Top 5 places - where to get acquainted with a guy for a serious relationship

Lonely woman looking for: Where to get acquainted with a guy for a serious relationship

A man for a serious relationship on the road is not lying. Such fossil needs to wash like gold. It is not necessary to go to the Kolyma - you can try closer to home. On places where good guys are found, and let's talk.

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Habitat Geography: Where to get acquainted with a guy for a serious relationship

Where to meet rich

Online: Where to get acquainted with a guy on the Internet and what it is fraught with

Pros and cons of dating sites

How not to become a victim of a fraudster

Do not sigh: what is categorically not necessary to do in dealing with a guy

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Habitat Geography: Where to get acquainted with a guy for a serious relationship

Do not think that a rare kind of "man for a serious relationship" is found in some special places. It meets even on the street. The question is in the number of time spent. The main thing is to connect to the case of Azart so that the tedious search has become fascinating leisure such as shopping. And still. For gold, it is better to go to a geographically favorable region. The chances of lacing something good on Big Shaldink is much higher than transfusion from empty to empty in Mytishchinsky keys. Let's figure out where serious guys are focused, which can be taken in circulation in accordance with the general plan.

Top 5 families for dating

  • Oh, sport you strength and - magnet for guys. Boxing matches, golf, football, ski resort- All this loves men, which means you love and you. Should. You can always choose leisure by means. Lacks to the resort, go to the match. Or in the gym - a place, literally impregnated with testosterone.
  • The next territorial group, where the number of guys on one square meter rolls, it is a place of male leisure. Men relax on the hunt, fishing, in a chess club, bowling, the billiard room. Choose myself - or learn to pull the fishing line, erotic backwards the thigh, or in your hands.
  • If boxing or billiards are categorically not suitable, look for a prince at trainings. MBA courses, financial analysts, a foreign language a priori attend serious people. Razbai is usually satisfied with the current qualifications and rarely increase it. By the way, a great plan - Chinese courses. There will surely be men promising, purposeful and stubborn.
  • Pay attention to the contingent of your office. What to go to work? If in your company, all decent men are already cooking (praised), focus on related enterprises. Quickly find out what is happening around, you can in the smoking room. For the sake of this case, why not to do. Not in the tighten, of course.
  • Mecca for dating - a supermarket closer to midnight. The place, of course, is not romantic, but profitable. Do you think that the "incombo" man do in the store one at such a time? Closer to midnight among shelves and showcases in search of food roam only loneliness. Clear, the audience in the children's nutrition departments is hard ignore.

Where to meet rich

The answer to the question where to get acquainted with the rich, the Listerman knows exactly. "If the lady is not a crocodile," Peter Grigorievich helps. Not a crocodile, it knows "to be beautiful, cheerful, sociable and moderately smart." You can send a photo and a summary on the official portal of the "Main Swift Country" of Clarika.

All the rest who are not interested in the oligarchs, but ordinary successful people, soberly assesses their capabilities and, most importantly, actively act. Successful male - in demand, pick up, incredulous and picking up. It is not easy to conquer his location. Good boobs and legs will be not enough. If all when you, appetizingly shaking hips (instincts rule), move towards the protected areas.

Status men love to engage in winter sports. There is money for a prestigious ski resort - ahead and with a whistle. Wealthy men are forced (and some honestly love) to walk on horseback contests, tennis and golf tournaments. In this case, it is enough to purchase a ticket. And you can get a large cash company - oil and gas, financial or insurance. Do not pay anything, but on the contrary, you get. By the way, many opportunities for dating offers work in elite car dealerships. In general, who is looking for, he will find, or, as the French Brothers say, Qui Cherche, Trouuve.

Online: Where to get acquainted with a guy on the Internet and what it is fraught with

While copying money to Courchevel, I recommend getting a questionnaire on a dating site. What to write, what to keep silent, how sideways turn into a portfolio - disassembled in detail here. Open and read. Boarding the expanses of the Internet in search of relationships can also be on social networks and even on the forums. People, they are everywhere. But on the dating site is a target audience, that is, a high concentration of men who really want to meet.

Pros and cons of dating sites

Theoretically, dating site is an ideal search area. Filtering what is needed (growth, weight, intention) - and choose. Practically, scientists met the resource meticulously and made a long list of its advantages and disadvantages. And those and others - approximately equally. Here are some.

Advantage: The dating site really provides a large database of people who purposefully want to meet. Millions of real partners and no geographic framework.

Failure: Find a partner in such a crowd - the pleasure. Gloover work - separating the grains from the whores. In addition, always pursues the annoying feeling that the next is better.

Advantage: On average, two out of ten novels begin on the Internet. There are a lot of real examples around, as people met online and something came out.

Failure: Each second online acquaintance brings disappointment. Not to mention specific examples, when they are bred for love for the purpose of profit.

Advantage: You can get acquainted at any convenient time. Dating sites are open around the clock, which is in your hand to all in our troubled time.

Failure: Uyma in vain time spent on web communication, which in principle can be used with greater benefit for the soul, mind and body.

Advantage: On the Internet you can relax and behave naturally - to say what you think, to forget about the complexes, to be yourself.

Failure: The virtual world is an opportunity to seem, and not to be than some citizens use pleasure. This is perhaps separately.

How not to become a victim of a fraudster

On the side of the screen under the guise of a man with serious intentions can be anyone. Unassuming small charlatan, an enterprising big player, "the disorder, and then the extortioner." We have already spoken by diverse scams on the soil - be sure to read, so as not to stay with a broken heart and an empty wallet.

Safety rules are simple, these are the main three:

  • Always keep the distance, especially when it seems - the fate itself knocked in the door;
  • Keep with you - copies of the passport, bank card data, photo nude from the personal collection;
  • Do not tempt - do not go to talk about gold, diamonds, bitcoins and property.

Do not sigh: what is categorically not necessary to do in dealing with a guy

Even the guru is mistaken. The average mistakes girl gives out an increasing, meanwhile, hesitate for a serious relationship - a pair of trifles. Candidate, though an excellent guy, but alert. It is like the princess suddenly become an evil witch, and the prince's life did not turn into a terrible fairy tale. We behave as if I got into a bench with an old porcelain-stayed by myself and be careful.

Don't take bull for horns

It turns, tread and not solve - wait. Each man has the right to think and mature. In the state of "underwear" in response to the assertiveness can be reted. Here and in general - fewer eggs in dealing with a guy. You are a girl.

Do not download rights

This in your head you have already gathered and got married, and he is obliged to spend the maximum of resources in your favor and overbring to the relatives. He probably has other plans to look at.

