Anvil in minecraft


Ishovatni ID in minecraft : 145. .

Anvil. - English name of the anvil in minecraft. It can also be called Blacksmith Anvil .

Anvil in minecraft is a block that can be used to repair tools, renaming objects and combining the Char. For fixing and combining the spell, experience is needed. Anvil can be used for about 25 times, as it is wearing during operation, and its "working part" changes. Anvils are generated only in forest mansions (natural structure added to minecraft 1.11.), Even in the villager of the village not to find them.

Anvil from minecraft
In the screenshot: an anvil in a number of other fixtures of minecraft.

When you need anvil

  1. For fixing things: tools, armor and weapons.
  2. For running. You can change the effects imposed on armor, weapons, tools and enchanted books.
  3. To rename items.
  4. For other purposes: You can use as traps, shoot from guns, etc.

How to make anvil

In order to make an anvil in minecraft, it will take 31 Iron ingot. And, if we speak more specifically, then: three iron blocks and four ingots that are directly involved in the crafting recipe.

In order to make an anvil need:

How to repair things in minecraft?

Now, when it is already shown how to make this adaptation, it is necessary to say how to use anvil in minecraft, but in a more accurate sense - how to repair things. You will be able to repair, for example, fishing rod or onions, as well as other tools and weapons.

So, in order to make the tool, it is necessary to put two identical objects in the cell interface cells. And then the tool that will turn out will have a strength of about 7 percent more than the amount of strength of two sources.

From the fourteenth image of minecraft in version 1.4.2. It became possible to also repair objects on the anvil Using the necessary materials . It is necessary to put the material in the right slot from which the tool is made, and in the left slot, what should be fixed.

One thing of the material when rewarding tools and swords restores 25% strength (± a few percent). Yes, it is unprofitable economically, but will allow you to save the spell. But the repair of armor is more profitable, since only 4 units of material are needed for full repair, whereas it will take 4-8 for the manufacture of a new one. Do not know how to fix the mail? Answer: Use iron bars. It should be remembered that experience will be required more and more with each fix.

Types of Avovistan

Since the anvil is destroyed from falling and from use, we can talk about three different types:

  1. Normal, new (described above).
  2. Damaged anvil.
  3. Highly damaged anvil.

They all differ outwardly and Have different idi .

Three anvil
Three different anvil: new, damaged and badly damaged.

Damaged anvil

In the process of use and in case of falling, the anvil is destroyed, and its surface is gradually covered by cracks.

Damaged anvil in minecraft
Damaged anvil

ID damaged anvil in minecraft : 145: 1. .

Slightly Damaged Anvil. - English name a little damaged anvil in minecraft. It can also be called Damaged blacksmith anvil .

Team : / Give Nikigka 145: 1 .

Highly damaged anvil

The average amount of anvil use is 25. In the last use, the interface closes, the anvil will disappear, and the repaired item falls on the ground.

Highly damaged anvil in minecraft
Highly damaged anvil

Id strongly damaged anvil in minecraft : 145: 2. .

Very Damaged Anvil. - English name strongly damaged anvil in minecraft. It can also be called badly damaged blacksmith anvil .

Team : / Give Nikigka 145: 2 .

Anvil - Not one device in minecraft

When the basic principles of use of the anvil are mastered, including concerning the fixing of things, weapons and tools, then further subtleties will no longer be a surprise. But besides the anvil, the game Minecraft has other necessary devices:

Damaged anvil

145: 1.

Strongly damaged

145: 2.

The subject refers to the type of solid block, which has physics. Explosion resistance equals 6000, and there is no luminosity. This subject can be renewed, has transparency and develops. Many players, unfortunately, do not know how to make an anvil in minecraft and repair items on it. However, this is not all the possibilities of this object.

How to create anvil in Minecraft

With the help of anvil, you can not only repair the item but also a little change its purpose. Two enchanted artifact placed there will accumulate spells. This will occur only with the condition if they do not contradict each other. Therefore, the anvil differs from a simple workbench or inventory.

Kraft anvil

The first time in minecraft may not be completely clear how to scream anvil. This picture will help you figure it out. You will need ingots and blocks. To build one block, you will need to take 9 ingots. For anvil, it will be enough to have 31 blocks. But to build anvil once is not enough, it will not serve forever.

How to scratch anvil in Minecraft

This subject can also be crashing when falling. After some time, the anvil will collapse again, and you will have to repeat the entire process of its construction one more time. After some time it becomes old, and cracks are formed on it. Anvil, which is used only by its intended purpose, can collapse with a probability of 12 percent.

