6 ways to fix broken nail at home

6 ways to fix broken nail at home

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Buy products, open the doors, raise heavy bags - and Batz, nail breaks. This can happen at any time. We all passed through it. And then the nail clings for everything, including expensive cashmere sweatshirts, delivers a lot of problems and unpleasant (and sometimes even painful) sensations. The most obvious and easy way to write it "under the root", but if I still want to keep the length, you will have to resort to tricks. Assembled 6 Budutihakov (the video structure is attached), allowing to reanimate broken nail at home.

Method "Tea bags"

This method is the most popular Butulikha on the Internet.

Step 1. Cut the broken nail as short as possible.

Step 2. Using the Pillet (Preferably Glass), carefully fir the edge of the nail and stick to its surface.

Step 3. Cut from a tea bag or paper coffee filter "Pack" of the desired size (it should be slightly larger than the crack itself).

Step 4. Apply a generous layer of transparent varnish or database to a broken nail, preventing the surface.

Step 5. While the transparent layer of sticky, gently place the "pin" on the broken part of the nail (a tweezers and some glue are useful). Press it to the nail.

Step 6. Give the database. Then cover the nail one or two layers of transparent varnish. Using the BAF, lock the edges of the "Patch".

Step 7. After the transparent layer is driving, you can safely paint your nails with bright varnish.

Repair with glue

Experts do not like this method very much, since in the glue most often contains acrylates (ethers or acrylic acid salts). These are chemicals that cause irritation and allergic dermatitis. Acrylates are frequent culprits of skin reactions, so when using glue, expect care and make sure that you do not have allergies.

But the glue can fix everything that broke (except for broken hearts - for this will have to look for another way). The universal agent is useful and in our case.

Step 1. Gently cut the victim to nail with scissors or sign it.

Step 2. Apply glue to the place of fault (there is a special nail glue) and lower the finger into the container with a white acrylic powder. Remove the surplus with a brush or a soft brush and polish the nail surface with the Buff.

Nail repair silk

To correct the defect, the base is required under gel lacquer and fine flasks of natural tissue. Usually used silk, less often - flax or fiberglass. Only gels will suit the decorative coating, since the usual varnish material will not disguise. If you doubt, take the silk film.

Step 1. Cut the piece of silk of the desired size.

Step 2. Cover the place of damage to the gel-varnish base, pre-degreased the surface.

Step 3. Gently put the silk flaps on the nail with an orange stick or tweezers. Secure the material on the plate.

Step 4. After drying the adhesive base, the spire surplus the base and irregularities, cover the nails with gel varnish. Normal varnish will not fit. Will serve the "express plaster" about a week, after which it will need to be replaced or deleted. Yes, everything is so simple. Do not believe us - look at this video.

"Kitchen method"

This video tutorial shows how to repair the nail with the help of tea bag and other household items. To do this, you will need hydrogen peroxide, nail glue, food soda, toothpick, towel and nail file.

Step 1. In a small cup, mix the soda with water and hydrogen peroxide. For a moment, drop the nail into the liquid, and then blot it with a towel.

Step 2. Apply manicure glue to the crack, and while it does not dry, plunge the nail into the food soda, wrap the surplus. Repeat the procedure. It remains only to write nail.


Unfortunately, sometimes when the broken nail is not subject to recovery, the only thing that remains is to fake it.

One of my favorite techniques is the use of tips on a sticky basis. They will last until your broken nail grows,

- explains the starman on the manicure of Patti Yankees.

For repair, it is better to give preference to square transparent options.

Step 1. Take a suitable to the size of the Tips.

Step 2. Dock damaged parts and carefully polish them.

Step 3. Treat the surface with a degreaser. Apply the manicure glue to the nail and the back surface of the Tips, giving dry 5-10 seconds.

Step 4. According to the special limiter, impose the Tips on the nail plate and give away. The lining must be cut down the length of the rest of the nails and adjust the shape of the saw.

Repair with the help of scotch

We use it everywhere - in the packaging of gifts, sealing envelopes, restoring the old thousandth banknotes. The adhesive tape is useful, and to restore, though briefly, the integrity of the manicure. Suitable one-way tape with low and medium adhesive surface. However, this method should not be considered as long-term repairs.

Step 1. Remove the entire varnish on the nail.

Step 2. Cut a small piece of scotch.

Step 3. The material is tightly attach to the damaged nail so that the air bubbles or tape raises are not formed. Scotch flashes strictly in the direction of the nail slider, and the edges of the material cut down the form of the plate.

Step 4. Apply two layers of transparent varnish on the nail.

How to save nail if he broke: homemade lifehaki and recovery in the cabin. What to do for prevention?


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Methods for repairing a broken nail at home.

Broken nail sometimes becomes a real problem for modern beauties. It does not fit into plans, so requires a quick visit to the manicure master. what Do, if there is no time to visit your favorite master? We will tell how to make a broken nail.

What if you broke the nail?

There is a mass of technician and Technology that allow you to take cracks and build a broken nail. It all depends on what is available and how advanced user or client is. If the girl is weakly dismantled in a manicure, and almost all the work imposes on the shoulders of professionals, then you can use the most simple techniques.

