How to make rolls at home - 5+ recipes

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Traditional Japanese cuisine has long and firmly settled in our diet.

Sushi eat everything and everywhere seems more and more often than in the country of the rising sun.

Many are preparing home dishes, and with unforgivable mistakes.

We decided to correct the situation: in this article we deal with how to make ideal rolls at home step by step with photography and choose the most delicious options for filling.


Similar selections of recipes

Necessary products for cooking home rolls

In Japan, the art of making rolls and sushi learn for a long time and especially much attention is paid not to the intricacies of the right folding rice Rule or kolobok, and choosing products.

Therefore, about the advice from the category "Replace special rice and vinegar ordinary" better forget if we strive to get closer to the taste "like them."

You will need:

  • Rice Packaging for Sushi - To prepare a traditional Japanese dish, starchy coarse grades are used, after cooking acquires sticky consistency
  • Rice vinegar - soft and not acute, unlike the burning and sour
  • Several marine seaweeds Nori - The darker her color, the more active the fragrance
  • Soy sauce - Get it exclusively in glass bottles and pay attention to the inscription "Prepared by natural fermentation"
  • Marinated Ginger - white - softer, pink - more acute
  • Vasabi. - mustard better buy in powder, because it is enough to mix it with water to prepare; Additional chemistry contains ready-made pasty sauce
  • Bamboo rug (mat) for folding - Buy it separately or purchase a ready-made set for the preparation of rolls, if Japanese cuisine you like
  • Ingredients for filling - Vegetables, mushrooms, avocado, soft cheese type "Philadelphia", seafood, depending on what option you prefer - Classic or Vegetarian
Tip: Cheese in Rolls can be replaced with Japanese Mayonnaise - its taste is sweeter and soft than traditional.

How to make sushi and rolls at home - 2 basic recipes

You will need for cooking:

  • A half a glass of rice
  • 6-8 sheets of Nori.
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 small avocado
  • 150 g of tofu or cream cheese
  • 4 tablespoons of rice vinegar
  • Sugar, salt to taste
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame
  • Marinated Ginger

First option

Step 1: Cook Rice

The basis of the bases of real rolls is properly welded. Perfectionists by nature, the Japanese turned it uncomplicated, at first glance, the action into a whole science.

By the way, in the country of the Rising Sun, the cooking sushi is trusted exclusively to men, because it is believed that women's hands are warmer and can spoil the taste of dishes.

Fig Fill with water and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure several times until the fluid becomes transparent.

If this is not done, during the cooking grain will be covered with sticky starch.

Then put the grains into the pan and boil with water again in the ratio of a half glass of water on a glass of rice.

Put cooking on a strong fire. When the water boils, remove at a minimum, cover the cover and prepare 10 minutes.

After that, turn off the burner and let go of 15 minutes when the lid is closed.

Tip: Another secret of the original taste is the right dishes. After cooking, put the rice on the wooden plate - thus the extra moisture is absorbed quickly. Stirring during cooking is also better wooden spatula.

Step 2: Preparing refueling and filling

Salt and sugar in taste dissolve in vinegar, after which we thoroughly mix with rice.

While he cools, engage in filling - all the ingredients cut thin long strips.

Step 3: Forming Rolls

The easiest option is to make thin rolls. Sheet Nori. We fold in half, cut and spread the brilliant side down to the bamboo rug.

Hands are wetted with acetic water and periodically repeat the procedure to do not stick to them.

Lay out on seaweed Four tablespoons of rice, distribute over the entire surface, leaving a small strip from one edge with a size of about a centimeter, along the edges we retreat 0.5 mm.

From above, we slightly wash the cream cheese and lay out the filling. Holding it, turning the rug with a roll.

We ride a little back and forth. The first roll is ready. Now you know how to make rolls at home.

If the technique of the formation of the steepe itself still causes you questions, you can find a lot of available video classrooms from famous sushi.

Step 4: Cut

Another important point. When cutting from the rolls, in no case should not fall out rice with filling.

To avoid this error, plunge the sharp knife into acetic water, and it literally slipps.

First, cut the roll of pressure, then each half another three parts. Serve S. ginger , Vasabi and soy sauce.

Second option

The first two steps we carry out the same as the recipe described above. Lay out rice. Then carefully take Nori for the free edge and turn over the opposite direction.

On the smooth surface of the leaf lay out the filling and 1-2 spoons of cheese. Optionally, you can add pen Green Luke. .

Roll start with edges without rice. The mat is lifted by covering the Nori sheet all fillings, after which we are still turning.

You have to get a tight roll. With the help of the rug, give it a square or round shape.

