleaning toys and other small objects. Despite the short hours of work, it is capable of cleaning even severely contaminated surfaces (for example, a place to sleep a fluffy pet) and remove the spilled water, as it is equipped with a fluid collection function.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Low noise;
  • The possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • Nozzle for collecting liquid;
  • Cyclone filter.


  • Little work.

Kitfort KT-529 is suitable for rapid cleaning of small objects. Such an adaptation is relevant for families with children, as it allows in minutes to eliminate the scattered or spilled one. And it will be appreciated by car owners and the owners of four-wane pets.

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Best and reliable vacuum cleaners. Purity is a guarantee of health, probably each of us heard this popular statement and, of course, it is difficult to disagree with it. But, as life experience shows, to live in a clean home is not only useful, but also extremely pleasant. As it is known to contain your living space clean, it is very troublesome, but it is quite possible, because our service has this multifunctional unit, for cleaning, called the vacuum cleaner.

You decided to get this important unit, maybe for the first time, borrowing your personal space or your old assistant can no longer cope with the functions entrusted to it and it is time to transfer to a new, more modern model, then this rating of vacuum cleaners for your home, just for you.

It includes coplocks of a cyclone type, with aqua filter and washing machines. With their help, you can produce both efficient dry and wet cleaning, clean carpets, upholstered furniture, windows and mirrors and even lead to the proper view of your car's salon. In addition to these, already familiar features, some models from the list can be cleaned, moisturize and flavory air. To choose exactly the unit you need, you should seriously consider this important issue and decide for yourself what functions will be your home assistant.

The best vacuum cleaners for home without bag

Vacuum cleaners of a cyclone type are the most popular among aggregates intended for cleaning. This, of course, not only because of the fact that it is among these models that you can find copies worth up to 5,000 rubles.

Here are some more positive moments associated with container vacuum cleaners:

  • Compactness, low weight, if compared with detergent analogues
  • Decent power
  • Convenient in operation, consumables are not required
  • Simple container cleaning
  • Reliable cleaning

What claims can be submitted to these models, this is the use of a large amount of electricity and inability to produce wet cleaning.

Here they are the best vacuum cleaners without a bag - Rating 2020 .

15. BBK BV1503.

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Democratic price, about 4000 rubles
  • Good suction power - 320 W
  • Compact sizes, original design, low weight
  • Metal telescopic tube


  • High electricity consumption - 2000 W
  • When heated, the smell of plastics is distinguished

This is an aggregate with the lowest price, container vacuum cleaners from our rating, which costs only about 4,000 rubles. Despite the compact design and a small price, the vacuum cleaner is quite powerful (320 W). But unlike the following representatives of our list, it can not be called energy saving, since the power consumed by the aggregate, as many as 2000 W. The filtering system of a vacuum cleaner, multistage and includes the Dual Cyclon system, there is even a thin cleaning filter of the HEPA.

But you can not get anywhere from user reviews and they, unfortunately, not all positive, in particular, it is noted that part of the dust can still go back to the surface being processed. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pretty roomy container, with transparent walls, a volume of 2.5 liters. Yes, and also, it should be noted that the unit is rather noisy, the noise level is relatively high - 82 dB.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an additional set of useful nozzles, it is a two-position, slit, combined, as well as a metal telescopic tube. There is another minus, which is worth mentioning, to operate the unit, should be carefully, since it is not very stable and can, as it is called, falling on the side.

14. Karcher VC 3

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • It works quiet, noise level <76 dB
  • Energy saving, compact and maneuverable
  • Transparent container
  • When the power is turned off, the termination of work occurs


  • Plastic does not look reliably
  • Small volume of container for dust

If you are ready to lay out for a vacuum cleaner for the house a large amount, let's say up to 10,000 rubles, it is worth paying attention to this model from the famous, German brand that has stood at the origin of the creation of such a direction. Even despite its rather compact dimensions, VC 3 has a high power of suction - 250 W, it helps the unit highly qualitatively cope with the tasks entrusted to it. With all these positive moments, the unit also consumes a bit, only 700 W, and noise when working, does not exceed 76 dB.

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The VC 3 model is equipped with a container for a dust collection with a volume of 900 ml, with transparent walls that allow you to monitor the tank filter. It is quite easy to care for this dust collector, with fullness, it is worth getting, pouring the contents and wash. Inside, the HEPA filter is installed, which is capable of catching even the most smallest dust particles.

Included, 3 Classic nozzles: for floors, furniture and for parquet. The length of the existing hose is 1.5 m, and the power cord is 5 m. At the end of the cleaning process, the unit turns off instantly. We come to the conclusion, the model is remarkable, the manufacturer with the name, did not let down, creating another masterpiece, this time a small, compact unit for the house.

13. Bosch BGC05AAA2.

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Compact, has a slight weight
  • Bright original design, comfortable handle
  • Low energy consumption, not noisy
  • Has a high suction power that is regulated


  • Low quality applied materials
  • The wheels are not rubbering

Another pretty famous manufacturer with a magnificent reputation, Bosch, with its unit, considered one of the best in the price segment to 7000 rubles. You are the owner of a small apartment, where you have to consider what is called, every square centimeter of useful area, then you must consider the option with the acquisition of this particular vacuum cleaner having very compact dimensions. He is able to just fit into a small-sized apartment, and thanks to his stylish modern design, even become in some kind of her decoration.

In the technical data of the unit, you can also not doubt, low electricity consumption of the vacuum cleaner will provide you, it is 700 W, and it is all right with the noise level, it is 78 dB. Yes, moreover, the unit is endowed with a highly efficient dust filtering system, using the HEPA H13 filter and the Pureair hygienic filter, which can be held as large garbage, and the smallest dust and, of course, will not let them go back.

Engine Hispin with aerodynamic blades provides a better dust collection. The container of the vacuum cleaner has a volume of 1500 ml, its walls are transparent, so it can be easily followed by filling it. Container and filters can be easily rinsed under running water. Yes, and also, the power level can be adjusted using the existing wheel on the housing.


Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Fractional separation of garbage
  • Containers are easy to clean
  • Washable filters, presence of the filter HEPA H13
  • High and adjustable suction power


  • Increased electricity consumption - 1700 W
  • The presence of greater weight (6.9 kg) and a rather high level of noise

This so-called, powerful vacuum cleaner from Thomas, is equipped with a three-chamber dust collector, a volume of 2.1 liters, which is thought out to be divided into compartment for large garbage and dust. You are tormented by the disease of modernity, allergies, do not doubt, this instance from the brand, the model of which, is familiar to high places in all ratings of reliable household appliances, will be indispensable for you, nor dust will remain after its workflow, it is guaranteed.

Caring for containers is not at all complicated at all, when removing large garbage, dust does not apply to the surface, and dust containers and, in general, it is better to simply rinse under running water. The built-in filters, including the thin cleaning filter of the HEPA H13, are clean, which is very convenient and can extend their life.

Drybox, a very interesting model that has 2 positions for storage, both horizontal and vertical, which is very convenient, in some situations. The length of the network cable of the unit is 6 meters. The power of this vacuum cleaner can be adjusted, which is important, there are 4 modes for perfect cleaning. Now about the configuration, it is standard, the kit includes 4 necessary for the work of the nozzle: slit, for cleaning upholstered furniture, a narrow nozzle-brush, and standard - for cleaning the floor and carpets. The noise level during the workflow of the vacuum cleaner, not small, 81 dB.

11. Dyson Big Ball Allergy 2

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Returns to its original position if suddenly overturns
  • Automatic devastation of dust container
  • Easy to use
  • Availability of special nozzles for furniture
  • Spectacular design, compact


This messenger vacuum cleaner from the DYSON brand can be a real assistant with dry house cleaning. The model is very popular, has the best for this type of vacuum cleaner, qualities. 28 cyclones 2 Tier Radial ™, the HEPA filter and the power of 170 authors are its advantages that guarantee the perfect suction and detention even the very fine dust and allergens. The model is distinguished by extremely compact dimensions and interesting, while the functional design.

The vacuum cleaner, due to its size and features of the design, very maneuverable, it is capable of incredible ease, even to go about the corners, contain a house in perfect purity with such a reliable assistant, will not only easily and simply, but also nice. We continue to inform about the advantages of this somewhat unusual, because of the super modern design, the aggregate. A movable handle and a comfortable telescopic tube, which can increase to 125 cm, will allow you to make high-quality cleaning even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Interestingly, when tilting BIG BALL ALERGY 2, it is easy to return to its original position. All the designs of the vacuum cleaner can be easily and quickly disassembled, for cleaning, and install back. The container is getting rid of the sera, by simply pressing one, the only button, which is in the issue of hygiene, very convenient. Includes 4 nozzles, among which there is one unique soft brush with carbon fibers.

