Finding on plastic windows - causes, places, methods of struggle

Plastic windows have many advantages, including high levels of heat and sound insulation. But after installing windows, the tenants are faced with the formation of condensate. In the future, it appears on the plastic windows. How to deal with it - it is described below.

What is it going

Flash arises as a result of the freezing of the axial condensate. This happens when the dew point is reached.

At the beginning - fogging, the accumulation of condensate leads to a flow of the resulting fluid. With severe frosts, it freezes and forms ice crust.

The problem is worth solving at an early stage. If you do nothing, the ice crust will begin to increase in the amount and damage the structure.

Finding on plastic windows violates their tightness, it becomes the cause of deformation, breakdowns. Cold bridges arise.

The emerging draft negatively affects the health of residents. Therefore, you need to quickly decide what to do with outflow on plastic windows inside the apartment.

For the northern regions, the optimal option is double-glazed windows with energy-saving glasses or 3-4-5-chamber window designs.


Metal-plastic window structures provide a good level of protection of the room from external noise and adverse temperatures.

But such insulation leads to an increase in air humidity. Excess gaseous water starts to settle on glasses and frames.

Depending on the level of humidity, 3 types of rooms are distinguished:

  • Dry - air humidity up to 40%;
  • Normal - humidity is 40-50%;
  • wet - indicators ranging from 50% to 60%;
  • Wet - exceed 60%.

In rooms with low humidity, the dew point is achieved at low temperatures. But, if the level of moisture is overestimated, condensate is formed in a warm room. That is why the fogging of windows is often observed during cooking.

The most frequent causes of land on plastic windows inside the apartment:

  • The glass has low heat transfer resistance;
  • The ventilation system does not provide sufficient air exchange indoor;
  • High humidity (observed after the recent completion of construction work);
  • Washing, cooking, watering colors;
  • violation of the installation technology of plastic windows (no vapor barrier, incomplete filling of the mounting seam by foam);
  • The presence of a wide window sill when there is no hot air access to the window design.

On the windows from the northern side of the condensate accumulates more often than on the ones installed on the south.

Also, look at the video further useful information about condensate on plastic windows.

Where Farry is formed

Fasting on plastic windows occurs in different places.

  1. On the upper loops. In the deepening of the top loop, the design is deployed. It is often observed in three-chamber profiles.
  2. On the edge of the glass. The reason for cooling the glass is the aluminum framework. The problem can be solved with the help of additional remote frames.
  3. Outstanding and windowsill. Condensate sedimentation in these places may indicate poor-quality filling of the mounting seam. Therefore, the installation is worth trusted to certified masters.
  4. Double glass. Finding forms due to high humidity, as well as the wrong operation of the ventilation and heating system.
  5. Finding between glasses. If there is shortly after installation, there is a fogging of the inner surfaces of the glass, the problem lies in the factory marriage. A lesser glass decreases the insulating properties of the structure.

To resolve the problem, you should deal with the cause. Some defects can be easily eliminated with their own hands.

Float on the window

Elimination methods

To eliminate ice on windowsill and glass, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • reduce humidity - dryers or heaters are used to dry out air;
  • restore air exchange - it is necessary to periodically air the room and reduce the number of indoor plants;
  • Sealing the installation seam - if the problem is in it, it is worth adding or replacing the foam.

When solving the problem, you should not be afraid of difficulties. It is better to make a conscience once than each year to fight condensate and ice.

Condensate on the window


To prevent the formation of land on plastic windows outside, it is necessary to install windows to trust the masters. This will provide high-quality filling of all mounting gaps.

Economy class and double-glazed windows with 2 chambers have low thermal insulation properties.

In the premises it is necessary to normalize air convection. If necessary, it is worth equipping additional ventilation channels.

There is no need to talk about the advantages of plastic windows in comparison with wooden, because wide demand of consumers is the best evidence of the quality of this technology. As they say, they get used to good quickly, the same situation arises after installing new PVC windows in the house. The owner enjoys aesthetic appearance, comfort, ease of operation of this design, but sometimes with the appearance of cold weather, it is formed to be formed on plastic windows inside the apartment.

The question appears: how to eliminate this trouble. You can solve the problem, but first you need to establish the reason why it occurs on the windows from the inside. Although according to international standards, the appearance of a small condensate on the glass inside the house is still allowed.

Finding the windows of PVC: how is it formed?

The cause of the tax is condensate. This phenomenon arises due to the essential temperature difference on both sides of the glass. Since there is a water vapor in the air, it goes into a liquid state under certain conditions: low temperature, increased humidity.