Do not talk about former

Even the mattresses and mumps will not be injured on their territory of third parties, and it does not matter that third parties are already nominal names with Hesteg "Ex". All the "extras" hold with you in hard-to-reach places. And passor.

Do not flaisside

Relationships that worked out, not yet reason to disperse. Do not go to the category of women in workouts and without manicure, overcoming the candy-bought period. No elongated knees, relaxed abdomen, unwashed head and unshaven armpits, even after reading motivating bodypositive articles (written from the evil).

Execute sex

Sex is not a means of recruitment and not a bonus for good behavior. Sex - pleasure for two. It is clear that the habit of the second nature, and itches to serve sexuality for the goods. And still. Began for health, stop the same and with the same frequency.

In essence, find a man is not a problem. They say they are somewhere 3.7 billion people and with every second becomes more. The matter is another thing - what to do with it later. In relations you need to invest. Consumerism is no longer trend. Although men still want to give. Good luck!

Where exactly is the woman moving to Moscow, to meet a man for a serious relationship?

 Where to get acquainted with a man in Moscow councils of a man of psychologist for women 30

I, Nikolai Markov, consult in the capital for more than 5 years. And among my clients only for 2016 there were more than 100 women - the guests of the capital.

And on the basis of the analysis, I can single out three personal qualities, as a result of which the "Guest of the Big City" would seem to be simply obliged to meet a suitable man in Moscow:

Firstly - the mind. In such women, as a rule, in stock Higher education, even a few. After all, they come to the capital is not just so, but to find a decent job and then climb high in the career ladder. Many of them, after a couple of years of work in Moscow, really achieve significant success in work. And they begin to earn much more than the average man in Russia.

           In - are originality. Many "Guest Guests of the Big City" Despite the downloaded schedule at work managed to find time for self-development. Some of them practice shamanic practices, someone visits trainings of personal growth, and someone is fond of yoga.

            The following quality is power. Sometimes a big city puts huge problems before its guests. And sometimes not to count on anyone. Because parents and relatives remained far away, and on new friends it is not always possible to rely. Therefore, the guests of the capital are pretty quickly learning to solve their problems independently. And I want to say, in most cases they really manage it.


Therefore, a woman - the guest of the capital is usually smart, extraordinary, strong. And as a result, it would seem, she simply can not not meet the future husband. But I come across this everywhere - the guest of a big city is often alone.

After all, loneliness and misfortune are connected with each other. Because every woman in the depths of the soul wants to love and be loved. And not in vain they say that "female happiness - it would be a loved one." And if there is no such beloved, then, of course, nor about what happiness is not necessary. And therefore, after some time staying in the capital it becomes deeply unhappy. As the money appears, but they can't buy personal happiness on them ...

Sometimes there are some men next to the guest of the capital, but these are not the "heroes of her novel." After all, most of these characters are looking for "adventures at a time," and simply are not configured to serious relationships.

When the lonely guests of the capital come to me for a consultation, I recognize them very quickly by sadness, which is read in their eyes. After all, sometimes enough just peeled in her view more carefully. And if sadness is read there, then more than it is likely that this woman remained alone in Moscow.

Many lonely women allow a serious mistake in Moscow. They rely rapidly on fate, believing that the man will definitely appear on the path itself.

So many months and sometimes years and years waiting for the "Prince on the White Kone". But when the age of a woman turns over 40, and she was alone and it remains, finally comes to understand that "and the Moscow Prince will not meet" ...

There is also a category of women who absolutely do not think about to get acquainted with someone. Their life goes on some kind of commissioned order - work, meeting with girlfriends, travel. But in the depths of the soul and these people are also deeply unhappy, because neither a friend, nor a career, nor travel, is nothing of this unable to make you happy when there is no beloved man nearby.

But I love the most women who clearly understand the following: "To meet a suitable man you need to take concrete actions!"

And that's exactly what they often have a question: "And where, in fact, you can meet a man in Moscow for a serious relationship? Where? Where is the place? "

If you live in the capital, then you probably noticed that dating sites that were previously considered classic (street, work, nightclub, fitness center) are now less and less popular.

Why is that?

Everything is simple ....

Because On the streets of Moscow It is quite dangerous to let a stranger person in his personal space. Sometimes if you go along the capital, if you are a young girl and a man comes to you and starts you talking to you, then "here it's not that you need to talk to him in response, but you just need to run faster, while there is such an opportunity." Just kidding of course. But you hope to realize that the acquaintance on the street can be quite dangerous.

            Acquaintance at work . In a good Moscow company, it is very difficult sometimes to get a job. Competition in the big city is very large. And therefore, people are sometimes very much for their place, which is quite justified. But when an intrigue arises at work, then the risk of losing work. Since they are starting to thicken "clouds from dirty gossip", as a result of which the opinion of the authorities will not begins to deteriorate. Plus, if one of your acquaintances will not come out of your acquaintance, then some of you will definitely get quiet. Since it is uncomfortable to see every day of a person who hit your refusal by your self-esteem or soul wounds.

            Acquaintance in a nightclub . There is no secret here that the following scenario reigns in such metropolitan institutions: met - they danced - slept. Therefore, the nightclub is a place to entertain from Friday on Saturday, but no more.

            Fitness Centre. The initial goal is to provide people with physical culture opportunities. Therefore, the main difficulty in meeting there is a male sweat, which is a side effect from the exercise.

Thus, I indicated the main reasons, as a result of which women gradually refuse dating on the street, at work, in nightclubs, and fitness centers.

Where then get acquainted with a man in Moscow?  

Of course, on the Internet. But only you should forget about dating sites. Since if the goal is a serious relationship, by 2017 these sites can be said "died." There are too many inadequate and fraud on them. Therefore, when someone says that they say it is necessary to look for a suitable man on a dating site, then he starts to "twist his finger at the temple." And it is very justified.

Therefore, forgot about dating sites - Point!

Now dating through social networks is the main trend. After all, they sit absolutely everything.

By the way, only In contact with For 2017, 72 million people have been registered. Just imagine that those who live in Moscow are all in parallel with this are Vkontakte and Facebook.

How to get acquainted with a man through a social network?

Here I remember the story of one consultation in 2012. My online dating methodology at that time was "in the embryo." And my main specialization at that time was in the help of women to exit depressed after parting.

