How to behave with a man so he himself stretched to a woman

How to behave with a man so that he himself stretched to a woman: 20 tips from psychologyIncredible facts

Love happens sometimes unexpectedly, but it can be brought to some extent.

Initially, a spark of interest arises, but then how deeply will love us will be the result of the efforts that you attach.

Although it is impossible to force a person to love and better not even try, there are several tips that will help these feelings bloom.

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If you want to win a man, but at the same time make it so that he is looking for your attention and stretched to you, these psychological tips will help you.

What to do so that the man draws to you

1. Ask him about something

man stretched to a woman

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Studies have shown that We often like those people who we can help Even if initially we hated them.

This is due to the fact that subconsciously we believe that the person would do the same for us. Imagine that you have done something for a person who is indifferent, or even you do not like it.

In your brain there is a dissonance, a discrepancy between your presentation and your actions that need to be solved. "I just put efforts to provide a service to this person. Why?"

To achieve harmony, the brain changes our ideas, and convinces you that another person is not so bad, and maybe even interesting. Therefore, when we ask a man about help, it subconsciously helps cause it sympathy.

2. Talk to him compliments, but not too often

Most men are not so often listening to compliments. So when they hear them, then tend to take them with joy.

The only problem is that compliments lose their strength if we hear them constantly.

If you make compliments dosed, the maximum one per day, then it keeps a man in a tone, and he is looking forward to it.

3. Hold your eyes in the eye a little longer

Never underestimate the strength of eye look into the eyes. This is an excellent way to cause a sexy tension in a man. You can literally seduce the man by sight, without uttering a single word.

Studies have shown that Long visual contact increases the likelihood that a man and woman fall in love with each other .

During the experiment conducted by a social psychologist Artur Arone Two unfamiliar men and women sat opposite each other and answered personal questions, and then they silently looked at each other in the eyes for 4 minutes. Later they fell in love with each other, and after half a year they got married.

Psychologists argue that prolonged visual contact synchronizes the activity of the brain between two people, thereby arising a sense of connectivity and intimacy.

Sometimes enough 3-4 seconds eyes look into the eyes and smiles to make the guy fall in love with you . Most men are reinsured before making a step, and such non-verbal signals give it to know that the chances on his side.

4. Pronounce his name

The name we was given is music for our ears. When we hear how someone calls our name, it raises our self-esteem, even just a little.

The study showed that Our name heard from another person has a unique effect on brain activity. . He involuntarily responds to the sound of our name even in a state when we cannot respond or somehow influence.

5. Imitate his gestures

Psychology of relationship

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One of the most common ways to demonstrate his sympathy - imperceptibly coping his gestures .

In fact, when we like someone, we do it subconsciously, without even thinking. Psychologists noticed that we can create a closer connection if we are mirroring it, even if these gestures are made consciously.

6. Conduct a joint time.

Try to spend your time as much as possible with it in different places. This creates the illusion that you are familiar for a very long time.

It can be Joint sports, a trip to another city, a date in a new place, for example, a zoo .

Different experience not only gives the feeling that you know each other a long time ago, but also contributes to the emergence of sympathy. In the end, it is with you that he will experience all these amazing adventures and wants even more.

If you really want to give him a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, try to do what it releases a large charge of adrenaline, for example, ride on the American roller . Studies have shown that it significantly strengthens mutual relationship.

7. Make it think that the relationship is his idea.

If you are already meeting for some time and think that it is time to go to the next step, you may have a temptation to tell about your plans. However, you should not do this.

You can make some subtle hints, but, first of all, give him time. A man wants to think that it was to have a relationship of his idea. It is not necessary to put pressure on it, even if you see signs that he is in love.

When a man feels that you are trying to force the events, he will have the idea that you are desperate, and this is not very good. Give him space and time, especially at the very beginning of the relationship.

If he has a feeling that the start of the relationship was his idea, he will with a smaller probability will finish or consider that everything goes too fast.

8. Be physically closer

Touch play a very important role. 1992 study showed that People consider you more attractive, cute and even high if you touch them .

You can shook something from his clothes, put your hand on his shoulder when he speaks, playfully push him when he is joking.

It will feel more comfortable when you will touch him from time to time. So the man has a feeling that he has a chance with you. You give him a "green light" in order to fall in love.

9. Engage in your life

When we are engaged in our lives, we are becoming more attractive for a man.

You can apply any methods and tips, but if nothing interesting happens in your life than you are interested in, a man's interest can gradually fade.

Instead of spending time to conquer a man, remember that people who are comfortable with themselves are interesting, because they are doing what makes them happier, and it is very attractive.

Do what you have long wanted. Perhaps you have some kind of children's dreams that you still have not fulfilled. It will not only attract a man, but will make your life more enjoyable.

10. Let him invest time and energy in you

Man and woman

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It may seem a bit complicated, because when we are in love, we want to see a man as often as possible. However, this will quickly create his impression that you got it "easily", and this is what does not attract.

If you want to. To make a man to you, Give him the opportunity to make any efforts

The more it will invest time and energy in you, the more he will appreciate you. We are much more appreciated by the reward, if it is necessary to work hard to work. Always remember that men are focused on the result.

For example, You can ask the men the Council of the situation that happened at your work Even if you do not need his help. His help is the investment of energy in you.

Also let him fix something in the house, even if you just change the light bulb. This does not mean that you need to be weak and helpless, but you should not immediately refuse help.

In other words, a man needs to make any effort to fall in love.

11. Share your opinion with him

Appeal for the advice is an excellent way to fall in love with a man. However, this does not mean you need to ask for assistance about everything.

Men like women who from time to time can share their thoughts about things. When a man asks you: what do you like? Do not say "I do not know."

Instead, you say what you feel at the moment, even if it sounds stupid, and you think that he will not like it. In other words, do not be afraid to express your point of view.

12. Detish your appearance.

The brain of men reacts differently to visual incentives than female. Many will seem such a look too superficial, but you can take this fact and use it with the mind.

You do not need to be a model, starve or spend a lot of money on the outfits.

Enough to care for me, look neat and beautiful, apply light makeup and go to the gym .

The main thing is to take care of your appearance, health and try to emphasize our advantages. A man thinks like this: " If she tries, then I have a chance " . If you want a man to pull to you, this advice is very important.

13. Laugh over his jokes.

Studies have shown that women like men with a sense of humor. In turn Male like when they can cause a smile on the face of a girl .

