How to make a brochure in the Word: on all versions of the office

Good day to everyone reading! In touch Fedor Lykov. Today we consider not the most typical question, how to make a brochure in the Word. This is a very convenient opportunity to make beautiful and catchy advertising booklets for a company or firm.

Nowadays it can be very relevant, as many begin to open small businesses and they need to work for advertising.

I suggest you start and first consider what it is. Enjoy your reading!

Definition and purpose

Brochure - a printed product of a small volume, may be one of the types of advertising. It usually contains from 4 to 48 pages and its main task is a mass printed propaganda. Nowadays, most use this appearance only to advertise a company, organization or a specific product.

Such publications are printed, as a rule, in printing houses, but, as you know, you already come to it with the finished file to be printed.

It was for this reason that I considered that it would be relevant to consider how to make a brochure in Word 2003-2016.

Do not delay more on the preface and proceed to the point!

Methods in Word 2003

In our usual order, we first consider the more classical version of the office at first, and then we will move to modern.

I see two options for:

  1. Manually
  2. Using templates

In the first case, we simply make pages format more suitable for creating brochures on it, and in the second we already choose the ready-made templates that Microsoft provided us and customize your data.

Method number 1.

Let's start with the first.

First, create a new document. I told about it in detail in one of the previous articles. I recommend to get acquainted.

Secondly, all that we now need to make it fit the parameters of the sheets. It is done through the "Page Settings" menu, which is located at the top of the window. To go there click the mouse to the file "File" and choose the item you need.

How to make a brochure in the Word

In the following settings, we need to pay attention to several points that will affect the view of our result.

How to make a brochure in the Word

  1. In the "Page" block, select the "Brochure" item from the first menu. By the way, the orientation automatically changes to the landscape.
  2. After the first stage, another menu will appear in which you want to specify the required number of pages. You can also specify all the pages of the document.
  3. It is necessary to set up the fields and, in particular, pay attention to the binding if you plan to fasten sheets. Guide personal requirements, and also pay attention to the sample at the bottom of the window, which will show the future view of the brochure.

After entering the required parameters, press the "OK" button and the program will change the document settings for the entered you.

What's next? Fill your brochure with the necessary information, add footers. If you do not know how to add them, then be sure to read my article!

Method number 2.

Now consider the second method that can very much easier to create your future booklet!

For this, we will be very useful to embedded patterns. So, as in the first case, create a new document. After that, pay attention to the right side of the blue window. Press the "Create Document" button.

How to make a brochure in the Word

After that, a more detailed menu will be revealed in which you can see the "patterns" block. In this case, we need an item "On My Computer" so click on it.

How to make a brochure in the Word

In the menu that opens, you will see a large number of different templates for a variety of purposes. They are divided into categories that will help you choose the necessary if you use them in the future. But now we are interested in the "Publication" tab, where we can see the item "brochure". Choose it, click "OK".

How to make a brochure in the Word 2003

After that, in your document, text with useful tips and formatting installed in this template will appear. Change text, guided by the instructions. There is nothing difficult in this, because everything else is fitted with the template.

How to make a brochure in the Word 2003

Next I bring to your attention a step-by-step instruction how to make a brochure in Word 2007, 2010 and in later versions.

Methods in the modern edition Word

In new versions, there are two ways to create brochures.

  1. Manually
  2. Using templates

In the first case, we simply make pages format more suitable for creating brochures on it, and in the second we already choose the ready-made templates that Microsoft provided us and customize your data.

Method number 1.

The first method begins with the creation of a new document. Go to the program to the "Layout" tab, in the page "Page parameters" click on the arrow in the lower right corner. For example, see the screenshot below.

How to make a brochure in the Word in modern editions

The settings window opens with the same name in which you want to enter the desired parameters.

