How to draw Pikachu Pencil Phased on Cells for Children

How to draw Pikachu Pencil Phased by Cell

Previously, we have already painted cartoon and game characters. We decided to continue this topic. This time we will tell you how to draw a picking pencil on the cells. After all, Pikachu is the most recognizable and popular pokemon. It is able to accumulate electricity and occasionally attack the discharge. Let's start with the simplest scheme: Simple scheme

Light drawing by cells

We are confident, with this simple painter of Pokemon you will not have difficulties. Arm yourself with a simple pencil, black handle and wovers. To get a good result, we recommend complying with our step-by-step instruction.

If you are ready, start drawing:

  1. In the middle of the sheet we create an oval figure. Light drawing by cells (step 1)The top of the oval, do not tee in two places, but we have it in a horizontal position. In places where there were skips, we depict the ears in the form of a spear tips or halfcomb.
  2. In the middle of these elements show the inner part. We complement the silhouette of the head with the eyes and immediately hatch them, leaving only the glare. Light drawing by cells (step 2)Stroke and the upper part of the ears. On the muzzle draw the mouth and circumference on the brushes.
  3. Immediately under your head we depict a semi-solid torso. We derive the limbs, detail them and teach the element of this Pokemon on the chest. In the lower right side we plan a tail. Light drawing in cells (step 3)
  4. Write the image with a handle. Sharching her all the details that are painted with a pencil. Color all the torso and its parts with a yellow felt-tip pen. Cooks paint pink.

Pikachu drawing is ready. See, everything is not so difficult, as it seems. But we advise newbies to comply with the sequence of steps.

For children, you can still draw Luntka

Simple drawing of Pokemon.

This method of drawing is also light, we painted minecraft on it. If you have not yet become familiar with those pictures, we recommend to study information and draw images. After examining the material, you will greatly facilitate the task of drawing this hero. For work it will take a sheet marked in cells and markers.

If you have prepared tools, we propose to further learn how to draw Pikachi in the cells in this way:

  1. At the top of the leaf by a brown felt-tipper, paint three cells. Simple poundon drawing (step 1)Immediately under them count and hatch five cells in two rows. Finished actions, stroke three more squares.
  2. Black felt-tipper hatching on the left three squares. Immediately add two cells at once and in the direction of the down, paint three cubes. Departing to the right and stroke two divisions. Simple poundon drawing (step 2)
  3. Now we go to the left and down shaper two divisions. Next, we move to the left and paint again two cells. Similarly, we depict the second side of the picture. At the bottom of these areas connect the line of one cell width.
  4. In the middle of the outline obtained, we draw eyes wide in one cell and a length of two cells. By the same color in the direction of the down, sketch two cells on each side. To the lower right side add another square. To the left side we add one dice on both sides. Simple pattern of Pokemon (step 3)Let's go on one division down and depict another part consisting of two cells.
  5. Paint two cells from below. On the right side towards the upstroke, two divisions again. We supplement the shaded three cells. Take five more cells. Red felt-tumbers on the cheeks put the points. All the middle paint yellow.

Now you know how to portray picking on a sheet into a cell, in the second way. The work is lightning, so even a child will cope with her. The main thing is to stick to the steps and then it turns out a great result, no worse than our.

We also have an interesting instruction image Lady Bag and Super Cat

Beautiful pokemon on the usual sheet

To organize this creative process, it will take a little more attentiveness. We will work on the usual sheet and therefore the drawing process is complicated. Before the start of drawing this hero, we recommend to explore the material about the drawings of the rabbit. You can find this information on our website Megamaster.info. After examining the proposed material, greatly facilitate the process.