And there was one girl (a native Muscovite in the fourth generation). I helped her from depression. After that, the next stage came in her life - to get acquainted with a normal man. I say: "Listen, you are such a busy girl. You have no time to meet at all. Or maybe you create another VKontakte page specifically for dating. And we will see what will come out of it. "

Here is her look at that moment I will never forget. She said nothing. She was silent. But it was a look as if she looked at the crazy. Because at the dawn of the occurrence of VKontakte there was some madness.

I remember how you go to the search of VK, enter a completely random phrase, and so I just won't go into details that came out there. But then the whole criminal networks of pedophiles on the basis of this were discovered in contact.

Now in 2017, VKontakte became more political accrect. Now the materials are social networks are quite strong moderation. And in general, communication between users has become more cultural.

Therefore, now VKontakte and Facebook is, perhaps, the best features for dating. Since now we have public and groups that combine men and women in interest. Moreover, communication within their limits is pretty culturally. Outcome: Believe me, the one who you need is quite possible in one of the social network groups at a distance of "just one click". And before him you just need to reach, printing the cherished "Hi! How are you?" .... ==========================

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Decent, successful men - where are they inhabited? Surely you heard about places in which they are guaranteed to meet. These are closed clubs in interest, parties for the elite, expensive restaurants. But how to be, because only the favorites are allowed there? You will be surprised, but to get acquainted with a man who meets your high demands, you can in publicly available places - and even such that you would never have thought about. So, where to find a man of your dreams and how to proper communication with him?

Where to meet a man

Business space

First of all, we are talking about office centers, where there is a lounge zone, restaurants and other places of recreation. There you can meet entrepreneurs of secondary and top links, successful managers, company owners. Trainings, master classes and other events, on which you can start a casual dialogue with a man you can start a casualtical centers.

Tie conversations in business space will help phrases-hooks. Apply them depending on the current situation. For example, getting acquainted with a man in the recreation area after the training You can use such phrases:

"You have followed the speaker's report so enthusiastically! Probably, do you professionally do this sphere?"

"What did you especially like the report? I especially liked the part about the integration of the new technology into life. Let's discuss it for a cup of coffee!"

And at the reception in the business center You can start the conversation so:

"Tell me how in this office center find the company x? Of course, it would help me to find it, but it seems to me that your help I will be happy at times more."

The business zones also include airports fromto fly to business trips. You can unobtrusively tie communication in the waiting room by applying a simple and win-win. Tap a man awaiting your departure, and start a friendly conversation :

"Tell me, your plane is delayed to leave? You fly in Zurich? And then I listened to the information."

"Sorry, and you flirt far away? Just announced a delay of departure ... In any case, the delay in coffee with a pleasant communication will only delight!"

For dating at the airport, look at men who expect no resort, but business flights, for example, in London or New York.

Business spaces are both professional exhibitions, such as robotics, programming, developing computer applications and others. Visiting such events, do not forget at least superficially familiarize yourself with the topic they are dedicated. So it will be easier for you to tie a conversation and interest a man.

How to get acquainted with men

Territory of male interests and hobbies

You can get acquainted with a successful man in places where women are rarely there. We are talking about purely male hobbies, such as shooting in dash, game on billiards, car racing, sports bars. Try to visit such places more often. For example, In the sports bar, where men look formula-1 , It is possible to observe others. In the break between races, make a conversation with a man you like:

"I see, you are an ardent fan of Formula 1. Who is your favorite racer? So I really like Sebastian Vettel."

I get acquainted with a man on the territory of his hobby, try to emphasize His successes in this area, for example:

"You are an excellent shooter! How long have you been on" you "with a gun?"

"It is felt like hard you keep the steering wheel in your hands. What sees to you on the horizon?"

Wrinky similar conversation, you give a companion the opportunity to tell about your hobbies and successes. Communication on the topic in which he is well oriented, will make it talkative and relaxed, which will become an excellent foundation for nascent relations.

City Parks and Streets

You will be surprised, but successful men do not always go on expensive cars accompanied by security. They, like everyone, walk through the streets of favorite cities, walk in the parks. If you did not meet decent men in your area, boldly collect a picnic basket and go to the park in the city center. To the "habitat" successful representatives of heavy sex also include boutiques of men's accessories in the city center, parking of cinemas, large shopping centers.

Try every day to expand the "search route" by visiting new and new places. It is important that at the same time you stay in a good mood and felt "on all one hundred" - women shining from the inside always attract.

Become acquainted Outside or in the park Such phrases will help:

"I feel such a charismatic man knows how to find a bridge at the pond?"

"You probably know how to go to Arbat? Can you send me?"

"Male, tell me, what accessory would you choose your boss? I would like to hear a male opinion on this score"

Do not be afraid to be bolder and first start acquaintance. Sometimes the interlocutor may notice and do not manifest the initiative. In this case, your activity will have to be as impressed by the way and will help start a pleasant communication. If a man decides to speak with you first, you already have useful phrases-hooks that can be used.

Trips and travels

You can get acquainted with successful men in tourist trips - not only at the resorts themselves and in places of recreation, but also in transport - on cruise liners, in airplanes and trains. During the journey, pay attention to the surrounding men - they can be found in the center of renting cars, at the nearby seat on the plane, at the hotel's reception, in the restaurant, a museum or on the beach.

Meet on a rest Bright phrases can help attract attention. Choose and modify them depending on the situation in which it turned out:

"I'm floating not very good, maybe you look after me on the shore?"

"Here there were hammocks somewhere, because you are a lover relax? Just visit nature and dream?"

"Do not tell me where you can order fishing? I am sure that you are an expert!"

"For the first time I go to Düsseldorf! Tell me where you can walk there and, perhaps, get lost?"

Traveling, it is important to be open to dating and incorrectly emphasize this attention. For example, making the optimal route to the sights of interest you are interested in, do not "break down" in the cards - it is better to ask how to drive it.

Sport classes

Many successful men in their free time prefer to engage in active sports. These include diving, kitesurfing, mountain skiing, various types of martial arts. More busy give preference to gym, pools, activity of athletics.

Take communication on the basis of sports sports is easy, especially if you also support the form and prefer to lead an active lifestyle. Recognizing an interesting man during sports , refer to it using one of the phrases:

"Do not tell me where is the pool here?"

"You are so concentrated! Tell me, what is your handicap? And on what fields do you prefer to play?"

"What are your favorite space for kaitsurfing?"

Unobtrusive conversation can be transformed into a pleasant acquaintance for a cup of tea. In conversation, try to consume the right verbs: "What do you Like ? "" What are you in love ? "," What are you captive ? ". So you subconsciously output a man to a deeper dialogue about the feelings and personal perception of the world.