How to make a brochure in the Word in modern editions

  1. In the "Page" block, select the "Brochure" item from the first menu. By the way, the orientation automatically changes to the landscape.
  2. After the first stage, another menu will appear in which you want to specify the required number of pages. You can also specify all the pages of the document.
  3. It is necessary to set up the fields and, in particular, pay attention to the binding if you plan to fasten sheets. Guide personal requirements, and also pay attention to the sample at the bottom of the window, which will show the future view of the brochure.

After entering the required parameters, press the "OK" button and the program will change the document settings for the entered you.

Now it will be left to fill out your resulting brochure with the necessary information.

Method number 2.

It is time to move to the second method in which we will learn to use the templates built into the program, as well as those that exist on the Internet. Here are many more finished options, which means there is where to roast.

To do this, go to the Word application, go to the "File" tab and click on the "Create" button.

You will reveal the window in which it will be offered to choose a large number of templates for every taste and color. In order to find the appropriate you, write to the search for a request that matches what you want to get in the end. In our case, this is a "booklet" or "brochure".

Methods for creating brochures in the modern Word edition

We enter a request in the field at number 1 and click on the magnifying glass, which is indicated by the number 2 and select something from the proposed options. I designated the option chosen by me.

Methods for creating brochures in the modern Word edition

Click on you need in the window that opens, click "Create". After a short loading, you will have a document already with the selected booklet.

Methods for creating brochures in the modern Word edition

It simply takes it easy to fit the standard data under your own and we will get a very beautiful version of the booklet.

These instructions will suit any relevant Word publications, for example 2010, 2013, 2016 and so on.

It will only be possible to print, be sure to consider that brochures are printed on both sides.


As many as two ways were reviewed today in our article, which differ in both the creation and end result. More questions, how to make a brochure in Word you should not arise. Let's summarize:

Name Description Application
Manually Formatting pages, fields and design are manually exhibited To create unique booklets and brochures with unique parameters or design. More difficult, but will make the original work
Using a template The choice of already existing templates in which most of the formatting and design actions have already been made A simpler way, but less original, as templates could be used to you by other people.

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How to make a brochure in the Word and print it?


The user can open a Word document online or on its own computer; It can choose any font, insert a drawing and even add interactive elements to text - the functionality of the program is almost unlimited. Moreover, with the help of a text editor alone, it is easy to create and print a book, brochure, leaflet or advertising booklet. How to do - try to figure it out.

How to make a brochure in the Word?

Make a brochure or booklet in MS Word is not more difficult than creating a chart in Excele; For more user friendly, all actions will be written out step by step and accents at the most important points. As a result, neatly following the algorithm given carefully, the printer owner will receive a full-fledged document - it will only be as folded and copped or flashing.

Important: a brochure or booklet created at home will look like typographical only if the user does not shake on good paper and resistant paints; Otherwise, it will not save a high-quality layout from disappointment, nor the ability to insert the frame in the Word.

Now a few words about the terms. The brochure is a document that is one or more sheets folded by a book that can be pulled out as ordinary. The booklet is most often one sheet of paper, broken into three or four columns-column; It can be distributed both in the folded and "spaced" form, depending on the concept of the advertiser and the diligence of distributors.

In order not to confuse the user, there will be separate memos for the manufacture of brochures and booklet on the computer; The first process is slightly complicated, and therefore, you should start with it.

To make a brochure in Word, you need:

  • Go to Lente to the "Layout" tab.

  • Click on the left mouse button on the "Open" icon in the lower right corner of the page "Parameters".

  • If nothing happens - to cause the "fields" drop-down menu in the same section and go to the "Custom Fields" item.

  • A dialog box opens in front of the user in which it will be prepared for the creation of a brochure.

  • The first thing to be done is in the "Pages" section, call the drop-down list and choose the lowest item "brochure".

  • It can be noted that immediately after the adjustments made adjustments, the page orientation has changed from the book on the landscape: it is necessary for the correct marking of the document and further printing on the printer.