If you wish, ready-made rolls can be cut in sesame. Cut and apply the same as the option described above.

A little practice, and you will be managed with rolls like a charted sushi.

How to make vegetarian rolls at home?

Separately, it is worth saying that Japanese cuisine is mainly based on Seafood : go trout, salmon, caviar of various kinds of fish, shrimp.

However, this does not mean that the door to its world is closed For vegetarians - Sushi without fish today is submitting every self-respecting restaurant, including in the country of the rising sun.

Filling options There are many.

You can use:

  • Any combination of vegetables: Bulgarian pepper, cucumber, shnitt-bow, green onion, slightly boiled broccoli, carrot, etc.
  • Roasted mushrooms
  • Avocado
  • Soy cheese tofu
  • Sesame
  • Vegetarian Cheese and Mayonnaise
  • Vegetarian Soybean Meat - Seante perfectly fit into baked rolls
  • Icra from algae
  • Maslins

How to make Rolls "Philadelphia" at home - step-by-step recipe

Rolls "Philadelphia" are specially popular among sushimans - the reason for the subtle combination of cream cheese with the same name and red fish, the slides of which is covered with rice billet.

If someone else has any questions, whether "Philadelphia" has any attitude towards the US city, the answer is negative.

So, learn how to make Rolles "Philadelphia" at home along with our available step-by-step guide with a photo of the finished dish.

You will need:

  • 2 rice glasses for sushi
  • 3 glasses of water
  • 0.5 kg Low salted salmon or trout
  • Ripe cucumber and / or avocado
  • Tablespoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 3 sheets of Nori.
  • 300 "Philadelphia" cheese
  • Soy sauce, Vasabi and marinated ginger to taste

At the exit you will receive 48 sushi - what is not a reason to arrange a stunning party in Japanese style?

Step 1: Cooking rice and prepare refueling on a basic recipe.

Step 2: Vegetables cut thin straw, fish - wide long slides.

Step 3: Half a sheet of Nori put on the rug coated with a food film and cover the rice layer not more than 0.7 cm, turn over the free edge to the opposite direction.

Step 4: on top of Nori, we have a strip of cucumber or avocado (You can use at the same time) and a smooth layer of cheese.

Step 5: We turn the classic roll and assign to the side.

Step 6: We lay out thinly sliced ​​salns sliced ​​on the rug, we place the finished roll top, raise the edges of the rug and roll, then cut into six smooth parts.

Step 7: Serve with pickled ginger , soy sauce, Vasabi.

And, of course, do not forget to take care of the necessary number of sticks in advance!

Where else, like nor at home, to train correctly there is a Japanese food.

How to make baked rolls at home - step by step description from the photo

The next stage in the development of Japanese cuisine is the preparation of baked rolls. In this incredibly simple and tasty dish it is impossible not to fall in love.

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of Nori.
  • 100 g of heated salmon fillet
  • 80 g grated solid cheese
  • Half of the rice glass for sushi
  • Half cucumber or avocado
  • 3 tablespoons of ordinary or Japanese mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
  • Salt and sugar to taste

Step 1: Rolls are preparing a basic way, having rice inside the nori, labeled mayonnaise.

Step 2: Cut into pieces and lay out on the shining parchment form for baking by cutting down the book. Top sprinkled with grated cheese.

Step 3: We ship into the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. The task is that the cheese melted and began to resemble a brownish cap.

Step 4: Let's give Rolls in the traditional way - with Wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce.

Tip: If you are convinced vegetarian and completely abandoned the use of fish, salmon in filling replace mushrooms, sliced ​​thin straw and fried in a minimum oil.

How to make hot rolls at home - step by step description from the photo

The Japanese serves sushi and in cold, and hot, using a classic clarity from flour.

To prepare home hot rolls, you will need:

  • 4 finished rolls with any filling
  • 5 tablespoons of flour
  • 150 ml of ice water
  • 3 tablespoons of fatty cream or sour cream
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Curry to taste
Tip: Classic Clarket is prepared on the basis of an egg, but an excellent alternative to him will be sour cream either fat cream.

Step 1: Rolls are preparing for the main recipe so that the rice is located inside the nori. We cut in half and send to the refrigerator.

Step 2: We start to engage in Klyar. Mix the water with estimated / cream and cold water.

Step 3: Two tablespoons of flour connect with a teaspoon curry For breading.

Step 4: Half of the long roll is collapsed in flour, dip in the clar, we repeat the procedure with flour and send to the hot frying pan with a sufficient amount of oil.

Step 5: Fry from all sides to a golden crust. Similarly, we do with other rolls.

Step 6: Fascinated billets are cut into three parts and submit to the table with traditional additives.