To come to a happy life with a successful, loving and beloved man, you need to act. Fold hands, sit down at the window and wait - a bad strategy: suddenly the prince on a white horse leaks past. Starting with the search for your narrowed. Having passed the described "routes" and using prompts, you can meet and captivate a man to further build happy, harmonious relationships with him.

If we are tired of loneliness, but you can't find your half, do not hurry to complain about fate. Hurry to help and reveal the places where single serious men are found!

Even those self-sufficient women who give the impression of ladies enjoying a free life, at night with sadness hug a pillow and jerk away from loneliness. Definitely The absence in the life of the right person is not a reason to surround oneself with empty men, Therefore, we will not call you to rush on strange creatures, in the passport of which the male floor is indicated. We will tell about where to get acquainted with a serious man who does not exchange on trifles and is waiting for their only half.

  1. Virtual platforms - Available and fast
  2. Latest touches to the irresistible portrait
  3. Places of cluster of serious men
  4. Where else can you go to dating a guy
  5. Important tips for successful acquaintance

Virtual platforms - Available and fast

We will not argue with the fact that the easiest most modern people get acquainted on the Internet. We have already written about what men live there why they delay the first date and how to get acquainted on the global network. Once I want to remind the main thing: On the dating sites, the same people are registered that they live near you. , there are no aliens and special creatures.

GDE Poznakomitsia-S-Sereznym-Muzhchinoi-Mesta-Obitaniia-1

Therefore, you can find anyone on the site: and a busy businessman, and the employee acquired by the public work, and the too modest student, and Alfons, concerned about how to ate for someone else's expense, and a normal lonely man looking for, where to meet for a serious relationship with his half.

Our advice may seem strange, but even if you are an opponent of virtual communication, be sure to register there - it will come in handy for dating in the real world. How? Hundreds of compliments, dozens of want to meet and the army of numerous fans will raise self-esteem, "lit" in the eyes of the shine, improve the mood and make you more attractive for other men!

It has long been proven that representatives of strong sex in some unknown flavors feel that a woman is already like someone, and it is precisely such ladies for some reason that for some reason subconsciously attract individuals of male sex!

Latest touches to the irresistible portrait

And now confident in yourself and in our irresistible will go to the place where you can get acquainted with a serious and decent man. But before you leave the house, critically inspect yourself in the mirror. Perhaps the hunt should be postponed for three days to have time to lose some kilograms on a fast diet, and maybe you should put in order nails, eyebrows, hair or skin?

GDE POZNAKOMITSIA-S-Sereznym-Muzhchinoi-Mesta-Obitaniia-2

If everything is in order with appearance, open the cabinet and select outfits that will not look too defiantly, but they will attract the attention of men. Remember: you have to spin in the usual everyday setting, where you are inappropriate to look out the frank neckline and vulgar mini. For successful hunting, narrow trousers, dresses, sets of skirt and the right top selected for it are suitable.

If you are full, use tricks to help hide excess volumes and emphasize the merits. Do not neglect high heels, but if you are a very high lady, they can reduce the number of potential fans, whose growth is not much higher than yours. (Read the tips for those who get tired of heels).

Makeup is important, but you should not do it too bright. Severate the combat color for another case, and for the first accidental acquaintance, natural tones and bright shades will be suitable. Do not forget that it is necessary to allocate something one thing: either lips, or eyes.

Places of cluster of serious men

And now about the most important and main thing: Where can I get acquainted with a man In our rapid time? Try to benefit from your favorite classes - Shopping . Only this time attend departments not with female, but with male goods. Slowly consider ties, shirts, briefcases and other accessories. Just do not circle around the underwear - so the potential groom might think that you choose panties for your husband or lover.

GDE POZNAKOMITSIA-S-Sereznym-Muzhchinoi-Mesta-Obitaniia-3

Be prepared for the fact that a man can take the initiative and will ask for advice or help in choosing a particular thing. Be sure to help and not dry phrases, but manifesting sincere interest and participation. Immediately ask him to help you "choose a gift for the chief of brother or colleagues." Bold ladies may not wait for the initiative from the representatives of the "modest floor" and to show it themselves, asking the man you like to try on the Sweater "for brother."

A good chance for those who are looking for where to get acquainted with a rich man provide Car dealership . Spin among those who choose expensive cars, ask the advice, sharing opinions. Agree to what is just going to go to go on rights and would like to practice, but such friends who would give a few lessons, no. Perhaps good luck will touch you with your tail of the poultry, and the young man liked asks the phone.

Continuing the topic of shopping, it can be recommended to meet such places like Building supermarkets , Computer goods stores, Departments for fishermen and hunters (To help those who risk it go there - a small libez, an article about female fishing). Do not want to complicate searches?

Spend more time in Semi-finished departments And the finished cooking in the usual supermarket - there idle men tend to buy their simple dinner. You can also visit the rows of alcoholic beverages where they sell a good brandy, and play the scene to choose a gift for a doctor. (Read a beautiful story about meeting the store).

In addition to shopping, there are other places where you can get acquainted with a good man in just one day. it Exhibitions which regularly pass in various cities. Crowd men, among which there are lonely, attend exhibitions dedicated to cars, construction, computer technologies, medicine.

Where else can you go to dating a guy

When you ask the question where the girl get acquainted with a guy, and get the option: cafe, do not rush to reject this offer. IN Cafe You can get acquainted for a serious relationship, just go there it is not too late in the evening, but at lunchtime. It is at this time that the employees of banks, offices and all those who can't eat at home or all those who cannot eat at home or take with them to work with a caring wife of a caleting with them to work.

GDE POZNAKOMITSIA-S-Sereznym-Muzhchinoi-Mesta-Obitaniia-4

Just Note: For a meeting, as a rule, the full men are located, so let the guy first eat, then throw your own modest, but interested glance. For very bold girls, it will not be difficult to start a conversation first and the most gone to the man who has already had time to start his lunch, and the modests can only wait for their prince.

Girls who are satisfied with their body may well go alone on beach And there to wait for your "Dolphin", and if there is no beach, then nothing prevents a lonely guys who dream about the faithful and devoted girlfriend often over his muscles.

Important tips for successful acquaintance

Statistics argue that 60% of dating failure and the reason for this is the wrong behavior of a woman. How to prevent a mistake and not miss the time to be in your hands possible happiness?