  • A very interesting option available in the same section - "The number of pages in the brochure." Calling the drop-down list, the user will be able to determine whether all the pages of the document must be included in one block or some part of them, according to the reason for the multiple of four: two on one fold and two on the turn. So, if it is planned to print not an advertising layout, and a full-fledged "book", consisting of hundreds of hundreds of other pages, logically split it into several blocks-notebooks: they will be much easier to flash, glue and "pack" under the binding. For a thin brochure, fastened by a regular bracket, a breakdown, of course, is not needed.

  • For thick "books", it is recommended to use the standard typographic format: 32 pages per unit.

  • And if the user feels the need to smash the text into several notebooks, but does not know how to do it better, it should be used by the "Default" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

  • Now you need, moving into the section "Fields", set the appropriate values ​​for the internal, external, upper and lower edges. The concepts "left" and "right" in this case are not applicable, because for different pages of one reversal they change places. Keep the parameters set by the default Word, are not recommended: they are too large and only lead to the loss of useful space.

  • Do not try to "lay down" a place for firmware or gluing in one of the field values; For this, there is a separate parameter that is called - "binding". In the figure below the user dialog box can see how the brochure layout will look like after all changes made.

  • On the page size tab, the user must select in the drop-down list, which format will be printed. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that any size is divided into two: so, when applying to a standard A4 printer, the format of the finished page, without taking into account the losses for binding and future trimming, will become A5 and so on. For home devices, it will optimally leave the default size; For professional and industrial, you can set any desired.

  • To do this, be noted in the same drop-down list item "Other" and specify the desired parameters in centimeters.

  • And using the "Print Options" button, the user will receive the opportunity.

  • Specify whether the drawings and background images "blanks" should be included in the finished document.

  • On the Paper Source tab, you can choose from which page a new section of the brochure created in the Word will begin.

  • Split footers (upper and lower repetitive inscriptions) of odd and even pages, as well as the first sheet.

  • Useful option for some service documents - automatic alignment of row numbers, transferred from layout to a ready-made brochure.

  • Button "Borders" gives the user the opportunity.

  • Install the beautiful frame for the pages of your document.

  • Which will be displayed on all or only on the selected pages.

  • Give the "Professional" document will help the option "Movers"; Using it, you can save a little space on automatically enhanced when aligning "width" spaces.

  • Now you can click on "OK" and close the main dialog box for creating a brochure. If desired, the user will be able to go to the "Designer" tab and finding the section "Pages".

  • Choose suitable for printing brochure shade - paint consumption at the same time, of course, will increase significantly.

  • The created brochure can be saved as a template. To do this, you will need to go to the File tab.

  • Select the "Save As ..." option in the sidebar.

  • Specify or select the folder of the "Billet".

  • And define the format of the stored document as "Word Template".

Tip: Since, as already mentioned, the final format of the pages of the brochure is twice as smaller than the sheet used for printing, after pre-layer, it makes sense to reduce the size of the inserted patterns, graphs and charts.

To make a booklet in the Word, the user must:

  • Open the prepared text document and change the orientation of the page on the landscape, using the already known dialog box "Page Parameters".

  • Select text or part of the text and on the same tab "Layout" Call the "Column" drop-down menu.

  • Usually three columns are enough for the booklet. If you plan to set more than their number, you should select the "Other columns" item in the same drop-down menu.

  • And specify the required amount. Here you can choose here, each column should have the same width and gap between themselves and other or parameters should differ; In the latter case, it is enough to remove a tick in the lower checkbox.

  • Theoretically, the booklet is ready for printing. It can be decorated, adding frames, ornaments by changing the color of the page and so on.

  • For an advertising booklet, one more useful WORD option is not hindered - "delimiters", then the text will look more strictly, and to fold the paper three times, four times and so on will be much easier. You can do this in the "Other speakers" dialog box by installing a checkbox in a checkbox "Separator".