Best Vacuum Cleaners with Aqua Filter

We turn to the vacuum cleaners of the next type, that is, equipped with an aqua filter, from previous models, they differ in that the collector container, before the cleaning process, is filled with water. With such a system, dust, falling into the water, settled at the bottom of the container and it does not have any chances to return to the sources, back to the air. In essence, it is the same dry cleaning, but more efficient and high-quality. Also, a significant majority of the aggregates of this type are capable of collecting fluid.

But there are in such installations and some negative moments, namely:

  • Large dimensions and, as a result, weight, bad maneuverability
  • Models are expensive
  • High power consumption, noisy
  • Require more time to care

Before you top 5 best vacuum cleaners with aqua filter, according to reviews

10. Philips Aquaaction FC8952

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Large dust collection container, 5.8 l
  • Rubber wheels, convenient carrying handle, long cable for inclusion in the network
  • Perfectly cleans the air
  • Several useful special nozzles


  • Aggregate noisy, 87 dB
  • High electricity consumption, 2000 W

We start our top overview of household vacuum cleaners with Aqua Filter, with this practical, but at the same time the budget model. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large container by 5.8 liters, and it is no coincidence, because the dimensions are designed for water, which is poured for dust absorption. But it should be noted that despite this, the unit is quite compact, as for this type of technology, and is also very convenient in operation. The suction capacity of this instance is relatively small, only 200 W, but do not doubt it is quite enough for the standard daily cleaning of your housing space.

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The HEPA H13 filter is capable of delaying even fine dust and so dangerous for health, allergens. And what is important is additionally cleaned from dust and air indoor, thanks to AquaWeb water filtration technology, and such important acts occurs like moisturizing. And if adding aromatic means in the container, the air will also be filled with a pleasant beloved aroma.

After cleaning, the container can be easily removed using a special handle, rinse, while not even staining and not wet your hands. The kit to the vacuum cleaner includes: a unique Triaactive nozzle used to clean the floor, carpet and other surfaces, a turbo, created for efficient cleaning of the wool of pets and hair, as well as, slit and furniture nozzles.

9. Karcher DS 6

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • It has low power consumption, 650 W at high power
  • Easy to use, equipped with washing filters
  • At the output provides clean moisturized air
  • The presence of an electric motor protection filter
  • High quality assembly produced, modern design


Well, what rating of the best models of vacuum cleaners can do without a representative of one of the most reliable brands that has proved its competence in the production of cleaning units, its many years of presence in this market, which is in the first ranks of successful manufacturers, is of course, about Karcher. There is a model of the brand and in our list of the best aggregates equipped with aquiltre, this is Karcher DS 6. The vacuum cleaner is capable of not only effectively suck dust from any surfaces, but also purifies air from different types of microorganisms and allergens. The unit is equipped with a multistage filtering system that includes the HEPA H12 filter. The engine is also prudently protected by a special filter.

The unit, of course, cannot be called a miniature, but at the same time the design of its body is quite practical, inside a compartment for storing nozzles, and the suction tube can even be stored vertically, attaching to the case. The power button at DS 6 is large and comfortable, it can even be controlled by pressing the foot. The volume of the container model is small for such an apparatus, is 2 liters, and a cord with a length of 2.1 meters could be authentic. The package includes 3 important nozzles, that is, slit, for upholstered furniture, classic for carpet and floor, as well as a FoamStop defoamer.


Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • High quality
  • Availability of air purification and liquid collection
  • 4 operation modes, manual adjustment of the required power
  • Comfortable, compact and at the same time, maneuverable


  • Not provided for furniture nozzle, small volume of container
  • Scratches may occur on the surface of the case

If you believe the reviews of those who have already managed to use the services of a vacuum cleaner with Aqua Filter, this presented model received the greatest number of positive characteristics, it is considered that the model is particularly recommended for families with allergies, which, to great regret, today a lot. Thanks to the unique technology of Thomas Wet-Jet, the air that penetrates the unit, meets a reliable water obstacle on its way, which gives him the opportunity to get out completely purified. Thus, the vacuum cleaner not only cleans from dust treated surface, but also air, the effective effect of the unit, sends all the dust, and with it allergens, to the bottom of the container, under the water layer. And the available HEPA H13 filter will also fully hold fine dust.

The device has a good suction power (320 W), which can be adjusted by pressing a button or mechanically. And it is also very important that in the water collection mode, the vacuum cleaner can collect more than 2 liters of fluid. Completely supplied by the manufacturer, 3 nozzles designed for cleaning the surface of the carpet and floor, slit and square nozzle-tassel, which is useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places. It is believed that if necessary, the aqua filter can be replaced by conventional dust bags, but most likely it should not be done, because the quality of cleaning will suffer significantly. Park the model can be both in horizontal and vertical position.

7. Vitek VT-8100 CM

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Original design, 3 different colors to choose
  • Comfortable handle, parking vertical, set of 5 nozzles
  • 5 filtration steps, volume dust collector
  • High performance
  • The presence of a container filling indicator, power is adjustable


  • High as power consumption and noise level

This budget model with Aqua Filter, for cleaning the apartment, perhaps not in vain entered our rating. Now about the design, equipped with an aggregate container to collect dust with a volume of 3.5 liters and 5 useful nozzles, one of which, special turbo sheet for high-quality cleaning of wool pets and hair. Aqua Filter and HEPA filter effectively hold not only dust, sand, animal wool, but also various smallest microorganisms and even allergens. The air is as well cleaned and also moistened. The filtering system has 5 steps.

The model has a rather high suction power, it is 400 W, but there is also the reverse side of this high indicator, energy consumption reaches 1800 W. Performance of the vacuum cleaner at height, and for the outcome of the container there is an opportunity to observe with the help of an indicator that is located on the housing, there is a power regulator.

VT-8100 allows you to conveniently store cleaning facilities, or rather nozzles, with the help of a special holder, there is also the ability to vertical parking. Network cable, 5 meters long, enough enough for the apartment.

6. Arnica Bora 5000

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Stylish design, compact sizes
  • The presence of air purification and aromatization function
  • Clean and moisturized air have at the exit
  • Excellent performance indicators
  • Power adjustment with electronics


  • High electricity consumption, 2400 W

This is probably one of the most popular vacuum cleaners with aquille in the consumer market. The model is one of the most compact from the considered, and stylish, bright design, allows the aggregate to become a real decoration of any apartment. But a beautiful appearance, this is not all the positive characteristics of the vacuum cleaner, its technical properties also did not fail, the device, both multifunctional and high-performance. It has a suction power - 350 W, a small amount dust collector, can accommodate up to 1.2 liters of water in dry cleaning mode, while the vacuum cleaner may determine another 1.2 liter of water, if you switch it to the absorption mode of the liquid.

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There is another feature from the Bora 5000 model, it can be used as an air purifier, if you fill the tank with water, disconnect the hose and apply power. And if you add a drop of aromatic oil to the water, your home will be filled with a pleasant aroma. Not only pure, but still fresh and cozy, isn't it not a wonderful result of the work of a high-class home assistant.

Among the existing nozzles, it is especially worth allocating a special turbo for carpets, which raising a pile, effectively removes dirt and dust, there is one more, this time a mini copy of this device, which is designed to clean up a soft furniture. On the model case there is a panel that is created for electronic power adjustment.

Best washing vacuum cleaners

We proceed to the review of the next type of vacuum cleaners, so-called detergents. Washing vacuum cleaners are able to spray a small amount of water on the surface being processed, after which they immediately collect it back, but already together with mud. Such an unit is ideal for those families who have small children or lochmatic pets, well, if there are those and others, the device will already become simply the necessary attribute. The vacuum cleaner is able to perfectly clean all your carpets and upholstered furniture, leaving them slightly wet.

For parquet, laminate and other floor covering, of course, it is better to use dry cleaning, the benefit that this feature supports any detergent vacuum cleaner. The main disadvantages of these aggregates, users include a lot of weight and high cost, which, in principle, justifies itself during operation.

We present to your attention 5 washing vacuum cleaners for the house, which in 2020 became the most popular.

5. Tefal Clean & Steam VP7545RH

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Compact model with steam processing function
  • Simple control, the presence of a long cord


  • Does not have an aqua filter and filter HEPA
  • Little suction power
  • Requires expenditure elements
  • Only one nozzle

If we talk about the washing vacuum cleaners of the vertical type, then it is this compact model that can produce, both dry and wet cleaning, turned out to be as the most popular and purchased. If you have a small apartment, and because of some circumstances, the vacuum cleaner you need is washing, then this unit is famous for its small dimensions, just perfectly fit into your housing space.

