French manicure gel lacquet at home

French manicure in trend not one season. The reason for this technique, affordable beginners, and versatility. High-quality Franch is relevant for the solemn exit, and for office everyday life. French manicure gel varnish is not only beautiful, but also practical. The coating will last 2-3 weeks. Fashionable new items of 2018 offer different options for Franch, with whom we will introduce.

French manicure

French manicure

Required tools

If you decide to make the French manicure gel with lacquer at home yourself, you need to prepare everything that will be needed during the work. The search for a suddenly needed tool distracts from work and affects the quality of manicure.

Trend season

Trend season

It will take:

  • Basic manicure accessories - scissors, saws, nippers, bug.
  • Prime.
  • Basic coating under the gel varnish.
  • Oil for processing cuticle.
  • Pink and white gel varnish for the classic option, colored varnishes for bright french.
  • Top coating.
  • Stencils for French manicure.
  • Orange wand.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Means for removing varnish.
  • Additional decor elements at will.
  • Lamp for polymerization of the coating.
Quality Franch

Quality Franch


French manicure gel lacquer looks perfectly on well-groomed hands. Neackurability will spoil even the work of the first-class wizard from the salon. So that the marigolds look beautiful, you need to conduct preparatory procedures. It does not take a lot of time, and the result will pleasantly surprise.

  • First of all, you need to remove the old coating, or its remnants.
  • Make a European or edged manicure - determine the length of the nails, give the shape with a sawmill, remove the cuticle.
  • It's time to make a bath with the addition of sea salt.
  • Nails to treat degreasing means.
  • Buff pollute the surface of the nail plate. Important! Grind strictly in the direction of the growth of the nail, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the nail plate.

After the above procedures, do not wet your hands, do not use cream, balsam, butter. Try not to contact with unauthorized items.

Means for manicure

Means for manicure

Classic Frenc

  1. On polished and skim nails, put primer, wait until it evaporates from the surface.
  2. Gently apply a basic coating, dry in the lamp. Drying time depends on varnish and lamp power.
  3. Apply pink or beige gel varnish, dry nails. If necessary, apply a second layer, dry.
  4. White varnish draw a smile line on the abnormal part of the nail plate. If not sure, you can use special stencils. If the lacquer inadvertently smears, nothing terrible. With the help of a cotton stick, you can fix the flamm.
  5. Again send your fingers to dry under the lamp.
  6. Apply the top cover, dry.
  7. Remove sticky layer.
  8. In the cuticle, the oil is labeled, it will give the handle a well-kept look and protect the skin from drying out.
Classic Franch with Heart

Classic Franch with Heart

Some masters practice docking the main and white colors. In view of inexperience, the joint line of two varnishes will be very noticeable. You can disguise it with decorative elements. But first, it is better to fill the hand using the method described above.

Colored Franch

Fashion trends in 2018 offer a bold and bright option - Color Franch. Such a manicure implies the use of two contrasting colors: red and blue, yellow and black, green and burgundy, etc. There are no clear rules and restrictions here. Girls who do not want to stand out strongly, they take a transparent or body varnish as a basis, and bright colors are painted smiles line. Staining all the tips in various colors is welcomed.

Another fashionable variant of colored Franch is a coating with one color varnishes of different textures. The basis is a matte, and a glossy coating is used for the tip. Or vice versa.

Colored Franch

Colored Franch

Girls with nails can be authentic on the contraction of the nail to make a gradient transition from several colors. Optionally, the coating line is framed by a strip of golden or silver sequins.

Figure on one or more fingers, pebbles, stickers - also fashionable trends of the French manicure is not the first season. The main thing is not to overdo it with the elements of the decor, otherwise a beam will be released.

Gentle transparent manicure

Gentle transparent manicure

Color Franch technique does not differ from the classic manicure. It is necessary to prepare the same set, make a edged or European manicure, prepare nails to apply Laca gel. Important! If more than three colors are used, the manicure must be harmonized with clothing or accessories. Suitable time for Color Franch - Summer, when in the course of motley dresses, blouses, shorts.

Original manicure

Perfect manicure

Reverse Franch

Fashion trends of the French manicure suggest a retreat from the classics. In the 2018 season, the so-called reverse franch is relevant. The meaning is that the smile line is formed at the base of the nail, along the line of the Cuticle. It turns out a mirror version of the classic French manicure. Draw a line will help stencils in the form of a triangle or crescent. Preparation is no different from the traditional option. You will need the same objects and varnishes of the desired colors.

Base under gel varnish

Base under gel varnish

Algorithm for the implementation of the reverse french:

  • Apply a primer on skim and polished nails.
  • Cover your nails base, dry.
  • Apply the primary color varnish into one or two layers, dry each in the lamp.
  • With the help of a tassel or a stencil draw a "smile" along the cuticle. Its size is chosen at your discretion.
  • After drying, if necessary, apply a second smile layer, send your nails under the lamp.
  • Apply a top cover, dry.
  • Remove sticky layer, handle cuticle oil.
Ultraviolet lamp

Ultraviolet lamp

Additional recommendations

To extend the manicure of life, you need to adhere to simple recommendations:

  • Do not save on tools and materials. High-quality manicure accessories will cost more, but will serve longer and provide a good result.
  • It is better to acquire gel varnish, base and top one brand.
  • Each coating layer needs to be applied to the end of the nail, sealing it. Then the chips and cracks will appear much later.
  • Sew coating is needed exactly as much as indicated in the instructions. The deviation over time in a large or smaller side negatively affects the quality of the manicure.
  • On the first day after the manicure, it is recommended to refrain from visiting the sauna, swimming pool, bath adoption.
  • Wash dishes and fulfill the rest of the house in the gloves. You will prolong the life of the manicure and protect your hands from the harmful effects of household chemicals.

As you can see, you can make Frenc without going into the salon. French manicure on nails gel lacquer looks elegant and stylish at any age. The main thing is not to rush and choose high-quality materials. No need to stop on the classic pink version, it's time to experiment and play with flowers.

What is a French manicure?

Franch is, undoubtedly, the most popular manicure of all time. It is universal: combined with everything, it is suitable for everything and is synonymous with feminine elegance.

The classic version of Franch is, as a rule, a combination of a nude shade coating with a tip, highlighted with a flat white strip. Now, however, there are many variations of the French manicure: color, reverse, microfrench ...

French manicure
French manicure

How to make French manicure gel lacquer at home: technology

Let's look at the step-by-step technology for creating a classic French manicure gel-varnish at home. Is it possible at all at home to make perfect french? Full!

Stage 1. Cooking nails

Cooking your nails to the French manicure Traditionally:

  1. Remove the old coating.
  2. Through Pilk Middle stiffness give nails the desired form.
  3. We apply on the cuticle Remumer , softening skin.
  4. Pooker Move the cuticle. If necessary, cut it Scissors .
  5. Moistened in water Orange stick We consider Pesigiy.
  6. We process the nail surface with a soft saw, removing natural gloss. Looking back the tracks.
  7. Wipe nails Little-free napkins impregnated Degreaser .
  8. Additionally, you can use Dehydrator If the skin is prone to fatty. We apply it to the entire surface of the nail and under the air is about a minute.
  9. Next apply Primemer And in the same way, we are approximately a minute.

Nails are ready for Franch!

French manicure gel lacquet at home
French manicure gel lacquet at home

Stage 2. Apply Gel Lac

  1. Choose the color of the substrate among Camouflage bases . We apply to nail in 2 layers, every rush in Lamp ,Still do not remove.
  2. Take white gel and with fine Pussy Gently draw them a smile line. You can outline 2 points along the edges and output the line forming the triangle. After that, paint the free edge entirely. We dry in the lamp.
  3. Overlapping top . Polymerizable. If a means with a sticky layer, then we wipe the nail lobby napkin with a degreaser.

Means for smooth smile line

Great, if you know how to draw a Franch line exactly, and what if not? Do not be sad - there are ways to simplify this task!

Frencha stencils

The easiest option is ready-made self-adhesive stencils for Franch. It is necessary to carefully place the adhesive strip on the plane-member camouflage base, leaving several millimeters of the free edge. Slide it with the desired color, polymerize. Then remove the stencil and act by further technology.

Frencha stencils
Frencha stencils

Brushes for French manicure

There are also special brushes for the French manicure with a cut-off core - they need to apply a coating and simply apply to the nails by printing it.


Stationery - a very popular way to create a smooth smile line. Tension it onto the nail, leaving the free edge, which is filled with the selected color.

Patch or Scotch

This method is an alternative stencil for Franch: stick the sticky tape, while leaving the space of the free edge of the nail, as in the case of ready-made stencils.

We hope our review was useful, you will learn how to create at home perfect Franch and you will dazzle elegant and sophisticated!

French manicure gel lacquet at home
French manicure gel lacquet at home

The girl's well-groomed nails are always striking, as it transforms her hands, makes more feminine. Many are now striving to choose a universal one-photon coverage of simple designs that are suitable for everyday life and will be appropriate at present events.

Franch is one of these options that looks as well and simple as possible and simply, it always emphasizes the femininity of the girl. However, the gel varnish is quite difficult to accurately, so it is predetermined by the practice.

Preparatory stage

Franch is one of the most common design options that is suitable for inappropriate, so most girls for the wedding prefer to apply non-regulating the nail plate. Sometimes the design is diluted with stickers, pictures or promissors, but its essence does not change.