  1. In no way, do not give your main goal - you came to the point of accumulation of men in your case, and do not look for, a place where it is better to meet a lonely prince. Do not show excessive joy and interest when the guy pays attention and will initiate. Remember: representatives of the opposite sex love to hunt, and the prey, herself falling into his hands, they are not enough.
  2. Do not hurry to accept an offer to continue to get acquainted and go with a guy of a cafe or to another place, make it up for employment, but do everything to ask you to have a phone number. It would be nice for this case to have a business card, you can unobtrusively distribute a new acquaintance. Do not worry if the guy after the first refusal will lose interest to you - either he is not interested in you, or offered a continuation only because I was sure of a negative answer.
  3. Do not be too active and obsessive. If, after the first question, the man did not show a response - retreat and wait for a new challenger.
  4. Do not attack the "sacrifice" immediately, give a potential lover to notice you, evaluate, draw conclusions, and only then show the initiative. Otherwise, he will simply do not have time to understand that in front of him is his fate!

After dating, be prepared for the fact that the man can ask you to offer a place to date. Arm yourself with a selection of best places with tips, how to behave in advance! GDE POZNAKOMITSIA-S-Sereznym-Muzhchinoi-Mesta-Obitaniia-5

If you can not meet a guy for a long time, go through our test that will help you understand who your ideal may just look for that man.

Dear ladies, if you know more places where you can get acquainted with a man - write about it in the comments. Let's help each other and share useful information! Also, if you want your girlfriends to read this article, click on the Social Networks button. Happiness to you and great love!

Once I had a consultation for the consultation of the age of 50, although love all the ages are submissive, and it's great that women think about it even being retired. After I told her about those reasons for which she did not meet her prince, she persistently tried to achieve me, where she still meets him, she asked me to call her specific places! I must say that the analysis of an astrological map makes it clear where you can find a partner how to get acquainted with him. In her map, all the instructions were that she herself would get to know him in the place where he would be engaged in self-development and care about himself. But she still demanded specific places. Then I called it several possible places, but this, of course, is out of consultation. This is a purely individual question.

After that, I began to think about her question and began to collect those places where you can really meet a decent partner.

Here is my top 21:

0. In the library. Jack! Now it is hardly a good place to dating, although in the times of the USSR - very decent partners spent their free time

1. At its work. Yes, it is there that we spend a third of your life. And if you have to go systematically to work, then this is the place where you can find a partner: among colleagues, partners, managers. And yes, a service affair can promise a big and happy collaborative future, even if he is a boss, and you are a subordinate (the best option), and even on the contrary (less well). I know such rather harmonious unions.

2. In the company of friends. Your friends and girlfriends will always have bachelors, it's for sure, so we'll seem more often and once the company will be the most prince you were looking for.

3. In the company of parents. Our parents have friends, and friends have their own children, and among them there are also pretty successful men (idle or divorced). Remember that guy who came to play home together with mom and dad, while the parents talked to their topics, you were asked to play with him. Yes, at the age of 5-12 years, maybe he is not very pretty, but now everything could change! Offer parents to collect friends and their children.

4. On the Internet. Yes, now it is perhaps the most relevant way of dating. There are many different services for exploring the Internet. I did not try myself, I won't tell the names, Google knows exactly them. But my girlfriends, active users of such services - now successfully married and happy. I agree that there are many of those who are looking for communication by 1 time, but there are others who want a relationship for life. Be a little more accurate, and success awaits you.

5. On vacation, travel. More often, travel the places that you like, perhaps it is there that you meet the one who shares the advantages of travel. There is a stereotype that the resort novel will remain so. But it is already more dependent on you and your strategy for building relationships. Do not be afraid to travel alone - dating to you then provided.

6. On a run. Great option. It will immediately be clear that the partner also leads a healthy lifestyle, has the power of will and a beautiful figure.

7. In transport or traffic. Practice in public transport if you move in this way, do not keep up with your phone or book, but consider those who are near. Also, stuck in the car traffic jam, inspect who sits behind the wheel in a nearby car. Maybe this is your prince?

8. At the training of personal growth. If you go there for one's own growth and where a mixed audience, then acquaintance with interesting people, including men you are provided

9. On learning. They wanted to learn how to drive a car or jump with a parachute, computer graphics, and can improve the qualifications, go for full-time training, the most likely to meet a like-minded partner

10. In the fitness club, the pool - no comment, so everything is clear

11. For a walk with a pet. No dog, take the cat and go to walk with her or take the peel from the shelter and walk with it regularly, dog lovers always find common topics for communication

12. In the store. You can not only choose the goods, but also look around who are near, which chooses. Set of bachelor in the grocery department I think will understand any woman

13. At the party. Understandable thing, a fairly banal way of dating, but also less reliable, but still do not need to neglect them

14. In the mug of interest. They wanted to try themselves in martial arts or in robotics, and maybe you love dancing. It is quite likely your second half is already waiting for you there. The main thing is that you like this leisure.

15. On retreat. If there is an opportunity there to be - use it, meet yourself a spiritual satellite and continue to develop together

16. In social networks. It differs from dating on the Internet by the fact that there are no those who are aimed at acquaintance. Choose a guy who liked, studying his profile, see common friends with him, try to get into touch.

17. In the house. Do you know who lives in the next apartment, floor above or lower? Oh, then you urgently run to neighbor for salt, flour, sugar, or take a look in the morning which of your entrance. Maybe your prince lives in an apartment opposite or periodically flooding you, and you still do not know.

18. Evening meeting of graduates. Classmates, classmates, etc. Yes, remember who you liked at school, university, who you liked. Maybe now it's time to meet the class and resume communication. After all, everything flows and changes, and yesterday's twirl Vanka today is a successful entrepreneur who you dream about.

19. Car service, car wash, auto shop - if there is a car, if not - car dealership. No need to try to repair cars yourself, refer to the specialists. Can one of them have your chosen one? And if there is no car, also not trouble, go through the salons and pick yourself a car. There work most often, men.

20. Charitable organizations and movements. The patronage has always been an honorable activity, so there can be a lot of successful and men. You can help not only financially, but also a personal contribution, so choose those who want to help and forth.

21. Place - X (any other: in dentistry, clinic, veterinary, at the charges, in the fire department, etc.).

The main thing is to understand that you can meet your prince anywhere, from the word completely! It is important at the time of the meeting to look like a princess and feel so much! Then the prince will definitely won't pass by!

I hope my top turned out to be useful for you! Share in the comments, where did you meet your partner if you have it? And if not, where, in your opinion, you can still get acquainted?