Finding the window from the apartment can be formed in different places:

  • In the area of ​​the top loop . Sometimes the upper loop, deepening in the seal disrupts the tightness of the structure. Such a defect may occur when installing a 3 chamber profile, as it has a metal reinforce that is capable of attracting cold. The presence of additional air chambers slightly reduces ice formation, but the windows with hidden loops do not allow the formation of such a defect;
  • Floind the edge of the glass . In this case, the aluminum framework, which attract the cold near the strokes, is served by the cold. The problem can solve packages with additional remote frames, but they are found very rarely;

Fasting on plastic windows in different places

  • Outskili and window sills . If the ice is formed on the windowsill, you can blame the masters who engaged in the installation of the design. Condensate is formed due to the poor quality of the assembly seam;

Seaming seams on the window

  • At the bottom of the glass package . The reason for this type of icing may be increased humidity in the room, the problems of the heating and ventilation system.

Picture frightened on the edge of the glass

When you appear to sleep on the windows from the inside, you should not panic. The problem can be solved, but before calling specialists who are engaged in installation, you should make sure that the reason is not a microclimate of the apartment.

Sometimes the formation of condensate between glasses is happening. This problem will not be eliminated independently, since its cause is insufficient sealing of the glass. Over time, depressurization of the package may occur. If the glasses are fogged immediately after installation, it means that there is a factory marriage. Solve the problem can only replace the glass package.

How to solve the problem of having a land on plastic windows

In some cases, it is worth contacting the company that has been engaged in installing windows, but sometimes it is impossible to do it.

In this case, you should listen to the recommendations of specialists who will prompt how to fix the problem on their own:

  • Reduce humidity. This item is obligatory for execution regardless of the cause of the land. Dampness in the house may be due to poor ventilation, constantly flowing water pipes, drying the linen indoors, the presence of aquarium or room plants. Restore normal microclimate will also help heater or air dryer;
  • Restore air convection. Sometimes the windowsill forced by flowers do not allow warm air to circulate at the desired level. Thus, the likelihood of condensate appears is increasing, which in turn contributes to the formation of a nappy on the windows. Regular air ventilation will help restore the correct air convection;
  • Enhance the tightness of the mounting seam. If the cause of the land is the negligence of the master, it should be agreed with it to eliminate the shortcomings. Sometimes it is impossible to do this, in which case, the problem can be solved on your own, but it is better to wait for the end of the heating season. The first thing follows from the street to blew the mounting foam the place where it is missing. It is also necessary to fit the space under the sampling. Excess foam cut off, seams are sealed with a special means. If the problem is not solved, you will have to remove the slopes, the windowsill and "plant" them on the foam, while using additional cargo to prevent the deformation of the structure.

Picture ice on the windowsill

How to prevent the formation of nondes on the windows

It is possible to remove it yourself on the plastic windows yourself, but it is better to prevent it at all. To do this, follow the recommendations of experts:

  • Correct profile choice . It is necessary to remember the rule: the thickness of the wall, the thicker profile. The depression of the window should be as small as possible to ensure uniform ventilation of all zones of the window;
Picture out on plastic windows

Window profile

  • Correct glass unit. Depending on climatic conditions, it is necessary to correctly select the number of chambers of the glass package. One camera is enough in southern terrain, and 5 chamber bags will not interfere in the northern regions. Reduce the chances of forming condensate energy-saving glasses. Today, glazed windows with electric windows appear on the market, the so-called warm windows, which completely eliminate the problem of the appearance of land;

Picture blew the mounting foam

  • Tightness of the mounting seam. Competent installation of plastic windows will not allow land formation around the frame;
  • Optimum humidity and air convection indoors. To create an ideal microclimate in the apartment, it is necessary to put the system of ventilation and heating, as well as minimize the number of indoor plants on the windowsill, prevent drying the linen in the rooms;
  • During repair work in the apartment, the amount of ventilation should be increased, as the building structures accumulate moisture.

Under the observance of all the above rules, the chances of the appearance of land on the glasses will decrease.

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At night, the temperature dropped below zero and, stand in the morning, did you find ice on the windows? What went wrong? After all, the windows have been installed recently and have not been delivered special problems, just a little condensate dropped out, they say this common thing with plastic windows. Why was it formed to go on the windows?

Where does it take on the windows?

Finding the ice layer formed from the freezing of condensate on different parts of the window. Sometimes it is a light frosty pattern on the glass, and sometimes ice blocks covering the window - it all depends on the amount of felling condensate.

Picture window profilePhoto: Basic places of formation of land: 1) The edges of the glass packs. 2) upper loop. 3) Handles. 4) Lower sash. 5) Bog window with slopes. 6) Bog window with windowsill, © oknamedia.ru To form a land, you always need a combination of two factors: moisture on the window (condensate) and negative temperature. Consequently, to identify the reasons for the formation of the land will look for the causes of condensate formation and frosty air penetration sites - eliminate them, there will be no ice on the windows.

Condensate - the reason for the formation of a nappy on the windows

What the "crying" windows look like every owner of hermetic modern windows.

Picture types of glass windowsPhoto: Droplets, and sometimes streams, rivers and whole lakes, water on windows and window sills Consequence of high humidity in the room and low temperatures on the surface of the window In any air always contains some moisture. Its quantity depends on the household habits of the owners and the work of ventilation in the room. If you constantly dry at home freshly washed underwear, and open the window only on holidays, the humidity will be high, and condensate on the windows permanent.