The technical data of the model, of course different from the most advanced counterparts, despite the presence of something unusual, even fantastic in appearance, in reality, we have a dust collector, without an aqua filter, with a volume of 800 ml. Capacity available 700 ml water box, this is more than enough for cleaning on an area of ​​up to 100 square meters. But but to the advantages of the unit, it is quite possible to rank with the presence of a steam processing function, for this from aquabox, water enters the heating element and already from there leaves the pair.

Available functions, that is, vacuum cleaner and steam processing, work independently of each other, which is convenient. After the processing process of steam, the surface dry is wiped into the set, the so-called cloth, from the microfiber, which is put on the nozzle. Included in the supplier, there are 3 such rags, a bracket that serves to mount the unit to the wall and a spare cartridge to mitigate water. The handle of the vacuum cleaner is convenient and capable of adjustable in height, at 21 cm, a long-term network cable, 7.5 meters. But by the nozzles of their model, the manufacturers did not provide, this particular fact is the most fat minus, this is the opinion of users.

4. Thomas Pet & Family

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • High quality materials and assembly
  • Power adjustment with electronics
  • Quality rubberized wheels
  • Long network cable, 8 meters
  • High power, excellent set of nozzles


  • High value complaints

It is clear that the vacuum cleaner of this eminent manufacturer simply cannot be bad, the brand name is on the product, this is a symbolic quality mark that can be believed unquestioned. There is enough laudatory odes, back to our, concrete model presented in the ranking. A powerful detergent vacuum cleaner, which is capable of purifying air from dust, pollen and various components that cause allergies to 100%. Air at the outlet is incredibly clean and fresh. The volume of the container of the vacuum cleaner, accommodates 6 liters of water, it is necessary to know that to move to a wet cleaning mode, the tank should be filled with a 2.6 liter liquid and the same volume of fluid can be absorbed by a vacuum cleaner. Power suction of this unit - 325 W.

The set to the vacuum cleaner includes: detergent, 6 nozzles, including an effective turbo, which is simply ideal for collecting animal and hair wool. There is a special bag, with a special bag, with a capacity of 6 liters, from a HEPA material that is suitable for collecting garbage and dirt, it is not clear from where you get used during repairs.

Nozzles designed for wet cleaning are prudently made of transparent plastic, due to this, control the residual moisture is not difficult. The vacuum cleaner is so removes the treated surface, effectively sucking the liquid that moisture after itself, practically does not leave. The existing nozzles are comfortably attached to the body of the vacuum cleaner, which supports not only horizontal, but also vertical parking.

3. KARCHER SE 6.100

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Excellent performance, high-quality assembly
  • The presence of two separate containers, a hose with chemistry
  • Convenient in operation, stylish ergonomic design
  • Washing nozzle, practically does not leave moisture


  • High price
  • Cord, automatically not wounded

And again Karcher, this time with its best vacuum cleaner with a function of a wet cleaning, premium segment SE 6. 100. This high-class model is equipped with two separate containers, 4 liters with a clean and dirty water. The unit has excellent performance indicators, that is, water consumption is 70 l / s at a sparseness of 210 mbar, it provides a very efficient and fast cleaning of carpets and other flooring, for example, carpet. Inside the design, the HEPA filter is built.

Included there are 6 different kind of nozzles, among which there is a special, unique nozzle, which is able to significantly accelerate the drying of thoroughly washed surfaces. Another model feature is a double hose with a cleaning agent, which is evenly distributed over the entire surface.

All accessories and constituents that the vacuum cleaner possesses are saved simply on the body of the model, it is not true, very convenient. Despite the large dimensions of the aggregate, it weighs not so much, 7.7 kg. Vacuum cleaner and existing containers are equipped with comfortable handles, the length of the mains cable has a length of 5 meters. Energy consumption of the device - 1400 W.

2. Bosch BWD421PRO.

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020
Top 15 Best and reliable vacuum cleaners


  • Perfectly clean air at the exit
  • Full equipment, 12 nozzles
  • The longest power cable, 9 meters


  • High power consumption - 2100 W, noise level - 85 dB
  • Bulky, weight 10.4 kg, and it is without water
  • It is quite expensive

If before appealing to this model, we considered vacuum cleaners, then compared with previous analogues, this is a whole detergent complex. With his help, you can not only produce dry and wet floor cleaning, carpets, high-quality cleaning furniture, but also visit the perfect order in the cabin of your car, wash the windows and all the available glass and mirror surfaces. For all these operations, complete supplies, there are 12 different nozzles, detergent, without creating a foam, effective for washing carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as a defoamer capable of preventing the unwanted foam formation. The HEPA filter, its action holds to 99.9% of dust and allergens, so that the air, at the exit from the vacuum cleaner, is much cleaner than in the room before the start of cleaning.

Yes, and still, it is worth noting that there is a compartment in the main nozzle, where large details are in suction, such as coins, decorations that you had the negligence of losing, do not worry the vacuum cleaner will return them with pleasure.

The unit itself is quite large and, as a result, heavy, its weight is 10.4 kg, and this is still without taking into account the weight of water flowing. And accommodates a liquid container, up to 5 liters, which is particularly convenient for long-term and thorough cleaning. Small nozzles, comfortably fit for storage inside the housing. Power can be easily switched, taking into account the need, with a rotary regulator. The length of the existing network cable is 9 meters.

1. Arnica Vira.

Top 15 best and reliable vacuum cleaners 2020


  • The most complete set
  • Good power, 350 W, with an inexpensive price
  • Container up to 10 liters
  • Effective floor cleansing, furniture and air
  • Has functions of cleaning, humidification and aromatization of air


  • High energy consumption, 2400 W

In the ranking of vacuum cleaners for home 2020, another wonderful model, popular, in demand, manufactured by Arnica. The vacuum cleaner is quite productive, has a suction capacity of 350 W. The maximum volume of the absorbed liquid of 8 liters, while, when conducting a dry cleaning mode, up to 2 liters of water should be recruited into the aquilfilter. A wonderful model from Arnica, Vira can be used as for moisturizing, cleansing and aromaticizing air, and the existing container, at any time you can replace the most ordinary dust bag available in the configuration. The unit also copes very effectively with vacuum cleaning, both soft toys and bed linen.

Completed supplies and several nozzles, it is a slit, rectangular for textiles, a turbo sheet, suitable for removing wool and hair, standard, used for carpet and floor, wide and small cleaning nozzles, at the same time the foam cleaner, as well as flavoring and shampoo, The flow of which is carried out by a reinforced hose.

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For the year without harvesting a two-room apartment collects almost 10 kg of dust! Living in a loose house is not only unpleasant, but also harmful: There is a "patient building" syndrome, which gives the owners allergic reactions, frequent colds and even depression.

Therefore, the choice of the main assistant in the struggle for the cleanliness of the house and the enemy of all cats part-time is important and responsible.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Robots vacuum cleaners

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners 2020-2021The miniature robot vacuum cleaner requires the minimum intervention owner: just click on the power button and set the desired operation mode. In advanced models, the program takes into account the trajectory, and even the frequency of cleaning. As a rule, robots are very compact, so it is easy to remove under furniture. Complete miniature cleaners with a remote control and stand for recharging. A significant lack of a class is a relatively high cost, and the quality of cleaning does not always correspond to expectations.

Washing vacuum cleaners

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners 2020-2021Vacuum cleaners with aqua filter remove dust not only from surfaces, but also from the air. The design provides for the mandatory presence of two tanks: the plated air passes through the aqua filter (water container), and large particles of dirt are settled in an additional container. The washing vacuum cleaner copes well with cleaning and even saves from allergies by removing the smallest particles of pollen, leather scraps and other allergens. However, these devices are demanding in care and quite roads.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners 2020-2021Manufacturers also call devices of this type by container or flask vacuum cleaners. The essence of their work is simple: the vacuum cleaner twists the absorbed air along the spiral, creating the very "cyclone", and dust evenly settles in the flask. After cleaning the container is removed and wash manually. Cyclone vacuum cleaners are a more advanced variety of ordinary bags, but they are more expensive than analogues.

Bag vacuum cleaners

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners 2020-2021Patterns in domestic cleaning, well known to consumers. There are European and American types of design: in the first dust and dirt are assembled into the bag on the handle, the second dust collector is installed in the housing. Manufacturers offer both options with a reusable plain bag and with disposable cardboard.

Manual vertical vacuum cleaners

A peculiar vertex of "evolution" is the deliverance of the traditionally cumbersome vacuum cleaner from the large body and even binding to the outlet.