If he says something funny, and you laugh at his jokes, you give him a confirmation that any man craves.

It makes his ego and gives him an impulse, thanks to which he feels better. Moreover, a man begins to feel that it is you calling this feeling that.

A man wants to see you more often and you begin to like him more and more.

14. Make it happy in bed

You may have heard that the path to the heart of a man lies through his stomach. Although there is some truth in this, there are several aspects that are more important to food, and one of them is sex.

Probably, no one needs to prove that good intimate life is important for strong relationships.

This does not mean that you need to go to bed with a man on the first date. But if you meet for some time, it is important that you both have been Hrscho in bed.

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15. Let him talk about himself

Play a man

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Sometimes it seems that we do not even hear others. It seems that everyone feels a desire to prove something else. Men feel the desire to boast, and women speak only about themselves.

However, you should not forget the one rule that Dale Carnegie also described:

"You can make more friends in two months, interested in other people than in two years, trying to save themselves."

Sincerely interested in a man, you automatically become more interesting to him.

If you want a man to pull to you, actively listen to what he says, and ask questions.

This not only shows that you are sincerely interested in it, but also makes it possible to learn what he likes and does not like.

16. Do not be afraid to show your shortcomings.

Many women hide their drawbacks, trying to look "perfect" to attract a man.

And although you should not immediately demonstrate all your minuses, your small misses and imperfections make you more real and humane, and not just artificially created.

17. Show what is much common between you

If you want a man to fall in love with you, remind him of how you look like.

Studies have shown that We tend to fall in love with those with whom we have common values ​​and interests. . If he and you love music, let him realize that you are united.

If he is a rebellion by nature, show your rebar side. If he appreciates family comfort, tell him how important parents are important for you.

The similarity is important in any way, but you do not need to depict interest just because he likes it. It is better to find what you like both and pay attention to it.

18. Be the one who can trust

When a man falls in love, he can tell you about some of his problems or uncertainty. And although not all relationships begin with trust, honesty is needed if you want real relationships with a man

He must know what can trust you, and that you are real, otherwise he will not be able to fall in love with you.

If you want a man to appreciate and love you, be honest and reliable, keeping his secrets.

19. Let him know what you think about him

At first glance, minor little things may mean a lot in relationships. Occasionally send him messages, or an unexpected postcard to let him know what you think about him

Leave a cute note under the wipers of his car or on its desktop.

If you met some time and were even physically close, you can send each other a message of piquant content.

All this gives him to know what you think about him.

20. Do not chat his attention

You may have a temptation to spend every minute with a man, but remember that every person needs from time to time is alone.

If you give a man freedom to be yourself, then he will eventually come back to you.

But if you behave desperately, throw it with messages and do not give him a passage, it can kill his desire to make any relationship.

There is nothing more attractive to a woman who appreciates themselves to not run for a man.

If you prove that you do not cling to him, he will know that you are the same.

How to draw attention to men It happens that one woman, it seems not too beautiful, and there are no from the men of a pen. Other and pretty, and well-groomed, and men bypass her face. What attracts men? How to draw attention to men who liked? Our advice will help you figure it out.

From this article you will learn:

  • What women are men pay attention
  • How to dress and behave to attract the attention of men
  • Are there any way to give a man to understand what you like it

How to draw attention to men

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

Often intrusive efforts of the girl to draw the attention of men with a mini skirt, a deep neckline and a shrill look cause a reverse reaction. Serious men do not attract women that expose all their external data at the bottom. They are interested in ladies of pleasant outforthiness, easy to communicate with a sense of humor and knowledgeable price. Many girls are interested in the question of how to draw the attention of the male you like and not look a stupid doll, but to be yourself. What qualities you need to possess the man to notice you and wanted to continue communication?

An important point is the one you want to attract: any man or someone concrete. In which case, the result will be faster, it is unknown, but your behavior should differ.

To begin with, decide whether you need this man. What do you feel in relation to it? If you fell in love, then the behavior manner will be alone, if it's just an intrigue - then completely different.

Several general rules for attracting the attention of men, of course, there is. First of all, you need to make your entire appearance, behavior manner and ability to support communication showed that you are worthy of this attention and know yourself.

The most common form of attraction of people to each other is a physical attraction. It can manifest itself instantly, at first glance. At the subconscious level, a man attracts the appearance of a girl, her smell, clothes, look. If you do not run such sparks at the beginning of dating, then it is useless to wait for the development of relations or the manifestation of romantic feelings. Men are not inclined to establish contact with a woman if you do not have the slightest attraction.

Does men attract appearance like pictures

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

In order for the man to pay attention to you, it is not necessary to look like a model of a glossy magazine. Do not customize your appearance under a trendy pattern, losing its uniqueness and uniqueness. Most men soul natural, natural beauty of the girl. Excessive, especially ineptly applied, makeup on many guys act repulsively. They are more likely to attract a well-groomed woman, with a good manicure, pedicure and hairstyle. So try to visit the beauty salon for these procedures or learn how to make them yourself.

Accuracy and well-groomed were always the key to the attention of men. Even the best outfit will not hide the unsembly hair and dirty nails. Clothes should also be flawlessly clean and ironed. Do not necessarily have a huge wardrobe. It is important to be able to competently compose basic things to always look attractively. And for solemn incidents, learning to think through the image in advance.

Observe the following five items in impeccably:

  1. Modern girl can not be ugly. Constantly support the image, follow your appearance, be careful in everything. Special attention is paid to hair, nails, skin.
  2. The most beautiful features of the face will remain invisible for men against the background of non-heavy hair and nails.
  3. Try to regularly do a manicure, follow the cleanliness of the hair and leather well maintenance. Do not allow black dots on it, peeling or greasy gloss.
  4. Hygiene - first of all. Do not forget to remove unnecessary hair on the legs, in the bikini and axillary zone. Clothing should always be fresh and ironed. Always neat appearance - your key to success.
  5. Special attention requires makeup. Strive only to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, the plump lips, the purity of the skin, without applying a ton of decorative cosmetics on the face. All flaws can be very skillfully hidden by making an emphasis on naturalness.

Why men love positive

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

All men pay attention to the girl who is openly smiling and is infectiously laughing, surrounding himself with a positive. Do not be shy to express your feelings. But remember that false is easily recognized and looks extremely stupid. Do all sincere.