Ways to reduce humidity:

  • Carrying with ventilation valves
  • Conducting using a micro, multistage or folding position of the sash;
  • Drying linen on the balcony, in a bathroom with a good hood or in a drying machine;
  • Establishment of ventilation

But condensate, though an unpleasant phenomenon, but not always turns into ice. If this happens, then there is a loophole for the passage of cold air.

The location of the windows on the windows always points to the problem

At the place of formation, the land can be diagnosed with 100% confidence to diagnose the window problem.

  • Flash on the edge of the glass package - the most common place of icing. The reason in the aluminum remote frame inside the glass package. Aluminum metal and works well.

The main places of formationPhoto: On the edge of a double-glazed glass with an aluminum frame Heat goes outside and the edge zone is the coldest place in the double-blade. Flash will be even on the highest quality window. Fasting on the edge of the glass can be warned - choose double-glazed windows with a warm frame.

Photo: Droplets, and sometimes streams, rivers and whole lakes, water on the windows and window sills The consequence of high humidity in the room and a low temperature on the surface of the window.Photo: reason to sleep on the upper loop - part of the loop displays the seal and in this place is blowing, © oknamedia.ru The usual overhead loops are a bottleneck in all accessories - they pinch the seal and in 99% of cases at the installation site of the upper loop there is purging. Fitting manufacturers, of course, try to level this drawback. But to the end, the problem on ordinary loops is not eliminated.

Photo: On the edge of a double-glazed glass with an aluminum frame Heat goes outside and the edge zone is the coldest place in the double-blade. Flash will be even on the highest quality window.Photo: Optional solution problem - installation of hidden loops. Hidden loops with the seal in no way intersect and purge excluded, © oknamedia.ru

A loose clamp of the sash, festered or lost the form of the seal, curvature profile - the causes of blowing and formation of a tax around the perimeter of the sash.

Reason to sleep on the top loopPhoto: If the ice is formed at the junction of the sash and frame, hinges or the edge of the glass package - we are looking for a problem in the window Ways to exclude purge:

  • EPDM or silicone sealant - they long retain elasticity at temperatures range from -50 to + 80 ° C;
  • Reliable European accessories for a dense clamping.
  • Reinforcement in the window with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm so that the window is not deformed at low temperatures.

But the high-quality window is only half. If you set it somehow, I can appear on the most expensive and kindly made window.

Marriage of installation, as the reason for the appearance of land on the windows

If the window itself does not blow, and Failed appeared on the slopes and the windowsill, the reason lies in the installation errors.

Photo: Optional solution problem - installation of hidden loops. The hidden loops with the seal do not intersect and purge excludedPhoto: Through a leaning window and the walls are cold air, and float will be on any window First of all, the reason for blowing the mounting seam in the violation of the heat insulating layer. One of the reasons for the loss of tightness of the mounting seam - holes in the foam.

Causes of the formation of through holes in the foam:

  • Passing while filling seam foam. No one is immune because the quality of foam fill is entirely dependent on the hands of the installer. We recommend not doing this yourself, if there is no experience with foam. And do not trust not qualified builders.
  • Too major bubbles of foam, which, after trimming frozen foam, form through a hole. Most often it happens when using cheap foam. The smaller the bubbles of foam, the warmer will be seam.
  • Foam destruction during operation under the influence of precipitation, ultraviolet, wind. Through the destroyed foam will penetrate not only the cold, but also moisture - and this is fraught with damage to the wall. To protect foam from destruction, sealants and mounting ribbons are used, do not neglect them.

To eliminate purge through the seam, you will have to shoot or shoot down the slopes if they are from plaster. Then you need to clean the foam and fill the seams again. And restore slopes. The process is dirty, long and cost. It is easier to exclude the need to rework at the stage of concluding a contract and make installation according to GOST with the protection of the foam layer from negative impacts.

Why mounting windows according to GOST important for a comfortable life?

The three-layer installation seam or the installation according to GOS is needed to protect the foam from the fallout and ultraviolet from the street, as well as from moisture indoors. Mounting foam protects against the blowing and appearance of the naked only in a dry and closed state.

Problems with mounting seams in apartments and country houses:

  • Not always the owners of windows in the apartments ordered external slopes at once. As a result, the mounting foam remains not closed and exposed to aggressive effects of the environment and is destroyed, and the seam freezes.
  • When installing windows in country houses, external slopes are not separated. The decoration of slopes usually occurs with the trim of the facade. During this time, the foam can come into disrepair and will have to redo the installation seam.
  • Open installation seam indoors is also affected by destroying. Internal slopes are not always installed immediately after mounting windows. Repair, the lack of heating negatively affect the open installation seam. Excess moisture and lack of heat can lead to the destruction of foam and loss of thermal insulation properties, which means the freezing of the assembly seam.