If you are ready to draw:

  1. In the center of the sheet we depict two connected brackets. Beautiful Pokemon on the usual sheet (step 1)I added the book of this element seized and clarify it with detail. At the top over this silhouette, we derogate the spout in the form of a small triangle and eyes in the form of circles.
  2. Circles immediately paint, but you need to leave glare. Above this silhouette create an arcuate segment. Draw on the right side of the head. Beautiful pokemon on the usual sheet (step 2)We carry the contour of the body and refine the limbs on it.
  3. On the face showing round bricks and draw the ears. One ear is directed upwards, and another on the right side of the sheet. Add tail to the right. Detailing the ears and proceed to coloring. Beautiful pokemon on the usual sheet (step 3)
  4. How to draw Picamach in stages figuratively. If a pencil was used for the creative process, then it is necessary to circulate the sketch of the black handle. Then black paint the eyes and part of the ears. Brush and inner plot of mouth stroke pink or red. The entire main perimeter of the image is painted with yellow and orange add shadow places.

At this stage, the work is completed. Of course, the image is more complicated by previous drawings, but sticking to the steps, you can easily handle it with it.

Picami image sitting

In principle, this lesson in difficulty does not differ from the previous picture Pikachu. Differences only in the technique and in the position of the hero. For this style, prepare a set of pencils, an album and a black handle.

Prepared? Then begin the creative process:

  1. After about the middle of the leaf, we create a spout in the form of a small triangle. Interesting way to image Pokemon (step 1)Immediately paint it. We reveal and remove the circle, they will be our eyes. In the eyes we put the glare.
  2. Let's go down and depict an open mouth, as we did in the previous drawing. Sharch the main section of the eye and proceed to the removal of the head contour. At the top do not forget to leave a place for the image of the ears. Interesting way to image Pokemon (step 2)
  3. Testing up the ears in the form of long leaves. On the muzzle, the circles show the cheeks and detail the mouth. Under the silhouette of the head, we remove the front paws, divide their bottoms on your fingers.
  4. We continue to bring the contour of the body and depict the lower limbs. Interesting way to image Pokemon (step 3)We finish drawing the torso and starting from the middle of the right side of the head we take the tail. We specify it volume and detail.
  5. Sharching yellow. Ends of the ears highlight the black. We specify the same color to the shadow places in the image. The remaining elements are painted pink.

Ready. Now you have learned how to portray Pokochona step by step and in this way. The drawing method is also light, but requires some care and accurate observance of steps. If you are a novice and perform all the conditions, you can draw this cartoon character in just a few minutes.

Milaha Picachu

When they coped with the previous ways, we will not stop on the achieved and consolidate the knowledge gained by this instruction. This time I draw a character using pencils. For work, you will need an album for creative processes and a set of pencils.

If you are ready, proceed:

  1. In the middle of the leaf, we create an exemplary sketch of the body in the form of an oval figure with a smooth bottom and a bit narrowed. Beautiful drawing with pencils (step 1)The touches are applied so that they can be easily erased by eraser.
  2. To the left side of the auxiliary element, we draw the eye, it is slightly tilted down and has the shape of a long leaf. The second ear is depicting on the upper right side of the outline and direct it up. To the same part, but below, we draw a tail, externally resembling a lightning form. Beautiful drawing with pencils (step 2)
  3. We work out the top of the outline, and begin to draw the shape of the head in detail. This time you need to draw a faster layer. Separating the head from the body, depict your eyes, nose and broth. We complement this part with the mouth in the form of two connected arcs.
  4. We proceed to clarify the body and make an outline of the front paws. Book shapes add rear paws. Please note that Pokemon is sitting in this case, so it is necessary to show it. On the back we specify the details and draw everything in detail.
  5. We carry all the lines with a fat or black pencil. We erase unnecessary strokes and proceed to coloring. Beautiful drawing with pencils (step 3)Paradesome yellow color paint the main perimeter of the character. Where necessary by the same color add shadows. Pink shawn cheeks. Black pencil cover the eye and part of the ears. Throughout the silhouette, we work out the details and shadow places with brown pencil.

You can finish or add hamster. After examining our material on how to portray picking pencils on sheets in the cell and in the album, you can easily cope with other similar works.

If you like our lessons, we suggest information about other interesting pictures.