What to do if nail broke:

  • No matter how strange this method does not seem to work, it works, thin threads act as reinforcing fibers that impede the increase in the size of the crack. To do this, you need to remove the coating from the nail, slide a little surface so that it becomes crazy.
  • In no case try to remove a large number of nails, because the master will be difficult to repair it and Daughter Length. It is necessary to degrease the crack with alcohol, and apply a small amount of ordinary super block.
  • Now lay out a few thin wool fibers that can be offset from a piece with eyebrow tweezers. Spread thin veins across the crack so that they fasten the slices of the nail. When the glue dries, a thin brush can be applied a layer of glue. After drying, you can use a decorative coating.
Broken nail
Broken nail

How to stick to nail silk at home?

Another good method that home users often use is the use of silk. It can be found in any manicure store. It would be nice if each girl had similar goods to repair the cracks of nails. You can repair both extensive and natural nails.

Instructions, how to make nail silk at home:

  • To do this, it is also necessary to prepare a nail, having previously removed from it a decorative coating and degrease. After that, special nail glue is applied, which is sold in the manicure store.
  • A small patch cuts from a piece of silk is cut. Next, you need to apply some glue into the crack area and attach a piece of silk. Press the patch with an orange stick so that it is completely soaked with glue.
  • Let dry. After that you can carry out the surface opil, in order to remove sticking fibers of silk if they are.

How to stick to a tea bag?

If you do not have the ability to purchase repairs tools, you can use the usual tea bag.

Instructions, how to make a nail tea bag:

  • It is best for these purposes not paper bags, but from the fabric. Usually they are sold for Lipton tea and curtis.
  • Cut a piece of fiber and attach to a degreased nail with a superclone.
  • Nail will be worn for a long time, and the thin fiber does not stand out from under the coating.
Tea bag
Tea bag

How to stick the crack fiberglass for nails?

If you still own a manicure technique, or you have some minimal experience in working with gel varnishes, there is an ultraviolet lamp in stock, then the repair of the crack will be much easier and faster. To do this, you can use both a special tool and fir-handed items. The perfect option is to use fiberglass. This is a popular product that is now in the trend.

Instruction, K. AK Pack the crack fiberglass for nails:

  • With it, you can not only increase and strengthen the nail, but also close the crack, prevent further damage to the nail. Most often, cracks are formed in the zone of the transition of the free edge to the nail lodge, can be quite painful, even in meat.
  • In this case, it is better not to pull with repair or completely cut the nail to the root, it is as soon as possible. For these purposes, the coating from the nail is removed, the plate is degreased, and the base is applied with a thin layer. It is necessary to take fiberglass, rekwind the base again and lay out pieces of fiberglass on it so that they lay across the crack. In general, the repair resembles the one that is carried out using wool fibers.
  • Only in this case uses fiberglass, it is much stronger and is distinguished by reinforcing properties. The possibility that the nail, fortified by fiberglass, will soon be broken, is almost zero. Next, you must apply the leveling layer of the base to hide pieces of fiberglass, make it smooth. After that, you can apply a decorative coating.
Repair fiberglass
Repair fiberglass

I broke a zoomed nail, what to do?

Very often, the manicure masters do not use any additional funds, but carry out repairs using gel, acrylic or acrylate . This method also works, but it is necessary to cut it from the inside after performing the repair. This is due to the fact that very often the edges of the cracks are torn, so there are formed on such places from the puffs.

That is why the nail after repair is fixed, only an artificial coating is left. However, this option is possible only if you use artificial coating, and not just strengthen your nails using acrylic, gel or Polygel

I broke the zoomed nail, what to do:

  • If you do not have acrylic or gel, because you only work with the technology of applying gel varnish, you can get a paste, which will also strengthen the nail and become the reinforcing basis. For these purposes, it is necessary to mix a small amount of a gel lacquer with a transparent acrylic powder on the palette.
  • It is necessary that a thick mass is obtained. Its with the help of the brush is applied to the prepared nail, pre-distributing a small amount of the base. After the patch is installed, it is dried in the lamp, and then spend Opel to smooth out irregularities.
  • You can re-make the alignment of the usual base, in order to hide the transition from the patch to the natural nail. This method is also well suited, and does not require the presence in the house of gel or special means for repairing nails.

How to make a nail plaster?

Now on sale you can find a special gel for repair, which contains in itself reinforcing fibers. Reminds the suspension of small porcelines in the gel. Worn with brushes, spill fibers using tweezers. It is made on the basis of Geleva Technology and dried in the lamp.

How to make a nail plaster:

  • If the nail broke under the root, the blood hurts and stands out, then the ideal option is to leave it alone, and glue the plaster.
  • Pre-distinct the nails, cover the plaster to not be injured, and the dirt did not get into it.
  • A few days later you can remove the plaster, clean from glue using alcohol and engage in building or restoring the nail. Alive when there is meat or crack, you do not need to work.

What if the nail broke in the middle?

This usually happens if the coating is rearranged when customers ignore the words of the master and come to the correction less often than once every 3 weeks. This happens after 5 weeks of socks, the stage of the apex is significantly shifted to the free edge. Therefore, the stress zone remains open and there is a very thin layer of material on it.

Thus, the free edge outweighs, because of this, the crack can happen immediately in the middle of the nail. It is very uncomfortable often happening painfully because not only artificial coating is cracking, but also a natural nail plate.