Franch Gel Lacom

It implies French first the basic application of a camouflage gel, which is similar to the tanning color of the nail bed, and a thin white bolos is applied to it in the area of ​​the free edge. This design is similar to a natural marigold, but it looks more accurate with a long length.

Despite the visual simplicity of style, it is quite difficult to perform it, since it is necessary to create a perfectly level base, and then draw a thin neat-pull, symmetrically repeating it on all your fingers.

However, before performing a manicure, you need to prepare tools and consumables:

  • Plate Treatment Tools: Pillet, Orange Chopper or Metal Pusher, Buffing, Bafik;
  • Formations applied to the nail: Dehydrorter, primer (optional), base, color yielding gel, white gel, top;
  • Ultraviolet or LED lamp for drying;
  • Thin brush for removing the line, it is recommended to choose a dense brush of izyttetic fibers;
  • Gel (if you first need to strengthen and align the surface).

Also preliminarily verify the cleanliness of the workplace, since the presence of an extra subject matter can interfere with you in a neat application of decorative coating or design, which matches the result.

To remove nail dust during the opil or removal of the previous decorative coating, it can be used a manicure vacuum cleaner.

All tools need to be pre-treated with an antiseptic tool in order to induce the separation zone not to make an infection into the body.

Step-by-step instruction

Any design of nails gel begins with the implementation of the basic processing of the nail bed. The smoothness of the finished manicure depends on the stage.

It takes a rough manicure about half an hour:

  1. Treat hands with an antiseptic agent.
  2. Pilot Remove excess length and adjust the shape of the free edge of the plate.
  3. Use an orange stick or a fluster, previously processed bypaceptic, for pushing the cuticle to the base, slightly lift it.
  4. Floors cut the raised epidermis.
  5. Bafic Polize the surface.
  6. Remove the supervision of extra op.
  7. Apply a dehydrator for degreasing the coating.

Since the camouflage gel completely repeats the shape of the nogot, evenly filling it, before performing the technique, you need to make sure that the nail plate is obtained by passionately smooth.

Franch Gel Lacom

Sometimes a girl is encouraged to make preliminary alignment and strengthening of the nail-beable using a dense thick gel. So you will eliminate all the irregularities on the marigolds, create their correct form (for example, if your nail tip is directed down, it is possible to normalize it).

After that, you can start the procedure:

  1. Apply one layer of Primera (optional) and dry. It will increase the hitch of the surface of the decorative coating.
  2. Apply one basic layer, dry it.
  3. Two layers cover the nail to the camouflage gel varnish. It is recommended to do two layers to completely overlap the state of the natural nail. If natural freecracy is visible, Frenc will not work careful. Sometimes it is possible to apply 3 thin layers.
  4. Slide the smile zone by making a neat strip at the free edge. It does not evenly be white, but the color is recommended to choose a contrast camouflage. Be careful - it is possible to apply it only in one layer, so you need to take a large number of varnish, carefully distributing it on the nail. Dry nails after this stage (30 seconds will be enough).
  5. If you wish, perform a design by adding the stembling, stickers, drawing or rhinestones.
  6. Fix the result with the finish layer of top, dry it in the lamp.
  7. Remove the sticky layer.

Franch is a rather complicated technique, because not all the girls are obtained from the midrace to draw a smooth smile line. To do this, you need to have a small snack of a high quality and high quality lacquer.

Consider that it takes French much more time than the usual monophonic coating. Standardly a girl takes up to three hours to complete the manicure.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

Not every wizard of the nail service can competently and carefully draw lines of lines, because it often gets different widths and depths on different fingers.

To facilitate the implementation of the procedure, especially at home, you can use the ambitious materials - stickers, stencils, or stepspinge, which will become an alternative brush.

If you use special stickers for Franch, they simply need to be fixed with no, leaving the free edge area. Then an ordinary brush, apply a contrast lacquer to the open zone and remove the sticker. There should be an ideal smooth smile zone.

Franch Gel Lacom

When performing Franch, consider other recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to carry out the manipulations gradually, gradually inflicting gel varnish for each nail, the excitement drying it. If you immediately apply a contrasting tint to all your fingers, there is a risk that somewhere it will begin to flow, and somewhere you will randomly erase his hand.
  2. You can perform an inverted Franch - "Moon Manicure". Then the line is smile not in the free edge, but the cuticle zone. It looks like this option, however, the gradual reflection of the nails quickly becomes noticeable.
  3. If there is a yellowness on your nails, which can be noticeable under camouflage, pre-bleach the plate using compresses from toothpaste, soda or alcohol.
  4. The perfect hue of the gel for camouflage is a combination of a tone of an okolonogte zone of a nail bed.

If you comply with the recommendations and rules, you can independently for several challenges of neat french, which will look at it in any situation.


Almost the most popular nail design option - Franch. Natural methods look like, and the reflection of the nail plate because of this becomes invisible. It is possible to make the technological technology yourself, but be careful - to pre-eat a smooth smile line, if you plan to draw it from hand.

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how to make french manicure gel varnish

French manicure gel varnish is done using a camouflage base or a nude colors and a white covering agent for the free edge of the nails. Classic Franch gives them a natural and healthy look, enhancing brightness. There are many of his species: twist, triangular, beveled, ombre, reverse, millennel, non-standard.

Franch is more convenient to draw a brush hairs, but you can use stencils, and still decorated with a stembling, sliders, firms, a glitter. Natural shades are suitable for the base (KODI 20 CN, PNB 004, My Nail 003, 005, 007) or base (KOTO 840, Oxxi Professional 1 and 3, Pole, Monami).

"Smile" draw two-layer gels Monami Luxury Light Gold, BlueSky 80501, Neonail 2696, Lunail 61, Klio 52 or single-layer Tartiso TCL -32, Tartiso FR-01, Tartiso TRV-01, Arnelle 001, Haruyama 001, JU. Bilej B1. They can be mixed with gel paint for greater color density and texture.

What you need to make the French manicure gel

The French manicure gel-varnish is made from the main shade of bodily or pink, beige colors and white, which is used for the free edge of the nails. Such is a classic french. There are modifications of manicure, in which other colors are allowed. That is, the coating nails are needed for at least two shades. In addition to the pigmented and snow-white composition for Franch, gel lacc need to be prepared:

  • Thin brush to draw a "smile";
  • stencils (optional, but better to have beginners);
  • BAF for the preparation of the plate, i.e., a soft polishing pyline or a lump;
  • degreaser;
  • sometimes leveling base;
  • lounge napkins;
  • lamp for drying base, varnish and finishing coating (UV or LED);
  • glossy top;
  • Dots to attach rhinestones and glue either gel for extension;
  • Orange wand to remove the lacquer from the skin.

Set for the execution of a French manicure

Stencil strips

Frencha stencils are used to smoothly designate the white tip of the nail, the "smiles" line or draw the well at the base. One side of adaptation sticky. It passes to nail so that the upper edge outlined the "smiles" line. The part of the plate turns out to be protected, the varnish will not fall on it, and the open is covered with a white flower bed.

Strips are several types:

  • Disposable. Made of paper or vinyl. They are glued, make manicure, remove and throw away.
  • Reusable. Their material is soft plastic or silicone. The principle of action is the same as in the previous case, but it can be used repeatedly.

Stencils differ in both forms. The most common - actually arcuate wide bands. There are still mugs with holes inside, intended for drawing holes. And also triangles, ticks, hearts with whom the "smile" line will be unusual.

how to make french manicure

These devices allow you to quickly make a manicure neat, without errors, but the sticky side can take off part of the base agent. To avoid this, it needs to touch the finger several times. The sticky layer will become less durable. The glitched device will hold on, but not so tight. And the camouflage base will remain in place.

Brush than draw

There is no one brush for Franch, the following types are used:

  • Hair. Very subtle, as if acute. Such a tool is convenient to draw a line smile line even on short nails, you can also display patterns. The optimal length of the pile of the hair is 7-9 mm.
  • Feline tongue. Also a narrow brush, with a thin tip, but at the base of the previous one. More suitable for long nails.
  • Liner. This is a tool with an average width of the porous part, a slightly narrowed tip. With a well-known dexterity, the liner can also be outline the smile line, but it is more convenient to paint the free edge of the nail. Especially if they are long. You can apply the database, but then the liners should be two.
  • With a beveled edge. Also used to book a "smile" line. But it is still possible to improve the defects of the coating and paint the tip of the nail.
With a beveled edge

Franch is more convenient to draw a brush from a natural pile, especially if you use a liner and a tool with a bevelled edge. This type of material is softer, it is well recruited and does not drain varnish, the coating is easier to align. The hairs can be from an artificial pile. But still he should be soft enough. In a word, to draw Frenc on the gel varnish can be different types of tools, they are all miniature.

The optimal option for a beginner is a hairs or a cat tongue. More importantly, their quality - VILLIN should not fall out, twisted when driving.

The foundation

The basis for classic french is chosen pale pink, peach, bodily, dairy, light beige colors. These are camouflage bases that are also translucent or dense. They have every manufacturer. The tool gives the nail healthy and natural shade. It is applied first after preparing a plate with a degreaser for the entire nail or to the primer, from the base to the tip.

As basic, nude shades gel varnishes can be used. As a rule, they are brighter than camouflage funds.

