We try to speed up the download of the GTA Online.

Hello everyone. I know you suffer from long download GTA Online. (I am also among these "lucky").

I want to immediately say that a specific and unequivocal proven method, which would help 100% accelerate the download of the game both in the skeleton and online - DOES NOT EXIST!

But there are several small and proven actions that have helped many. I'll tell you about them today and tell.

Poster GTA V.
Poster GTA V.
  • Note: the main problem in the download speed of the game is likely to is an Game itself And her architecture . And also used Rockstar Games connection protocols. It is also possible that the RockStar is used for its online games, a certain hybrid from servers and peer-to-peer.

Let's start.

1. Opening ports.

Let's start with the most juicy. Opening ports The process is complex for an unprepared person, but if you look at a couple of rollers on YouTube, it will be easy to understand. Reliable to open ports through the interface of your router , not through firewall.

  • The firewall is generally better to completely disable and use any Side Antivirus.

You must open the following ports:

  • 61458, 61456, 61457, 61455, 6672 (for UDP protocol).
  • 80, 443 (for TCP protocol).

After opening ports you can Check their availability on the site 2IP.

After opening ports, restart your computer and go to the GTA Online. Check how long the download is this time.

GTA V. boot screen
GTA V. boot screen

2. Go to public DNS servers.

How to change the DNS server, I have already shown in one of the video. This process is quite light. You can view my video either to Google . Experiment with servers, try to connect using various. It is worth understanding that this may not help you, but the harm for your Internet this operation will not bring, therefore try!

List of some known DNS servers:

Servers OT. Google :

  • as a preferred DNS server.
  • As your alternative DNS server.

Server OpenDns. :

Server Yandexdns :

The rest you can find on your own on the Internet.

3. Actions with a router.

Make sure your router works properly and updated to the latest firmware version. Try to restart it by turning off for 5 minutes, and then turning on. I also recommend playing in the GTA Online via wired connection.

Photos from open sources.
Photos from open sources.

4. Driver update.

Yes, it is also very important. Check for the latest firewood updates for your network card, video cards and other things. I do not advise you to use driverpaks . Try to find applied software on the manufacturer of your iron manufacturer. It is much more reliable.

  • And if you're going to use drivers, then I strongly recommend that you make sure of their reliability!
Photos from open sources.
Photos from open sources.

5. Installing the game on SSD.

This method is 100% Accelerate loads in-game assets , After all, solid-state drives are famous for their speed in the data transfer process. Perhaps it will not speed up the download of the GTA Online, but the plot load can be accelerated in this way can be significantly.

Photos from open sources.
Photos from open sources.

In general, all the ways that can help you accelerate the connection to the Grand Theft Auto Online. Otherwise, I recommend simply follow the status of servers on This site. .Remember that you are not alone experiencing frequent download problems. Multiplayer game mode.

Poster GTA V.
Poster GTA V.

Wish you luck!

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