Nail broke in the middle, instruction:

  • Blood may also stand out. In this case, it is necessary to remove the coating with a milling mill, to disinfect the wound with alcohol or other antiseptic, remove all the lochs and fringe, which was formed at the cracked place.
  • Now it is necessary to choose a nail repair method. It is best to use special gels with proteins that heal the nail plate contribute to the misses, preventing the occurrence of bacteria and mushrooms in the crack area, wounds.
  • However, it is worth understanding that such funds are exclusively in professional masters, in addition, such a gel is rapidly unusable under the influence of water and acetone-containing liquids. Accordingly, when doing homework, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves.
  • There are special means that use the doologies. These are gels that can be imposed directly on live fabrics, even if they are damaged. Usually used when increasing and performing patches on onycholysis or fungal nails. Accordingly, fix the broken nail to the meat in the middle can be possible with such a gel. The nail plate is prepared in a standard way, the top coating is removed, and a thin layer of the base is applied, and after that gel. It will dry in the lamp and is made by Opol.
Nail repair
Nail repair

Nail repair techniques at home a huge amount. It all depends on the presence of materials and how well the gel varnish technique or nail extension. Ordinary home users Most often to repair nails, choose the simplest techniques, using silk, cotton wool, tea bags and superclas.

Video: how to stick nail?

A photo

Long nails and beautiful manicure - a standard of female beauty. And the nail breakdown is a big trouble for each woman. The place of the chick looks non-extext and scratches the skin.

How to be if she broke out a nail and want to return his former beautiful look?

Broke nail: what to do

Further actions with a broken nail depend on how he broke: slightly cracked or broke completely. An uneven edge or crack will deliver trouble - scratch and cling to clothes.

Possible actions When a nail breakage is as follows:

Broken from the edge of the nail

Broken from the edge of the nail

  • Trim nail Or stored.
  • Slide the crack Alone.
  • Ask for help To a specialist.

If you want to independently solve the problem and save broken marigolds yourself at home, then you need to choose the right gluing technology. It depends on where the crack passed: in the hanging part of the nail or in the middle of it. Also important is the size of the crack.

  • If breakdown small , then you can Pack Problem site with a special piping from natural fabric or paper plastering. Such repairs are treated with any cracks on the side of the nail, along the "smile" or along it.
  • For Full decay Nail from above impose Acrylic artificial material - Tips .
  • The tip is superimposed when the crack appeared along the pin axis, in the middle.

Repair the broken nail makes sense if it cracked no more than 1/3 of its length. Otherwise, the repair will be short-lived.

Sometimes the crack passes how deeply, which injures the finger under the nail. In this case, treatment and recovery is better spent in the cabin.

What Cannot do :

Cannot be applied superlocks on natural nail without coating

Cannot be applied superlocks on natural nail without coating

  • Glue Live natural nail on super blocks . The synthetic composition corps the living cells of the nail plate. Synthetics can only be repaired extensive acrylic plates.
  • It is impossible Processing nail acetone Or another liquid for removing the varnish when it is rushed to "meat". Aggressive chemical solutions should not fall into the wound.
  • It is impossible Tighten with repair Nail, if you have a crack. Nail can crack further and completely break away. The faster you start repairing the problem of the nail, the less the crack will be necessary to glue.

Nail Repair Tools and Materials

Often materials for gluing damaged nails are sold included as a professional set for repairing nail plates. It includes:

The main materials when repairing the nail are silk and special glue

The main materials when repairing the nail are silk and special glue

  • Silk For the repair of nails on a sticky basis.
  • Glue For natural and artificial nails.
  • Feather And the BAU for natural and artificial nails.
  • Any Disinfector : Hydrogen peroxide, medical alcohol, and even better - professional manicure.
  • Orange sticks for manicure.

All of these tools and materials can be selected individually depending on the availability in the store and personal preferences. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that special silk for repairing nails is self-adhesive, its adhesive base is not enough to glue the crack, it is necessary to adhesive for nails.

In the absence of silk for nails, it can be replaced by a piece of natural or synthetic silk, a paper napkin, tea bag, filter paper or a paper plaster - to all that there is a house at hand.

Repair of natural nail

Most often, the nail plate is broken at the place of its attachment to the finger. This line is called "smile." Renovated nail loses strength, but retains appearance. Repair technology as follows:

Nail repair process

Nail repair process

  • Remove varnish и process nail Antiseptic .
  • Treat bough with irregularities On a broken nail.
  • Prepare a piece of fabric - cut it with such a calculation so that it overlaps the crack by 2-3 mm on each side.
  • Apply glue и impose over nail Piece of fabric , carefully press it. To align the "patch" to use a toothpick or an orange stick with a pointed end.
  • After the glue dries, smooth the edges of the fabric by the bough .
  • Similarly glued Another 1-2 layers of fabric over the first depending on the magnitude of the breakdown, neatly mooring each layer
  • Cover your nail varnish for the final cracker masking.

Learn more how to repair broken nail, you can, looking at this video:

When gluing Tips Technology work is similar. Instead of three layers of fabric patches, acrylic tips is pasted on top of damage. After drying the glue, the tip is cut to the desired dimensions.


Crash under gel coating

In order to put the nail under the gel varnish, it is necessary to remove the lacquer. You can not remove from all your fingers, to limit ourselves to the broken nail, and the rest do not touch. For removal, special means for removing the shellac or biogel are used - depending on the nail coating. If you cannot remove the gel varnish, you can glue the piping over the old coating.

Put on the place of failure of the nail

There is a "patch" to place the nail breakdown

The technique of applying a patchwork gel lacquer is the same as for a natural nail, and it is covered with a new varnish, which is dried under the UV lamp. For home repairs in gel technology, UV lamp and gel varnish are required.