What gel varnish is better

Which gel lacquer is better for the fulfillment of Franch, it is difficult to say, there are many of them, for every taste, but we use popularity:

  • Kodi 20 CN. This is a translucent shade of tea roses. The tool is usually applied in 2 layers, then it looks denser. Enamel texture makes it easier to work, avoids the chapels on the skin.
  • PNB 004. It is light beige, two layers have a milk subton. The lacquer retains the shine and shade for a long time.
  • My Nail 003. I will like a peach-colored lovers. The shade is unobtrusive, but noticeable.
  • My Nail 005. Looks like the previous color, but brighter and cold.
  • My Nail 007. This is a shade of coffee with milk, also gentle and at the same time juicy.
Franch manicure
Kodi 20 CN.
Franch manicure
My Nail 007.
Franch manicure
PNB 004.

The last three varnish are characterized by ease of use, low consumption and resistance.

You can use KOTO 840 databases (camouflage), Oxxi Professional 1 and 3, Pole, Monami as the basis. They not only give the gloss and shade, but also align the surface of the nails.

Base under Franch Manicure
Koto 840.
Base under Franch Manicure
Oxxi Professional 1.
Oxxi Professional 3.

For Franch, the white varnish is of great importance, which should be applied with a dense layer without proper. Two-layers sold for 250-350 p are answered by this requirement. For a bottle of 10-12 ml:

  • BlueSky 80501,
  • Neonail 2696,
  • Lunail 61
  • Klio 52,
  • TNL №28.
Gel Varnish for Franch Manicure
TNL №28.
Gel Varnish for Franch Manicure
Gel Varnish for Franch Manicure
Lunail 61.

It is easier to work with thick for consistency with single-layer at the cost of 500-600 p. for the bottle of 7-10 ml:

  • Tartiso TCL -32,
  • Tartiso FR-01,
  • Tartiso TRV-01,
  • Arnelle 001,
  • HARUYAMA 001,
  • JU. Bilej B1,
  • Bagheera Nails BN-04,
  • Kodi 33
  • Lianail Snow Maiden,
  • Neonail 5059,
  • Alain Caprice 104 and 300.
Single-layer lacquer gel
Neonail 5059.
Single-layer lacquer gel
Tartiso TRV-01
Single-layer lacquer gel
Lianail Snow Maiden
Single-layer lacquer gel
Kodi 33.
Single-layer lacquer gel
Single-layer lacquer gel
Arnelle 001.

Types of Franch Gel Lac

Classic Franch Gel Laca is an improved view of natural nails, but more expressive - with a pink main part of the plate and a snow-white free edge. And yet the French manicure is much more diverse, among its types there are:

  • Twist . This is a classic, but also the use of other colors, except for white and bodily. The free edge is painted by any bright varnish, sometimes several, and the main part of the plate is pink, peach, another nude tint. And between them there is a clear boundary, which is a smooth arc.
  • Triangular . The smile line is a sharp corner. Shades are used as in classic french or in twist.
  • Sleepy . Only one corner is painted at the free part of the nail. This design is especially good in square form.
  • Ombre . Transition from the bottom of the nail to the edge smooth, without a sharp boundary. Colors use the same as classic.
  • Back . The free edge of the plate is painted with a bodily tint, and the wells are isolated by white. Mistores are drawn by semicircular or triangular.
  • Millenium . The free edge is separated from the main shade with a brilliant decor or shimmering gold, silvery varnishes, wiring.
  • Non-standard . To highlight a free nail zone, ornaments, drawings, points, asymmetric figures use. They are made white or colored.
  • Fan . In addition to the varnish of another color, the base of the plate separates from the edge of the decor. It can be in the form of strips of foil, rhinestone, firms, sliders.

How to make french gel varnish classic

Classic french gel varnish can be made as follows:

  1. First, perform a hygienic manicure, that is, to give the nails shape, the same length, cleaner, sneak, cut off the burrulated part of the cuticle, degrease the plate. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  2. Next is applied a dehydrator until the nail becomes whiter. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  3. After evaporation of the previous tool, the nails must be covered with a primer, it should dry for 1 minute. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  4. The following is applied by a self-leveling camouflage base with a rather thick layer, but distributing it with a brush evenly throughout the plate. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  5. After its use, the hand needs to be turned over for a better spreading means over the surface, and then dry it in the lamp for 1 minute. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  6. The dried base should be deprived of a gloss by finishing the nails in the Buff. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  7. The dust formed as a result of the previous action is cleaned by a degreaser. Fashionable classic french gel lacquer
  8. The brush from the bottle with a white gel lacquer is applied to the free edge of the nail with vertical strokes, performing a "smile." Classic Franch Gel Lac
  9. Then the brush-hair distribute the remedy closer to the side sides of the nail, making the "mustache", at the end of the nail substitute under the drying lamp. Classic Franch Gel Lac
  10. The final stage is the application of the glossy top without sticky layer, which also needs to be dried in the lamp.

See this video master class to create a classic manicure gel lacquer:

Franch gel varnish for beginners

Franch gel varnish for beginners should be done in this order:

  1. Collect your nails to give them a form. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  2. To remove with the help of a baff, all the irregularities formed after operation of the sawmill, and remove the glossy layer from the surface of the nail plates. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  3. Raise the cuticle using a metal flusher. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  4. Clean the nail sinuses with a mill "Flame", it is to remove the eponylicue, go through the side rollers. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  5. Cut the cuticle with special scissors, trying so that it does not shine slices. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  6. Wipe nails with a degreaser. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  7. Apply for each of them the UltraBond tool, which will make the coating more durable. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  8. Cook the nails in the base, not forgetting to "seal" her ends, after which they substitute them under the lamp for drying. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  9. After removing the sticky layer (if necessary), the brush-hairs paints the free edge of the nail of the gel paint (draw French Gel Lacca will smoothly succeed, starting from the middle and moving towards the sides). Franch gel varnish for beginners
  10. If the line came out not entirely ideal, you can be required by a flat brush dipped in a degreaser and pressed. Franch gel varnish for beginners
  11. After drying the white paint on the nails, they are covered with a top for shine, the last time is placed in the lamp.

See this video master class French manicure gel varnish for beginners:

With stencil

Franch gel lacquet with stencil make it even easier:

  1. On the nails prepared with the help of a saw, baff and degrease in the nails, you need to apply a basic coating, including on the end parts. Franch gel varnish with stencil
  2. After drying, the translucent gel of the body shade should be used, once again placed in the lamp. Franch gel varnish with stencil
  3. Stencils take tweezers and stick to nails so that the free edge remains open, and the plate below was protected. Franch gel varnish with stencil
  4. Each thoroughly straighten, pressed with an orange stick, especially in the side rollers. Franch gel varnish with stencil
  5. On the tips, white varnish are applied by vertical strokes, then it should be dried in the lamp. Franch gel varnish with stencil
  6. After drying, the strips remove and apply a top coating, and at the end of the next layer it is necessary to notice.

See this video master class of French manicure with stencil:

Easy option

Franch gel with varnish easily, if you use one way:

  • Start the lines from the side of the nail to the middle, bringing them together. Brush-liner or the one that is in the bottle with the means, while keeping a little at an angle. "Mustache" must be at the same level. If the side rollers were blocked, the varnish is cleaned with an orange stick. This method can be used with a brush-hair.

Easy Carnat Franch Manicure

  • Start applying gel from the middle of the plate with vertical strokes. As you scratch the move, the tool is needed to the point of the thinner in one direction, then to another. For this method, also use the "native" brush of gel varnish or liner. Inaccuracies corrected with the help of a hairs.

Easy version of Franch Manicure

  • On the nails in the form of almond, the free edge of the nail is divided into 3 zones. Start drawing follows from the point of thin, that is, with the "mustache", making a straight line to the first third. The same reception is used on the other side of the plate. When the "mustache" are ready, in the middle of the width of the "smiles", then paint the free space, twigrating straight lines drawn before.

Easy version of Franch Manicure

How to draw french gel lacquet with decor

Draw Frenc Gel Laca, using decor, it is possible:

  1. After the hygienic manicure, the nails wipe the degreaser, cover the base and dried under the lamp of 2 minutes. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  2. Then paint each main color. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  3. After drying, they make a "smile" on the free edges of the nails of the middle, index finger and the little finger, after completing the hand placing the lamp. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  4. On the nameless finger, Dotto draw 7 diamonds in 3 rows from the bottom of the nail to the end, using a white gel lacquer or gel paint. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  5. Rights are corrected by a thin brush, a wet degreased. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  6. For volume, you can apply another layer of white lacquer on the rhombic. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  7. After drying, all the nails covers the finish, put the hand in the lamp again. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  8. Then you need to remove the sticky layer using the napkin moistened with the degreaser. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  9. Between the white rhombic on the nameless finger, the gel for extension put points, they will perform the role of glue. Franch manicure gel varnish with decor
  10. Using the sharp tip of the orange stick, small rhinestones are fixed on them, the last time dried this nail in the lamp.

Franch manicure gel varnish with decor

A hand-drawn design consisting of several small elements, dried after each execution. If you first make an image of the whole, with an awkward movement it can be smeared.

See this video master class Franch Manicure with Decor:

What to make nail design

Design on Francche make not only manually, brush, but also with help:

  • Stemping. These are stamps with a soft silicone base and with them in a set of plates with extruded patterns. A gel varnish or paint is applied to the latch. Then, on this plate, pressed the silicone pillow of the stamp to transfer the pattern to it. The next step is its impression on the nail, which has already been processed before it is covered with a camouflage base and dried. When the hempping turns out to be on the nail plate, this finger is placed in the lamp.
  • Sliders. These are translation pictures that are applied to the nails already covered with a base, a flower bed and a top with a sticky layer. The slider is cut on the width of the nail plate, put your wath disk on the water moistened. This removes a dense substrate. And the transparent picture itself is fixed on the nail, straightens. A slider cutting out of the free edge needs to be cut. In the final, the glossy top is applied on top of it, dried in the lamp.
  • FIMO. These are polymer particles having a kind of fruit and berry polek. They are also glued to the sticky layer of the finishing coating, then they are put on top and dried in the lamp.