Drawing on cells is an interesting and fascinating occupation, which will have to do not only have to children in different ages, but also adults. It all depends on the complexity level of the selected image.

Pikachu - drawing in cells


Drawing on cells in the notebook for children to draw Pikachu in the notebook on the cells? Graphic dictation

The style of such drawing itself originates from the artistic direction called Pixel Art. This is one of the techniques of drawing, which began to gain popularity in the 70s of the last century. Initially, this style was used in computer graphics when creating various games. In our time, the pixel art, or as it is also called an 8-bit, is a reminder of the first games for computers and mobile phones. In recent years, such a drawing method has gained popularity and is used to design interiors and illustrations for magazines.

The name of the pixel ART speaks for itself, and in the literal translation, it means "drawing at points".

The process of creating various pictures and images is performed solely in such a way that, as a result, it turns out an unusual and modern pixel picture.

Drawing on cells in notebooks for children

There are many different learning techniques for children in the world. But, as you know, adolescents are much easier to perceive and remember the information presented in the game form.

Pictures of cells are one of the ways, with which the learning process becomes entertaining and interesting.

During this occupation, logical, spatial and abstract thinking, attentiveness and perfection are developing.

In addition, drawing has favorably affect the child's emotional state and has a soothing effect for the psyche, which is often in an overecycable state.

This is an excellent way to calm and captivate the child. Such an interesting occupation as drawing at points will have to do with each child.

Drawing on the cells, the child learns to keep the pencil in the handle, get acquainted with the algorithms of action, which is good for the development of logic, and also develops creative thinking.

You can draw a picture in such style not only with special computer programs. For this, it will be great:

  • Tetrad leaf, in a cell;
  • Pen or pencil.

Tip! To make an image color, you can use markers, markers, or even crayons (though, for drawing small elements, they are not very convenient).

Drawing on cells in notebooks for children photo 1 Drawing on cells in notebooks for children photo 2 Drawing on cells in notebooks for children photo 3

How to draw Pikachu in a notebook on cells?

Each child will be easily able to portray a mini-copy of the favorite animation hero. You can draw in a notebook into a cell or on a sheet of it, it is also necessary to take a black handle and colored pencils or markers of yellow and red.

If the paper is thin, then under it you can put a cardboard or one more sheet of paper so that the felt-tipper during drawing is not imprinted on the table and did not spoil its working surface.

So, proceed.

  1. We take a black handle or felt-tip pen and supply the contour of Pikachu, sketching each needed cell.
  2. The most important thing is not to be mistaken and painted only the necessary sections, otherwise the figure may not work.
  3. After the outline is completely ready, we take a red felt-tip or pencil and apart the cheeks from our hero.
  4. When the cheeks are drawn, in yellow gently paint all the remaining white sections of our little picking.
  5. If everything was done correctly, then the notebook should turn out the point picture of the popular Hero Anime.

Important! Start drawing through the cells is better with simple images and gradually move to complex.

Constantly increasing the complexity of the drawings, the child will acquire, the skills will quickly and be able to draw complex work. If difficulties arise during drawing, you can offer him a sample with a similar image, with which the drawing will be easier. This method also affects attention well, because the baby will have to concentrate and carefully repeat each pattern of the pattern from the sample to reproduce the exact copy.

How to draw Pikachu in notebooks on cells photo 1 How to draw Pikachu in the notebook on cells photo 2

Graphic dictation

You can complicate the task using graphic dictations. This is one of the methods of drawing through the cells, which is performed using a pre-prepared scheme. For example, an adult dictates, in which direction (left, right, down, up) and how many cells it is necessary to spend a straight line.

It is necessary to prepare the finished drawing and a plan with the dictation algorithm in advance. Such an occupation develops attention, orientation in space and prepares a children's pen for writing.

Any creative occupation favorably affects the development of the child, is no exception and drawing.

Graphic dictation

This is a useful and educational pastime that easily hobble in the child and in the game form to teach him something new and interesting.

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