If the crack is located along the edge of the nail, then it can cut and build a biohell again . To do this, use a special form or a foil, which is substituted under the nail and is used as a support for biogel. After the hardening of the biogel under the UV lamp, the foil is gently cleaned.

How to build a broken nail biogel or a basic rubber-based base, look in the video instructions:

Repair of an extensive nail

Extension do Acrylic Tipsa . They do not have a living structure, therefore, when rolling, it is possible to glue with synthetic glue for plastic (superclosure, "torque"). Bonding materials are the same - filter paper, silk strips, paper plaster.

The technology of gluing the extension plate is as follows:

If the repair of an extensive nail is impossible, you can replace it with a new

If the repair of an extensive nail is impossible, you can replace it with a new

Another repair option is to replace the broken tip new.

What to do if the nail broke to meat

To restore the nail, broken blood, it is better to contact a specialist

To restore the nail, broken blood, it is better to contact a specialist

If the nail broke down very much, it is necessary immediately process His anyone Antiseptic : hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, mormistine and other. It is very difficult to glue such a crack. It is better to contact the salon to a competent and experienced specialist.

Repair procedure is done After removing inflammatory symptoms And the full healing of open wounds of the nail plate.

Professional restoration of such a breakdown implies use Special biohels . They contain proteins for the restoration of the nail structure, as well as protect the place of the chip from the infection.

Some biogels dissolve when the detergents and acetone hit. Therefore, after such treatment when washing the floor, the dishes need to wear rubber gloves.

Bloomred nail is a big trouble. However, you can return to him the former look: take the crack and cover it with varnish. If you cannot repair yourself, please contact a professional nail service master.

How to treat nails after injury?

Treatment depends on the type and severity of damage. Before the surgical treatment of the nail is used by local anesthesia, so that the victim does not experience pain.

In the hematoma in the nail plate, they make a puncture for the free outflow of accumulated blood, eliminate pulsating pain and facilitate state.

Numbered and detached after injury part of the nail are removed, they do not grow. If necessary, sew the skin around the nail and the nail bed, impose a therapeutic protective bandage.

With open wounds and a large damage zone, the doctor may assign ointment with antibiotics.

When the bone fracture is sent to a traumatologist to install the tire, fixing the fragments with wire or other methods.

After treatment, it is necessary to strictly observe all its recommendations at home, to make discharged medicines and come to subsequent inspections on the designated days.

Full nail restoration after injury takes from 2 to 6 months until the new nail will grow.

When properly and timely rendered assistance, the forecast in the treatment of nail injury is generally good. The most frequent complication is the deformation of the growing nail plate. But over time she passes. Failure to follow the rules of care can lead to onychomicosis or bacterial infection due to pathogenic fungi or bacteria. With severe damage, there are cases when the nail after injury is not growing.

To keep your nails with healthy and healthy, be careful, follow safety rules. Briefly endure them so that they could not catch it for anything.

If trouble failed to avoid, immediately ask for help to reduce the risk of complications.

In the center of the connection of Eva Koreareeva, you can quickly get help with varying degrees of severity of the nail or legs injuries. And also to learn how faster to grow nails or temporarily disguise the existing cosmetic defect.

For recording, call by phone.

Reasons for which nails break

Even if you carefully care for marigolds, they can break, The reason for this phenomenon can be several factors individually or in the complex:

  1. Lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The state of the nails directly depends on the quality of nutrition and the usefulness of the diet. So that nails remain strong, and you did not have to constantly face the need to fix one of them, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, fermented milk products, cereals and low-fat meat.

  2. Insufficient use of pure water. Dehydration of the body arising in case you drink less than 1.5-2 water lira per day, leads to an increase in dryness and tissue fragility.

  3. Insufficient physical activity. This is an indirect reason for the breakdown of nails, but, nevertheless, it must be mentioned. The fact is that people who move little slow down the metabolic processes and deteriorates the quality of blood circulation. As a result, tissues and organs suffer, including nail plates that are not allowed oxygen and nutritional elements.

  4. Errors when performing a manicure. If you specifically feed the edges in such a way that they have straight angles, the marks can cling to the items around you, for clothes. In this case, the need to fix the broken nail may occur quite often.

  5. Continuous mechanical impact on the marigold. If you often work with your hands, for example, engage in gardening, the state of the nails can deteriorate from contact with solid objects.

  6. Regular impact of chemicals. If the nails are often in contact with household chemicals, detergents, their structure may deteriorate, increased dry dryness, fragility, bundle.

  7. Excessive impact of moisture. If the hands are constantly in contact with water, they become weak and brittle.

  8. Bad habits. If you smoke, or often consume alcoholic beverages, it is largely reflected in the state of different tissues of the body. Broken nail, which needs to be fixed is a constant problem of people who cannot refuse the habit of gnawing the nail plates.

  9. Diseases, including diseases of internal organs (thyroid gland, liver, kidneys), skin infection, psoriasis, lead to a deterioration in the health of marigolds.

  10. The use of poor-quality care or decorative cosmetics is one of the main reasons for frequent failure of nails. If the preparations that you apply regularly have harmful components, nails are weakening, the degree of their resistance to the effects of various negative factors, both external and internal, is reduced. For example, if a woman regularly make a manicure with gel varnish or shellac, in breaks between procedures, it repeatedly faces such a nuisance as broken nail. After all, for removing the resistant polymer decorative coating, acetone or other, no less harmful toes are used.

How to fix broken marigolds?