Photo: If the ice is formed at the junction of the sash and frame, hinges or the edge of the glass package - we are looking for a problem in the windowPhoto: Mounting windows with ribbies Robiband, © oknamedia.ru Robiband premium sealants from Robiteks reliably protect the mounting seam without installing internal slopes, and up to 4 months without external slopes when complying with installation requirements. Owners of the windows have time to finish the facade and repair.

3 reasons to make installation according to GOST with ribbies Robiband

Robiband assembly tapes from Robiteks are sold in Russia for more than 25 years. During this time, more than 50 million windows are mounted according to GOST using these tapes. Robitek company not only established the production of ribbons in the Moscow region, but became an expert in this area.

Cause 1. - Durability 20 years . The durability of the Robiband mounting tapes is confirmed by testing not only Russian testing centers, but also by the famous German window technology institute in Rosenheim (IFT ROSENHEIM). Obtaining a certificate was made possible by applying quality materials and special technology for the manufacture of mounting tapes.

Cause 2. - A wide selection of tapes for any buildings and openings, for summer and winter. In the range of the company more than a thousand names tapes for mounting windows in openings from concrete, brick, wood, with a quarter and a quarter and a quarter, as well as destroyed opening.

Cause 3. - saving money and time. The cost of the premium-segment tape set for mounting one window is only 300 rubles. At the same time, the owners of the windows receive a protected mounting seam and the ability to postpone with the finishing of external and internal slopes. So, can live calmly.


Finding on the windows is an unpleasant surprise that talks about the problem with the window. It is necessary to figure out which place the freezing is happening and for what reason. Perhaps the problem can be solved inexpensive windows repair. If the price of repairs is about 50% of the new window, then the choice and purchase should be related to all seriousness. Now you know that not all plastic windows are the same.

Photo: Through it is not a sealed junction of the window and the walls undergo cold air, and Failed will be on any windowVery often, after the installation of modern plastic windows, the apartment or aware of the installation of modern plastic windows, comes to the house as well as convenient and comfortable, it was possible: it was possible not only to replace the boning old window frames, but also to bring cherished silence. Nevertheless, such joy may be short-lived, or rather, problems may arise with the arrival of cold weather when the inner side of the glass package will indulge a thin ice crust for herself.

The content of the article:

It was at such moments in the soul of the owner of the apartment / house, suspicion is told that the installers fell unscrupulous or the window itself turned out to be a defect. So why ice is formed on plastic windows.

Condensate as a reason for the occurrence of land

In winter, the window surface is characterized by a low temperature, which is lowered to the mark, adopted by the "dew point". This can be understood as the fact that the temperature difference that is observed inside and outside the glass causes the appearance of condensate. If frosty weather is held on the street, it is quite obvious that condensate will freeze and turn into a thin ice crust.

Installation of windows with ribbies ribbies

As a rule, condensate is the result of high humidity inside the room, to combat the usual ventilation or installation on the frame of special supply valves. By the way, condensate may occur in the case when the air temperature indoors is too low.

If you want to get an answer to questions why ice is formed on plastic windows, first of all you need to learn how to cope with the condensate problem. By the way, you are not the only one who happened to face this unpleasant phenomenon. Remember that condensate does not simply disrupt the aesthetic view of the window, but may cause moistening of building structures, which will be consequeled to mold fungus.

According to regulatory prescriptions, the temperature inside the room should not be below the eighteen degrees of heat. In the case when the temperature turns out to be below the permissible, it is necessary to concentrate on the heating system, because it is its problems can cause condensate.

Why condensate is formed

First of all, condensate, which is the root cause of why ice is formed on plastic windows, is observed in the lower part of the glass package. The result of convection is that the cold air accumulates at the base of the glasses, and that is why the bottom corners, and the bottom of the window, are the coldest elements of the whole design. In addition to convection, the formation of condensate contributes to the presence of an aluminum remote frame in the design itself. Note that international norms, such as EN or ISO standards, the temporary appearance of condensate on the inner surface of the glass package is allowed.

Methods for elimination of ice on plastic windows

Also one of the factors that have a direct impact on the formation of condensate (read, land) is considered to be the installation of a plastic window with a bave. Suppose the wall has a thickness of fifty-seventy centimeters, and the thickness of the plastic window varies from seventy to one hundred and twenty millimeters, therefore, the lower part of the glass package lacks warm air from the heating radiator, which provokes the appearance of a zone without conducting. That is why in the future I did not have to break your head over why ice is formed on the plastic windows, it is better to initially make a choice in favor of the profile with a maximum thickness, which will contribute to the reduction of the wind shock. Often the situation is exacerbated due to a large number of indoor flowers, which are located on the windowsill. Remember that the flowers interfere with the penetration of warm air from the battery, which entails the appearance of condensate, and during the cold season it is transformed into ice.

Condensate on the windows

Methods to minimize and eliminate glass icing

In order for the future in the future, ice is not formed on your new plastic window, you can use some uncomplicated councils of experts.