This trouble-free reception will work even with an unfamiliar man with whom you are in the morning we meet in a minibus. Undoubtedly, daily seeing, you will already recognize each other, but a light smile on your face will instantly position it to you, allocate you from the gray crowd of gloomy and puzzled people's problems.

And if you are still working together, we are in the same company, learn or visit one fitness club, then the more smile. Open, looking into the eyes, give it the warmest smile. Sincere joy of meeting, expressed in your eyes, will reduce the distance between you much faster than the most advanced seduction techniques. Show him that you don't just show politeness towards him, but are ready to take it steps towards meet and continue communication.

Smile, talk to him, let me understand that he is not sensible to you. If your feelings are mutual, then you will immediately see a response: a look, communication, everything will say that you are pretty. If this is not, then you do not need to be imposed. As they say, forcibly MIL will not be. Be sure to have one who will appreciate you.

There is such a myth, many opinions that a man is a hunter, a strong man is a conqueror, respectively, it needs to provoke this instinct.

And what makes many girls? Lips are red lipstick, sweet spirits, some bright appearance, a bright star. In behavior some provocation, game. Why does she do it? Maybe you do it or girlfriends in your environment. It seems to you that it causes power in a man.

You know, you are right. This causes certain senses in a man, certain states. But if we look at many girls who do that, they face problems. Often they say: "Yaroslav, why only Sex want from me? I'm smart, I personality. Why do men see me only the body, only the shell. I want them to be attracted to this, like severe men, but saw only the person in me. " And what is the problem, if you are doing so, then you create around yourself a field of a certain type of men. If you do that, then you will see that there are different men around you, but they are a certain type. And the problem is that these men are primarily interested in your body.

What do I want to convey? What causes power? It seems to you that the power causes some provocation, some kind of game. I say my student. The force causes softness, power causes tenderness, the power causes purity. But again, the power causes what? Surely, of course, if you have a goal - to temporarily increase your self-esteem, very quickly create a field of men who and the flowers will give, and gifts will give, and that there were many, many, and provoke them, then it will be a woman-provocateur. But if your goal is a long-term happy relationship with a man who is not attracted to your any role, but on what is inside you, and this is. And many of you do not know how to use it, because no one taught. This is soft, femininity purity. Yes, there will be no different men around you, there will be less men, but the quality of these men, the attitude of these men will be completely different. It will be exactly what the most women want.

You probably say: how is it soft? How is it clean, tenderness? I was so, I took advantage of me. I was so, it does not work. If I now put 10 girls different and ask, and what is in your understanding and tenderness, that in your understanding is soft, clean, then everyone will have different images in the head. What I want to convey. The fact that there is a huge female force that is inside you, but your power is not in the image. Not in manipulations, not in the provocations of men. You have a big female force, but the single percentages of women are able to use this force. My students who pass long programs, I teach them to use this resource.

  1. Aggressive, rough, tactless and unrestrained women never attract the attention of men. Rather, they repel and cause irritation.
  2. Expressing your opinion, try not to affect the gentle feelings of the opponent. Think about what you can hurt a person, touched on a hidden particle of his soul. Be friendly to everyone.
  3. Some women are peculiar to an unpleasant feature to speak, not paying attention to the feelings of others. Such unnecessarily unrestrained emotionality interferes with harmonious relations with close people, does not allow to create a strong family.
  4. Many men tolerate can not be when a woman is scared. In any situation, keep calm, control emotions and your speech. Your restraint will benefit you, especially with regard to men.

How to listen and hear a man

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

As you know, men love eyes. The first thing about what men pay attention is the appearance of a woman, only then their behavior and voice are interested. But no matter what is met by clothes, you need to be able to listen and support the conversation. Any beauty fades if the girl is stupid and cannot link two words. Talking with a man, try to listen more. This will help to arrange it to yourself, learn about his hobbies and what is valuable for him in life. Showing his interest in what he tells, you will attract it even stronger. Perfect if it is found that you have many points of contact, you will be something to discuss with the following meetings.

How to be confident and harmonious

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

What kind of women pay attention to men who took place and confidently stand on their feet? Of course, on similar in spirit. Do self-development, strengthen your self-confidence to attract an equal partner who will have something to learn.

Confidence can be developed in several directions immediately. The first is to sign up in the fitness club and bring your body in perfect shape. The second is to start speak publicly and become a soul of any company. The third is to develop sexuality and restraint at the same time, learn to radiate femininity.

Modern psychologists offer various options for personal growth courses, helping to become more confident in themselves and their strength. Material independence and successful career are the keys to success. Praise yourself even for the smallest victories, fix them in a personal diary. Put goals and strive for their achievement.

Girls must be followed by posture. Beautiful gait only will emphasize your sexuality and attract male views. Only no need to confidence with arrogance.

Easy to communicate does not mean availability. Demonstrating a man confidence, do not forget to be weak and defenseless at the right moments. Forget the phrase of the "man I am not needed", "I can cope with myself", etc. Let him take care of you, make you surprises and show tenderness.

There are no ideal people, everyone has their drawbacks. Do not sharpen attention on them, be open to the world, give a positive mood and feeling of happiness. The optimistic attitude does not only help adequately withstand difficult moments, but also attracts people who make you a soul of the company.

Each woman has its own beauty. Small or high, with lush breasts or without such, with a drain hair or short haircut - each of us is individual. In the world, there is a man for whom you will become ideal. It makes no sense to strive to look like a supermodel or star, facing yourself diets and stupidly following fashionable trends. Each star also has the shortcomings that they skillfully hide with the help of the professionalism of stylists, cosmetologists, hairdressers.

Try to inspire that you are beautiful and soul, and body. This confidence will be transmitted to those surrounding people. Your man will definitely notice you, not paying any attention to the flaws you think. Stop asking yourself a question why men do not pay attention to me. Just enjoy life and yourself. Love yourself and appreciate everything connected with you. Your inner energy will make everyone admire you.

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Soft and non-aggressive sexuality

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

You can attract the attention of men with eyes. So that he noticed you, it is enough to detain on the chief view of the seconds for 5-6, and waiting for visual contact, turn away. Try to practice in front of the mirror in advance, then connect your girlfriend. Learn to watch sexy and languidly, leaving in the eyes of a riddle. But preliminary training is mandatory, without them you can look extremely stupid.