French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter

The French manicure gel-varnish at home will be very bright if used glytter:

  1. The first stages do not differ from those described earlier: hygienic manicure, bug, degreaser, then coating with a base flower bed or camouflage, drying in the lamp. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  2. Then a transparent gel or base is applied to the edge of the plate, they do not need to polymerize them. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  3. Broad flat brush take larger confetti and plant them on the free edge of the nails in different places. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  4. The smaller glitter is applied by a fan tool, and the hand must be sent to the lamp to dry the fluid and fix the shiny decor. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  5. Next, it is necessary to apply the top glossy coating, once again dried it. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  6. On the ends of the nails pass to the saw to remove sticking particles of the glitter. French manicure gel lacquet at home with a glitter
  7. It remains to apply a second layer of top and dry out again.

See this video master class French manicure with a glitter:

Perfect French Manicure Gel Laca for Short Nails

The French manicure gel-varnish on short nails do too, but the "smile" should be very narrow. What does the process look like:

  1. First, they put in order to the skin around the nail plate, sidelines sidelines, cut off the cuticle, grind. For this it is more convenient to use the device, but a classic manicure is also possible. French manicure gel varnish on short nails
  2. Then apply auxiliary tools in the following order: a degreaser, a roofless primer, 2 layers of an aligning base coating. Last tool need to dry. French manicure gel varnish on short nails
  3. The next step is to apply a flower bed. For the entire plate, use a brush from a bottle or liner. But closer to the edge, where then there will be a border with a white varnish, camouflage color is applied by a thin tool type of hairs. So there should be a step. That is, on the very edge of the nail varnish less than the rest. French manicure gel varnish on short nails
  4. A bit of white varnish lay on a flat cover. And with her thin brush take a means to apply to the edges of the marigolds. Start moving follows from the center of the plate to the points of thin. To correct the defects of the coating, you can change the direction of the tassel, but it should be kept at an angle. French manicure gel varnish on short nails
  5. After completing the drying of the white gel, the finish coating is applied. After processing each finger, the hand turn up to the palm to the alignment of the means. At the end, the fingers are placed once again in the lamp for drying.

See this video master class on creating a French manicure for short nails:

Franch gel lacquer step bypass itself

Franch gel varnish step by step is performed in such a sequence:

  1. Cutlery shortening the length. Franch gel lacquer
  2. Fillet need to give a more neat form.
  3. Move the cuticle with a flusher, sideline sinuses and handle the side rollers. Franch gel lacquer
  4. Cut off excess scissors. Franch gel lacquer
  5. Wipe the plate with a degreasing plate and the skin around them. Franch gel lacquer
  6. Franch gel varnish on natural nails requires applying a leveling rubber base, which then dried. Franch gel lacquer
  7. The next stage is the use of a nude flower garden, it is distributed to a brush from the bottle itself. Franch gel lacquer
  8. For a more uniform application of the base agent, it will take work with a hairs, after which the hand is also placed in the lamp. Franch gel lacquer
  9. Franch gel-paint on gel varnish is done faster and keeps longer, so they are mixed on the palette. how to make fashionable french gel lacquer
  10. The brush-hairy paint white lines on the free edge, starting with the middle and moving horizontally to the side parts. Franch gel lacquer
  11. After another drying, you need to cover your nails with the top, the last time to send your hand to the lamp. Franch gel lacquer
  12. Next, remove the sticky layer if it is, slightly feed the ends to get rid of the chapels.

See this video about how to make French manicure myself:

Secrets of a beautiful French manicure

So that Frenc looked good, looked like a work from a high-class mastera, it is important to comply with several rules:

  • Having dialing the white varnish on the brush, you need to shake the extra quantity. It is more convenient to make it not in the bottle, but take advantage of the palette.
  • When drawing the details of Franch, you need to make movements not only with a tassel, but also turn the finger in the right direction. The hand on which manicure makes should be relaxed.
  • Line "Smiles" should be made deep. That is, it must be an arc, and not a straight line across the nail. This rule is valid for any length. "Warms" must be subtle, ending in the points of the Thigh, and not the cuticle. It is more convenient to make a brush hairs.
  • "Smile" should not be too broad, this looks unnatural. If you need to hide the abnormal part of the nail, so that the manicure looks more presentably, it is better to use a dense camouflage base.
  • On all nails "smile" should be the same thickness. They need to compare them in the process to achieve the desired effect and correct the error before drying.
  • "Smile" should be symmetrical. See the nuance is not difficult if you turn your hand from myself. This rule is useful and when creating a form of nails.
  • The "smile" line should repeat the outline of the cuticle, to become a mirror reflection. But at the same time it is not necessary to make it P-shaped.
Lamp for gel varnish

We recommend reading what you need to know by choosing

Lamp for gel varnish

. From the article you will learn why you need a lamp for gel varnish, how it works, how to choose a lamp for drying gel lacquer.

And here more on how to remove Shellac at home.

Franch is popular not the first year, because it is appropriate with any clothes, every day and on holidays. It is important that all design details were made carefully, symmetry was observed. And for this you need high-quality hygienic manicure, suitable brushes, base, varnish and a little effort.

The main element of this design is a white nail tip, or a smile. It is according to it that can be judged about the professionalism of the master. The smile should be smooth and deep: so nail visually extends. In addition, the smile drawing technology should provide its durability, because the tip of the nail is exposed to the load during everyday affairs.

On the nail bed, a natural pink shade is coated, or camouflage. This is how the excellent appearance of the manicure is ensured even after a week after the visit to the salon. If you do not camoufly nail, then a couple of days next to a smile looks like a clear strip of the abandoned nail, and the manicure will become untidy.

To make the French manicure, you will need a pink camouflage varnish, it helps to hide the shortcomings of a natural nail and hide the reflection line of the free edge. The network has photos of new products in the camouflage line for Franch on the nails. The glitter, the effect of chameleon, all shades of pink and beige - how to choose "your" colors in such a variety?

So that the French manicure looks good in conjunction with your touch of the skin, follow these rules:

Make a Fraagantsus manicure in several ways. Each technology implies a beautiful and durable French manicure, provided that professional works. When reviewing pictures from the Internet, you are unlikely to determine what the master worked, because the result will be equally good. To select the material, evaluate what result you want to achieve.

In acrylic buildups on tips or forms, French is laid out by two balls: first the camouflage of the pink powder is formed, then a smile of white powder. The higher the professionalism of the master, the less described it requires ready to nail.

For those who work acrylic, we have prepared a selection of three tutorials. Of these, you will learn the secrets of the quick calculation of acrylic for Tips and forms with minimal marking, as well as see how professionals are laying out a smile from the first time.

Franch Nail Polish

Stencil for Franch.jpg.

If you doubt how the French manicure is better to do at home with minimal cost, start with the usual

Nail polish. There are both ready-made sets and all components separately. The sets usually include:

  • basic coating;
  • pink camouflage;
  • White varnish for smile;
  • Top coating for durability and gloss.

So that the smile line turned out to be smooth the first time, use stencils for French manicure.

How to make express franch with ready-made tips Dashing Diva

Urgently required French manicure at home, but no UV lamp and give the drawing skills? Keep a novelty from Diva Diva at hand - new generation of Virtual Nails FRENCH. In our video tutorial, we tell about this miracle product and show how a resistant manicure can be "kneading" as possible.

Another novelty of this brand - FRENCH WRAP Plus Tips. With their help, you make no less neat french with your own hands, if you carefully look at our photo engique.

Franch gel

For Building gel There are two main types of French manicure. In the first case, the nail bed and the tip is laid out by two drops of letters to each other, and then the nail is red. In the second, it is formed and is filled with a whole from the camouflage gel entirely, and the smile is drawn on top of white paint.

Franch Gel Lac

Perhaps the optimal combination of the speed of execution, durability and affordable prices is Franch Gel Lac . This procedure is most convenient and from the client's point of view:

  • Quickly (up to 1 hour).
  • There is no unpleasant odor, such as, for example, with acrylic buildings.
  • Natural nail is nothed when applying and removing the coating
  • The coating is polymerized in seconds, it is not necessary to wait until it dry.

Why is shellac from some masters wear weeks, and other coating begins to crack and crush already on the third day? It's all about the subtleties and secrets of technology. For those who want to defeat the detachment and please the clients (or themselves, if you treat your nails at home), we have prepared lessons on French manicure with a photo.

1. Prepare Customer Hands

Remove the old coating and handle the hands of the client with a disinfectant.

Creating an ideal French manicure at home

2. Prepare natural nail

To prevent detachment at the base of the nail, carefully move the cuticle with an orange stick. To make it easier to work, apply the Color Couture Entity One Cuticle Oil on the border between the nail and the skin. If the cuticle has grown hard and dry, make a client edged or European manicure.