To begin with, it is necessary to approach the glass selection process - give preference to the model that meets the climatic conditions of the terrain where you live. For example, houses located in the middle strip need plastic windows with double-chamber windows, thereby minimizing the risk of a problem associated with why ice is formed on plastic windows.

It is also worth being attentive and when choosing a window sill, because if it is excessively wide (maybe you want to use it as a table or to convert it to a mini sofa), it will not allow to undergo warm air flows in the required volume.

Getting started to arrange the window (trimming curtains or curtains), it will be best that they are located at a short distance from the windowsill. Again it is necessary so that the air from the battery warms the window.

By the way, about heating radiators. If you want to install a decorative screen on the battery, do not forget that it should not interfere with the free passage of heat fluxes.

If the window has already been established, and the problem of Talted made itself felt, then it's time to learn not only why ice is formed on plastic windows, but also how to deal with such a nuisance.

Here you can select the following methods of struggle:

Do our best to eliminate high humidity inside the rooms. In this you will help the usual ventilating duration of ten minutes at least twice a day. You should not be afraid that in winter you lose a lot of precious heat: in such a short period of time, the temperature in the room decreases to a maximum of one or two degrees;

If you carry out repair work, the intensity of the ventilation should be increased. Remember that building structures are able to maintain moisture for one to two years after the completion of the entire complex of work;

Try to reduce the number of indoor plants and minimize drying linen indoors, since all this will negatively affect air humidity.

February 25, 2016.

Everyone knows that condensate can sometimes form on the surface of plastic windows. But many people are accustomed to this, but rather - they know for sure how to deal with him. But when it is formed on plastic windows, it leads to a light stupor. The icing design, which in itself is intended to guarantee heat in the room, is violating all laws of logic in its appearance. But Fasting on plastic windows is a very real phenomenon that can be observed on many window structures. And in order to learn to effectively deal with this phenomenon, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what is being found, where and why it is formed what is afraid. We will imagine this information in today's article.

What is so far?

For someone, the answer to this question is represented obvious. For the rest we inform you, it is a thin layer of ice, which covers certain sections of the plastic window. But the ice can not be formed from scratch. Its base is water, and since the only source of water on the surface of the plastic window is condensate, it can be concluded that it is frozen condensate. The most insane readers will immediately conclude that to get rid of condensate - it means to get rid of possible land, what is the proportion of truth, but about everything in order.

  • Where can I add to?

It would be possible to think that the formation of the land is susceptible to the entire surface of the plastic window. In fact, there are three main areas that are most susceptible to sleep. Consider them all in order.

Lower edge of the glass package.

Here everything is logical. Condensate, exposed to the laws of gravity, flows down, lingering at the level of the limiting headquarters. We add here the fact that a metal remote frame in many cases lives, which in many cases acts as a cold bridge, and we obtain the formation of a land on the lower edge of the glass package with sharply negative temperatures outside the window.

Not the most obvious place to form land, but the fact remains. Sometimes frown is formed and here, although not as often as in the previous case. The cause of education is the structural features of the looping attachment, in which the loop runs between the frame and the seal. The problem may be observed both in three-chamber and five-chamber plastic windows.

Finding on the slopes and the windowsill may be a consequence of errors in the installation work, namely the lack of foam in the seams.

What is the reason for the formation of a land?

Despite the fact that we have already identified the reasons for the formation of a land and design features, and flaws in the installation procedures, the main reason was condensate. After all, if there is no moisture on the surface of the plastic window, then the ice is not formed from anything. Nevertheless, the above reasons can also be completely excluded, because with their absence of moisture simply will not be able to turn into ice.

  • How to deal with Founding?
  • We turn to the most important and extensive part of our article, which implies the complete elimination of the risks of the formation of a naked on the surface of plastic windows. First, consider alternately those three window sites that we indicated above, not taking into account the fight against condensate.
  • The first section is the lower edge of the glass package. As already mentioned, on the formation of the land here is affected by the presence of a cold bridge in the form of a metal distance frame, as a result of which a number of glass producers recommends replacing a metal frame on a frame of plastic. It can really help solve the problem with ice. By the way, the window can freeze in the event that there are sharply negative temperatures on the street, and you have a single-chamber glass, consisting of only two glasses. But, we hope you did not allow such an error, because in the residential premises should be installed at least two-chamber double-glazed windows.