  • Before printing, it is strongly recommended to check whether significant parts of one piece of text are not divorced from others, and if it is found, transfer them to the next column.

  • If you plan to split the column not all the text, and its separate part (for example, leaving the inviolable header and the final block with contact data), only the desired fragment should be selected, after which you select the parameter in the drop-down window "Apply" "To the dedicated text."

  • The result is shown in the figure. The main thing is to ensure that the headlines, images and other blocks that are not included in the columns are not on the fold line, otherwise the entire effect of the layer will be lost.

Important: The user may not create a booklet or brochure "from scratch", and take advantage of the templates offered by the Wolder - beautiful and functional.

For this you need:

  • Open MS Word or if the program is already running, go to the "File" tab and select the "Create" option, after which you enter the word "brochure" or "booklet" and click on the Pictograph of the Lupus.

  • After a few seconds, the search before the user will appear all the available "blanks" - it remains to choose with a click left of the mouse with any of them.

  • Confirm your intention to create a file.

  • And proceed to editing the template for your needs.

Tip: You can find the previously used booklet template or brochure created in the Word, in the "Recommended" section on the Start page or in the "Create" file tab.

How to print a brochure in the Word?

With the printing of a booklet in MS Word, the user's problems will have no problems: it is enough to insert a sheet into the printer, select, if necessary, the "Bilateral Print" parameter, and at the end - it's gently folded ready documents.

To print on the printer created in the Word brochure, you should:

  • From the main window, go to the "File" tab.

  • Next - to the "Print" section: All subsequent settings will be made here.

  • First of all, the user should choose in the printer drop-down list - virtual or real.

  • The next steps are to determine whether all pages must be printed, a certain range, only even something or only odd.

  • Install the print algorithm is a unilateral (the user will have to independently turn the pages to the user) or two-way - for brochures, select the "turn over a short edge" parameter.

  • Define the orientation of the page - to change the settings for the "book" layout is not recommended.

  • Specify, what format sheets will be used when creating a brochure - ideally, the size must match the "page parameters" specified in the "Parameters" window.

  • If necessary - to configure the fields of the document again.

  • Set the number of copies and click on the "Print" button.

Important: Before proceeding with the manufacture of a professional product, you need to enter the "Printer Settings", select the quality of paper, brightness, contrast and print speed, set the method of color reproduction and so on. You can go to the settings for the current session by clicking on the "Printer Properties" link.

What else do booklets and brochures make the program?

MS Word is perhaps the simplest program for creating booklets and brochures, however, in relation to the layout, this text editor is far from being perfect. The printer owner who wants to produce truly high-quality products is worth paying attention to the following applications:

  • MS Publisher. - enters the Office package; Allows, in addition to brochures, memos and leaflets, create comfortable calendars and tables;
  • Adobe Indesign - the most popular, pretty simple in mastering the program for lying text for any product formats;
  • Adobe Illustrator - Ideal if you need to draw a booklet or brochure "from scratch" and there are several hours of free time;
  • CorelDraw. - a software package that allows you to draw brochure or booklets layouts, create text blocks and edit images;
  • Scribus. - A free and very good alternative to indesign.

In addition, the user can use the FinePrint utility, specially intended for printing brochures; This is not a separate application, but a plugin that is working in conjunction with text editors and a substantially facilitating the work of the vestist.

Let's sum up

To make a brochure or booklet in the Word, you need to select the "Brochure" item in the page "Page" window, split text into several columns or use one of the templates from Microsoft. Before printing, you need to set the page range, check the format of the feed sheet, configure paper quality, brightness and other parameters.

In addition to viewing, entering, editing and formatting text, Microsoft Word has a multitude of useful functions that are significantly simplifying work with the document. The information is easy to appear in the form of tables, you can also add a text frame to drawings and tables, signatures, simple and end footnotes, footers. One of the options is the ability to create and print brochures, while there is no need to download and install third-party software. Make it easily and just with the help of several clicks.