Show a man look your interest in it. Learn to "shoot with eyes." Instantly make the glance when the guy tries to cut it. Try to look at it glimpse.

Being from him at a fairly large distance, look at a close look, slightly squinting his eyes. Show that he is interested in you. Avoid behaving like a bitch that has established too high bar. Many ladies tend to think that only thanks to the outfits, throwing a makeup and a vulgar tone can look sexy. All at all. Sexuality is also peculiar to the most modest girl.

It is mistaken to think that only a very open outfit will help attract the attention of men. Partly this is true. But they attract such outfits of only those men who are tuned to a short intimate relationship. A detailed man who knows the price, with vulgarity to take it impossible, it will only push him off. No promotion and exaggeration in the image. The clothes should perfectly emphasize the advantages of your figure, only a slightly makes it easier. Opening a narrow skirt, emphasize high-cut and beautiful legs. Beautiful chest decorate a small neckline. Do not allow vulgarity into nor in clothing or behavior.

Develop in everything. Do regular sports, walk in the fresh air, selectively attribute to outfits, shoes and accessories. Always control facial expressions, gestures, speech, body position and gait.

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

  • Learn to walk from the hip. Refuse sneakers in favor of feminine shoes or boots. Replace the sporty style with light romance.
  • Talking with the man's favorite, flourish the hair strand, winding it on the finger. In any position, keep your back straight. Put on the leg. Do not allow sharp gestures or movements. Make everything smoothly.
  • Do not shout, watch the voice be as gentle and romantic. You must be in full harmony with you, because sexuality is not taught, she goes from the inside of us.
  • Let a man conquer you. Do not impose. Men love to hunt. Choosing a decent pair, he will definitely make every effort to conquer it. Give him this opportunity.

Do not refuse Flirt, but do not let yourself look silly or vulgar. To begin with, we give it a slight beautiful smile. Judge and be positive.

Unobtrusive touch becomes relevant only after dating. Sitting with a man at one table and communicating, find the moment to remove into the ladies room for a few minutes. Getting up, be sure to easily, as if by chance, touch it with breasts or thigh. Give him to understand that they are ready to continue your relationship.

When he tells a funny story, it will be very appropriate to laugh and touch his hands, hips or shoulder. Try to be real, False is felt right away.

How to take the first step towards a man

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

If you like a man, but he does not pay attention, then try to make the first step yourself. What can be done?

Easy to approach and directly express your feelings, you can do it differently. Find it at the social network account, Like a few photos, leave an unobtrusive comment and send in a personal message hello. If you already know each other, it will begin to communicate if not - you will understand whether you need such an interlocutor. Be prepared that he may not answer you.

Perhaps the guy is married or you just did not interest him. But so you will decide quickly, whether to continue attempts to get acquainted or switch your attention to someone else. Do not impose your society, do not ask stupid questions, especially related to personal life. Guys prefer inquisitive, not curious girls. Increased interest in unnecessary details can cause negative emotions from men. It's one thing when you learn something new about his hobby, and completely different if you are a little nose in his case. Try to stay within the permanent. Do not strive to get information you are interested in at any cost.

Choose something that it will definitely be done for you. For example, replace the wipers in the car, configure the printer or clarify something incomprehensible to you. Sincerely thank him and do not forget to say that I would not have done without him. Specify whether you can contact him again if you need his help.

Even the most inflexively men like to be strong and skillful next to a weak woman. The more often they get this opportunity, the more their shoulders spread, and the desire appears to try for you. It has long been noticed that, the more the man appreciates the relationship with a woman, the more he invests in it. This applies not only to the material side, but also the desire to take care of it.

  • Advise him as an expert

Instead of thinking what to do if a man does not pay attention, try as much as possible to learn about him. Ask his hobbies than he likes to do in his free time. Showing interest, try not to impose and not translate conversations to another plane. Favorite passion is a part of a personal space where new people do not always need. Approaching neatly, without excessive activity, you can share this zone with it and even take an honorable place in it.

Choose a convenient moment to delicately feed the man you like. A handful of a baked cake or collapsed for the configured printer cake can be a treat. Even apples brought from giving and presented to him on the occasion of a large harvest. Consider care and move to the heart of a well-known way - through the stomach. Ladies possessing culinary abilities have the highest chances to please any man. Even the most spoiled representatives of heavy sex will have to do with homemade food, reminiscent of childhood and giving welcome comfort and ecstasy.

Nothing galloping is that the woman is the first takes a step towards a man, no. You only express your sympathy and try to draw attention to yourself. If a man is interested in you, then these unobtrusive signals will enroll him to take the initiative in their hands. Use any opportunity to attract it, you should not wait, you need to act.

Allow it is to detect it. This may be a random email sent to him. Missed with the addressee, who does not happen. Perfect if it is a light, funny story that happened to you in the ski resort or in the fitness club. It is important that in the letter there was no negative about you or someone else. Let him smile and feel awkward for the fact that he had to read someone else's letter.

Waving time, send another letter, but already with an apology that is so stupid mistaken. The situation will be in your hand. Knowing a little more about you than you need, he will be as if the host of the situation and it will be easier to initiate.

12 details for which men pay attention

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

Be sure that even when you are in a hurry on business or drink a strong coffee in the cafe, and it seems to you that there is no business to you, you have already carefully considered all the men nearby. After all, to assess your attractiveness to them a rather single look. There are things to which a man draws attention always. Knowing them, you can impeccably look in the eyes of any man.

    1. Hairstyle

The first thing that men pay attention to, looking at the girl, is her face. And if the lady is turned back? Then its attractiveness is estimated on the beauty of the hair. Men admire clean, healthy, well-groomed and neatly tonsured and laid curls. Many of them simply adore long hair.

    1. Become

Try to always keep your back straight. For men, the posture of the girl is important. They are sure that gurgling or stunned, the girl loses its attractiveness. The straight back makes you slimmer and above.

    1. Girlfriends.

You should not surprise the fact that, looking at you, a man assesses your girlfriends. If they behave too much, vulgar and unpleasant, it is unlikely that he will get acquainted with you, considering that you are the same as your friend.

    1. Your Roth.

If the guy considers your lips, it does not mean that he imagines a passionate kiss with you or assesses their size. Purchased sponges can hint on your capricious character and push away from communication. A sincere smile is able to work wonders. She has a man to get acquainted closer, showing your ease and positive attitude.