Bon Appetit!

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and only rolls and sushi your fantasy is not limited to, in This The article can find 10+ recipes from the kitchen of the rising sun.

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A selection of recipes of rolls with step-by-step photos and instructions. We will tell and show how to cook rolls at home quickly, tasty and easy!


We are preparing traditional Japanese Rolls Philadelphia from rice, weakly salted salmon, cream cheese and nori at home.


Rice for sushi - 1 big handful;

Salmon Fish with / s - about 100 grams;

Nori - 1/2 sheet;

Creamy cheese - 80-100 grams.

Now, in the age of information technologies, you can master almost any occupation, looking at several master classes. The same applies to the skill of creating delicious ...


Rice Round - 150 g

Nori - 7 sheets

Salmon is weak-salty - 200 g

Cucumber - 2 pcs.

Vinegar rice (apple) - 30 ml

Salt - 1 tsp.

Sugar - 0.5 ppm

Hot rolls are roasted rolls in the batter. Class can be from different flour, for example, from the usual wheat top variety ...


Rolls - 8 pieces;

Flour - about 5 tbsp. spoons for a klyar;

Flour - about 3 tbsp. spoons for breading;

Ice water - 150 ml;

Egg - 1 piece;

Curry - if desired;

Vegetable oil - for frying.

Honestly, I do not know how such rolls are correctly called, but it turns out very tasty. As an alternative to fish or ugling, for ...


Rice for sushi: 2 handsties;

Nori: 1 sheet;

Cucumber: 30 grams;

Crab sticks: 3 pcs;

Creamy cheese: 20 grams.

Xiak Maki is the simplest and low-component rolls. We only need nori, rice and fish. Well, more Makisa / Mat and knowledge of Japanese receivers ...


Rice for sushi Ready - 1 handful

C / With Salmon Fish - 1 Slice

Nori - 1/2 Sheet

Vasabi at will

We continue to acquaint subscribers and guests of our site with baked rolls. Today we will prepare hot ...


Rice Round-Cover - 1 Glass

Algae "Nori" - 1-2 pcs.

Malossal salmon - to taste

Fresh cucumber - 1 pc.

Cream cheese - to taste

Mayonnaise - for sauce

Garlic - 1 teeth

Solid cheese - 50 g

Soy sauce - to taste

Rolls with chicken brought my eldest son in our family menu, and we loved us very much. Followed by him and ...


Rice for sushi - 1 cup

Chicken breast fillet - 1-1.5 pcs.

Curd Cheese - 100-150 g

Nori - 4 sheets

Cucumber - 1 pc.

Sushi and rolls are traditional Japanese dishes that firmly occupied their niche and in our lives. And at least ...


Nori Sheets - 6 sheets

Rice (Round) - 200 g

Shrimps - 250 g

Cucumber (Fresh) - 2 pcs.

Apple (or rice) vinegar - 30 ml

Salt - 1 tsp.

Sugar - 0.5 ppm

Schuput - 1 tbsp.

Today we will talk about rollrols and try to prepare at home one of the variations - baked rolls with crab sticks. If a ...


Nori (seaweed) - 1 sheet

Crab sticks (meat) - to taste

Avocado - 1/2 PC.

Solid cheese - to taste

Creamy cream (soft) - to taste

Spice sauce - to taste

Soy sauce - for filing Rice for sushi:

Rice Round-Cover - 200 g

Rice vinegar - 2 tbsp.

Sugar - 1 tbsp.

Salt - 1 tbsp.

Rolls "Mosaica" - it looks very impressive, especially for homemade kitchen. In preparation, it is simple enough if you even know how to ...


Rice for sushi Ready - 3 tbsp.

Salmon / Trout C / C - 30 g

Nori - 1 sheet

Cucumber - 1 pc.

Ikra Tobiko - 1 tsp.

Roll "Bonito" is a roll rice outward, which is covered with a chips of the tuna. Tuna chips are sold in specialized departments or in stores ...


For one roll "Bonito":

Rice ready for sushi - 1 handful;

Salmon C / C - 20-30 grams;

Avocado - 1 piece;

Cheese cottage cheese - 2-2.5 art. spoons;

Nori - 0.5 sheets;

Tuna chips - about 1 tbsp. spoons.

Baked rolls with chicken - rather, the European version of the preparation of a traditional Japanese dish. Baked rolls belong to the variety of branded rolls. Prepare ...


Nori leaf - 1 pc.

Fried chicken - 100 g

Fresh cucumber - 1/4 pcs.

Avocado - 1/4 pcs.