Preparation of brochure

In order for the result to correspond to user expectations (objects were located correctly and did not have to do extra), it is recommended to change the layout before printing a document.

Creating a layout

You need to open Word with the text that will be printed in the form of a brochure:

  • In the "Marking ..." section, call the window with the parameters of the page by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.

  • The new window will open on the "Field" tab, where the parameter changes for multiple sheets: from the list to select a "brochure". Orientation will automatically change on the landscape.

  • In the Paper Size tab, set the appropriate size. The default sheet A4 is specified, it usually does not change. The printer must be embedded paper selected.

  • Press "OK". The text is automatically formatted.

If necessary, in manual mode, configure various objects, such as pictures and tables.

In order for the brochure in the finished form corresponding to the size A5, it is necessary to print it in the standard A4 format.

A long document is recommended to divide into several parts, and then connect them into one book. To do this, in the "Field" parameter tab, a certain number of sheets for each brochure is specified.

Creating a cover

Now go to the "Insert" section. On the left in the settings panel to find the "Title page" parameter and clasp over it. The list with the cover options will appear. Select the most suitable.

By clicking on the cover, the template will appear before the text that should be filled: enter the name, subtitle, date and other information, depending on the selected option. On the second sheet there will be an abstract, if you wish, you can fill it out or delete, highlighting the text and pressing the DEL button. You can delete the page itself.


The document needs to create footers:

  • Double-click on the top or bottom of the sheet to open the menu. The section "Designer" is activated. Here are the buttons for switching to the upper / undercutton, field changes, etc.

  • By default, Word sets the connection between the sections. Remove the tick from the point "Specific footer for the first page" and make an inactive item "As in the previous section", clasping it.
  • On the top of the left, press "Page Number" - "At the bottom of the page" - select the desired option.

  • Sheets are automatically adjusted.
  • Check the arrangement of numbers. The wizard can automatically deliver the connection between the sections, so it's an inactive item "As in the previous section" and remove the numbers from footers where they should not be. Using the number format, set the number with which the countdown will begin.


Optionally, the user can make standard text formatting: width alignment, an indent of the first string, a decrease / increase in fields, deleting unnecessary lines. So that the subtitles are not located separately with the text, in the "page markup" call the option "Paragraph". A window will open, where in the "Location on the page" tab, put a tick in the "Do not tear off the following" field.

Activate the "Cutting Text" option, select the appropriate option to locate the drawings in the document.

You can also change the font and text size.


Now go to the "File" section - "Print".

In the settings you need to install double-sided printing. But the printer may not support this option in automatic mode, and you will have to insert sheets into the printer when the corresponding query appears on the computer screen. To print it correctly, you need to turn the sheets relative to the short edge of the paper. It may be necessary to put in the tray the upper sheets text up / down (as the device itself implies).

On the A4 sheet, 4 Pages A5 holds. Accordingly, the book should be the number of pages that are multiple of four. The latter is the outside of the brochure, it is worth leaving it empty.

Press the "Print" button, and the software master independently combines the brochure and task the print order.

A large document when printing is recommended to immediately divide into several thin books, otherwise it will be inconvenient to edit sheets. In the parameters set the number of pages in the brochure. In a document of 16 pages, select 8, and two books are 8 sheets.

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How to make a brochure in word

Hi, readers. Regardless of whether you are doing school task or create promotional materials, a beautiful brochure can always come in handy and cause many positive impressions! Therefore, in this article I will show you how to make a brochure in a simple way.


Using Microsoft Word 2007, I will show you how to make a professional quality brochure, and then, if you have a good printer, you can print them properly. Total with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Yes, everything is very simple.

Frankly, the only real work will be the preparation of the contents for the document. After all, Word automatically prints each page in proper order and correctly places it on a sheet when printing.