The battle of the nail plate causes a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant sensations. Nevertheless, there are several ways to restore its initial look.


Censing for the various surfaces that cracked the nail on his hand may take away at any time, which will lead to bleeding and severe pain. If for any reason, the salon visit is impossible, you need to repair the nail, which broke, on our own.

Important! The procedures for restoring a natural and extensive nail completely different. First of all it is necessary to remove lacquer coating from a broken nail

This requires the following means:

First of all, it is necessary to remove the lacquer coating from the broken nail. This requires the following means:

  • Pilochka;
  • foil or similar material;
  • Orange chopstick for manicure;
  • fat cream;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton discs.

The restoration of the broken nail is carried out in several stages:

  1. The top layer of coating is spilled and slightly stepping up the top of the nail. The cream is applied to the finger (up to the 2nd phalanxes inclusive), the cotton disk is wetted in the liquid and turn them with a finger, and on top of the foil so that the couples alcohol or acetone can quickly disappear. After 15 minutes, the foil, the disk and coating from the gel-varnish are removed using an orange stick.

    All actions can be repeated again if the first attempt does not bring the desired result.

  2. It is thorough to polish the damaged place.
  3. Put the foil under the nail plate, pre-laying it in 4 layers or specially intended for repairing nails. Then secure the plaster.
  4. Decate nail.
  5. Create processing primer and dried using the UF lamp.
  6. Apply to the processed place the base on a rubber-based basis, followed by putting the foil strip to the desired nail length, dock the sectors and also apply a base layer with a thickness of the nail layer.
  7. High quality dried under the ultraviolet lamp.
  8. Painting artificial nail gel-varnish in 2 layers.
  9. Dry under the lamp.
  10. Align nail by means of a sawmother and manicure scissors.

You can repair the nail with a special manicure glue, if it is not at hand - use it an industrial analogue. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. thoroughly wash and dry hands;
  2. Finger with damaged nail to omit in warm water and hold 5-7 minutes for softening;
  3. dry your finger and apply a drop of glue, evenly distributing it on the nail plate;
  4. press for 2-3 minutes;
  5. eliminate excess adhesive composition;
  6. Collect the sawn
  7. Apply decorative varnish.


Restoration of the extensive nail is carried out in several ways, in which:

  • Special silk;
  • acrylic Powder;
  • tea bag;
  • Medical plaster;
  • biogel;
  • acrylic.

Important! If under the shellac (natural resin) is not too strong damage, then cut the nail and build a new one is completely optional. Repair of a broken nail is carried out in several stages:

Repair of a broken nail is carried out in several stages:

  1. Cut from tea bag, patch or other reservoir Pack with a suitable size;
  2. glue the latch to a damaged place with a strong fixation glue;
  3. On the glued material, apply a glue layer, and after drying it, it is repeated to repeat the procedure;
  4. perform polishing the restored portion using the Pillet;
  5. Degrease, impose base, top and gel varnish;
  6. See in the UF lamp.

Crash side under gel varnish

The resulting defect can be eliminated using a special glue and acrylic powder. Repair must occur as follows:

  1. Rent Shellac;
  2. degreased and disinfection;
  3. perform polishing;
  4. Loose a crack and a plot around it with adhesive composition;
  5. Lower the finger with a cracked nail into a container with acrylic powder and withstand 2-3 minutes;
  6. remove excess powder and dry with UF lamps;
  7. After grinding and degreasing, apply primer, database, top and gel varnish.

Before applying each material, dry the previous layer in the UF lamp.

The video clearly shows how to fix the crack on the extensive nail:

How to fix broken nail

Before starting the repair of nails, it is necessary to assess how much it is possible. If soft tissues are too big or damaged, then the restoration does not make sense. It is better to circumcise all plates for one length.

Nail repair at home is carried out if damage is slightly. In addition, it is necessary to understand that this is a temporary correction of the situation.

We recommend watching a video instruction:

Repair of natural nail

If the natural marigold broke, then it will take it as follows:

  • Degreaser, it is possible to use alcohol;
  • Special fabric to restore nail coatings, tea bag;
  • Special glue either medical (as a last resort superchalter);
  • gel varnish;
  • Base on gel varnish;
  • polishing saw;
  • Powder acrylic, to hide the glued fabric.

Natural Nail Repair Stages

The one-time repair of the broken nogle is possible, but it should not be carried out systematically. If the marigold is constantly subject to the layer, then it is better to stock with special glue.

Stages of recovery when using superclaud and tea bag:

  • Sachet cut slightly more sample smoke;
  • polish a damaged place;
  • degrease him;
  • Apply adhesive directly to the crack;
  • attach a bag;
  • covered with glue and material, for better impregnation and gluing;
  • wait until completely dry;
  • Collect coating.

Stages of recovery when using special glue and powder acrylic:

  • The layer is treated with a glue mixture from all sides;
  • Finger immersed for a couple of seconds in powder;
  • wait a minute to dry;
  • remove excess suit;
  • Ginger the renovated layer.

Stages of recovery when using powder acrylic and basic base Laca gel:

  • Clean the surface of the plate;
  • Apply the base layer by filling out the crack;
  • dry to complete drying;
  • cover the second and lower the finger into the powder for a second;
  • dry;
  • remove excess powder;
  • Apply another coating;
  • dry;
  • Open gel varnish.