Kraft anvil in Minecraft

When dropping, this indicator will depend on the height with which it falls. To calculate it, you need to add height to 5 and multiply by 5. When an anvil disappears, all items fall down. In general, on average you can use anvil about 25 times, 3 levels of strength allow you to do it.

How to repair items on anvil in Minecraft?

In order to successfully play, it will be necessary to learn to repair the items using anvil. First you need to find interface cells and put 2 material in them that are identical to each other. As a result, you will receive a more durable material by 7 percent than it was first. If the version of your game is later, you have the opportunity to repair anvil with certain materials.

How to replace items in minecraft

The item that needs to be fixed is placed in the left slot, and the material for repair is right. If you blast the chain, then you take iron bars for this. Remember that when you repair all sorts of instruments and swords, one unit of material can restore the artifact by only 25 percent. As you can see, the resources are spent quite a lot, but the spells are saved. Remember that it will be much more profitable to fix the armor than to create it again.

How to repair armor in minecraft

To create your reservation, you will need, on average, 4-8 units, and 4 units will have enough to repair. When you figure out how to do and repair anvil, as well as repair items, you can get acquainted with other features and build experience in the game.

How do effects change?

Anvil in minecraft makes it possible to repair items, but it does not end in it. You can change the effects of armor, enchanted books and other tools.

The following items will help you to change the effect:

  • 2 items made from one material that must have charms;
  • Enchanted book along with another subject;
  • 2 copies of enchanted books.
When you change the effects of two items with the same spell, then as a result, significantly increase them. For example, you take 2 kirks, the effectiveness of which is equal to IV and get one kirk, but its level rises to another unit. Efficiency after repair will be equal to five.

Change effects

Changing effects also gives you the opportunity to achieve inaccessible results. You can change the mechanics of witchcraft. But the effect will be present only at a certain level: it will not be able to rise more. Effective VI will be simply impossible if it exceeds the level of this enchantment.

Artifacts with several types of charms will be combined after repair and added to the item that is created on the anvil. One item may have incompatible spells simultaneously after it passes an anvil. For example, one subject after repair can simultaneously have "good luck" and "silk touch".


Experience helps to replace objects and combine the spell. The level of experience should be enhanced in order to use more powerful magic when cutting. Forging can be carried out with the most different materials. You will not be able to combine objects if it requires 40 levels and more. But this does not concern the creative regime.

How to impose a spell in Minecraft

When you transfer the spell to another subject, you can spend less resources for it. But this is only if in the first slot you need to create a more powerful subject, and in the second is not so strong. Consider this on the example ...

A sword is taken in the first slot to be repaired and combined with a sharp one. In the second slot, the sword combines with sharpness four. Four sharpness in this case is transferred. In general, you can create anything, combining objects with different spells.

Combining Char.

How to rename the subject?

If you want to rename the subject on the anvil to minecraft, then for this you will need first of all the experience that you must pay. In the title you can use up to 30 characters, but not more. Renameting the usual subject, you lose 5 levels of experience. The more rename, the more experience you need to spend.

It's interesting to know

  • Anvil helps to shoot guns.
  • When the anvil falls, then when falling on mobs or players, she can cause damage.
  • With greater height, the anvil falls, the more seriously damage. On the death of the player due to falling on it, the anvil is indicated by a special message, where it will be written that the player was crushed.
  • The explosion will not be able to destroy the anvil, but it will also not impede him.
  • In the block of anvil nobody suffocates.
  • Anvil may be damaged when it falls on an incomplete block. The surface on which it drops does not affect damage.
  • The subject may fall from any height, but it will be damaged only for one level and no more.
  • The arrow name disappears after renaming, or how you shoot it. Do not think that you will find her after a shot under her old name.
  • The name of the block also disappears after its prey.
When several players play in the game at the same time, then the bug often happens - the loss of things. This can happen when the tool or armor is fixed, or when the player is trying to exit the anvil menu. As a result of the loss of things, experience is spent, but it returns back when you acquire it in another way.

What is the anvil in minecraft

The things at the same time will remain the same as they were. All this can be avoided if using English interface language during forging. If you use Russian or any other language, just change it. Using the Latin, you can erase the name or rename the subject.

How was the anvil was added to the game?

When a new version of 12W41A appeared in October 2012, the players first encountered this with an anvil. In the version 12W42A, some changes have occurred with it: the crafting and texture recipe has been changed. Players from now on could fix tools using some materials.