PUBLICAL WETICAL DRILECOCIESIn exchange - mobility, compactness, however, at the same time, an increase in the cost is associated with a decrease in suction force. The latter and may have a direct relationship with the previous one: you want more power - pay for technological solutions more money. But the manual vacuum cleaner can be taken with you in the car (no matter how neither cool, and its power will be higher than that of exclusively car vacuum cleaners) or the cottage where problems can be with electricity. Another obvious disadvantage that arises from the compact building is a modest dust collector.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

In addition to the type of work, everyone without exception of vacuum cleaners have a number of common parameters affecting the efficiency of cleaning comfort to use.


This characteristic has two indicators: power consumed (the number of electricity spent) and suction power. The higher the second characteristic, the more cleaning the cleaning.

If the cleaning is subject to not only the floor and carpets, but also delicate fabrics, the preference is wiserfully give the model with the regulator.

Filtration system

To avoid the inverse blowout of the assembled dust, in modern vacuum cleaners are installed in shallow cleaning. The best results show models with separation aqua filters and HEPA filters - they delay up to 99% of small particles. The type of filtration system must be specified in the device certificate


Even the most powerful modern vacuum cleaner should not make a threatening area. The noise level of up to 80 dB is optimal - the person speaks a calm conversation with such a volume.

Number of nozzles

Before buying it is better to decide on the front of work in advance: if the vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning in the house, cleaning the car and furniture covers, the set of nozzles will be required. It is true and the opposite statement: it makes no sense to overpay for the nozzle for washing windows, if only basic modes of operation are needed.

Rating of vacuum cleaners 2020-2021

Due to the principal differences in the work of various types of vacuum cleaners, the rating is divided into 5 categories, each of which is considered the most interesting market models.

Top vertical vacuum cleaners

3rd place: Redmond RV-UR355

Vertical wireless model with the possibility of carrying a vacuum cleaner outside the home and guidance of order in the machine. Convenient mobile unit for small money. The battery life of this vacuum cleaner is small - only 30 minutes, so it is designed for short cleaning. Own lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200 mA · h is charged less than 3 hours. For cleaning, you can choose one of 2 modes: intense (for cleaning contaminated places) and standard (for conventional dust cleaning).

The model has a standard set of nozzles for such a vacuum cleaner: electric turbulent for intensive cleaning and cleaning; Slit nozzle "2 in 1", designed for cleaning in hard-to-reach places, in the car, as well as cleaning household appliances; And also a brush for furniture, which is designed for the careful removal of dust and a pile with furniture upholstery, plaid and covered. Without tube extender, the vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-UR355 is compact enough for cleaning in the car. In this case, it completely replaces the battery hand vacuum cleaner for the car. The tube lengthens the work part, and helps to restore order in the house. The model includes fasteners for fastening the unit on the wall. This is allowed to save space in a small apartment. This vacuum cleaner has protection against electric shock - Class I.

Budget Handmade Vacuum Cleaner Redmond RV-UR355

  • Cleaning type: Dry;
  • Type of dust collector: without bag (cyclone filter);
  • Power consumption: 100 W;
  • Suction power: 19 W;
  • Battery work: yes;
  • Battery type complete: Li-ion, voltage 22.2 V;
  • Battery capacity complete: 2200 mA · h;
  • Battery Charging Time: 180 min;
  • Battery life: 30 min;
  • Additionally: power control on the handle, disconnected by the manual vacuum cleaner, battery, network adapter, the ability to mount on the wall (there is a set of fasteners);
  • Sets included: Electrical, for upholstered furniture, sliding 2-in-1, extension tube;
  • Volume of dust collector: 0.5 l;
  • Noise level: 70 dB;
  • Dimensions (VCHSHH): 33 × 11 × 9.5 cm;
  • Weight: 4.4 kg.
  • low price;
  • there is a battery;
  • without a bag;
  • functional;
  • there is a manual vacuum cleaner;
  • 2 operating modes;
  • low noise;
  • compactness;
  • equipment;
  • design;
  • Warranty 1 year.
  • Not very powerful "Turbovenik";
  • Small battery life;
  • The spinning brush stops on the edge of the carpet;
  • The lid of the dust collector is well adjacent;
  • fragility of plastic container;
  • Filter is quickly clogged;
  • Heavyweight for manual.

2nd place: Morphy Richards 734035

Morphy Richards is a real beast in the Mire of accumulatory dusts. Ego power can be compared with floor wired dusts.

Thanks to the relatively long seed cord (1.8 meters), it is possible to charge a dustseck of NE in the one's close proximity to the rose, however, it is worthwhile: in contrast to the smartphone, the dust connected to charging is only charging, but NE is working. The input charging base is not a compactness of this dust.

Between the agriculture of all 2.8 kg. BSE components legko understand and collected. At the same time, two different variants of the dust can be obtained, simply disconnecting a separate component. Morphy Richards 734035 is transformed in a convenient manual from the vertical dust. Thanks to the 2-renormal work, you can save battery charge: in the standard rejezing, the dusts are operated on the battery to 30 minutes, in the maximum - 10 minutes.

The B computers have a fast and effectively turbo-brush, prishnamed for a pile, coating carpets, and at the same time collecting garbage and dust and a slit nozzle. It will plead to mention that this ferventness is despicable. It is a practical and modern 4-hundred filter. Cyclone type MUSC has a filler indicator.

When working in the house, the dustsecos of the Morphy Richards 734035 XAractorizes high speed and manav. Charging docking station with the effects of the Effequitable nozzle when there is a large suspension. Hydded dust pumps for NE will make it possible to reverse the aggregate itself or scratch melel.

Morphy Richards 734035

  • Cleaning type: Dry;
  • Type of dust collector: without bag (cyclone filter);
  • Power consumption: 400 W;
  • Suction power: 110 W;
  • Battery work: yes;
  • Battery type complete: Li-ion;
  • Battery Charging Time: 240 min;
  • Battery life: 30 min;
  • Sets included: electric TotalClean electric, slit, for upholstered furniture, combined, dust;
  • Volume of dust collector: 0.5 l;
  • The number of filtering steps: 4;
  • Noise level: 78 dB;
  • Dimensions (VCHHHH): 110 × 24 × 15 cm;
  • Network Cord Length: 1.8 m;
  • Weight: 2.8 kg.
  • quality;
  • 3 power modes;
  • powerful;
  • works from the battery and from the network;
  • good suction power;
  • cleans in hard-to-reach places;
  • power management;
  • good functionality;
  • comfortable;
  • long battery life;
  • good suspended base;
  • without a bag;
  • high-quality filter;
  • Easy garbage cleaning;
  • there is a manual vacuum cleaner;
  • there is electric boot;
  • low weight;
  • not heated;
  • warranty 2 years;
  • design.
  • expensive;
  • overall;
  • not washing;
  • Long charges battery;
  • electric boot wreathes hair (however, it is a lack of any turbo);
  • noisy.

1st place: Bosch BCH 6ATH25

Wireless and very powerful model (2400 W) with filter, garbage container and easy cleaning system Easy Clean. The model demonstrated excellent work on any surfaces and refers to the advanced Athlet line. The vacuum cleaner has 3 power levels, conveniently adjustable on the handle. Own battery provides a 60-minute cycle of continuous operation in standard operating mode. The battery is protected from deep discharge and overheating. The unit has a battery charge indicator. For full battery charging required 6 hours.

Cyclone dust collector with a capacity of 0.9 liters has a transparent housing and a fill indicator. This model has built-in sensors that sign about the clogging of the filter, with a decrease in the thrust of the air.

The working brush is equipped with a hinge compound, allowing to be removed under furniture. Allfloor HighPower branded electro-turbo brush speed is 5000 revolutions per minute. A slit nozzle for hard-to-reach places and a removable extension hose also included. The owners of this model note that when cleaning carpets, the vacuum cleaner is characterized by a good power of retracting and cleaning efficiency.

Mobile, compact and high-quality Bosch BCH 6ath25 vacuum cleaner weighing about 3 kg is quite capable of competing with conventional floor vacuum cleaners.

Note that Bosch offers several options for configuring this model, so we recommend comparing prices and clarify before buying.