Preparation of natural nail

3. Remove the free edge of the nail

Fillet for natural nails CND Kanga Board Subscribes the free edge by an oval or a square in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Give the shape of nail

4. Clean and degrease the nail plate

Wipe the nail plate with the Entity One Natural Nail Prep, using charming wipes Graham Handsdown Nail Wipes. This stage is needed to remove from the surface of the dust after describing the free edge, fat, cuticle particles and other contaminants. Only on perfectly purified nails, Frenc gel-lacquer holds without detachals. Make sure to accidentally not touch the nail client fingers after processing. If this happens, wipe the nail to the means again.

If the client has so-called "wet nails", then apply the Entity One Nail Dehydrator preparation. How to reveal such a detail? Ask, as she keeps ordinary varnish. If even the professional brands of varnishes "live" on the hands of a client of 1-2 days, then the reason can be the moisture of the nail plate. Treatment with a dehydrator in this case will help to make the coating resistance.

Cleaning Nail from Mud With Entity One Natural Nail Prep

5. Apply Prime

Prime will increase the adhesion of gel varnish with the nail plate and will extend the life of the manicure. To perform Franch with Entity One gel varnishes, you can choose between the Acute Primer Entity One Nail Primer - for healthy nails, and the inflexible Entity One Nu Bond - for weak and damaged nails.

6. Apply the basic coating

The Entity Base Coat base protects the nails from staining with ghel-varnish pigments, aligns the surface and has a positive effect on the resistance. Apply the base with a thin layer, be sure to seal the end of the nail. Polymerize coating in UV lamp 2 minutes or 30 seconds LED lamp.

Base application 1.Base application 2.

7. Cover the nail camouflage

Apply the translucent beige-peach camouflage gel lacquer Nude Fishnets from Entity One Color Couture in 1 or 2 layers. Each layer Polymerize in the lamp is 120 seconds for UV lamp and 30 seconds - for LED.

Entity One Spotlight gel varnish Create a smile line, be sure to seal the ends of the nail. It is better to make a smile in two thin layers, polymerizing each: so the coating will lay smoothly and without bubbles. Lamp exposure time: 2 minutes for UV lamp and half a minute - for LED equipment.

The masters diverge in opinion than to draw a smile with a French manicure with gel varnishes: a tissue of a bottle or a separate thin brush? In fact, both ways have the right to exist. We recorded for you a master class in French manicure Shellac, where both technologies for removing a smile are shown. Look to make it easier to decide.

Color coating Color coating

8. Treat the nails with top coating

Entity One Color Couture, Top Coat gives additional protection against fading, damage and chipping, seals the previous layers and increases the socks time. Apply the top very thin, not forgetting to cover the end. Polymerization time is the same as the previous products.

Color coating

9. Remove the sticky layer

Entity One Nail Prep is suitable not only for the preparation of the nail plate, but also to remove the dispersion layer. Drip fluid on the sponge of Graham Handsdown Nail Wipes and treat your nails.

Please note that stickiness is removed only from the top, and on the previous layers it remains that it improves the adhesion of the layer with each other.

Eating sticky layer

10. Complete the manicure to apply oil for cuticle

Color Couture Entity One Cuticle Oil 15 ML Cuticultural Oil will provide skin softening, nutrition and protection. The product is suitable for sensitive skin.

Cuticultural oil

French manicure gel lacquer is ready.

Beautiful manicure at home 1 photoBeautiful french manicure at home 2 photos

All products used in this master class can be ordered in our store with delivery to all cities of Russia.


You will also need a basic tone and white Entity One color coating.

You can choose them here: https://www.krasotkapro.ru/catalog/color_couture_ientity_one/

Do you work on SHELLAC products from CND? We made for you an overview of the shades of the shellac suitable for camouflage and a white smile, and stagesfully photographed manicure with their use. You can see the photo engina and ask any questions on CND products here.

If you or your client need French manicure on short nails , I will definitely look at our video tutorial on creating perfect franch on a low length.

New 2015 in the design of nails in the style of a French manicure with a photo

How to be, if you want a new one, but Franch's favorite is not ready? In 2014 and 2015, a lot of new products appeared in Franch's design on short and long nails.

How to diversify the usual design, but at the same time preserve the delicacy and color gamut of the French manicure? Try to combine it with moon . How to do this will tell our master class with the photo of the Moon Manicure Gel Laca Color Club

Francha design

Fashion design " Reverse Franch "Must be to be in the wizard's piggy bank. If you are interested in this pattern, doubt your artist's skills, then you should watch our training roller Franch on short nails. In it, you will handle a lot of ideas for creating drawings on the nails.

Reverse FranchFrench manicure "Lunar Frenc"

Color French manicure Popularity catches white classics, especially in the summer season and at the beginning of autumn. How to combine colors and draw a smooth smile, performing multicolored Franch, - we share these and other secrets in our video color French manicure with Cuccio Veneer gel varnishes.

Colored FranchColored Franch

Another unusual approach is a dual smile drawing. In our master class with the photo you will see all the stages of creating this manicure hita in fashion trends in 2015.

Franch with double smile

White color on the edge of the nail can be growing, creating the effect of the gradient. With this technology, you are insured against errors in the removal of a smile. The gradient French manicure can be done both white and color gels, acrylics and gel varnishes.

Gradient Frenc

In our store you can purchase everything you need for French manicure acrylic, gel or gel varnish. In stock There are materials, tools, equipment and accessories from brands proven by our regular customers. Choose the equipment you are interested in and go to shopping!

Surely you often consider the pictures of the manicure on the Internet and try on the design to your noblos. Do you think that you never do it yourself yourself, and the wizard will cost, as a plane wing? We asked experts, and now I know exactly how to make the French manicure itself. Read the article and apply knowledge in practice.

In the article we will tell:

  1. Types of Franch;
  2. How to make french varnish?
  3. How to make Frenc Gel Laca?
  4. How to make a french stencil?
  5. How to make french without a stencil?

Want to learn how to make not only Franch, but also other types of nail design? Find out what kind of Chinese painting? Learn to be perfectly sealing the coating with gel varnish? Look Catalog of the best training courses manicure in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod и St. Petersburg !

Types of Franch

If only one type of Franch was known earlier - the classic (white smile color), now the varieties of Franch are somewhat:

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

How to make french varnish?

Make French ordinary varnish is not difficult. Stick up the main rule: Base + color + top = perfect manicure! You do not need to neglect this if you want to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time.

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

The base prepares the nail plate to apply the colored coating, smoothes the surface and fills all the irregularities of the nail. The color over the base falls better and keeps longer.

Top protects manicure from scratches and chips.

To fulfill the French manicure with ordinary varnish, prepare everything you need:

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips
1.Top + base; 2. White and pink color; 3.APelsisanic chopstick; 4.Manny scissors; 5.Rews; 6. Picks and BAU; 7. Infares; 8.Itility for lacquer removal.

Before making a manicure, Pamper nails with a strengthening bath with sea salt. And then proceed to designing marigolds.

  1. A non-traumatic coating with a breakdown of a varnish gently eraser, not traumating the nail.
  2. Put the nails and give them an oval or square form.
  3. Apply a Remumber on the cuticle. Wait 2 minutes, and neat an orange or plastic wand move it.
  4. Walk the bug on the nail plate, align it and degrease.
  5. Apply the base with a thin layer and let it dry.
  6. Then apply the main color and rain full drying.
  7. Sleeping thin brush Draw a "smile" on the nail.
  8. Wait for the lacquer dry and apply top.

Lifehak: So that the "smile" turned out to be smoothly moved not to the brush, but a finger. So the line will be clearer.

Ready! Now rather run to my girlfriends to brag perfect frren!

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

If the first time it did not work - do not worry! Try to practice a couple more times. The performance and work will be perfect!

This technology has one substantial minus - a short time. After 6-7 days, the varnish will begin to roll out and climb.

How to make Frenc Gel Laca?

French manicure gel-varnish is the optimal combination of durability and the velocity of the manicure.

Make Franch gel varnish is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to follow the instructions and do not forget about the rule: base + top. Otherwise, the coating will begin to roll out after 3 days.

You will need:

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips
1.Top and base; 2. Hell-varnish peach and white color; 3.APelsisanic chopstick; 4. Dehydrator; 5. Dimmer; 6. Picks and BAU; 7. Infares; 8.Uf lamp.

Remove the old coating with a special liquid for gel varnish.

  1. Move the cuticle with a wooden orange stick.
  2. Fillet with abrasiveness 240 grit Process the free edge of the nail and give it an oval or square form. The weaker and thinner nails, the higher the abrasiveness of the peel should be. For natural nails 180-240, for artificial 100-180 grit.
  3. Dehydrated nails with a dehydrator. This will extend the life of Franch.
  4. Apply a primer to improve the grip of a gel varnish with a nail.
  5. Do not forget about the base. Dry the coating in the UV lamp 2 minutes.
  6. Apply the main color of the gel varnish (camouflage) and do not forget to dry it in the UV lamp 2 minutes.
  7. Stick alternately stencil on each nail, draw a smile line and dry.
  8. Apply the top thin layer and do not forget about drying.
  9. Remove the sticky layer from the nail.
How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

In conclusion, apply special oil for softening and nutrition on the cuticle. French manicure gel lacquer is ready!

If you do not understand something from the instruction, see the video "How to make a manicure gel-lacquer":

How to make a french stencil?

If you are the first time you do Frenc - stencils, what you need! With their help, you can easily apply even the most intricate drawing.

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

Stencils are not only semicircular for classic Franch, but also with lace, wavy and oblique ornament. They are made of paper, vinyl film and even metal or plastic.