    1. Dancing

Beautifully dancing woman always excites the imagination of men. The more famous for your movements, the stronger their interest in you. Guys instantly notice your rhythm feeling, grace and beauty movements. They do not like too vulgar persecution, remember that sexuality should have borders.

    1. Your bag

In a female purse, you will not find something. Her contents will tell about the hostess very much. A man will definitely pay attention to your bag. A glimpse will appreciate how big and loaded or, on the contrary, compact and comfortable. Noticing in a bag, for example, a book, he may be interested in her to find out what to talk to you. Golden, covered with rhinestones, phone case can provoke his thoughts that you are fashionable, thinking only about beautiful baubles.

    1. your smile

This is what men pay attention to a woman. Open good smile will give you an unprecedented success at the opposite sex. Positive girls emitting a wonderful mood attract men like a magnet. They are not afraid to approach them, speak and meet.

    1. High heel

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

This does not mean that it is definitely every day to wear high-heeled shoes, but know that the girl on the hairpin always bathes in the attention of men. They love to watch the movements of the thighs of a girl, paving in such boots or shoes. According to men, high heel gives a woman special sexuality.

    1. Your goat

Nonsense for yourself, a man always evaluates a woman's walk. If her tread is decisive and fast, then he feels her strength and self-confidence. Slow, not very energetic gait gives a modest, etc.

    1. Mood

Even the most beautiful and well-kept girl looks repulsive if it is negatively configured and everything perceives in the bayonets. In such a situation, the guy may not try to approach you.

    1. Your style

We are confident that most men are absolutely indifferent to fashion trends and do not understand anything. However, they always see what they wear on the girl. A successful guy will not flirt with an untidy girl.

    1. Your ass

How to draw attention to men: several proven ways

The most adored men part of the female body. Be that as it may, but it is the ass, and not the chest occupies an honorable first place in their ranking. Emphasize the harness of the buttocks by the tight skirt or jeans and do not notice how to gain many new fans.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Yaroslav Samoilov

Hi, my name is Yaroslav Samoilov. I expert psychology of relationships and over the years of practice helped more than 10,000 girls to meet decent halves, build harmonious relationships and return love and understanding in families who were on the verge of divorce.

Most of all in the world, the happy eyes of students who meet people of their dreams are inspired and enjoy a truly bright life.

My goal is to show women such a way to develop relationships, which will help them create synergies of success and happiness!

Do you really like one guy, but he stubbornly ignore you? You torment the question: "Why doesn't he pay attention to me and what should I do?". I have a few simple tips that will help you. As it turned out, ways to attract attention a lot to themselves, and I want to share them in this article. I will also tell about the most common mistakes that women are in pursuit of male attention. In addition, you will find out the opinion of the men themselves.


Each man has its own female beauty parameters. But one thing is clear: they all love and pay attention

On well-groomed girls. What does well-groom mean?

  • Neat manicure . To do this, you do not have to go to the nail masters. Cut and make up your nails can be alone.
  • Pure tidy clothing . You know what they are met by clothes? Always watch that there are no stains or holes on your things. There should be no arrows on tights. Clean shoes from unnecessary dirt and dust before leaving home.
  • Wash and cleaned hair . It is not necessary to have a braid to the belt to enjoy the guy. It is always enough to be with clean and neat hairstyle.
  • Healthy skin face . This needs to be carefully monitored. If rashes occasionally appear on the face - turn to the doctor.
  • Natural Makeup . Men do not like a ton of cosmetics on a girl. Learn to make natural makeup, which will emphasize your beauty.


Guys attracts a wide sincere smile. Smile more often and people, and even more so men will reach out to you. They don't even get acquainted with her eyes to the sad girlfriend. After all, with such a woman himself in the despondency. Also watch the condition of your teeth. A beautiful smile without healthy teeth does not happen. If you have any problems with this - turn to the dentist.


It's no secret that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Your eyes should shine. If the look will be a spark - you will be interested in a man

. He pays attention to you.

Follow the health of your eyes. Inflamed, red eyes are more suitable for a vampire, and not for charming beauty.

If we wear glasses, but you want to show the beauty of your eyes, experiment with lenses.

Language of the body

Body language One of the strongest women's weapons. If you want to attract his attention, then you need:

  • Be graceful, light, air. Do not do sharp movements. Your movements must be smooth.
  • Till your body. Spend on the neck or thigh.
  • Shoot your eyes. A tempting, exciting and playfully.
  • During the conversation, we slightly bite the bottom lip.
  • Unobtrusively touch the hair. You can cheat strand on your finger.
  • Touch the tips of the fingers with a chain on the neck, earrings or a glass of drink.
  • Smile more often

But remember! Do not go to vulgarity and vulgarity .. In this article you can find out the signs of which you recognize the sympathy of the guy.


If you want to like a man

Watch out how and how it smells like. An unpleasant smell will immediately fall off the guy from you.

  • Be sure to use a deodorant,
  • Watch your personal hygiene.
  • Always go with clean hair.
  • Take the perfume neatly. To pour out the whole bottle is not worth it. And remember the allergies.

Communication (behavior)

How to communicate and how to behave with a man? Here are some tips of the psychologist. Carefully learn them before the first date. It will help you conquer any guy!

Rule number 1. Be yourself You do not need to build the personality that you are not. Ultimately, you get tired of pretending. And the man will leave, not justifying his expectations.

Rule number 2. Koketnchay Milly smile, jealous, touch the hair. Flirt in light form is only welcome. Such behavior will attract any man to you. He will be interested in you.

Rule number 3. Be careful interlocutor Listen carefully to the interlocutor. Ask questions on the topic comment. Even when a man talks about football or beer varieties. Do not interrupt it, do not sit with a bored look, and let him speak. He will know what you are interested in it.

Rule number 4. Admire When he tells you about his achievements - admire. Use the phrase by type "Come on! Wow!" Or "That's yes! What are you well done! "

Rule number 5. Keep him by hand If the guy did not take your hand while walking, then do it myself. Only in mild and unobtrusive form. For example, ask him to hold you by the hand while you descend on heels on the stairs. Or go along the curb - he will surely hold you.

Rule number 6. Divide his position If a man complains about the treacherous act of his friend - divide his point of view. Even if you do not agree. And what you both love. Maybe you both love pizza. Or you like to run in the park, and you can both play one online game. This is also a reason to get closer and find common interests.