Icra washing - to taste

Rice Round-Cover - 200 g

Cream cheese - to taste

Solid cheese - 60 g

Onion green - at will

Soy sauce - for filing Rice refilling at 400 g boiled cereals:

Vinegar rice - 1.5 tbsp.

Salt - 1 tsp.

Sugar - 1 tsp.

The word "complicated" refers only to the ornament itself, but not to the recipe. The recipe is very simple, the main thing is to catch the equipment, how to make ...


Rice (boiled) - 2.5 glasses

Nori - 4 sheets

Crab sticks - 70 g

Beet boiled - 150 g

Carrot boiled - 1 pc.

Fresh cucumber - 1-2 pieces.

Soy sauce - 3-4 tbsp.

Marinated ginger - 7 plates

Schuput - 1 tsp.

There are options for rolls with a Japanese omelet, which are not only very interesting to taste, but in appearance resemble the work ...


Chicken eggs: 1 pc;

Nori: 1 sheet;

Cucumber: 30 grams;

Gorbow Salt: 30 grams;

Creamy cream: 20 grams;

Soy sauce: 0.5 hl;

Rice vinegar: 1/4 ch. L;

Sugar: 1/4 tsp.

Prepare delicious baked rolls with shrimps at home quite simply with a small training. The most important thing in rolls is delicious ...


Rice Round - 200 g

Large shrimp tails - 4 pcs.

Vinegar white balsamic - 3 tbsp.

Salt - 0.5 ppm

Sugar - 2 tsp.

Nori sheets - 2 pcs.

Rolls sauce

Very many types of rolls can be prepared in a tempted battery. Such a clarity is preparing from purchased tempted flour as recommended ...


Rolls are ready - 5 pieces;

Column Clar - 1-1.5 glasses;

Panication - 3-5 tbsp. spoons;

Vegetable oil - for fryer. For feeding:

soy sauce,

marinated ginger


Bonito / Tuna chips, etc.

Agree that you have dreamed more than once try to cook rolls yourself. Dreamed, and why still not prepared? Actually ...


Rice Round-Cover - 200 g

Rice vinegar - 1 tbsp.

Sugar - 1 tsp.

Salt - 1 tsp.

Nori leaf - 2 pcs.

Vegetable oil - for frying

Soy sauce - for filing For filling:

Chicken breast (boiled) - 100 g

Creamy cream for rolls - 100 g

Bulgarian pepper - 1/2 pcs.

White cabbage - 50 g For a blister:

Water - 50 ml

Egg chicken - 1 pc.

Flour - 1-2 tbsp.

Panning "Tempura" from Sen Soy - to taste

Rolls with cucumber are one of the simplest and low-calorie types.


For their cooking, prepare rice, cucumber, nori and at will ...

Nori - Half Sheet

Rice - 1 small handful

Cucumber - 1 longitudinal piece

Sent - at will


Rolls with the addition of roasted bacon very much like my spouse. The thought itself to accompany the familiar fish filling with bacon suddenly came to him in ...

Rice for sushi - 2 glasses

Bacon - 8 stripes

Squid (fillet) - 1 pc.

Cheese cottage cheese - 150 g

Nori leaf - 8 pcs. For feeding:

Soy sauce

Marinated Ginger

Long cucumber - 1 pc.



Recently, in a conversation on the theme of weight loss, I slipped the idea to replace the round rice for sushi and rolls with useful brown. Of course, I ...

Chicken breast fillet - 1-1.5 pcs.

Rice Brown - 1 cup

Curd Cheese - 150-200 g

Cucumber - 1 pc.

Nori - 4-5 sheets


Show more ...



Lazy rolls are preparing from rice with fish and cucumber. We form rolls very simply without a mat in the form of triangles and serve with soy sauce.

Rice for sushi - 50 g

Fish red C / C - 100 g

Fresh cucumber - 1/2 PC.

Curd cheese - 100 g

Show more ...

Nori sheets - 4 pcs.


Wellect rice for rolls, then mix it with rice vinegar. Put on the nori rice, cucumbers, cheese, herring and roll rolls!

Nori sheets - 3 pcs.

Rice for rolls and sushi - 200 g

Water - 300 g

Rice vinegar - 50 g

Sugar - 0.5 Art. l.

Salt - 0.5 h. L.

Cream Cheese - 70 g

Cucumbers - 50 g

Herring with / s - 80 g

Show more ...

Ginger and soy sauce - for filing


I bring the minimum number of vegetables, ideally combined with fatty molded red fish. Although if you wish, you can add ...

Rice paper - 10 pcs.

Salmon of weak salt - 200 g

Pepper Bulgarian - 1 pc.

Cucumber - 150 g

Tomato - 1 pc.


Salad Latuk - 80 g Share


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