Best Handheld Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Bosch BCH 6ath25

  • Cleaning type: Dry;
  • Type of dust collector: without bag (cyclone filter);
  • Power consumption: 220 W;
  • Suction power: not specified by the manufacturer;
  • Battery work: yes;
  • Battery type complete: Li-Ion, voltage 25.2V;
  • Accumulator charging time: 360 min;
  • Battery life: 60 min;
  • Additionally: Dust collector filling indicator, power regulator on the case, power control on the handle, filter replacement indicator; Battery, battery charge indicator; 3 power levels; vertical parking;
  • Nozzles complete: Electrical, wide for the floor, slit, removable hose (check with check-in before purchase);
  • Volume of dust collector: 0.9 l;
  • Noise level: 68 dB;
  • Dimensions (VCHHHH): 116 × 28.5 × 18.5 cm;
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • optimal cost;
  • price quality;
  • high power;
  • power adjustment;
  • rechargeable;
  • Fast charging - 80% in 3 hours;
  • long offline work;
  • without a bag;
  • with a filter replacement indicator;
  • there is electric boot;
  • well cleans hard coatings;
  • Greeting wool perfectly;
  • optimal weight;
  • compactness;
  • rubberized handle;
  • not very noisy;
  • appearance;
  • guarantee.
  • no fine cleaning filter;
  • no manual vacuum cleaner;
  • Long charges battery;
  • no parking station for charging;
  • Low maneuverability of turbo
  • not perfect joints between the housing and the tube;
  • quickly stacks of brush wheels, hair wound;
  • bad vacuuming in the corners, joints and plinth;
  • The filter will have to be changed after 2 years (expensive);
  • expensive replacement battery;
  • The package must be specified before purchase.

Morphu Richards 7z4000ee.


Your option (Offer in the comments)


Voted: 115.

Best vacuum cleaners

3 place: Kitfort KT-531

The budget model that copes well with the responsibilities of the house. The presence of a remote control further simplifies this work. The turbo sheet in this model is not provided. When moving along the walls and along furniture, with the help of a side brush, the vacuum cleaner carefully swept the garbage. It has three working modes (automatic, standard zigzag and cleaning around the perimeter). Two filters (coarse and thin cleaning type HEPA) high quality filtered wool and dust. Thanks to the sensor, the obstacles bypass. If the vacuum cleaner is outside the visility zone, it is enough to click on the search button on the remote and the robot will give you a signal. The model has a high degree of protection against electric shock.

A small weight (1.75 kg) contributes to the rapid and quiet operation of this vacuum cleaner.

The battery capacity is 1000 mAh, which allows you to clean the room over 80 square meters per charge.

When charging the battery, follow the time, avoiding recharging.

Budget robot vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-531

  • Interesting price: from 5 390 rubles;
  • no bag / cyclone filter;
  • three modes of operation;
  • maneuverability;
  • soft bumper;
  • Own furniture, avoiding collisions;
  • comfortable side brushes;
  • The average noise level (up to 70 dB);
  • a small height (7.7 cm);
  • little weight;
  • Fine cleaning filter included;
  • Indicator working condition;
  • there is a remote control;
  • design.
  • Nickel-methydride battery (NIMH);
  • Long charges the battery (4-6 hours);
  • a small dust collector (only 0.2 liters);
  • The "Virtual Wall" function sometimes interferes with work;
  • poorly cleans carpets with a long pile;
  • There is no turbo.

2nd place: Bist Tornado

Bist Tornado is not only a strict vacuum cleaner, because it can also carry out wet cleaning after himself. Plus, which is important, with a sufficient accuracy of confidence, it can be called "quiet" - about 55 dB in the mode of operation. Another important distinctive feature is a spacious dust collector (0.9 liters) - it is clearly headed above most competitors with tanks from 0.2 to 0.5 liters. True, with its advantages, it also has a clear drawback. Which manufacturer itself is trying to justify a rather rich configuration in the style of "all inclusive".

Robot vacuum cleaner BIST Tornado

  • cyclone filter;
  • Suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture;
  • There are side brushes;
  • There are optical and IR sensors to protect against collisions and fall;
  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • programmable cleaning regime (including weeks of the week);
  • rich equipment;
  • 90 minutes of work without recharging;
  • the ability to manually send to "dirty place" (console);
  • quiet;
  • easily cleared;
  • Spacious containers (0.9 l for dust, 0.6 water).
  • price;
  • Very marking top cover;
  • Does not build a map of the room - it can repeatedly pass the pure place and "not touch" dirty;
  • For 2 (or more) rooms from the room in the room better transfer and cover the door;
  • Bad "sees" dark furniture, the stains of the sun on the floor believes for obstacles.

1st place: Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C

From the second place, the robot vacuum cleaner is distinguished by a couple of highly important parameters: on the one hand, Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C is equipped with a "total" 0.6-liter dust container (and 0.2 for water) - but on the other and the price tag on Acquisition. The disadvantages mainly relate to its "Chinese essence": despite the presence of Russian localization in the MI HOME brand application, it is necessary to choose mainland China for proper work in "countries".

The main thing for him is a rule (however, as for any "robot") - remove everything that he can grab. The same applies to objects partially lying on the floor (wires, straps of backpacks, etc.)

Good Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C

  • the price more than corresponds to the quality;
  • Does not require additional. settings - largely automated;
  • cyclone filter;
  • Good sensors: Up to non-shifted to stops, it is neatly removed under the curtains;
  • Suitable for dry and wet cleaning;
  • Low - only 8 cm;
  • Menonevar (including confidently drives to carpets up to 2 cm tall);
  • Virtual Wall to limit the cleaning zone;
  • may even be engaged remotely from the Internet (plus / minus);
  • 90 minutes of work without recharging;
  • 4 modes of operation;
  • Capacity for dust 0.6 liters, for water - 0.2 l.;
  • availability of spare parts for Ali;
  • Easily connects to "Smart Home".
  • noisy (approx. 72 dB);
  • According to reviews, enough for cleaning ~ 70 m² apartments in standard mode - but it all depends on the saturation of the territory by obstacles;
  • not all problems with localization are eliminated;
  • Sink (like all robots) rather supporting, spots rub rarely.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1C


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Voted: 78.

Best Vacuum Cleaners with Aqua Filter

3 place: bissell 1474-j

Powerful vacuum cleaner (1600 W) with a modern fine-purification filter of the type of nehor and a dust collector with a capacity of 4 liters.

First of all, this vacuum cleaner is attractive in the absence of expensive replaceable filters and bags. Heats water to 82 degrees if you need it. Makes dry (with aqua filter) and wet cleaning. With a wet cleaning mode, one tank serves to feed clean water, the second is for dirty.

The model has an impressive set of nozzles: a turbist, a brush for washing, a brush for collecting water, a combi-brush for carpet or floor, dust and slit brushes. In addition to the nozzles, in the kit there is: detergents, two microfibers, vetuats, a spare filter. This multifunctional model will suit people who loving technique and carefully related to it.

High-quality cleaning vacuum cleaner 2019 Bissell 1474-J

  • powerful;
  • washing;
  • no replacement consumables;
  • no bag;
  • Excellent result after cleaning;
  • Wide functionality;
  • good nozzles;
  • Convenient container for nozzles;
  • Aqua filter;
  • Long cable (6 m);
  • smooth start;
  • solid equipment;
  • maneuverability;
  • It's well going / disassembled;
  • Water warms himself;
  • pleasant smell after wet cleaning;
  • Interesting and thoughtful design.
  • high price;
  • high weight;
  • Tight latches have a new device;
  • noisy (81 dB);
  • Small capacity of the dust collector;
  • turbocharging is quickly clogged;
  • It is necessary to regularly clean the water supply filter (clogged);
  • When sinking floors, it is necessary to often change the water and wash the vacuum cleaner itself;
  • difficulties in understanding the instructions;
  • plastic fragot;
  • slammed hose;
  • Power cord is suitable manually.

2nd place: Thomas Twin Panther

Thomas suggested a hybrid option. The Twin Panther model combines a conventional dust collector with a removable aqua filter, and therefore successfully copes with wet, and with dry cleaning. It is convenient to use a hybrid: thanks to the long cord and the telescopic handle, the vacuum cleaner does not have to raise often.

Aqua vacuum cleaner THOMAS TWIN PANTHER

  • There is a removable detergent tank;
  • dry and wet cleaning;
  • Cost from 8,950 rubles;
  • 5 nozzles included;
  • 2 parking positions (horizontal and vertical);
  • Filter shallow purification of nera;
  • 6 liters dust collector;
  • 10 meters cleaning radius;
  • Long cord (6m);
  • automatic cutting cord;
  • There is a suction power regulator.
  • weight of 8.4 kg (13.4 kg with accessories);
  • disposable dust collectors;
  • Capacity 2,4 liter water reservoir;
  • Power consumption 1600 watts;
  • high detergent consumption;
  • A leaning tank for dirty water (dirt can get into the housing of the vacuum cleaner).

1st place: Karcher DS 5.800

Karcher tried to solve the two problems of AquaPhackles - high energy consumption and noise in operation. The attempt turned out to be successful: the DS 5.800 model consumes 2 times less energy than the predecessors of the series, does not frighten the stunning buzz and copes perfectly with cleaning.