Rule number 7. "Shoot" eyes Spectatic contact is very important. Always watch the guy only in the eyes. Just remember that the gaze can cause discomfort and dislike. You can play a little with him. Make a playful, and then a very shy look. It really likes men.


It is not necessary to assume that the compliments make only men to women. This is not true. Be sure to make it compliments. If he put on a beautiful shirt - tell me about it. If it smells like him - also tell me about it. All men without exception love to hear pleasant words to their address. It gives them confidence.


Women's trick is a very important point in communicating with a man. It will be intrigued and will try to figure out your mysteriousness.

Here are some examples:

  1. Pay attention to it, and then dramatically do the look that he is not interesting for you.
  2. Agree on the meeting and at the last moment of Otni and a few days.
  3. If you rewrite, then do not respond to messages immediately.

Best places to get acquainted with men. Take

Allowance on how to start a conversation with the guy liked. Take

How originally gets acquainted on the street with a man. The best phrases and lifehaki. Take

We will find out why guys do not pay attention to you and how to fix everything.

But be careful, the game in the "Cats of Mice" may be bored and it will disappear

Manifestation of initiative

No need to think that only a man is obliged to call you every time. The initiative on your side also takes place. Sometimes you can unobtrusively write: "The cinema is now there is a great movie. Maybe we go on the weekend? ". Believe me, he will definitely agree. And it will be very happy that this time the initiative to spend time together it is from you.

Charm and positive attitude

We already talked about this. You must smile more often, joke, be attentive companion. Include all your female charm. Flirtuy with a guy, and then - translate everything in a joke. Remember that no one loves sad and durable people who distribute only the negative. No need to complain about life, even if you really have everything bad. A positive girl will not leave a single man indifferent.


You do not need to immediately post all the cards on the table. Remember: You should have a mystery that he wants to solve. We are unpredictable. Suddenly appear, then also suddenly disappearance. Smile, and the question "What is?" Answer - "Yes, so, something seemed." Be strange and unlike all. It drives men crazy.

Self confidence

Men do not attract gray mice. You should be bright, open, self-confident girl to enjoy it. But do not overdo it - self-esteem should be adequate. If you are too high about yourself opinions, then it will immediately push him off.

Easy and naturalness

Another good rule - do not complicate. You do not need to ask him a ton of questions by the type "Where are you?", "Who are you?", "Why don't you write to me?". Let your communication be easy and relaxed. Beware of complex and scrupulous topics. You should not ask too personal questions at least at first. He must say with confidence that he is easily with you.

How to ignore the guy to attract his attention

Inaccessibility - what attracts men to girls. Do not impose him yourself. Do not write in a million messages per day and do not open the phone. Guys do not like annoying ladies. Tell him that you have a lot of things today, and a meeting with him is far from the first place. But at the last moment I had a half o'clock for a meeting. And then also suddenly stubborn.

Article in the topic: What to write a guy after a long silence.

How to attract the attention of a guy in social networks

On the Internet, there is also a love sometimes

. And if you accidentally stumbled upon a beautiful and interesting man online

, I will definitely want to attract his attention. And maybe this is your friend and you do not know how to approach him to get acquainted closer. On the Internet it is simpler simple.

Here are some tips to help you do it without too much effort:

Tip number 1. Pay attention to your photographs. No need to upload too frank and calling photos. In this way, you can attract only maniac. And also should not apply photoshop to your pictures. Seeing you live, the man simply disappointed. Give preference to alive and neutral photos.

Tip number 2. Be competent. Grammar errors in the correspondence are always sharply rushing into the eyes. If not confident in writing any word - contact the Internet. Illiterate girls immediately repel men.

Council №3. Put him some likes. Excellent and win-win option. In the modern world, many get acquainted in this way. If he answered reciprocity - you have already paid attention. Most likely, now he will write to you. If not - you can write the first. There is nothing like that. And it is much easier than getting acquainted live, looking guy in the eyes. In any case, you will not lose anything.

Tip №4. Do not impose communication. Wrote once, and he did not answer? This reason to think about it. Write a second time. If the answer does not follow or you do not see a strong desire to communicate, then stop. This is not the end of the world.

It may be interesting: how to understand what you like a guy by correspondence.

How to attract the guy's attention at work

To draw attention to the attention of a pretty colleague is not the simplest task. But if you follow all the instructions below, it will not be much difficult for you. What do you need to do to attract the attention of men at work?

  • What is more about him. Perhaps he loves to go dining at the same cafe as you. Or every day drinks double latte from the machine. Any information will not be superfluous. And with this, you will have more chances "by chance" to meet him.
  • Do compliments. You can praise a man for the report with which he spoke. Or tell me which interesting business plan he wrote. Guys love praise.
  • Look at all hundred. This does not mean that you need to apply three layers of makeup and wear the shortest dress to work. It is enough to be in clean and tidy clothes that will emphasize your advantages. With cosmetics, it is important not to overdo it. You can still make beautiful stacking. If you look great, then he will have to read articles on how to attract your attention.
  • Ask you to help you. For example, repair a computer or transfer a heavy stack of documents. After that, you can hint at the meeting - "Now I'm just obliged to thank you. I invite you to dinner today. Failures are not accepted! ". Now he is on your hook and is unlikely to refuse such an invitation.

Very useful article: How to get acquainted with a guy.

Frequent errors

And now I will get acquainted with the most frequent mistakes, according to psychologists who allow girls when familiarizing and communicating with men.

There are only a few of them, but they are very important. It's very learning, remember and try not to repeat them in our experience.

  • Do not try to manipulate offends. Yes, sometimes you can turn away and inflate the sponge. But it should not be gloating. Men do not like touchy girls.
  • Do not post all your negative sides on the first date. Your task is to please, not hesitate.
  • Do not mention your ex. And do not talk about the previous relationship at all, only if the man himself does not ask for this. No details. Past remains in the past.
  • Do not suit him interrogation. It is natural that you want to know about it anymore. But at the first meetings, it will only go down the guy.
  • Questions by type "How much do you earn?" Extremely inappropriate. The man immediately gets the impression that you are interested only in his wallet.
  • Do not impose a man. Leave a bunch of SMS messages and calls to someone else. Let him write to you the first. And the call on dates should also he.
  • You should not immediately let jokes on the topic of sex. Vulgarity takes place, but in a light and relaxed form. And on the first dates it is better to refrain from this.