Vinyl stencils easy to use. They are tightly adjacent to the nail platinum and allow you to draw a smooth pattern.

Staining technology with stencil simple. After you have applied the main color to the nail, wait for the lacquer completely drying.

  1. After neatly disconnect the stencil from the plate and get on the nail, retreating several millimeters from the edge of the nail.
  2. Tightly press the stencil with an orange stick.
  3. Brush neatly apply varnish on the tip of the nail and let him dry.
  4. Spread strips and apply top.
How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

How to make french without a stencil?

Draw a "smile" brush a little more complicated. Start with the preparation of the nail.

  1. Perform nail shape correction.
  2. Buffe remove all irregularities on the nails.
  3. Treat your nails with a dehydrator and primer.
  4. Cover the nail of the main color and let him dry.
How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

After you can move to drawing a "smile" thin rigid brush.

  1. Spend a horizontal line along the edge of the nail.
  2. Draw a small line on the side to give bending drawing.
  3. Spend a brush semicircle, connecting the top point of the line from the side edge and the center of the nail. Repeat it with a symmetrical side of the nail.
  4. After grazing the "Smile" line and let it dry.
  5. Cover french top.

Ready! And now it is also beautifully drawn "smiles" on other nails.

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

In order for the drawing inadvertently not smeared, draw a "smile" alternately on each finger, and dry it.

Have you learned to make a stunning french so that the girlfriend chorus is asked to give the contacts of the Master? Then you have a direct road to the Neil-Industry. But before this you need to finish the courses and get a certificate.

In the manicure school, you will study in detail and work out on models all the stages of performing the classic and French manicure, learn the secrets of the perfect coverage and creating stylish nail designs.

Duration of courses 1-2 weeks for 4 hours . The average cost of B. Moscow и St. Petersburg from 15 000 rubles . In the regions from 5 000 rubles .

Models, varnishes and materials for design you will provide a school at the time of learning. But sometimes something has to buy. Therefore, carefully read the rules and training program at school. It is possible that the item "All Inclusive" in the contract is not.

Pupils are the most important indicator of the professionality of the teacher. Look at their work in social networks, google reviews about school. Look for information on third-party resources, and not just on the school website.

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

After the courses are completed, you will be issued certificate, confirming that you now do nails like a goddess! Many cabin doors are open to you. Dare!

How to make perfect french nails yourself? 6 tips to help you create a fashionable French manicure how to learn the beauty of lifehaki and useful tips

We told all the secrets of the perfect Franch, and now take everything you need and start training on a friend, mom or aunt.

Tell us in the comments, how do you feel about black or red fries? Do you think it looks bright and aesthetic or, on the contrary, vulgar and inappropriate? Do repost articles, these instructions will be more useful to you!

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Here we will talk about the French manicure. What is it? Where did you come from? Who introduced?

What is a French manicure?

French manicure is, this will not be afraid of this word, the most popular Neil-design of all time. It is combined with everything suitable for everything and is synonymous with feminine elegance. Its essence is that the nail plate is applied, as a rule, the coating of a nude shade, and the tip is decorated with a flat white strip. True, now there are already many variations of Franch: color, reverse, microfrench, decoration of a french of certain nails ...

How was the French manicure invented?

Let's take a little in the story and find out where such a design was coming from.

The idea was born in the 1970s not in France, as it would be possible to think, and in the USA. The founder of the famous brand ORLY Jehf Pink was a request from the Hollywood director with a request to come up with such a manicure for the actresses to fit under all the outfits.

At that moment, Orly produced special white pencils, which had to paint the area under the free edge of the nail, so that the nail plates look clean and neat. The problem was that after each hand washing from the means there was no trace. Then Pink came up with a white strip not under the nails, and on them - on the tips. And to achieve perseverance, do it with a white varnish. In the end, soon Jeff presented an innovative manicure to the director - a white strip on the natural color of the substrate. He called him Natural Look. And what can be suitable for absolutely all images, as not natural? The director was delighted and said that Pink for his invention should be issued Oscar.

Why is a manicure called french?

Soon Jeff Pink went for a week of fashion to Paris, where he proposed a new manicure models, which had to change more often than actresses. Models and couturiers really liked such a nyl-design, it was a triumph of pink.

Returning to the United States from Paris, directly in the jeff plane decided to rename his brainchild in the "French manicure", because France is a symbol of fashion and cradle of feshen ideas.

Jeff pink

How to make a French manicure at home: technology

The seemingly so simple, Frenc is not really such in fact during the execution process. Draw a flat and clear smile line - the task is quite complicated. Let's look at the step-by-step technology of creating a classic French manicure with gel varnish at home. Is it possible at all at home to make perfect french? Spoiler: quite real!

Stage 1. Nail Preparation

  1. Cooking your nails to the French manicure as well as to the other appearance:

  2. Remove the old coating from the nails. Nail plates must be absolutely clean.

  3. Through Remverume Soften skin.

  4. Pooker Move the skin. If necessary, cut it Scissors If the cuticle is very scorched or too dry.

  5. Wash in water Orange chopstick And consider with its help in Pesigi.

  6. We process the surface of the nail to the soft saw, removing the natural gloss, which will subsequently prevent the hitch of the nail plate with an artificial coating. Looking back the tracks.

  7. Wipe nails Little-free napkins impregnated Degreaser To get rid of harmful bacteria and pollution.

  8. If your skin is prone to fatty, then use Dehydrator - Apply it to the entire surface of the nail and leave in the air for about a minute.

  9. The next stage is Primemer , Special preparatory coating, acting in the role of bilateral tape and contributing to an excellent adhesion with a nail gel lacquer. Apply it to the entire surface and dry in the air for a minute.

Voila, nails are ready for Franch!

Opid form

Stage 2. Applying gel varnish

  1. Choose the color of the substrate among Camouflage bases . We apply to nail in 2 layers, each wearing in the lamp, the stickiness is not removed.

  2. Take white gel and with fine Pussy We draw them a smile line. After that, paint the free edge entirely. We dry in the lamp.

  3. Blood up the top. Polymerizable. If a means with a sticky layer, then we wipe the nail lobby napkin with a degreaser.

How to draw a smooth smile line?

Wonderful if you know how to draw a cherished thin line Franch smoothly, and what if not? Do not be sad - there are ways to simplify this task!

Frencha stencils

The easiest and most finished version is self-adhesive stencils to create a smile line. It is necessary to carefully place the strip of the stencil on the plane-member camouflage base, leaving several millimeters of the free edge. Slide it with the desired color, polymerize. Then remove the stencil and act by further technology.

Frencha stencils

Special brushes for French manicure

There are also special brushes for the French manicure with a cut-off core - they need to apply a coating and simply apply to the nails by printing it.


You will be surprised, but the usual stationery gum is a very popular way to create a smooth smile line. Tension it onto the nail, leaving the free edge, which is filled with the selected color.

Patch or Scotch

This method is an alternative stencil for Franch: stick the sticky tape, while leaving the space of the free edge of the nail, as in the case of ready-made stencils.

We hope our review was useful, you will learn how to create at home perfect Franch and you will dazzle elegant and sophisticated!

Perfect Franch

Frenchwomen are girls who know how to emphasize their natural beauty correctly. The French manicure is the most simple, but, together with this, a beautiful and stylish technology of nail design, which can be easily repeated at home.


Not everyone knows that in fact, French nail design technology appeared in the United States. There are several techniques that differ from themselves not only by the principle of execution, but also with stylistics.

French manicure
French manicure

Types of french manicure :

  1. Classical - This is all famous Franch. Here the end of the nail is white, and the plate is painted beige or pink. He is obliged to be its popularity that is ideal for any event and environment. All nails are the same, there are no rhinestones or any other decorations;
  2. Wedding . Luxurious technique in which various types of decorative elements can be applied. It is a painting, lace, rhinestones, sequins, inscriptions, etc. As is classic, it is white-beige or pink-beige;
  3. Original . Here the coating can be carried out by different colors. For example, red and black, blue and white can be combined with each other. Sometimes unnamed or middle fingers are complemented by a pattern contrasting with the main tinge of the nail plates;
  4. Hollywood . Classic Franch is the French manicure, where the white strip has a practically even shape (despite this, many ideas of such design demonstrate a slightly oval pattern of the pattern). For the French Hollywood manicure, smiles, triangles and other non-standard forms are used;
  5. Millenium . The newest and unusual style. Suitable for any nails, but it is interesting to all look at long round tips. Here, in addition to smooth color, articles are used, which are gradually concentrated at the end of the nail. The effect of ombre is created.

    Photo - Malenium Manicure
    Manicure Milanium

Naturally, in this way, not only manicure can be made, but also the French pedicure. On the legs pattern only the thumb is framed.

Also, the technique is classified by lacas, which are carried out by the procedure. French manicure can be made gel lacquer (he Shellak - Shellac) or a simple varnish. Also beauty salons often offer nail extension services to biogel, can immediately provide margins with a strip, bows and other patterns.

Photo - Step-by-Step French Manicure
Step-by-step french manicure

Some Features of the gel and ordinary varnish :

  • Gel lacquer is more convenient to draw a variety of patterns. In addition, it is the gel that makes liquid stones, which are now considered the most fashionable trend;
  • Some girls do not like constancy. The gel varnish is quite difficult to remove independently, so with such a design will have to go at least 1.5 weeks. Simple varnish can be repainted every day;
  • Acrylic manicure, biogel, as well as extension, can be decorated with smearing, stones, stickers;
  • Passionate varnish deserves separate attention. Shellac keeps on the nail plate, regardless of external factors. High-quality coverage can be compared with ceramics.