Stages of repair when using gel varnish and tea bag:

  • prepare the surface;
  • Basic layer Fill the crack;
  • attach a bag, smooth;
  • If it is badly impregnated, then we still apply an impregnation base;
  • dry;
  • still layer base;
  • Next gel varnish.

If marigolds are broken under the gel with varnish, the repair process is as follows:

  • A coating with a damaged finger is removed (special shellac or biogels;
  • Next, you can apply the procedures described above.

If the nail coating broke down quite strongly, then such damage cannot be eliminated. It is better to turn to the manicure master.

Repair of an overhead nail

Overhead Tips have an acrylic structure, so when restoring you can use glue for overhead nails, also for non-dissimilarity, use superclause or torque. For fixing, the same materials are used as at natural surfaces.

Repair of a broken false nogot:

  • coat with a crack with glue;
  • impose material;
  • covered with a glue 2 times;
  • dry thoroughly;
  • poll
  • Covered with varnish.

We advise you to watch the video:


You can also facilitate the work, replacing the damaged tips to the new one.

How to repair at home?

In case of damage to the nail plate, you should not hurry to trim the broken section and align all other nails under its remaining length. There are a lot of proven ways to correct this situation with the most common means.

For the repair of nails, the following tools will be needed:

  • means for disinfection;
  • Special fabrics (flax, silk, artificial fiberglass);
  • adhesive for nail restoration;
  • Bafa;
  • nailfile.

How to stick with tea bag?

Tea bag made of fine fibrous paper. Having attached this material to the damaged nail plate, you can hide all formed defects. The result is not inferior to salon techniques in which the silk coating is used. For the repair of the nail will be required:

  • tea bag;
  • high-quality basic coating;
  • nail file;
  • fixture for grinding and polishing;
  • scissors;
  • Colored varnish;
  • top.

Bonding procedure:

  1. Rent with nail polish;
  2. Cut from a spacing rectangle with a form corresponding to the nail;
  3. Apply a basic coating on the plate and give it to dry;
  4. attach a cut piece and smooth, eliminate bubbles and irregularities;
  5. put on the next base layer;
  6. remove, with a filling, extra pieces of cellulose from the edge of the nail;
  7. Apply decorative colored varnish.

The video demonstrated a method for repairing a nail with a tea bag:

How to save with a special glue?

It is possible to restore your own nail with a special adhesive as follows:

  1. wash well and dry your hands;
  2. Lower hands in warm water so that the plate is softened;
  3. Apply special glue to nail and evenly distribute over the surface with an orange stick (you can also use toothpick);
  4. attach a broken part and gently press;
  5. After the segment is entrenched, remove the overlap of the adhesive composition;
  6. perform polishing by means of a special saw, producing a procedure only in one direction;
  7. Apply a protective varnish.

How to make a broken nail under the gel varnish. How to "fix" broken nail? 4 ways

Broke nail? No problem! We divide several options for "repair"

Text: Veronica Gnezdilova

Fotoimedia / Imaxtree.com.

Method number 1.


You will need: tea bag and glue

The easiest and most affordable way to solve the problem of a broken nail at home. And even if the nail broke not at home, but at work - tea bag and superclauses are always at hand. One-time use of glue will not have a strong negative impact, and the nail will be saved. But still, to this method, it is worth resorting only as a last resort, so if you often break your nails, it is better to buy several bottles of specialized nail glue - home and to work. We tell how to act:


  • Cut from the tea bag square piece of this size that will completely overlap the crack
  • Ginger the damaged area and degrease your nail (about how to replace the degreaser, we already told)
  • Apply glue to the crack and the area around it
  • Press the tea bag to the nail
  • Apply another layer of glue to a piece of the bag completely soaked
  • Let dry, and then lie down the edges to smooth out the transitions.

Method No. 2.


You will need: nail glue and acrylic powder

This method "repair" broken nail is good because it allows you to fix the crack on the free edge immediately from two sides, and not just on top.


Apply glue to the crack, including from the bottom side of the free edge

Lower your finger into a transparent acrylic powder for a few seconds

Give the layer to dry for a minute

Make surplus powder and stick the place of repair.

Method number 3.


You will need: acrylic powder and gel lacquer base

If you use gel varnish, then you can repair the crack on the nail at the stage of applying the base without using any third-party funds. In addition, this method allows you to additionally strengthen your nails and create a reliable framework that will save gel varnish in good condition much longer. Therefore, boldly use this method, working with all the nails at once, and not just with damaged.


  • Prepare a nail plate for applying gel lacquer
  • Apply the first layer of the base, thoroughly filling it with the place of cracks, and dry in the lamp
  • Apply the second layer of the base and before drying in the lamp, sprinkle it with a transparent acrylic powder
  • Dry in the lamp and remove excess
  • Apply another layer of the base and dry in the lamp
  • Next, you can perform the usual sequence of applying gel varnish.

Method number 4.


You will need: base for gel varnish and tea bag

If the crack is deep, then additional reinforcement with a tea bag will not be superfluous. If you combine this method with the previous option, you will get the best damaged nail protection.


  • Prepare a nail plate for applying gel lacquer
  • Apply the first layer of the base, thoroughly filling it with a cracker
  • Attach the tea bag to the damaged section, scroll the edges and wait until it is completely soaked in the database
  • Dry the first layer of the base with the bag in the lamp
  • Apply the second layer of the base and dry in the lamp
  • Next, act in the usual sequence.