Opinions of men

"The girl should be a girl. I do not like when it uses an abnormative vocabulary in speech, smoke and drink a lot. I don't care, the blonde is either brunette, small growth or high. I really appreciate sincerity, loyalty in girls. And, of course, mystery. Immediately appears mad interest, if there is a mystery in it. "

Alexey, 24 years old

"My ideal is carbonous brunettes. But if the girl is blue-eyed blonde, it does not mean that I do not look at her. I love very much when the girl is often smiling, and her eyes shine. Some apply a ton of cosmetics. Probably, they think that they hide them some of their drawbacks. But I do not pay attention to the little pimple, if I really liked the girl. "

Sergey, 30 years

"I always pay attention to the girl if I see her beautiful long hair. And when I start to communicate, you are attracted by well-read and versatile. With them there is something to talk about. They have a lot of hobbies. It seems to me that any guy will have a mad interest in such a girl. "

Vladislav, 27 years old

Question answer

And what if I do not like him?

This can happen. But you should not focus on this much attention. Be confident in yourself, and everything will work out! But remember that you are not obliged to like everyone.

What should I talk to him?

Believe me, if he is really your person, your conversation will not stop throughout the evening. With a stranger, you can discuss a lot of things, starting from the stories about yourself and ending with the discussion of your favorite writer

How to decide on a date if I am a very modest person?

There is one good advice - train in front of the mirror. Learn your facial expressions, gestures, speech. But if you are not at all confident - this is a reason to turn to a psychologist. Or maybe you are not ready for dates. In such cases, you should not hurry.

What if the guy does not pay attention to you?

The most important thing is not to be upset. Perhaps he has a lot of work now, and he is not dating girls. And perhaps he only finished the previous relationship, and it is difficult for him to start new ones.

Give him time and try to get attention again. If it did not work again - we will accept this and retreat. He is not the only man on this earth.

How to attract the attention of a modest guy?

To attract the attention of a modest guy, you should be very tactful and patient. Remember that such men are very wounded. Come to them with all caution. And be ready for what you will need a lot of time. Shy people rarely let someone close to themselves. And they have a lot of time. Be mild and mediocre. Only then will he let you go to his circle of communication. And then - it's about you!


So now you know exactly how to attract the attention of any man. Let's make it from all read several conclusions.

  • Stay as you look like. Apply natural and nonsense makeup.
  • Be feminine and graceful.
  • Keep in yourself a riddle. Be for a man with a mysterious and unusual girl.
  • Do not impose yourself. If he wants - calls, he will write and invite you to date.
  • Ware with him. Play look. Flirtuy.
  • Show the initiative.
  • Take him compliments.
  • Whether in the end. And then he is exactly on your hook.

In this article "How to interest a man psychological techniques" I will tell you how to communicate with men, how to interest them, and you will learn how the male brain is assessed by the attractiveness of the girl.

Take this article to the end and you will know how to create the right image in the head of the man, in what cases a man needs to be ignored, as well as I will share with you the basic rules for effective correspondence.

How to interest a man - psychological techniques

To begin with, let's understand how the men's brain works, and as a gray substance determines the attractiveness of a woman.

It is important to know several facts: 1) Interest, like love arises due to the right image in the head of the man. We fall in love with a person, but in the image that drew in my head. 2) You can draw such an image in the head of the man who is beneficial to you.

To draw your correct image in the head of the man, you need to figure out what to put you in a favorable light, and that the opposite will kill your attractiveness.

Popular female mistake! Have you ever heard from women phrase: "All the men are the same, they are all goats" or "what kind of men went, completely stopped giveing ​​flowers." If such a pronounce loud with a man is death for your attractiveness in his eyes. Such speeches in the head of the man draws the image of a unclaimed girl, followed by no one cares and gives flowers. (Example of improper image )

Correspondence on a dating site

Above you see my correspondence with a girl. After the compliment, she wrote a message that exhibits it in a disadvantage. The question immediately arises: "But what exactly is wrong with her, since men are interesting only because of the money?" She sent my thoughts to the unprofitable way.

What is wrong image in the head of a man we have already figured out, now let's talk more about the effective image that we must draw.

What is the image of an attractive woman

What is the image of an attractive woman

1) success in other men If a man sees that you like other strong sex representatives, then it turns on the instinct of competition and you become more desirable for him. The second plus - he begins to consider positive parties in you and is looking for an answer to the question: "Why is it so popular among men?" His brain is already working in the direction necessary for you, he is looking for an explanation of your attractiveness and will definitely find.

Important! If you have any difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex and you need help, then you can always contact me for a consultation and I will help solve your problem. To write to online advice, write to me in private messages in VKontakte the word "consultation". Write Vadim (opens in a new tab)

How to interest a man psychological techniques - instructions for use

2) Uniqueness Your task is to make you remember you, found what is not in other girls. You need to cause emotions. And what does people have emotions? - Some non-standard situation, answer, behavior, in general, everything that man does not expect to hear, see, feel. Even on banal questions, you can give an unusual answer, which men do not expect to hear. For example: What are you fond of? - Three-dimensional manifold of the homeomorphic sphere in the highest algebra.

The man does not expect to hear such an answer, imagine that he met with three different girls two of which are fond of drawing and singing. And one of them is a three-dimensional manifold of the homeomorphic sphere. Who will he remember more?

Of course, you do not have to lie and say that far from you, but the main thing that you understand the essence - uniqueness and the unusualness cling to male consciousness.

Your task is not to deceive a man, and find unusual qualities, hobbies, character traits and set them in the right light.

3) "Effective behavior" In order to be for a man a prize and effectively interact with him, you need to learn about the system of advantages and minuses:

When a man makes the right action for you (gives a gift, drives, suits a cool date), then you give him a plus.

Plus, it can be anything: a kiss in a cheek, a compliment, smile, etc. In general, all that encourages his actions.

If a man behaves wrong, for example, broke the promise, then we give him a minus.

The strongest minus is ignore, but it works only if you have any value for a man. Otherwise, Ignore will not achieve anything. The minus can be your coldness, disapproving look, etc. In general, the man should be associated with its incorrect effect with negative consequences.

If you are moving away from a man in case of its incorrect actions, and get closer in response to pleasant actions, you will always receive from a man what you want!