Where to get acquainted with a man's dreams? Top 21 sites for dating
Where can I get acquainted with a manFrom the part it may seem that lonely women are quite self-sufficient and really enjoy their freedom and independence. However, many of them jeep at night, hugging a pillow with sadness. But if there is no necessary person nearby, it does not mean that it is worth surrounding yourself with empty men. To find someone able to wait for their halves, without changing the trifles, you should know where you can get acquainted with a man.

From this article you will learn:

  • How to meet a man
  • In which public places you can meet a man
  • On which sites you can get acquainted with a man for a serious relationship
  • How to keep a man after dating

How to meet a man

Your actions depend on how the relationship will quickly develop. Simple tips presented below will help even the most modest girl to get acquainted with any guy.

Where can I get acquainted with a man

Passive measures.

The initiative can show a man, you just need a little bit to push it. So that the chances of acquaintance have increased, adhere to some recommendations.

You can get acquainted in different places and situations, it is not necessary to go to a bar or restaurant for this. First of all, think about what kind of partner you would like to have, and depending on this choose the location. If athletes are attracted to you, sign up into the gym or go on a jog. And the intellectual can be found at lectures or exhibition.

Analyze, in what places you yourself are most often. Surely there are men who share your interests.

Perhaps you have long dreamed of mastering some new skill? Then to get acquainted with the appropriate candidates at DJing courses or in the language school.

If you appear where many men are going to, then you will be honored to stand out and you can hardly be easily without attention. It can be a car exhibition, a sports or even the instruments in the supermarket.

Cafes and bars are the most popular places where you can get acquainted with a man. We recommend choosing some one institution and visit it regularly. Then, after a while, this setting will become familiar and comfortable for you. So, it will be easier to get acquainted with a new person. In addition, the stormy joy of bartenders in your appearance will accurately pay attention to other visitors in your direction.

  • You are in terms of solitude more often.

Loudly laughing girlfriends and especially men 'friends immediately scare away all the candidates. Therefore, start walking, traveling, walking in a cafe and on various events alone.

A big mistake will attempt to replace the lack of male communication with a smartphone or headphones with music. To meet you with you, he must understand that you are free.

  • Do not be a snowy queen.

The indifference and the coldness do not attract anyone, but only repel. But it's not to overdo with faith. View in combination with a slight smile will be quite enough for a man to understand that you are interested in.

Where can I get acquainted with a man

  • Watch your appearance.

It is important not only to choose a place where you can get acquainted with a man for a serious relationship, but also appear there in the appropriate form. Too short and brilliant clothes do not look sexy at all. She more reflects the bad taste and despair of a woman than her willingness to normal relations.

It is recommended to stick to simple but stylish options for clothing, correctly pick up the hairstyle and makeup.

The main rule - try to look good and everywhere. Well maintained is considered a manifestation of politeness towards himself and others.

Active ways.

Modern society is quite adequate to the fact that the woman shows the initiative when meeting a man. We have compiled a list of simple ideas for the first step, which can easily implement any girl:

Many are more concerned about the question not "where you can get acquainted with a decent man", but "how." If you do not want to directly express your interest, you can resort to various tricks. For example, go to a man and tell you that you are betting with a friend, according to which the number of his phone should now be taken. Or joke, standing next to him. After that, to turn around and apologize, explaining that they thought they were talking to your acquaintances.

To use such "tricks" requires some acting skills. But then a small emission of adrenaline is provided to you.

Try to get acquainted with the man using one of the most innocent ways to attract attention: Ask him to hold the door, get the goods from the top shelf in the store or explain the road.

Here the main thing is not to impress the woman's problem constantly demanding help. Not all men like to play the role of the Savior Father.

Representatives of both sexes love attention very much. It is possible to place an unfamiliar guy to themselves, by igniting it to intelligence and the horizon. To do this, ask a stranger from the courses to explain to you through the past material or contact the question of working for a pretty colleague.

Men also want to praise them. This does not mean that you need to immediately sing the diminishers of their strength or beauty. It is enough to make a compliment of a pet whose owner you liked, or evaluate the performance of an attractive rapporteur.

  • Openly declare about your interest.

If you lack patience to play romantic games and wait for a stranger to answer your hints, just tell him that he is interested in you. You can also approach a pretty guy in a cafe, and ask if you can not sit for a table.