Washing vacuum cleaner Karcher DS 5.800

  • the cost of 17,900 rubles;
  • Power consumption 900 W;
  • Filter shallow purification of nera12 (delays up to 99.9% dust);
  • Long cord (6.5 meters);
  • radius of action 10.2 m;
  • FoamStop defoamer included;
  • automatically turns off when overheated;
  • shockproof case;
  • the possibility of horizontal and vertical parking;
  • Low noise (66 dB).
  • Basic set of nozzles (for floors, upholstered furniture and slit);
  • Weight 7.4 kg excluding accessories;
  • only dry cleaning;
  • Aqua filter capacity is 1.7 liters.

Thomas Twin Panther.


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Voted: 125.

The best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter (flask)

3 place: Polaris PVC 1821WR

In the budget vacuum cleaner from Polaris there is everything you need for everyday cleaning: high suction power, which does not always boast more expensive models, a modern filter of small cleaning and compact dimensions.

Vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter POLARIS PVC 1821WR

  • Cost from 5,499 rubles;
  • Suction power of 400 W;
  • Cutter filter (2 liters);
  • There is a thin cleaning system with HEPA13 filters;
  • Weight 4.76 kg;
  • Cord motor impact system.
  • no power regulator;
  • short cord (5 m);
  • Power consumption 1800 W;
  • 2 nozzles in the kit (floor / carpet and slit).

2nd place: Dyson Cy26 Animal Pro 2

Pretty universal high-quality vacuum cleaner, with a decent set of nozzles: Musclehead ™ floor / carpet, which is ideal for combined coatings and parquet; Mobile brush for solid coatings; Brush for cleaning upholstered furniture, combined nozzle. Telescopic tube is convenient to use, as it is possible to adjust the height.

The main feature of this model lies in the fact that the vacuum cleaner is returned to its original position. This effect provides a well-thought-out center of gravity and a hinge on a vacuum cleaner handle.

Dyson Cinetic technology, like all representatives of this manufacturer's line, ensures the holding of the smallest particles of dust; Therefore, this vacuum cleaner will be useful in the house where people suffering from allergies live.

High-quality cyclone vacuum cleaner DYSON CINETIC BIG BALL PARQUET

  • cleaning quality;
  • Filter of fine cleaning;
  • dust collector filling indicator;
  • Long wire (6.5 meters);
  • car shutting of a network cord;
  • Comfortable foot switch;
  • 4 nozzles included;
  • The filter does not need washing;
  • Effective in the fight against allergies (Certificate BAF).
  • suction power 250 W;
  • only dry cleaning;
  • Capacity of the dust collector is only 0.8 liters;
  • high noise;
  • weight of 7.9 kg;
  • high price;
  • Dust closer closes loosely.

1st place: samsung vc18m3160

In the first place is one of the most powerful cyclone vacuum cleaners. Samsung VC18M3160 will cope not only with smooth surfaces, but also can easily clean long-circuit carpets. In this case, the filter does not have to manually clean from the hair - the turbine leaves it clean, it is enough just to empty the flask on time.

Vacuum cleaner with samsung vc18m3160

  • cost from 8,490 rubles;
  • suction power of 380 W;
  • Comfortable swivel handle;
  • turbine that prevents the winding of dust and hair on the filter;
  • weight of 4.8 kg;
  • Capacity flasks 2 liters;
  • Long cord (6 meters);
  • there is a fine filter;
  • self-shocking cord;
  • transparent dust collector cover (easy to follow filling);
  • Power consumption 1800 W;
  • High noise (87 dB).

Douson Cy26 Animal Pro 2


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Voted: 304.

Best bag vacuum cleaners 2020-2021

3 place: samsung sc4140

Popular inexpensive model with bag dust collector. You can use both the "stationary" bag-filter, and cheap paper bags for the vacuum cleaner. Despite the simplicity, it has a fine filter with 5-stages of filtration and two comfortable nozzles complete: standard brush and combined 2-B-1 brush (slit / dust).

The advantage of the model is a large radius of action (9.2 meters). The hose, while freely rotates 360 °. The vacuum cleaner is convenient in operation, but noisy and requires a very neat replacement of bags so as not to break the adapter.

Good budget vacuum cleaner with samsung sc4140 bag

  • Budget model: from 3 199 rubles;
  • large radius of action (over 9 m);
  • decent power of suction - z20 W;
  • bulk dust collector (3 liters);
  • 5 filtration steps;
  • Easy use;
  • long network cord (6 m);
  • Cord car seat;
  • foot switch;
  • dust collector filling indicator;
  • cheap consumables;
  • power regulator on the housing;
  • storage place for housing nozzles;
  • compactness;
  • Little weight (3.76) kg.
  • Dust collector - bag;
  • High noise - 83 dB;
  • High power consumption 1600 W.

2nd place: Thomas SmartTouch Style

SmartTouch Style proves that a powerful vacuum cleaner does not have to be noisy and heavy. High for bag models The cost is quite justified: the vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning large garbage, and to remove dust from bookshelves. About the set of appropriate nozzles with turbo and fine power adjustment manufacturer made up in advance.

Good Thomas Smarttouch Style Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction power of 425 W;
  • Power consumption 2000 W
  • Low noise (70 dB);
  • two power regulators - on the housing and handle;
  • very long cord (10 meters);
  • rubberized soft bumper;
  • weight of 4.7 kg;
  • Dust collector with a capacity of 3.5 liters with the smell absorber;
  • HEPA 13 filter;
  • 13 meters cleaning radius;
  • 7 nozzles included (including for cleaning parquet, polished furniture and equipment).
  • Replaceable dust collectors (in a set of 6 pieces).

1st place: Philips FC9174 Performer

Excellent price / quality ratio is that for which it is worth paying attention to this model. With the attitude to the average price category, this vacuum cleaner has a lot of advantages that are needed by a powerful and useful device: Filter of thin cleaning HEPA 13; 500 watt suction power; The presence of a turbid, a 4-liter dust collector. Total 4 brushes, including Tri-Active, mini - for furniture, slit; Turbo for carpet surfaces. The cleaning radius by this vacuum cleaner is 10 meters. Most users consider this model powerful, durable and convenient.

For this vacuum cleaner, you must purchase disposable bags.

Best bag vacuum cleaner 2019-2020 PHILIPS FC9174 Performer

  • optimal cost (from 9,500 rubles);
  • Filter of fine cleaning (cleans air by 99.95%,);
  • High suction power - 500 watts;
  • Cleaning radius - 10 meters;
  • There is a turbo;
  • Long cord (7 meters);
  • Spacious dust collector (4 liters);
  • equipment;
  • foot switch;
  • high-quality plastic;
  • telescopic handle;
  • indication of the filling of the dust collector;
  • there is a power regulator;
  • soft bumper;
  • Motor cord.
  • uncomfortable to store brushes;
  • Weak fastening of brusons to the suction tube;
  • Do not do without buying consumables;
  • Hard hoproshlang;
  • only dry cleaning;
  • noisy (78 dB);
  • heavy (6.3 kg);
  • High power consumption 2200 watts.

Thomas SmartTouch Stow.


Philips FC9174 Performer


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Voted: 115.


For the purchase does not bring disappointment, it is worth considering the features of a particular model and the whole class as a whole. From miniature robots and comfortable hand should not be to wait for the power of cyclone vacuum cleaners, from bags - high-quality air purification, and effective detergent models can be too heavy.

Updated: February 2020

* Please note that the article is informational and is not advertising for the products presented. The results of the compiled rating are subjective in the nature of the authors of the article.

The vacuum cleaner has long been an integral part of each house. Without it, any high-quality cleaning turns into a long and tedious process. However, now the model range of manufacturers includes so many variations that it is not easy to figure them out. Consider the same rating of the best vacuum cleaners as of October 2021. The review is consciously not included. Robots vacuum cleaners are already a slightly different type of technology.

Rating of vacuum cleaners 2021.
Rating of vacuum cleaners 2021.

Classification of vacuum cleaners

Initially a little about what the vacuum cleaners are:

  • Depending on the power source: Network. Vigorous (they are sticky vacuum cleaners).
  • According to the design: manual.
  • By the design of the garbage collection container: saffering. Cyclonal. With aqua filter.
  • According to the method of application: steam vacuum cleaners. Dry cleaning. For wet cleaning.

For our rating, we will use additional classification:

  • "Budget" models are just good and inexpensive devices of different types.
  • Vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter.
  • Washing.
  • Wireless.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

First you need to decide why you need it. It is not worth spending on an advanced powerful model if you just need to put an apartment in order from time to time. However, if you have pets, small children or you suffer allergies - then you should think about additional features.