What else is useful to know

By the way, not only tell about what nail broke, signs. On the left hand (as well as on the right, actually), on nail records, white specks are often seen. They also sometimes find a certain meaning. If they are observed on the thumb - this is a good sign: you should expect an increase in salary. Notice them on the indicator - to sadness and sadness. If the stains are visible on the nail of the middle finger - it is to the long-awaited and very pleasant purchase. But on the nameless - to trouble. But the specks on the nail Mizinz are promising travel, strong and long love, as well as a lot of pleasant impressions.

Many people acquired with those or other values ​​will take, a logical question arises: why are that they symbolize? Well, everything has my explanation.

The thumb, for example, is a symbol of thought, willpower, intentions. Therefore, if it breaks the nail - this means that something hurts the plans. Such an explanation is given regarding what nail broke, signs.

On the right hand damaged the plate of the index finger? So you have to compete for your authority. After all, the index finger is responsible for power. And the person will have to take serious actions to ensure that nothing has come out of control.

The middle finger usually symbolizes the road and the path, and Unnamed is associated with the matters of heart. Mismans are responsible for surprises and unexpected situations. In general, if you explore all these values, you can understand what and what.

However, opinions regarding the interpretation will take away. For example, many esotericans assure that the broken nail on the index finger is not at all to the fact that the councils of a person will finally begin to take care of attention. This, allegedly, on the contrary, a warning is not to insist too hard on your own: in some situations it is inappropriate. And the middle finger symbolizes not the road and the path, but himself. Has broken nail? Sketches assures it's time to engage in your nervous system. Perhaps a person tooever originates morally. He needs to get rid of the false feeling of guilt, if such is present, forgive himself for everything and live on. In this case, broken nail symbolizes its owner. It is also on the verge of fault.

In general, different opinions exist on this

But even if the person believes in signs, it should not be too sharp about this. After all, most often it is just coincidences. Long healthy nails have always been considered a sign of well-being and prosperity

And this is not surprising, because they are uncomfortable to do homemade. Neat manicure could afford science and prosperous people

Long healthy nails have always been considered a sign of well-being and prosperity. And this is not surprising, because they are uncomfortable to do homemade. Neat manicure could afford science and prosperous people

If the marigold broke, paid special attention to this; So there were signs. We learn together, what breaks on one or another finger to nail. Damaged nail on the left hand promises good luck, and on the right - trouble

Damaged nail on the left hand promises good luck, and on the right - trouble

What to do if the nail broke to meat

To restore the nail, broken blood, it is better to contact a specialist

If the nail broke down very much, it is necessary to immediately process it with any antiseptic: hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, mormistine and other. It is very difficult to glue such a crack. It is better to contact the salon to a competent and experienced specialist.

The repair procedure is made after the withdrawal of inflammatory symptoms and the full healing of open wounds of the nail plate.

Professional restoration of such a breakdown involves the use of special biogels. They contain proteins for the restoration of the nail structure, as well as protect the place of the chip from the infection.

Some biogels dissolve when the detergents and acetone hit. Therefore, after such treatment when washing the floor, the dishes need to wear rubber gloves.

Bloomred nail is a big trouble. However, you can return to him the former look: take the crack and cover it with varnish. If you cannot repair yourself, please contact a professional nail service master.

Descriptions of disease

Simultaneous nails on their hands and legs are quite rare, usually affected by the nails of the upper extremities are affected.

Hippocratic nails

The extreme phalanges of the fingers are thickened, the nails become convex and round. The first is the phenomenon affecting the hands, described the hippocrates, for which it got its name. It is not an independent disease, may appear as a symptom when:

  • emphysema;
  • lung tuberculosis;
  • long-term endogenous intoxication;
  • violations of the cardiovascular system;
  • Oncoabolicins, especially in the lungs.

Sometimes hypocratic nails can be hereditary or congenital pathology. In cancerous diseases, it is rapidly evolving for months or weeks, in other cases the change process can last for years.


Hypertrophic changes occur both in their hands and on the legs. The nails are hardening, become transparent, taking a yellowish gray shade, over time they can separate from the nail bed. This is considered to be the manifestation of endocrine diseases, although the main causes of scleronichia are still not known.


Another name is "bird claw." May develop as a consequence of frostbite or strong injury.

Nail becomes dense and uneven, taking an unnatural color from gray-yellow and brown to almost black. In addition, his free edge is bent, like a bird, or twists a spiral.

The treatment consists in softening the nail surface by salicyl plaster or ointment, in the running cases it can be scraped or removed by surgically.

Choosing a Broken Nail Assistance Option

To solve the problem of a broken nail, the following materials will be needed:

  • Disinfectant, or scrub Fresh. If the nail gave a deep crack, and a bleeding wound appeared, this place should be treated with a disinfection tool. So it will be possible to remove microbes and degrease the plate.
  • Buff, Pilochka. We will need to feed and giving smoothness.
  • Tweezers.
  • Materials for repairing plates. We will analyze them in more detail below.

Refer to the nail tissue patch

Materials for repair:

1. Canya. First of all, we are talking about two natural fabrics - it is silk and flax, and one artificial is Fiberglass.

Len - the material is not easy, rough, so working with him, not having experience, difficult. More convenient to use silk and fiberglass. They can be purchased in the already sliced ​​form or in tapes. Externally, very similar to the usual plaster, just a little thinner. Pack the broken nail silk or fiberglass is easy. The fabric is superimposed into the place of the crack and serves as a patch.

If there are no such materials at hand, you can use a paper napkin and even a tea bag.