The second plot is the upper loop. As we have already found out, the reason for the formation of a land here is a constructive feature, which is not observed in all models of plastic windows. At least, in the case of Rehau windows from the company "Window Continent" this does not happen. What to do everything else who was not lucky? First, the problem can solve the installation of hidden loops that are not subject to similar incidents. But it was necessary to think about it even before ordering the plastic window. However, there is a second way. We are talking about the transfer of window fittings in a winter mode, which will dramatically reduce the risk of formation of a land, and even completely eliminate it by maximizing the clamping of the sash. The third area is the windowsill and slopes. The reason for the formation of the land here is the lack of mounting foam in the installation seam, which will be observed, and subsequent misunderstandings will be observed. The mounting foam should be enough throughout the perimeter, but with cutting residues. You can additionally use sealant. However, all this can be avoided if condensate will not be formed on your plastic windows, which we have already found out is the main source of land education. And how to get rid of condensate? Definitely answer this question will not work, but there are several points by doing that you guarantee his absence. First, we are talking about reducing the amount of moisture in the air, for which it is required to establish a ventilation system in your apartments. Working ventilation will save the room from excess moisture. Secondly, you need to regularly ventilate the room, making it at least twice a day,

  • 10-15

    Minutes for the session. Thirdly, make sure that the heat from the battery reaches the surface of the window, without overlapping the wide window sill.  March 10, 2016.  The company "Window Continent" is no longer  Once I paid your attention to  lamination technology that allows you to save traditional plastic windows from  their  Standardization. Not  Think, B.  The latter is nothing unnatural  - Sometimes people want them to  New windows PVC in  designer terms were more alive and  Interesting. Moreover, there are often cases when the stylistic diversity from  и plastic windows requires not  only human whim, but  interior design, in  which will be built in modern window designs. AND  here the customer, as they say, all the cards in  arms. FROM  The help of the lamination of the Plastic Rehau profile can be obtained the surface of almost any color or color shade. In addition, modern manufacturers are waiting and  on  Textural differentiation, achieving such amazing similarities with

  • natural materials that just our eyes are not


  • March 03, 2016.

    As statistics shows, mosquito nets orders most of the owners of new plastic windows. In principle, there is nothing surprising in this. Installing PVC windows puts the goal to significantly increase the level of comfort of finding a person indoors. So why decrease this very comfort, exposing itself to the invasion of bloodsowing insects, which without mosquito nets on the window will fly to you, how to go home? For the sake of fairness, it can be noted that the special mosquito net for plastic windows is theoretically and not to buy, using those protective materials that were previously used on old window frames to protect against the above insects. But, first, wrapping the window opening with a ugly mesh, you dramatically reduce the level of aesthetics of your advanced plastic windows; Secondly, if the grid could be nailed or buttons to the old wooden window, then not everyone will decide with the expensive plastic frame. So buying a mosquito net for a plastic window is a mandatory business, especially since the cost of this accessory is not so high so that it can be neglected. Comfort Grid will give you incomparably more.

  • February 20, 2016.

    "Son! "For some reason, the elderly visitor appealed to the manager of the company's company," you have a grandmother? ". "Of course, - I'm taking mistake from such an unexpected start of the conversation," the manager replied. " "Then advise me the same windows that you would like for your grandmother: so that through them the heat did not blow, so that the street noise did not take, and most importantly, inexpensive. My windows are completely bad steel, especially the window in the kitchen. I thought, together my life, I live, but you can see no fate - I want to live in warmth and comfort. And with my windows - neither heat, nor silence, and without it, what kind of comfort? Yes, and the glass itself, the light is completely missed, but I have become bad to see. So can you help your grandmother? After all, some simple windows are needed: only to heat, light and quiet. And inexpensive. Such are? "

February 15, 2016.

Make a loggia or a balcony warm is the natural desire of any owner of the urban apartment. In the end, square meters are not superfluous, and if you get their significant increase due to the balcony area, it is quite a real currency, then why not use it? So there are warm plastic glazing people, which is really a big step towards the establishment of a "residential" microclimate in the balcony or loggia. But do not forget that the balcony is not only the site where the window design of PVC is installed. It is also the floor, walls, ceiling. All this requires additional insulation, for which a wide variety of materials are used. And these materials that carry out thermal insulation work throughout the perimeter of the balcony or loggia may adjust directly to warm plastic glazing, and in some cases even to sign the glass. All this is "not Commilfo" not only from aesthetic point of view, but also from practical considerations, since the plastic windows like a close neighbor can harm. To prevent such a situation, specialists use the so-called "dobors", we will talk about in this article in more detail. Causes of condensate on windows

All news and publication

The most popular today has been plastic windows that are available to any person. However, along with this, the number of plastic windows producers has increased, among which there are unfair manufacturers. For this reason, and not only, you can see PVC windows that "cry", the consequence of which there may be their freezing and formation of land. 1. Causes of glass freezing

Why plastic windows frozen from inside

  • ? In fact, the formation of a small amount of condensate inside the glass package does not represent any danger, however, if the windows are very much and the water in the windows begins to drain and accumulate, there may be such problems as found during freezers, and in the summer, the depth of moisture and the formation of the fungus in the summer Glass-paste.
  • The causes of the freezing of the window begin with usual condensate, which is formed due to the following factors: Ice fighting methods on windows
  • Increased moisture in the room, especially the kitchen, where food is cooking. In addition, elevated humidity may occur due to frequent striking and drying of linen on the loggia or in the apartment where plastic windows are installed.
  • Violation of air circulation indoors. This is explained by the fact that if the radiators are not too warm in the room, and there are too large frosts on the street, the glass pump is not sufficient. Condensate may also occur when the radiators are hot, but closed with the screen, or the windowsill has a big protrusion. In this case, the engine freezing will occur below.
  • Ventilation indoors does not work or absent extracts of wet air.