Where can I get acquainted with a man

10 places where you can get acquainted with a man

    1. In the office. Where can I get acquainted with a manMost people live according to the "House-House" scheme. However, this does not mean that they have no chance to meet their love. Often, serious relationships are tied just between colleagues. And it is not surprising, because they spend a lot of time together, find themselves in various situations, learn each other in different moods and states. Therefore, it is easier for them to understand whether they will be able to get along together. If you have already considered this opportunity, but they did not find decent candidates in their office, do not be discouraged. Perhaps in the neighborhood there are other companies. The most popular place to communicate at work, where you can get acquainted with a man, is a smoking room. And it is not necessary to have this harmful habit, many go there just to relax and chatting. A good way to meet you: Start greeting with that person you see constantly. Increase your chances by adding a light smile to a greeting.
    2. At the resort. Where can I get acquainted with a manResting in the resort, almost everyone is becoming new friends. Often, communication begins even when boarding the train or the plane and continues until returning to the original item. The fact that, gaining new impressions, we begin to look at the world around us, become more tolerable and open. Maybe that's why it turns out easier on the trip to get to know new people. How not to talk to a countryman who suddenly met in the fuss of an unfamiliar city? And those who prefer active recreation, excursions and entertainment, opportunities for acquaintance becomes even more. It turns out that most resort novels are short-lived. When the rest ends and we return from vacation, the wonderful ease disappears. Putting again into the daily routine, we forget how to enjoy life and smile for no reason. Although such cases when friendship on vacation not only survives, but also turns into something more, too. Therefore, the resort can still be excluded from those places where you can get acquainted with a decent man.
    3. On excursions. To diversify your weekend, why not go on an excursion? Surely, many will be skeptical about such a suggestion, as they believe that in addition to lonely women with children there is no one to meet any more. However, it depends on the excursion itself. For example, on the "Golden Ring" trip most likely it will be. But the excursion of military historical themes - just the place where you can get acquainted with a military man. This option is most suitable for those girls who, at least a little interested in history.
    4. In the supermarket. Where can I get acquainted with a manIt would seem that this is not a romantic place. However, many people manage to get acquainted with their half exactly there. Of course, on weekends there will be almost no chance, as the supermarkets will be filled with married couples purchased for the future week. But each of us ran to the nearest store on weekdays for a light snack, sweets or cigarettes. Next time carefully look at. Suddenly, will you see a man of your dreams picking products for your bachelor dinner? By the way, it is not necessary to limitate only with grocery supermarkets. You can go to sports. Then the topics will be much more for communication, and the chances of finding a friend (or partner) are higher.
    5. At the party with friends. Where can I get acquainted with a manStatistics argue that in most cases the future married couple is found in the company of common friends, and office dating ranks second. Therefore, it is not worth a hurry with the failure of the invitation to visit the celebration of the anniversary, the wedding, birthday, etc. Do not be discouraged if such offers does not come. Surely you have repeatedly refused to your friends and acquaintances, so they do not expect another response. To fix this, remind them of yourself, start active communication (albeit according to the correspondence). Train parties are good because they are invited mainly to those who passed through a kind of friendly "filter". So, it is just the place where you can get acquainted with a decent man.
    6. On the city festival. Any holiday is already a wonderful reason for dating and communicating. In addition, there you can "legitimately" give away the smiles of all in a row, without looking at this ridiculous. In weekdays, smiling people are rare. Even if you promise to smile all day, in the evening your face will still become frowning or tired. And then you will rather get used to attend, and not to carry out to the house. On the festival, all celebrating joyful and cheerful, so it is much easier to meet someone. Gave a response smile, that's all things!
    7. In a bookstore. Where can I get acquainted with a manThis option may seem ridiculous, but in reality the bookstore is one of those places where you can get acquainted with a normal man. Plus, that there you always have many innocent reasons to appeal to an attractive buyer. Any standard question from the series: "I was advised to read this author (whose books he just examines). What do you think, what book is better to start? " Or "have a friend's birthday soon, I would like to give her an exciting detective. Which of the books of this author is your most interesting? ". Please note that the choice of genre does not mean what kind of mental abilities are men. Surely you are reading women's magazines (at least sometimes). But this does not mean that you can't perceive something serious? Our brain periodically needs rest, so you should not immediately treat a person biased. Perhaps your perfect partner reads Marinina's book at night.
    8. In the fitness club. Where can I get acquainted with a manTighted men older than 30 years old, with a flat stomach and well-developed muscles, are rarely found. However, now not the time when I had to sacrifice the figure and health for the sake of a successful career. Many modern companies provide their employees not only nutrition and medical insurance, but also pay classes in the fitness club. And even without such a bonus, men today are quite motivated to follow themselves and keep themselves in shape. After all, their appearance is one of the elements of success. Therefore, a fitness club is one of those places where you can really get acquainted with a man. There is an opinion that it is impossible to start a promising acquaintance. But it is erroneous. It is only necessary to look at regular visitors better and find a way to get acquainted closer. Incline the dialogue from the usual question: "Have you been doing here?". And then, for example, "by chance" face the object of your interest on the outlet of the club. Then he will have the opportunity to suggest to bring you to home or spend to the subway.
  1. In foreign language courses. Align a pleasant and useful - sign up for foreign language courses. This option is especially relevant for those who speak English poorly, because today the possession of this language refers to the standard requirements for most vacancies. Well, if necessary for your work, you can choose specialized courses. For example, business English. The level engaged in there will be much higher. Are you talking to English perfectly? Try to explore other languages. It is recommended to choose those that can then be applied in practice. For example, if you are considering French and Chinese, it is better to give preference to the latter. It is most often learn by those whose working activities are directly related to Chinese business partners. And, as a rule, these are men. The course of the course of course is also important. If your main goal is to get acquainted with a business man, then the "business Chinese", "Business German", etc. is suitable. Of course, you yourself should be interested in learning a language. One desire to meet will not be enough. In addition, a woman learning Chinese only for the sake of a man looks not very attractive.
  2. At a dating party. Where can I get acquainted with a manThe main minus of the use of sites in order to get acquainted with a decent man is that in photography and information in the questionnate it is impossible to make a full-fledged opinion about the person. And to cut off unsuitable candidates, you will have to spend time on correspondence with a bunch of people. Well, it is easier to live live with potential partners. And you have such an opportunity. So called "flirting parties", where you can get acquainted with a woman with a man, appeared in Russia relatively recently. But if you get the appropriate request in the search engine, then you will see a whole list of references to such events. Organizers are gaining an equal number of women and men belonging to one age category, after which they send invitations. When all the participants gather in the appointed place, the girls are invited to sit for the tables, and men are randomly sitting opposite them. Paras are given 5-10 minutes for communication, and after (by signal) men get up and transplanted for a neighboring table. This continues until all participants get acquainted with each other. Then the girls give the organizers of a piece of paper with the numbers of the men who liked them or express a desire to continue communication in a different way. The fact that all participants in such events visit them to dating and are already configured to communicate.

Here are another 4 simple ways to help you get acquainted with a man in a public place:

Recommended articles on this topic:

Top 10 sites where you can get acquainted with a man

1st place - https://www.mamba.ru/ru/search.phtml

Where can I get acquainted with a man

This is the site where you can get acquainted with a good man. Many have already heard about him. It is one of the oldest and most popular sites for dating. The audience is more than 30 million people from different countries.


  • the possibility of maintaining a diary;
  • Wide coverage and a huge audience;
  • The presence of stories about the best dates and novels who crowned the wedding (of course, the couple met on this site);
  • The possibility of standard search by sex and the city, as well as using a variety of filters: on material position, occupation type, type, harmful habits, etc. Although, of course, not all fill such data.


  • Not very good work Support service;
  • There are many spam and suspicious persons (inadequate, sending candid photos after a couple of messages);
  • Negative comments can be deleted;
  • A good functionality will be only when you buy a VIP account (and such questionnaires are highlighted above others).

2nd place - https://love.mail.ru/rusearch.phtml

Where can I get acquainted with a man

Another popular site where you can get acquainted with a man. It appeared in 2007. You can register on it for free, and the number of users has already exceeded ten million (and increases daily).


  • those who do not know how to start a conversation will be helped with original greetings;
  • many Russian users (more than many other competitors);
  • You can find travelers for a short trip or long journey;
  • Availability of excellent options for finding a partner ("Election", "Sweet couple", "Kiss and Meet!"), which are made in the form of a game;
  • You can see the top 100 girls and guys from your city;
  • On the main village displays the number of registered users and there are also convenient filters to search for the interlocutor. And your location is determined by the system automatically;
  • Ability to view users registered recently.


  • There is a lot of spam;
  • A large number of people who use the site is not like a place where you can get acquainted with a man or a woman, but for your dark cases (such everywhere else);
  • Many questionnaires are not filled too detailed.