# 1 manicure on short nails

The latest fashion trends say that a beautiful French manicure can be made on short nails. It should be noted that it was previously believed that Frenc is suitable exclusively for long plates, so for this technique often had to increase the length.

Step-by-step instructions, how to make a French manicure on short natural nails do it yourself:

  1. You need to fill your nails. Depending on the condition of the cuticle, it is also recommended to cut the skin, clean the plate from roughness and lubricate it for some time with oils or other nutritional composition;
  2. The first database is applied under varnish. It fills the gaps on the plate and contributes to a more flat color application;
  3. It is believed to draw stripes better than using stencils. For the drawing of the "smiles" you need to buy a white lacquer with a thin tassel or a separate sketch for drawing on the nails. At first, the contour is drawn, after it is neatly painted with white;
  4. If you can not smoothly draw strips, it is better to use stencil. Such stickers are sold in any cosmetic store. You can still make them from Scotch itself. On the surface of the scotch, you need to draw a template, after it cut the desired smile after it. It is very convenient that you can make any pattern;
  5. After processing tips with white, you can roll rhinestones on the edge. If there is an interesting bright lacquer in the presence, you can scroll through a thin decorative strip, as a line of transition between white and beige (pink);
  6. A fixer is applied on top, which will help extend the life of the manicure.

Above the tips can also be placed sequins or rhinestones. You can use ready-made sets from Miss Selene, Avon or individual varnishes Orly, El Corason. By the way, now there are new items from these companies offering persistent options (varnish withstands up to 7 days).

Video lesson: how easy it is to make a French manicure

# 2 technique gel varnish

Gel-varnish is much easier to draw. With it, it turns out a very beautiful and interesting design, they can be issued any pictures (if you have at least some experience). We will look at how the French manicure with a picture with a gel varnish:

  1. Immediately note that this technique is suitable for any nails: square, round, oval. Therefore, it all depends only on its own preferences and a suitable form of plate;
  2. To work, you will need a set for beginners. It includes an ultraviolet lamp (the most simple has time to excerpt up to 2 minutes, but this is enough for the design of nails without delights), base, fixer, colored varnishes. Perhaps additionally need to buy a degreaser;
  3. First, the plate is rubbed with a degreaser, which will help clean the pores. After the marigold, it seems and the basis is applied to it. Depending on the brand, it must be dried under a lamp of 1-1.5 minutes;
  4. Now the drawing process begins. As in the previous method, the contour is charged with a brush. Sometimes an acrylic pencil is used (it can be bought almost in any professional store for manicure masters). First you need to make a color plate, after drying it;
  5. Following, the contour of a smile is scratched. If you make a manicure yourself, we recommend not to make a deep oval bending - the smooth outline is easier to draw. The circuit does not necessarily be white. Very stylish looks pink, golden, red and green bends;
  6. It looks very beautifully a decorative addition of some marigolds. To do this, butterflies, bows, hearts or flowers are drawn on an unnamed or middle finger (near the contour). They are not so difficult, as it seems, they look very stylish and feminine;
  7. After again, the marigold is dried, after which the last layer of the fixer is applied. It remains to dry and wipe the lacquer with a degreaser.

So this way can create any French manicure: Christmas design, wedding, casual, color and monophonic. We recommend to pay attention to the equipment of airbrushing, which is now offered in every second cabin. It uses an additional device that looks like a standard sprayer. With it, you can apply any patterns on your nails, each can use it. By the way, this new product is about 10 dollars.

# 3 how to make french shellac

Classic French Shellac is made without stripes and clear transitions - this manicure is obtained light and elegant. It should be noted that its time is spring-summer, when the colors of makeup become lighter than in the cold season.

The French manicure shellac is performed as well as the options described above, so we will look at how to make yourself an original winter pattern:

  1. All items, until the lacquer is applied over the edge, completely repeated from gel varnish. When the contour is applied, you need to handle the selected pattern with a tassel. As an example, take the design of the bow;
  2. Variations of shades can be any, but the white-pink beautiful looks bright red, blue and gold. If you want a more stringent option, the pattern can be drawn even in black;
  3. A bow of two triangles is emerged, from the center of contact with sharp tails. They should not be wide. You can make them a little curved;
  4. First draws a white batch, after the marigold is drying in the lamp. Following the bow;
  5. It remains only to dry the last layer of varnish and a fixer and wipe the plate with a degreaser.

Similarly, it is possible to make the design of autumn, where instead of a bow there will be a leaflet. As New Year's ideas, you can take a pattern of the Christmas tree, ball, etc.

# 4 with rhinestone and sparkles

The brightest and interesting photos and ideas are obtained on the nails, where the French manicure is combined with rhinestones and sparkles. This design is all times and holidays. It is very simple to do it, since it will not be necessary to draw anything, with the exception of the white don.

  1. The gel lacquer is applied, after the smile is drawn;
  2. At this stage, you do not need to dry the nails. First you need to sprinkle them with sparkles or rhinestones. There are several options. You can apply rhinestones only along the contour, decorate with sequins all over the nail or gradually increase their concentration to the end of the nogle;
  3. When the gloves are placed, you need to dry the nail under the lamp. After the fixer layer is applied and sucked again;
  4. It remains only to handle the plate for removing the sticky effect.

The price of the French manicure depends on many factors: the experience of the master, selected technology, the cabin, the materials that the session is carried out.

Design manicure gel varnish

How to make a French manicure gel-varnish at home?

How to make a French manicure gel-varnish at home?

French manicure today is considered one of the classic types of design. In view of his versatility, he will always stay on the crest of the wave. Therefore, those who are still unfamiliar with the implementation of this design using modern coatings should be familiar with the peculiarities of the design itself and explore the step-by-step technique of its implementation.


Franch, French manicure or French design - all this names of a single type of nail decoration. It appeared not in France, but in America, today the technique has already been 40 years old. The idea of ​​its creation was born due to lack of time to painting the nail actresses. That is why the design was needed, which would be suitable for any image, which created the founder of the Orly trading house.

The classic version of Franch has a bang background and a white smile, which is drawn up part of the abnormal nail.

Today, this trend is quite relevant in situations of a strict dress code. Franch himself has long been beyond the framework of the classics: the focus of fashion trends in color solutions, as well as decoration of nails with a smile. The smile shape of the traditional French manicure can be different.

It depends on both the features of the nail plate, and from the form heap the abstract edge. The width of the contrast strip can vary, sometimes it is completely thin, in other cases and diagonal at all. For example, at the nails of the almond form, a smile is wider in comparison with the nobs of the form. And today, a smile can be fantasy, which opens up a lot of opportunities for creating thematic and seasonal design.

Inverted Franch differs from the usual because, in fact, it is a mirror reflection. That is, his smile is located at the base of the nail bed. Such a manicure today is considered one of the most popular. It uses Beauty Bloggers and Celabriti.

The shape of such a smile may be the most diverse. For example, in addition to the wells and imitation of the rope of the nail plate, it can be diagonal, triangular, semicircular and made as the contour stroke. One of the features of modern Franch is its combination with all the well-known manicure techniques. At the same time, it can be the basis of either its accents. Plates with a contrasting smile can be decorated with different neural materials.

Methods for applying "smiles"

Smile can be made in different ways. Newbies, who are just beginning to work out work with gel lacquer, it is worth considering the fact that due to the features of the composition you can work without a rush. Hybrid plan covers that French manicure are performed today will not dry without a special lamp. Therefore, you can safely engage in design and adjust it to drying in UV or LED device. As for the methods of applying the so-called smile, they depend on the design. In general, for beginners, it is better for the option using auxiliary strip or foil tape. The main nuances of different options can be divided into traditional (brush and strips) and fantasy (stamps, dots, stickers, firms).


The use of manicure brushes when forming a smile Franch can be difficult for beginners. It is difficult equally exactly to remove the lines on all fingers so that the design looks professional. Of course, you can heal and resort to fantasy drawings, but if there are no drawing skills, it will not look beautiful for such a manicure. To learn to withdraw the desired lines, and even more so drawing yourself, it is worth training on special stencils.


Under Francha stencils, special strips of different shapes and width are meant. Depending on the desire of the client, you can use both traditional arcuate elements and angles, waves, zigzags, hearts. However, stencils do not simplify work for all 100%, as the beginner masters may mistakenly think. Together with them, a part of the varnish, which was created by a smile. And this means that without a brush does not work out, because there will have to give lines.


Sets made of chopsticks with different nozzles allow you to create one of the most popular Francha designs today. At the ends of the tools are metal balls that make up gel varnish, and then put points on the nail plate in the right places. Work with such a tool is easy, but at least without a minimal workout make a beautiful smile will not work. In addition to the fact that you need to clearly put points on the selected form, which should be perfectly the same on other Franch nails, you need to make points of different sizes.


This method is ease, because work with stamps that have engraved pattern will be perfectly the first time. The stage is characterized by the accuracy of the lines, for which such a type of design is chosen by the masters of the nail service. Like the previous version, the smile of this type is obtained fantasy. It is also applied to the accent nails of the manicure.


Another solution to beat the lack of experience in Neil Art is island or appliquational sliders. Water stickers on a transparent basis are convenient in operation, such a french looks incredibly gently and beautiful. The creation of the desired design goes not so much time as on the tedious alignment of the lines of smile.