Here are the optimal parameters for choice:

  • Suction power - for manual (rechargeable) models are enough 100 W, for vertical - up to 300 W, for general cleaning - at least 500 W.
  • Rechargeable models are suitable only for easy cleaning, cleaning furniture or car salons.
  • Nozzles must include a turbo. It will also be useful to slightly for cleaning furniture, a brush for dust, etc. Here is the principle "the more, the better."
  • Capacity of dust container. Manual and vertical vacuum cleaners usually have no more than 0.5 liters, but cyclone is already up to 5 liters. Professionals use models with dust collectors up to 10 liters, but at home such devices are not needed.
Vacuum cleaners 2021
Vacuum cleaners 2021

Filtration system

The minimum requirements for the vacuum cleaner are the presence of a fine cleaning air filter, but it is better to take more reliable systems.

If in the vacuum cleaner is the type of type of type, then you need to look with which particle class it works and how quotes. Nehra-10 guarantees to hold up to 85% dust, nera-14 - already up to 99%. However, it is much more expensive.

Additionally, vacuum cleaners can be equipped with an electrostatic filter that attracts suspended in the air of the dust, as well as a coal filter to remove the vony. However, such models are found in the market of household appliances extremely rarely: these filters complicate and increase the design of the structure, and rarely required in everyday life.


An important moment when choosing a vacuum cleaner is a set of nozzles that attached to it. For any model, about 10% of the cost is just their price. Therefore, it is necessary to determine what nozzles are at all.

Usually, the following equipment is attached to the vacuum cleaner:

  • Combined or universal - basic, designed for both naked flooring and for carpets. If you wish, it can be cleaned and furnished, but here it is not so effective. Sometimes it includes an additionally advanced brush to sour creaming large garbage from linoleum or laminated floors.
  • Slitual - used to clean in those places where the usual nozzle does not enter. It is cleansed with gaps, angles, radiators of heating batteries, etc. Due to the narrow nozzle, the vacuum cleaner with such a nozzle produces increased power - but the coverage area is reduced at times.
  • Dusty - Special nozzle-brush for cleaning furniture.
  • Parquet - option of a universal nozzle designed for delicate cleaning of parquet floors covered with fragile varnish.
  • Furniture - designed for handling upholstered furniture or car chairs.
  • The turbo-brush (in the usual and mini-options) is equipped with a roller, which is spinning under the pressure of the air flow and collects hair, pile and domestic wool.
  • Steam nozzle - needed for vacuum cleaners having steam cleaning mode.
  • The siphon nozzle is a rather exotic device for cleaning the closed sifts of sewer and water pipes.

Several tips when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Regularly it happens that buyers look at the power (general and specifically suction), the number of nozzles and the functions of the vacuum cleaner. This is important, but you can not forget about the little things that can spoil or, on the contrary, improve the impression of the unit and make it more or less convenient when used for cleaning:

  • Noise level. For household vacuum cleaners, the norm is from 40 to 90 dB. So that there were no complaints from neighbors - it is better to choose models with noise no more than 60 dB.
  • Trumpet. Almost all vacuum cleaners are now produced with a telescope handle, but some may also have a composite, where the pipe is dealt with several parts and is assembled in the desired configuration.
  • Display. It is now fashionable - to install the screen showing the basic information on the body of the vacuum cleaner. However, the practical meaning of displays have only for battery models - they show the level of charge. For the rest, it is better and more reliable than those vacuum cleaners that are equipped with mechanical indicators.
  • Voltage level. It depends on it, what power will have a motor vacuum cleaner motor.
  • Charging time. This is also important for autonomous models. It is not always convenient to use the vacuum cleaner that works two hours in a row - but then the day is charged. So it is better to focus on not the most capacious, but rapidly charged models. The optimal period is 3-5 hours, this is enough for daily cleaning.
  • Automatic cable coil in a special compartment - it makes the device more compact and more convenient to use. It is usually mechanically "charged" when pulling out the cord, but rolls back to the vacuum cleaner it itself. The winding can be both based on the inertial system (as in automotive safety belts: he jerked for the cable - the vacuum cleaner began to be dilated) and with a conventional mechanical blocker (pressed the button on the case - the cord rolls).

Well, now it's time to consider what the manufacturers of household appliances are offered in 2021 to buyers.

Good and inexpensive vacuum cleaners

The classic apparatus is included in the class of "budget" models, where dust is assembled into the bag, and the filtering is simple. Their main disadvantage is inconvenience and low power, but besides the price there is an additional dignity - they are relatively low noise.

Scarlett SC-VC80B95

A maneuverable model for small rooms. Equipped with a non-filter, capturing dust. It has a large bag for garbage and a long cable for 5 m, saving automatically. It can be used both in the vertical and horizontal position. Power - 1900 W.

Scarlett SC-VC80B95 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Scarlett SC-VC80B95 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • cheapness;
  • good power for its class;
  • Protection against motor overheating.
  • Low reliability of the design.

Price - 3,500 rubles.


A classic model with a bag of 3 liters. The total capacity is 1600 W, it is suction - 320 W. Not bad performance and small (3700 g) weight allow you to use in any rooms. 6 m long cord will allow you to remove even long corridors without carrying the carrying. This model is also equipped with a non-filter, as well as an indicator of filling the bag. Included there is a brush for furniture, but there is no turboset.

Samsung SC4140 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Samsung SC4140 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • good filtering;
  • Durable design of excellent assembly;
  • Low noise.

Price - 3,900 rubles.

Philips FC8294 Powergo.

Power - 2000 W. Equipped with a reliable Super Clean Air filter. The bag capacity is 3 liters, the s-bag design bag itself, so it serves one and a half times longer than the usual.

Philips FC8294 Powergo in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Philips FC8294 Powergo in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • great bags;
  • high-quality filters;
  • Design tightness, no air leaks with dust.
  • For the device of this class - no.

Price - 5000 rubles.

Bosch bsgl3mult1

The leader in the class of inexpensive vacuum cleaners. Compact, power (2000 W), effective. Dust collector on 4 l, which allows either to remove large rooms, or less often shaking garbage. Warranty from the manufacturer - 10 years. The kit with a vacuum cleaner includes a set of additional nozzles, filter, etc.

Bosch BSGL3MULT1 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Bosch BSGL3MULT1 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • durability;
  • Capacity of the dust collector;
  • High-quality filtering.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners

These models are convenient because the debris settles in the dust collector, there is no need to knock out the bag. In addition, the "cyclones" are usually more efficiently collecting garbage than equipped with bags, but it is easier and more compact models with aqua filter.


Practical, convenient and quite powerful - 1800 W. It is distinguished by a good design, a high-quality filter of nera-10 and the ability to park in a vertical and horizontal version. Equipped with a length of 6 meters long. The kit includes a good set of nozzles.

THOMAS MULTI CYCLONE PRO 14 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
THOMAS MULTI CYCLONE PRO 14 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • excellent filtration;
  • adjustable power;
  • long power cord;
  • Good set of nozzles.

Price - 6500 rubles.

Samsung SC8836.

Suction power in this model is 430 W, which allows you to conduct thorough cleaning even on a large area. Super Twin Chamber technology protects the motor even if the filter has been clogged: the air flow itself will decrease. The Silencio Force brush allows you to conduct thorough floor cleaning. Curious moment: the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a soft bumper, which will appreciate those who at least once hit when cleaning the device about furniture or kitchen apparatics.

Samsung SC8836 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Samsung SC8836 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • Additional motor protection;
  • excellent power;
  • Successful brush design.
  • Low reliability of the power plant.

Price - 6500 rubles.

Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate

Class leader. Excellent construction on the aerodynamics, allowing you to clean up three stages:

  • Air enters the chamber.
  • The flow accelerates in a cyclone duct.
  • Dust is separated and settled down.
Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a triactive z nozzle for harvesting large garbage from floor coatings. Also used Nano Clean technology to clean the dust collector: any garbage does not stick to the container and by pressing the button easily falls into the garbage bag.

  • PowerClone 7 technology;
  • Low for this class noise level.
  • excellent nozzles;
  • reliability.
  • No significantly detected.

Price - 17 000 rubles.

Washing vacuum cleaners

The models of this class are designed to lead not only dry, but also wet cleaning at home. They can be performed both in classic form and in the vertical layout. Usually equipped with aqua filters, which increases cost and sizes, but improves the quality of cleaning.


Turkish models in our market have not yet gained a reputation, but pleasantly surprise their owners. Durable apparatus for dry and wet cleaning with high filtering quality and flooring washing. The set of nozzles includes fixtures for cleaning curtains, slots, upholstered furniture. It is possible to use for cleaning the cabin of cars. Power - up to 2400 watts.

Arnica Hydra Rain Plus in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Arnica Hydra Rain Plus in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • excellent filtration;
  • extensive set of nozzles;
  • good power;
  • Universality.
  • Mass of 10 kg, which is not very convenient.

Price - 15 500 rubles.

Bosch BWD41740.