3 place - https://fotostrana.ru/people/dating/

Where can I get acquainted with a man

This is a very popular site with a huge audience (more than 50 million users). Registration on it is fast and free, but you can start communication without it. It is considered one of the best sites where you can get acquainted with a man for a friendly correspondence, light flirting or family creation.


  • Availability of interesting events: tournaments, events, shares, etc.;
  • You can create a virtual pet, care for it and play;
  • Wide audience.


  • Some services are paid;
  • a large number of inadequate people, fake accounts, etc.;
  • "Carting" time (it flies quickly because of games and entertainment).

4th place - https://loveplanet.ru/

Where can I get acquainted with a man

"Love Planet" (from English - "Planet of Love") - another good site where you can get acquainted with a man. About 800 thousand users come to it every day. And this is a really active audience, and not some old questionnaires that no one uses for a long time.


  • the ability to send a surprise or voice message;
  • Convenient expanded search, in which there are over 100 criteria;
  • availability of mailbox, photo albums (ordinary and erotic), forum, chat;
  • You can post comments on photos of other users;
  • Availability of events: stocks, tops, contests, etc.;
  • the ability to communicate in a personal private chat;
  • You can keep a diary;
  • The ability to send and receive sympathy.


  • The user ignoring function is not very good, messages from it can still come;
  • The presence of fake questionnaires (but not as much as on other sites);
  • long have to wait for the statement of the photo (sometimes more than one day);
  • The questionnaire is removed only for a fee.

5th place - https://badoo.com/search

Where can I get acquainted with a man

Now this site is popular, it is visited by over 300 million people per month. The opinion about him is ambiguous, as it looks more like a typical social network for communication, and not to the site for dating. But it is exactly the resource where you can get acquainted with men from different countries.


  • global coverage (perfectly suitable for familiarizing with a foreigner);
  • Communication of participants is completely free (on other sites the transfer of communication tools is usually paid);
  • Wide international audience.


  • a weak filter to search for the interlocutor;
  • The presence of robots (possibly in order to diversify communication).

6th place - https://www.24open.ru/user/

Where can I get acquainted with a man

A good site with free registration and a fairly large audience. There is a good search system in which you can specify a very accurate location of the interlocutor and see on the map where it is located.


  • Questionnaires in the search results are periodically lifted for free;
  • The presence of truly interesting diaries and discussions (a live audience is warmly discussed by living questions);
  • Various entertainment, applications and groups, the opportunity to complain and block inadequate interlocutors;
  • the opportunity to see on the map where the interlocutor is located (city, district);
  • Questionnaires on the site are checked and systematized. If you live in a small town, they may not be much, but they will be real and active.


  • many old questionnaires;
  • The audience is less than that of competitors.

7th place - http://dating.ru/

Where can I get acquainted with a man

This is one of the oldest sites where you can get acquainted with a man. It registered millions of users from different countries of the world. Differs good functionality and simple, incomplete design. Registration Quick and simple.


  • thousands of users online 24/7;
  • To start a conversation, you only need to specify the minimum information about yourself;
  • the ability to raise the questionnaire for free;
  • You can raise the questionnaire to a higher place;
  • The presence of the "video call" function;
  • Ability to use filters to block.


  • a large number of anonymous and very young users;
  • Often come across old, long-inactive questionnaires.

8th place - SMSKI.ru

Where can I get acquainted with a man

This is a fairly young site, which also applies to resources where you can get acquainted with a decent man. It has already registered over 1.5 million questionnaires, and they are really active.

To register, you will need to specify the number of your mobile phone (good for safety, but bad for those who would like to preserve anonymity). Not all services can be used and evaluated right now, as some of them are still in development.

For an additional fee, it is possible to get some bonuses (for example, games), but the rest of the site is completely free.

9a place Edarling .Ru

Where can I get acquainted with a man

A rather popular international site, the number of its users has already exceeded 14 million. To register, you need to get a test, indicating information about yourself. Some may not like it. But in this way, various inadequate individuals are sifted, and the interlocutor there can be found with a suitable character and psychological compatibility.

And yet, spam on the site a lot. In addition, it is used mainly as a resource where you can get acquainted with men from other countries.

Some functions provide only for an additional fee: full-fledged communication, view other profiles, etc.

10th place - Tabor.ru

Where can I get acquainted with a man

The site appeared in 2007 and scored over 3 million people with an audience. Its main feature is the orientation of users of mobile applications. To get acquainted with someone, you will be enough to use your smartphone.

After registering your questionnaire will be able to see other users (mainly those who are in your city). As new participants appear, the profile will gradually shift down, but the ability to return it to first place there is also provided.

In general, this is a classic resource that will help you to get acquainted with a guy. It has profiles with photos and without them, a mixed audience, the ability to comment on other photos.

When receiving a VIP status (service paid), you can add your own questionnaire to the tape or put in the day questionnaire. Thus, more people will know about you, and the chances of getting to knowing an interesting interlocutor will increase.

How to keep a man after dating

According to statistical data, 60% of romantic dating are unsuccessful due to the wrong behavior of the girl. Follow the listed advice, so as not to miss possible happiness from your hands:

  1. Do not join the immediate attack immediately after they met a guy. The object of your interest is needed time to notice you, learn better and draw conclusions. Only after that you can manifest the initiative. Otherwise, a man will not even have time to understand what you are - his fate!
  2. When you find yourself in a place where you can get acquainted with a good man, make no one guessed about your main goal. Everyone should think that you came to a football match, because you love this sport, and not at all for romantic dating. And if an attractive man pays attention to you and make a step towards you, do not show excessive joy. After all, everyone knows that guys on their nature are hunters. And if the prey itself goes to them in hand, then all interest disappears.
  3. Nobody likes obsessive and too active interlocutors. If the guy does not respond to your question, forget about him.
  4. On the first sentence of a man to continue communication somewhere in a cafe or other place to answer the refusal. Of course, it needs to be done correctly, referring to employment. If you are interested in, he will definitely ask your phone number. Otherwise, do not be upset. It only means that he was not truly interested in you or made this proposal, being in advance confident in the refusal. And such candidates should be selected as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Yaroslav Samoilov

Hi, my name is Yaroslav Samoilov. I expert psychology of relationships and over the years of practice helped more than 10,000 girls to meet decent halves, build harmonious relationships and return love and understanding in families who were on the verge of divorce.

Most of all in the world, the happy eyes of students who meet people of their dreams are inspired and enjoy a truly bright life.

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