Plastic windows are not translated into winter operation.

Poor-quality windows accessories.

In addition, the window freezing can be caused by the window design. It is she who is a weak link that can break the heat exchange. It is quite possible that it was not correctly selected a window, for example, for areas where low temperatures constantly exist, strong winds, it is necessary to install two-chamber double-glazed windows with K-glasses or and-glasses, which have energy-saving characteristics higher than that of ordinary glass windows. .

Embossed installation (windows skew, a large recess in the window opening, poor window fixing, poor-quality sealing, incorrect installation of plum, slope or windowsill, low-quality materials, installation of the window in the rain or frost) can also lead to condensate and toes inside the glass package. At the same time most often can

freeze the window and not close

It is also important to know that there are some "cold bridges" in plastic windows. Because of them, condensate can first accumulate on the slopes and on the glass, which can cause the window with severe frosts. Most often, the slopes are closed with decorative panels, which does not allow to see the resulting condensate inside the window.

2. How to get rid of the freezing of the plastic window?

Most often, the reason lies in depressurization, or in a poor-quality silica gel, which should be present in the distance framework.

  • Important. If the window is on warranty, then it is best to turn to the manufacturer and require the replacement of the glass package. 426666.
  • In order to solve the problem with the depressurization of the glass package, you must do the following: Design-Studio346201390.
  • First of all, it is necessary to take the chisel with the hammer and gently remove the strokes from the window profile.

Pull the glass, find the place of depressurization and clear it to the remote frame.

  • After that, dry the glass with a typical hairdryer and smeared the sealant depressurization area. 2 replacement of the staple on the plastic window
  • In the event that the problem of fogging and further freezing the window lies in a poor-quality silica gel, then it is necessary to replace it. At home, it is difficult to replace it quite difficult, but you can. For this you need: 23.
  • In the aluminum frame from the sealant, you need to drill a hole and pour silica gel. In mandatory, it is necessary to establish a limiter on the drill, otherwise you can drill the frame through. 42.
  • After that, make a small funnel of paper, insert it into the hole and fall asleep new granules inside. So that the space filled in completely, the double-glazed windows must be kept under a slope.

Seal the resulting hole with sealant.

This operation must be repeated from all sides of the glass package to completely replace the moisture absorber.

  • 3. Elimination of condensate and subsequent window freezing
  • In order to prevent the formation of condensate inside the glass and its subsequent freezing, some recommendations must also be observed:
  • It is necessary to perform regular ventilation of the room. In winter, if the temperature allows, you can leave windows to ventilating.
  • In the case of a large wide windowsill, decorative lattices on radiators, it may be necessary to shorten the windowsill or move the radiators from the wall in order to normalize the circulation of warm air to the window and heating it.

You need to check the performance of ventilation. To do this, you can simply attach a piece of paper or match to the ventilation grid. If the flame is transferred towards the lattice, then the thrust is good.

In case of incorrect installation, you must contact the firm that installed and manufactured the window.

In addition, condensate can be formed in single-chamber profiles, so it is recommended to install two or more chamber profile. Conclusion, output In conclusion, I would like to note that in most cases the cause

freezing of a plastic window in the house

It is the occurrence of condensate inside the window, which in turn can arise in a number of other reasons.

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Ice formation on the window from the inside

Winter came to our edges and many have encountered traditional problems of plastic windows, namely the formation of ice on the inside of the window. Many do not even know what the main reason for the occurrence of this phenomenon and how to get rid of it.

Our company is ready to assist you in solving this problem and we have compiled a few budget ways to solve this problem. Why windows are covered with ice? And really, what is the phenomenon attack completely new plastic windows? Everything is very simple!

This phenomenon is called dew point.

. The very moment when pairs are formed from the large temperature drops inside the apartment and outside the window, which in the future goes into a liquid state and freezes on the cold surface of the window.

On the formation of steam and the appearance of the dew point affects 3-factor:

- air humidity in the apartment;

- air temperature outside the window and indoors;

- temperature of the window itself;
- temperature of the window itself;

- slots in windows and slopes.

Mostly cold air penetrates inside in these 2-points

When all 4th items are made, a favorable environment is formed to form a dew point, it falls in the form of condensate, the condensate on the surface turns into the ice at the time of contact with the point, the temperature of which is lower than 0 and starts to turn into a lot.

How to get rid of ice on the windows?

Consider the 5-reasons for the occurrence of the dew point, the 2nd of which arise from the savings when choosing windows, and the 5th way to combat it.


We will not touch on the possibility of incorrect "poor-quality" installation of plastic windows, because in this situation you cannot solve this problem yourself.