Before you immerse yourself in the design of the brochure, you must first set the markup of the page. When switching to Word brochure mode essentially compresses each of them as if it was folded halve. We will discuss layout issues when we reach the 3rd stage below. So let's start!

Do everything in steps

  1. Open the tab "Page Markup" on the tape, go to the "Page Settings" section and in the lower right corner, click on the desired icon (see Screenshot):

How to make a brochure

Another option that is suitable for Word 2010 and above: File, then print and downstairs Click Page Settings.

2. In the Page Settings dialog box, click on the Field tab. In the "Several Pages" section in the drop-down menu, select Brochure. In the Page section in the brochure, select all or specify the exact number of the pages you are planning for the brochure.

In the fields section, indicate the size of the binding to get a small indent. The binding determines the distance between the fold line and the text border.

How to make a brochure

Memo about sizes of pages (in millimeters):

  • A1 - 841 x 594
  • A2 - 594 x 420
  • A3 - 420 x 297
  • A4 - 297 x 210
  • A5 - 210 x 148

3. Now you can go to the creation of contents for the brochure. At the same time, consider that when printing it will look different than you see on the monitor. Pages 1 and 4 will be printed on one side, and 2 and 3 will be printed on the opposite side.

The size of each page will be horro to the size equal to half the standard page in the landscape orientation. The drawing below illustrates it.

How to make a brochure

4. When you are ready to proceed to print brochures, click the file and then print. Next, in the page section, select Print Settings, configure the settings supported by your printer.

If your printer supports automatic printing on both sides, use one of the options for double-sided printing - turn the pages with respect to the long edge or turn the pages with respect to the short edge. However, if your printer model requires manual feed for printing on both sides, select Print manually on both sides.


Now you can add new pages and additional design elements to your booklet, expanding it as much as you want! Remember that than them are more in the booklet, the greater the value you need to set for binding to avoid text entering the junction area during the subsequent stitching of the booklet. How to make a brochure: Step-by-step instructions in Word

By the way, this method works in any version of Word 2007 and above.

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How to make content in Word.

How to make in Word Animation? Effect.

How to make a landscape page in Word. Step by step.

There are situations when you need to create a small text brochure for a company or organization. Microsoft Word 2010 allows you to solve this problem is quite simple. Before you guide how it can be done.

Create a brochure

Run Word and go to the tab Page Layout. (Page markup), press the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the section Page Setup. (Page Settings) to open the same name dialog box. It is best to do this before creating a document, because it is easier to understand how the finished layout will look like.

But you can also take a ready-made document, and then create a layout in the form of a brochure and edit it.

Creating and printing brochures in Word

In the dialog box Page Setup. (Page Settings) in the section Pages (Pages) in the drop-down list Multiple Pages. (multiple pages) select item Book Fold (Brochure).

Creating and printing brochures in Word

You may want to change the field value Gutter. (Binding) in the section Margins. (Fields) with 0on the 1 inch . Otherwise, there is a risk that words will be clamped in a binding or bending of your brochure. In addition, Microsoft Word, after selecting the item Book Fold (Brochure), automatically changes the orientation of the sheet on Landscape. (Landscape).

Creating and printing brochures in Word

After completing all the settings, click OK . Now you can see how your brochure will look like.

Creating and printing brochures in Word

Of course, all the power of Word 2010 editing tools are concentrated in your hands, so you can create a brochure both very simple and very difficult. Here we will make a simple trial brochure, add the title and page numbers.

Creating and printing brochures in Word

By setting all the settings of the brochure in Microsoft Word, you can navigate through the pages, edit and make any changes that are necessary.

Creating and printing brochures in Word

Printing brochure

If your printer supports two-way print, you can print both sides of the brochure at once. If it supports the manual two-sided print, as in the figure below, it is possible to use this mode. What do you think it's time to update the printer?

Creating and printing brochures in Word

Similarly, you can create brochures in Word 2003 and 2007, but settings and layout will be different.

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