Below I will resume popular errors in the use of the "Pluses and Minuses" system

4) accessibility for it, inaccessibility for others. Men do not like women who are available to all, they love those who are only available for them!

The brain of men is designed so that he avoids contact with a woman who seems above his level. That is why so many lonely beautiful women and many married gray mice.

Beautiful girls are afraid, they get acquainted with them, and then men do not notice them at all - this is a protective reaction of the psyche. I saw it many times on the example of my friends, when when you have got acquainted, they chose girls not perfect appearance, and the beauties did not seem like.

My friends were not suitable for beautiful, because they were afraid of failure, disapproval, non-acceptance. This is a potential blow on male ego. Little women know about it, but acquaintance with a beautiful girl is one of the most powerful fears of a man.

That is why your task is to show the man that he is sympathetic to you and you are ready to communicate. This will free it from fears and a man will begin to act. At the same time, it must necessarily think that only with him you are so openly communicate.

How to demonstrate a man's openness to communication? If a man looks at you - you smile to him and lock the glance, so it will understand what you can act. In the female pickup, there is even such a technique called the "sticky look", which provokes men to acquaintance, I will tell you about it in the following articles. Another way to show a man's location is the first to go to contact him, but it is necessary to do it very competently, you should not first get acquainted with a man, your task provoke it to acquaintance.

For familiarity with a man, you can use any resource at hand, even your own bag. Example: "A man, help me, hold my bag in no way I can not find a discount card" Here you have already started communication, and then the work of the technology.

In the following articles, I will share with you about how to get acquainted with men.

5) Positive

There is the law of communication and it sounds as follows - emotions are transmitted. If you are positively configured, your state will be passed to other people, and they will reach you. If you feel negative emotions, the surrounding will avoid communicating with you.

I have been convinced many times in my experience when I experienced a tide of positive emotions and thrilled from a date and communication, the meeting was delicious and the girl remembered her for a long time.

The main secret of the positive is to do everything in your pleasure, and do not do what you do not like. Here is such a simple recipe.

Another important quality of an attractive woman is non-conflict.

The non-conflict girl is not a scored person who is afraid to defend her mind. This is a person who knows how to communicate with people, find a common language and interact with others.

In my life I met conflict girls and looked like this sight is just terrible, so if the girl growls on everyone around and trying to dominate, then all the men will scatter it.

But the diplomatic woman will always have an advantage not only at the male, but in general in life.

How to ignore a man to interest

Ignore - This is a very powerful weapon that you want to use. We will finish with the basics: 1) We do not ignore the person if he does what we need (or what we like), otherwise it will stop doing this.2) Ignore works only then When you already imagine value for a person.

We will analyze the first item. Many girls allow a mistake - they begin to ignore a man at the moment when he makes positive actions.

For example, you were knighted with a man, and he came to put up and gave you a bouquet, but here you turn on the ignore.

When a man gives you flowers, and in response gets a cold relationship, then his brain will associate ignore not with the past scandal, but with a presented bouquet. Regardless of your attitude towards a conflict for a bouquet of flowers, you must thank it. And after some time, starting to deal with the problem.

The most suitable time for ignore is when a person does not what you need. For example, a man begins to shout at you, at the beginning you need to say so that he did not do this (speak a calm tone), but if words do not help, then we begin to ignore it and include a cold attitude.

And his brain notices the following Association - I scream and in response to a cry I get Ignore. The desire to raise his voice will be eaten. And if the man did not understand at this stage, then you need to think about it, but is it worth the game of the candle.

Conclusion: Use ignore at the moment when a man is positive about you - it is impossible. For this there are more interesting tools about which you can also find out on my site. You ignore a man only when he behaves wrong with you. For the correct actions you will be encouraged on the contrary.

How to interest a man on correspondence - Psychological techniques

How to interest a man on correspondence - Psychological techniques

Now you will learn basic principles for effective correspondence with men.

And they sound like this:

1) Write the message shorter than he. Very often it happens that you are writing a SMS girl, and in response to you the poem comes, it demonstrates her increased interest that kills intrigue.

Correspondence with a girl VKontakte

Above you see an example of my correspondence with a girl Vkontakte, when I recorded a voice for 5 seconds, and in response I received 6 messages and two questions in a row. This immediately underestimates its value in my eyes. Moreover, the last message creates the idea in my head, that it is possible to communicate with it only from boredom, because she herself threw me this idea for reflection.

Correspondence with a girl in a wagon

And now you see correspondence, where the girl perfectly follows the proportion of messages and retains its value.

2) Do not respond to messages immediately. The exception occurs when you rewrite online and the man also immediately responds to your messages. If you are waiting for a message of 10 minutes from him, then your answer must follow 20 minutes. When the response message has to wait longer, it becomes more valuable.

Read on the same topic: The best topics for a conversation with a guide by correspondence (opens in a new tab)

3) talk about him. The man is not interested in stories about hiking shops and manicure salons. This is a big mistake of women to tell such stories in all colors. The best thing that a woman can talk about with a man is about the man.

We are so arranged that we are interested in conversations about us loved ones. A man will take a chat with you as a drug if you talk about his hobbies, dreams, plans and goals. The more it opens to you, the better. But keep the balance, and do not turn the dialogue in question or interview.

4) Positive Do not tell about your bad mood or well-being. You always have everything cool and positive. Otherwise, you lower your status in his eyes. Men, like women like to communicate with positive and healthy representatives of the opposite sex.

Female penpal errors with a man

Above you see a correspondence with a girl, after which I immediately lost interest. She has a bad mood and for some reason disappointed in man. She painted the image of a boring and disappointed girl, who in life something goes wrong.

Important! If you want to attract men, then never write something in your life, everything is always cool, and those around you love (especially men).

Let's summarize:

  • Write a message in short than him, let a man invested.
  • Do not answer messages right away, make it wait, but do not overload the stick.
  • Speak in the correspondence predominantly about him, the man will open and invest more and more.
  • Be positive and do not complain about life.


I think the question is how to interest a man, as well as there are psychological techniques to understand us closed with you. Now you know what the image of an attractive woman is, in what situations a man needs to be ignored, and in which on the contrary to encourage. You also own the basic principles of effective correspondence with a strong floor. In more detail the topic of online communication, I will disclose in the following articles.

If the article turned out to be useful for you - share it in Soc. networks. Also, if you have any questions, write them in the comments.

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