Reliable and ergonomic model, surprisingly compact for detergent vacuum cleaner. Available in several variants of different colors. The volume of the dust collector is 2.5 liters. The water filtering system is used: the air with dust passes through the water capacity, the dust settles, turning into the dirt, and does not fly into the power plant and further into the air. Power - 1700 W. The vacuum cleaner has a telescopic tube and a network cord of 9 m length.

Bosch BWD41740 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Bosch BWD41740 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • Filtration reliability;
  • Ergonomics and compactness;
  • Good container capacity for dust.
  • Dirt from the container is harder than dust.

Price - 17 500 rubles

Thomas Drybox Amfibia.

The device is equipped with a fractional separation system of dust, which is cleared not only the surface, but also air indoors. The laminate, parquet, tile and other surfaces are equally well. It has a dust collector of 3 cameras and a double filtering system. Power - 1700 W. Roller design makes it easy to maneuver with a vacuum cleaner when cleaning. The set includes aqua-stealth nozzle for laminated floors.

THOMAS DRYBOX AMFIBIA in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
THOMAS DRYBOX AMFIBIA in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • Great price for such a functionality;
  • Reliable dust collection;
  • convenience when used;
  • DRYBOX technology.

Price - 27 500 rubles.

Wireless vacuum cleaners

These devices work from the battery, so that they can be used where there is no electrical outlets. The main disadvantage of them is low power: no more than 150 W suction. However, it takes over the compactness and autonomy of work for a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Philips FC6163.

The model is designed for cleaning in apartments and in car salons. TriacTIVE nozzle provides high-quality surface cleaning. The model is compact enough for easy movement, and the debris from the dust collector is removed by one press of the button. Autonomy from the device is 35 minutes - this is enough even on a multico apartment. Charging takes 5 hours.

Philips FC6163 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Philips FC6163 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • compactness;
  • high-quality nozzle;
  • High quality assembly.

Price - 13 000 rubles.

Xiaomi Dreame V9.

Xiaomi Dreame V9 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Xiaomi Dreame V9 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021

Stick-vacuum cleaner with a capacity of up to 400 W with efficiency up to 54%. The design uses a high-speed engine (up to 100 thousand revolutions per minute), thanks to which the air flow also captures dust ticks. Dust collector cyclone 9-cous. Working hours:

  • As usual mode - up to 1 hour;
  • Turbo mode - up to 8 minutes.
  • long autonomy;
  • Exceptionally high power for the model of this type;
  • Reliable turbo;
  • Ergonomic.
  • In turbo mode, you can handle only a small section of the surface.

Price - 13 500 rubles


Model with vertical parking. Dust collector is small (400 ml), but for the autonomous vacuum cleaner is sufficient. Engine power 400 W. The equipment includes electric and other nozzles for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Fans of electronics will especially enjoy the possibility of pairing the device via Bluetooth with smartphones and other techniques - this allows remotely to learn the battery charge level and the current state of the filter. Weight small - 2.6 kg. The model is equipped with an automatic stand under the main nozzle.

Xiaomi ROIDMI NEX X20 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Xiaomi ROIDMI NEX X20 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • maneuverability;
  • High build quality;
  • rich assortment of nozzles;
  • The possibility of pairing with smartphones;
  • good power;
  • Flexible hose for nozzles.
  • Not the best electrical turbo.

Price - 25 000 rubles.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro

Rated power of 170 W, battery life - up to 120 minutes. This is enough for cleaning anyone, even the largest room. The company guarantees that no less than 125 square meters can be removed without recharging. m of any surface. Special nozzle Multifloor XXL width 28 cm can be used even in hard-to-reach corners, and an advanced filtering system provides triple air purification from allergens and dust.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Miele Triflex HX1 Pro in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • excellent power;
  • High quality and reliability of the design;
  • filtration purity;
  • Long autonomy.
  • If something in this model and bad is the cost.

Price - 70 000 rubles.

Morphy Richards 734050ee.

Leader in the class of wireless models. Power - up to 110 W, which for vacuum cleaners of this type is higher than expected. Even in the mode of maximum power, the period of work is at least 20 minutes, it is enough for cleaning even the largest room itself. If you use the device in normal mode, then it is enough for 60 minutes of work. The model may be in three configurations:

  • Vertical.
  • With a curved handle.
  • Manual (for best maneuverability).
The best models of vacuum cleaners 2021 for home | Overview Top 20 models

The kit includes high-quality electric power. The filtration system consists of 4 steps, which ensures reliable air purification. Battery charging time with full discharge - about 4 hours.

  • good autonomy;
  • High power for wireless devices;
  • reliability;
  • Convenience in work.

Price - 29 500 rubles

Vacuum cleaners with aqua filrom

This model provides for airflow filtering with garbage through a water jam, which cleans the air from any, even the finest dust itself. The devices of this design are recommended for allergies: they destroy dust mites and are not thrown into the air dust.

The design of the vacuum cleaners of this system includes a separator, where water is whipped into small splashes, exciting dust. It turns out only moisturized and, if necessary, ionized air.

With the highest quality of cleaning, these devices have the main drawback - they are more expensive and massive vacuum cleaners of other classes.

Shivaki SVC 1748.

The device is designed for dry cleaning with the creation of a favorable microclimate indoor. A rich assortment of nozzles and a reliable filtering system allow you to use it in any rooms for cleaning any surfaces. Power is 1800 W, the volume of the dust collector is 3.8 liters. The vacuum cleaner can be installed both in the vertical and horizontal position. The length of the power cord is 6 m.

Shivaki SVC 1748 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Shivaki SVC 1748 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • reliability of design;
  • high quality assembly;
  • good power;
  • Telescopic tube for nozzles.
  • Clean the dust collector is difficult.

Price - 6 500 rubles.

Bosch BWD41720.

Multifunctional model designed for cleaning different types of pollution. The kit includes a universal nozzle, turbo and a few additional. When working, the vacuum cleaner parallel the air moisturizes. The model is equipped with a flexible flexi-hose, which is why it is possible to work within a radius to 9 m. The vacuum cleaner has a special handle for carrying or working on weight.

Bosch BWD41720 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Bosch BWD41720 in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • moisturizes air;
  • Reliable and durable hose;
  • Ergonomic design.
  • For its class, the power is not enough.

Price - 11,990 rubles


The model has a long telescopic handle and a cord of 6 m long. The weight is very small for the vacuum cleaner with aquille - only 8400. Power up to 1600 W, can be adjusted over a wide range. The package includes 9 nozzles for various surfaces and types of work.

SENCOR SVC 5001YL in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
SENCOR SVC 5001YL in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • equipment above all praise;
  • Reliable filtration;
  • Excellent assembly.
  • The brand is still little known;
  • Noise level is too large.

Price - 22 000 rubles.

Bosch BWD 421 Pro

Powerful vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning of premises of any area. Capacity of the dust collector is 2.5 liters, the set of nozzles is universal and allows you to clean the cleaning of any surfaces. The design of the dust collector makes it easy to clean it. Additional advantage - Network cable 9 m, which allows you to work away from the outlet.

Bosch BWD 421 Pro in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
Bosch BWD 421 Pro in the rating of vacuum cleaners 2021
  • successful equipment;
  • good power;
  • very long cable;
  • Large container capacity for dust.

Price - 24,000 rubles.

Karcher DS 6.

Leader in the class of vacuum cleaners with aquilter. Very safe, productive, reliable. The three-step filtering system will not release a single dust. Power suction - 220 W, which is enough to solve any task. At the same time, for such power, the vacuum cleaner is surprisingly low power consumption. The 9 m cable is equipped with an automatic ware system. The set of nozzles is enough to clean any surface, and there is a compartment for storage in the vacuum cleaner.

Karcher DS 6 in the ranking of 2021 vacuum cleaners
Karcher DS 6 in the ranking of 2021 vacuum cleaners
  • performance;
  • Successful selection of nozzles;
  • compactness;
  • reliability.

Price - 21000 rubles.

Vacuum cleaners - Rating leaders

Briefly summarize our analysis of models. If you need a weak, but compact device for cleaning up soft furniture and machine salon - select battery models. If there is a sick asthma in the house or an allergy suffering - you need a vacuum cleaner with aqua filter. If you want not only to clean, but also wash the floor with a vacuum cleaner - we produce clean apparatus for you.

Well, the leaders of our rating are:

  • In the class "Budget model" - Bosch BSGL3mult1.
  • In the detergent class - Thomas Drybox AMFIBIA.
  • In the class of equipped with aquille - Karcher DS 6.
  • In the class of rechargeable stick vacuum cleaners - Morphy Richards 734050EE.
Especially select the Xiaomi Dreame V9 model. According to reviews and analyzing technical data, it has the best value for money.

Successful to you shopping!

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