What is needed an anvil in Minecraft

In version 1.4, the creative mode made it possible to remove restrictions in 40 levels, but otherwise nothing has changed. On users playing in this mode, it stopped valid. Enchanted book in version 1.4.6 made it possible to enchant objects. In version 1.5.2, when using anvil, a certain experience is spent.


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How to make anvil in minecraft: craft recipes, resources, photos, tricks and tips.

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Anvil in minecraft is needed in order to be able to fix or rename items. Also on the anvil you can combine the spell if they do not contradict each other. For example, for the repair of diamond reservations, diamonds and armor are accommodated in the windows of anvil. Using, the anvil will collapse, it is noticeable to cracks on it. To transfer anvil, it needs to be bridged.

Tricks and advice

Anvil can be divided only with pickaxes to carry with you.

  • Synonyms: Anvil.
  • Minecraft versions: 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.16 / 1.15.2 / 1.15.1
  • ID: Anvil.
Anvil in minecraft

How to make anvil

It is indicated here how to make an anvil in minecraft. The crafta recipe indicates the necessary ingredients and their location in Minecraft.

To make an anvil in minecraft, you will need: Iron blocks and iron bars. These ingredients must be placed on the workbench, in accordance with the figure below. To open the workbench you need to click on the right mouse on the installed workbench.

How to do in minecraft


Team of receipt of anvil

Here is the command that allows you to get an anvil in minecraft, that is, as in Minecraft, create anvil.

How to make a command block in minecraft

Anvil can be called on using the command in creative mode .. for this you need:

  1. Open chat (key "T" English)
  2. Write a team / Give @P Minecraft: Anvil
  3. Press the "Enter" key

You can also specify the number and to whom the anvil will be issued:

  1. / Give @P Minecraft: Anvil 10 Get 10 Kovistalen
  2. / Give MinecraftMax Minecraft: Anvil Anvil will be transferred to the player with Nick MinecraftMax

The command can be prescribed to the command unit so that it is performed when receiving a red stone signal.


Video about anvil

Here you can see a video about anvil in minecraft, that is, a selection of videos about Minecraft, where there is an anvil.


If the text of the instruction is incomprehensible to you, then at the bottom of the page there are videos with a detailed description.

During the game, Minecraft often happens, associated with breakdown objects. Imagine, so you dig a huge mine, and the sensitive heart of Minisrafter suggests that the diamonds are already very close, and then Kirk is unexpectedly breaking. Unpleasant, agree? So that this does not happen, you need to repair the tools in time. "Repair? - You will say. - Krable - I know, and how to repair items in minecraft? ". Yes, from recently, the game has the opportunity to repair your favorite swords, kirks, other tools and armor. This requires an anvil. Let's find out how to scream or make an anvil.

How to scratch anvil in minecraft

The recipe for an anvil crafting is quite simple. We will need 31 Iron ingot.

  • From iron bars, it is necessary to make 3 iron blocks (for this, fill the entire field of craft with iron ingots), and then place these blocks into the upper row of the crafting field.
  • 1 Iron ingot should be located in the center, and the rest fill the lower row.

How to make (Scaffold) Anvil in minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.8

Thus, we will have anvil, and we will be able to start repairing items.

How to replace items in minecraft

Minecraft objects can be repaid in two ways:

  • The first method is identical to the repair without anvil. You take two identical objects and connect them. However, if you do it on anvil, then their strength is not simply summed, but also will increase by about 7%.
  • The second method is available only on the anvil. Here are used materials from which the subject was made. For example, iron armor or mail must be fixed using iron bars. According to the observations of the players, one unit of material restores approximately 25% of strength. That is, for example, to repair the diamond bib much more profitable than the sword.

In order to fix the enchanted item, you need an object with the same entry or a common subject and experience. That is, when using a "clean" tool, the enchance occurs on the anvil itself. Even with the help of anvil, it is impossible to connect objects with incompatible spells (for example, luck and silk touch). When you try to repair the picka, enchanted for good luck, picking with a silk touch effect on the resulting after the repair Kirk will remain that effect that was imposed on the tool with the greatest margin of strength. If you fundamentally save some shock, then it is better to repair the tools with ordinary objects.

How to make an anvil video.

Well, we learned how to scratch (do) anvil . Kraft recipe is quite simply remembered, and the use of anvil, believe me, will save you from a variety of difficulties.

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