Cause No. 1 - Thin Profile 80% of windows have a very thin profile that freezes at temperatures below 25 degrees, thereby decreases the surface temperature of the window itself.

How to deal:


There is only one right way out of this situation, replacing the profile.

Cause No. 1 - Thin Profile Cause # 2 - single-chamber glass

The reason for the cost savings in the selection of double-glazed windows, single-chamber double-glazed glass is not able to keep warm and create proper noise insulation change double-glazed windows, at least on energy saving. Employees of our company are ready to provide Free consultation on any question, and Prices on repair work and glazing Some of the lowest

in the area of!


Check out our site.

Cause No. 1 - Thin Profile Cause No. 3 - Great Window

The large-sized windowsill is of course conveniently and possibly beautiful, however, it is under them that heating radiators are located, which are saturated with heat. If the windowsill closes the radiator, the heat simply will not be able to reach the window and the dew point will be formed.


Modernization of the windowsill.

Cause No. 1 - Thin Profile Cause No. 4 - Bad Ventilation

The air is saturated when the ventilation system is poorly thought out in the apartment, respectively, its excess falls on the window, and the moisture turns into ice.


Construction of forced ventilation.

Cause No. 1 - Thin Profile Cause No. 5 - Main As not strange, the main reason is the increased humidity of the air, and not the slots in the windows, slopes and drafts - these are causes of negative temperatures on the surface of the window, and not excessive humidity due to which the dew point appears. If air humidity at the proper level, then the likelihood of ice on the windows in 2nd is even less even with thin double-glazed windows.

"Be sure to make sure that there is an increased air humidity in your apartment!"

Make good ventilation in the bathroom, dry things in the bathroom with ventilation turned on, equip the kitchen with a powerful hood, remove excessive number of plants, make sure that the pipes do not flow, make sure that good waterproofing, use air dryers.

The functionality of metal-plastic windows, aimed at preserving the coolness in summer and heat in the winter indoor period, sometimes gives a failure.

The functionality of metal-plastic windows, aimed at preserving the coolness in summer and heat in the winter indoor period, sometimes gives a failure.

The most frequent problem with which you have to face is the formation of a strong condensate, innese, nondes on double-glazed windows in the cold season. What are the reasons for this phenomenon and how to deal with it?

Causes of the formation of land on window glass

The average width of the glass frame is 60-88 mm. The standard width of the outer wall of the residential building is 40-70 cm. The essential difference values ​​leads to the fact that the glass package falls into the insulation zone of the convection flow of warm air.

Abruptive niche is formed over the windowsill, the air temperature in which is much lower than in the room. As a result, condensate is formed on the glass, turning during frost into ice.

Faced the problem of icing of the metal-plastic window can be in the case of installation of too wide windowsill.

  • The situation is exacerbated even more if there are indoor plants on the windowsill, watering which increases the degree of condensate on the glass.
  • Finding the window can appear due to errors made when installing the design. These include:
  • Incorrect installation.

Subcase materials for sealing window opening.

The left after installation of the design and window sill slit, gaps.

Usually ice is formed in the corners and around the perimeter of the glass. Conducted by the location in the frame of the window of the remote aluminum profile.


When the warm air masses with a cold metal edge contact, their rapid cooling occurs, which leads to moisture sediment on the glass surface. At low temperatures outside the window, condensate quickly turns into ice.

How to prevent condensate loss and glass icing?

If the problem arose due to the formation of the insulation zone of convertible warm air in the window niche, it will be easier to eliminate it.

For example, put thick candles on the windowsill. The period of their burning is quite long, and the flame force is enough to warm up and dry the air near the window glass.

Heat the air in the area of ​​the window can be using a household electrical heater. It is enough to send the stream of hot air to the glass.

At the same time, it is important not to put the heater too close to prevent overheating of the glass and depressurize the structure.

Avoid the formation of condensate and sleep will help the fan, directed towards the window.

Lot on plastic windows, what to do?

Even with the smallest power of the work, the device will create air movement, sufficient to balance the temperatures indoors and near the glass chain over the windowsill.

How to prevent icing inside and at the glazing corners?

The reason for the formation of condensate and land inside the glass package is most often depressurized design.

This happens because insulating materials used in the production of metal-plastic windows tend to melt under the action of sunlight.

As a result, the initial structure of the material changes, the sealing of the window design is violated.

The above methods of combating the icing of metal-plastic windows will cope with the problem of education of the icing sites inside the design. However, they will not solve it completely.

If the reason for the appearance of ice inside the glass package is its depressurization. It is impossible to eliminate such a flaw on its own.

The only way out is to replace the glass package. If the warranty period of the metal-plastic window has not expired, the company engaged in its installation will replace free.

To prevent the window freezing inside in the future, it is recommended to install double-glazed windows, the sealing of which is performed in the manufacture of two-component polymer sealants.

In addition, you need to choose the types of metal-plastic windows, most relevant climate. So, two-chamber plastic windows are more suitable for the middle strip.

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