This material is used for creative french. It is a decor of a variety of elements sliced ​​with a thin layer of oblong chopsticks. These are a variety of sprockets, fruits, berries, which simply glue in the zone of thrown nail plates. The decor is volumetric, and therefore it is impossible to call such a manicure in everyday life. However, FIMO can be used in aquadizayne, sealing from above with several layers of the simulator.

Required tools and materials

Depending on the option taken as the basis, the type of tool and the raw materials used for design may differ. Take the traditional technique as a basis, from which in the future it will be possible to repel and improve the design of various decor. It is also important to first decide on the type of manicure, because it can be ordinary or hardware.

As for working with the apparatus, this method is more convenient and less trauma for nails and skin around them. If there is no apparatus at home, and the woman is just starting to get acquainted with nail art, you can use a basic set for manicure: manicure scissors, a sawing, flush, tweezers.

Also for work will be needed:

  • Rubber hoofs;
  • napkins for manicure;
  • Dehydrator;
  • Soft polisher (BAU);
  • Drying lamp for nails of the desired power;
  • basic material;
  • finishing;
  • Pigmented lacquer for background;
  • Contrast pigment for smile.

If you plan to perform design on accent nails, they are prepared by the design decor. When Dotc is needed for decorating, but it is not, you can use a conventional wooden toothpick.

Preparation of nails and cuticles

Before proceeding, the nails are treated with an antiseptic. After that, the filling is attached to the free edge of the nail plates the desired form. It is categorically not allowed to move moving back: all conditions for crumbling and further injury to nails are created. In addition, two different directions of the peking can cause details of the manicure.

After that, a special means for removing the cuticle is applied to the side rollers and cuticle. It will contribute to the softening of the skin and will prepare it to a more rapid and painless removal. After the remedy for all 5 nails, the time of the most pleasant step of the hygienic manicure occurs. The hand is lowered into the bath with warm water (the water temperature should be at least 30-34 ° C). The hand should be in the water about 3-4 minutes. Upon expiration of the desired time, the fingers wipe and proceed to the manicure. Using the spatula-Pusher, move the cuticle and the skin on the sides. At the same time, it is impossible to put pressure on the tool too much so as not to imagine neither the skin or marigolds.

Next charge the tweezers or the cavincing and cut everything too much and eroded around the nail plate. It is important to keep the tool at one angle and ensure that cutting is not intermittent. If you do everything right, then you can prevent the appearance of burrs in the future. After you pass with tweezers, you should take a woven either an orange stick and cleaner Pesier. Before this wand must be wetted in water. Going along the contour of the nail when cleaning, Pesigi needs neatly. This stage will allow you to evaluate the quality of the work performed by tweezers: to understand how high-quality you cleaned the excess skin. If, when passing along the contour, the orange stick was detected by leather residues, take the cavincing and obey what they did not cut immediately.

The procedure is performed on each nail. After that, special oil for the cuticle is applied to the skin treatment plants. It is at this stage that the edged manicure ends.

In order not to hurt the skin, you can take note of several tips of the masters in the field of nail service. For example, the injury of the skin can be explained by the wrong movements of the cable or manicure scissor. You can not do it with jerks, and even raise the tool up. Remove the cuticle is moved along the cutting of the skin.

So at this stage minimize the risk of skin injury and do not cut up too much, you need to slightly pull the skin in the cutting place. This will be seen where the place of the cut sliced, and the baseline will not be torn. We must not forget that before the cropping of a larger side of the Puscher, the skin at the base of the nail is pushed and only after that lifted. As for Pesigi, it can be cut off with a sharp edge of the push. It does not need to deepen the tool too far under the nail. The injured skin around the nail will spoil the appearance of the manicure, and at the same time the mood. In addition to the right, about the nails that subjected to such stress will hurt for a long time. You can only start working with nails just immediately before their painting.

Step-by-step technique

So that the coating is high-quality, you need to choose sharp and convenient tools. It is important not to forget to disinfect them. With the right execution of all stages, the French manicure on the marigolds will be at least two weeks. One of the main reasons for its briefness can be the insufficient drying of each layer. It is not necessary to cut the time of the total work at its expense, because as a result, the coating can start to chase after a couple of days. Better, on the contrary, add time for the last (sealing) layer.

Make a French manicure on the prepared nails is easy.

In the salon, at home the technology will be uniform. The manicure itself is not always convenient to do, and therefore it may require more time. If there is not enough information, you can contact video tutorials of professional nail service masters. In the lessons, many professionals show the ideal implementation technique, learn how to perform step by step correctly.

For work, the top, database, pigments, thin brush, if necessary, sprinkle and lamp. You need to start with the preparation of the nail.

  • Strengthening and removing gloss. At this stage, you need to remove the upper glossy layer from the nail plates. It is necessary to keep all the layers in the future and reliably. It is from this that first will depend on the durability of manicure. Take the BAU (soft rectangular grinder with fine grain) and gloss are cleaned with light movements. Next use a dehydrator, degreasing the working layer and removing the residues of Opila. Now you can start a decorative manicure or strengthen your nails. The process of strengthening is necessary for thin and prone to the fragility of marigolds. In addition, it will be useful for nail plates, which rarely rest between the manicure.
  • Basic coating. Removing the residual opil and oilyness, degreased the surface of the nails, they apply a layer of basic material with a transparent texture. Apply this material should be a very thin layer, because it will depend on the accuracy of the work (the dense layer of the means will flow behind the cuticle and side rollers). The base is dried in the lamp, the drying time depends on the variety of the device (from 30 seconds to two minutes). It is important to consider that it is necessary to dry when working with a gel lacquer. Each applied layer. And each layer you need to go through the torch of the nail, because the durability of the coating will depend on it. The base after drying can remain sticky, so you need to try to avoid random touch.
  • Background. With traditional technique after the base layer, they take a camouflage gel varnish with a maximum hit of the skin. Pigment is caused in two layers, while each of them is dried in the lamp. So that the composition does not teach outside the skin and evenly spread over the surface of the nail plate, you need to take a little pigment. At the same time, it is undesirable to send a drying coating immediately after applying: you need to give a lacquer the opportunity to host the plate, get rid of the strips. Since it is rare at novice masters, it turns out to get carefully to the bottom of the nail, after the first layer of pigment is dried, they take a thin brush and pine the edge at the base of the nail. This will exclude the flipping of varnish, and will also allow the pigmented layer to imagine, thereby attaching the aesthetics of the coating. After work, the brush continues to dye the nail to the second layer of pigment. Varnish are dried in the lamp.
  • Smile. A smile that will give Franchi status, better apply special acrylic paint or gel. To do this, you can use the contrasting ground gel lacquer background. For beginners it will be easier to use templates: depending on the type of stencil, it can be easily and fast. But if the stencil is attached will be uneven, the smile will also be uneven. If there is no fear before manual rice, take a brush and remove white paint first a thin line along the contour of the edge of the nail plate. Even a professional sometimes can flour his hand, which will lead to the formation of a defect. In this case, you can use a special tool, having dippeding a brush to it for the line correction. If the work goes slowly, the hand drawn line can split a little.

To prevent this, you can remove residual stickiness after drying the background gel lacquer. Now you can safely remove the desired line, hanging its width. So you can not worry that the material will flow and the line is spread in width. To achieve the best accuracy in the work, you should dry in the lamp two nail: the smile is definitely not spread.

  • Sealing. After the smile is dried in the lamp, it is necessary to seal. To do this, shall apply a thin layer of top. Self-leveling material focuses on the background coating with a smile, making an inconspicuous step near the smile line. However, if a smile initially turned out to be too thick, you need to use the blad, gently hanging the smile line delicately. After that, you can apply another layer of top. The final drying will become the last stage of work.
  • Decoration. I realized that it was a technique for performing a French manicure, it can be diversified, leaving one or two nails under the design. You can not do a smile at them, but instead, put a sticker on the focus, transfer the pattern using disposable stencils. Beautifully look and design with a pattern. You can draw on such nails anything: French manicure can be decorated with even seasonal pattern. Today, this trend is quite popular.

It is not worth making a smile on top of a varnish with sparkles. A clear contour is erased from this, the coating may lose expressiveness. As for the mother of pearl, the more imperative on the background framework of Franch will look wondering. It is applied before sealing, a smile is made on top of her. Franch with pearl dust looks especially gently, today it is considered the best material for creating a special effect of the background covering.

Quick and easily can be decorated with French manicure stickers or so-called slider design. To do this, after applying basic material and pigment with their mandatory drying to the accent nail, another thin layer of the base is applied. The application-applique is put on a wet napkin, wait 30 seconds, then remove it from a paper substrate, apply to the nail on the layer of the unusable base. The slider is resurrected, then dried, strengthen the base and seal the layer of top.

How to use stripes?

Stencils and strips for Franch today can be used in different ways. They are glued, retreating from the edge the required distance. You do not need to press the template in the newly applied and dried coating. Immediately after covering the prepared section, the strip or stencil is removed, because it will not work after drying.

For sale strips in finished sets, as well as rolls. Rolled options give only a straight edge, which is far from always convenient due to the characteristics of the nail plates. Sets are variatives in shape, with them convenient to work. Newcomers can be advised to use except strips with a special silicone agent that protects the skin around the nails from varnish. Everything that will fall on the film can be removed, thereby increasing the accuracy of the work.

About how to make French manicure gel lacquer, look in the video below.

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