2. Cool. Of course, glue must be special, to work with nails. Today you can purchase compositions also with therapeutic, strengthening properties. Use them very convenient. Glue is sold in a tube with a tassel. It is enough to apply it to the place of donomas and polish the marigold with a polishing saw.

3. Basic coating for lacquer gel. Performs the same functions as glue. The database is applied to the damaged place and polymerized under the UV lamp.

4.Type. If the nail broke in the middle, and it is not possible to cut the damaged plate, the Tips will come to the rescue. The essence of the repair is simple - the tight is glued on the plate so as to fix the damaged place without allowing the nail to crack further.

5. Stronically lacquered. An ordinary varnish can help and stop breakdown for a while. It is best to combine it with a sticker. First you need to apply a layer of varnish, then glue the sticker and fix it with another layer of varnish.

6. Acryl or gel. Wizards for extension often restore damaged nails, and these two material are fine for this suitable. With their help, you can not only fix the crack, but also give the nail form in the event that it crushed.

7.Fast frozen gel. It is used in the salons in extreme cases when the soft part was denied during the breakdown, and bleeding began. So that the crack does not go further, the master fills the crack with a special biogel with proteins that will accelerate the healing of the nail. After such a repair, contact with detergents and acetone is eliminated, otherwise the gel will quickly lose its properties.

In no case cannot be used to repair the nail type "moment" or "superclauses" - they are not intended for contact with the skin and can cause serious damage to health.


The most practical method - we rush to nail tea bag

This way to stack a cracked nail is the easiest and most affordable at least because the tea bag is probably found in every home. It has very chain properties, while translucent and thin.

For repair, the following tools and materials will be required:

  • A small piece of tea bag for patchwork to flick the crack on the nail,
  • clear nail polish,
  • nail scissors.

Operating procedure:

  1. If the nail is covered with varnish, remove it and disinfect the plate.
  2. Single the nail surface in the place of cracks for smoothness and degrease the nail. We apply a small drop of transparent varnish to the place of damage and apply a piece of the bag. Run it over the surface and apply another layer of varnish.
  3. Optionally, when transparent lacquer dry, apply a colored coating.

Video Description

Useful advice

  • Restoration at home is possible only if the nail broke no more than 1/3.
  • DIY repair will "laugh" about 2-3 days. At this time, while the wound heals, and the nail will grow a little, try to be careful.
  • If you used a transparent varnish, do not remove it with acetone-containing agent - just periodically tin.
  • To speed up the growth of a broken nail, make salt baths from 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a glass of hot water daily.

Usually, the plate breakage is associated with frequent contact with detergents, as well as a lack of vitamins.

To further avoid an unpleasant situation, be sure to use protective gloves while cleaning and washing dishes, review the diet, as well as take care of strengthening with caring creams and medicinal varnishes.

Strengthening nails at home

1. Violation of the integrity of the nail plate is a sign of the presence of any diseases. Problems with immunity, pathology of the endocrine system and much more. It is necessary to refer to doctors to eliminate the problems with health.

2. Frequent cause of the breakage is the deficit of trace elements in the body. It is necessary to take Retinol and a group of vitamins B, which strengthen the nails, hair and contribute to the emergence of new cells.

3. Drink fresh vegetables, they are rich in vitamins. Eat potatoes, wholegrain bread, onions, marine products. They contain calcium, promoting bone strengthening.

4. To maintain a healthy state of nails, look at the folk remedies. Moisten the separation roller using different oils for the cuticle. To soften the skin and speed up blood circulation, use the baths.

5. If you follow practical recommendations and eat right, you will no longer have to think about how to fix broken nail

It is important to balance the diet, physical exercises at home will also be not superfluous

6. Very effective and useful is a bath with oils. To do this, add a little ether in warm water and hold the nails of 10-15 minutes. After that, mandatory moisten the hands with everyday cream. Performing this procedure every week, you can improve the condition of the skin and nails.

To cope with such a nuisance, you do not need to possess special skills. Of course, it all depends on the complexity of the situation. Try to fix the breakdown yourself. If you are not sure about your abilities, seek help from a specialist.

Do I need to remove the gel varnish if the native nail cracked under it

The formation of cracks and breakdowns under the gel varnish can be dangerous for the girl, as this implies the formation of a balloon between the decorative coating and natural nail, which can fall into the water. Increased humidity in a closed space quickly leads to the formation of a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, which is why fungus appears.

And the presence of fungus adversely affects the state of the entire plate, including the health of the matrix (base), so making future manicure corrections will not be able to restore the nail.

In addition, the lesion of the plate leads to its strong weakening, which is why the large load on it in the form of a gel varnish leads to a decrease in the strength of the plate, a detachment, breakdowns begin to form.

However, with a slight damage to the surface in the free edge area, it is not necessary to remove the coating on your own. Standard formation of cracks on the abnormal part does not lead to painful sensations and does not bring the risk of enhancing infection in the body.


Cute ladies, remember, the presence and condition of the manicure and the tightened skin of the hands of a woman, like nothing else, gives her age. Clean your own hands! Take care of them using protective equipment during interaction with aggressive media and substances. Avoid high and low temperatures. Strengthen nails with gels and acrylic. Open banks, bottles and boxes designed for this tools. Correct the cuticle correctly. Fully manifold, drink enough clean water and do not forget to get enough sleep! Performing the above actions, you guarantee yourself impeccable strong nails and a beautiful manicure.

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